13 New Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017/2018 (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)


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Top 13 Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017 and Beyond - NEW Survival Games for PS4 Xbox One PC

In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 Upcoming Survival Games 2017 & 2018. Will you be picking any of these games up? Do you have any interest in these games? Comment your thoughts on the 17 NEW Upcoming Survival Games in 2017 and Beyond! Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order.

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Games in this countdown-


Prey for the Gods


Rise of the King

Stalker Noises of the Zone

State of Decay 2

Escape from Tarkov

Project Wight

Dark and Light


Lost Region

Die Young

Claw Hunter

Credit for Outro Music-

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  • Some Beach

    Everything is always coming out, nothing is ever out. And if something does come out its nowhere near as good as it looked in the demos. Life sucks!

  • Just Laugh

    what's up with all the snow?

  • bub yacobozzi

    Any real gamer shoots that rabbit

  • gallya


  • aquaglow1

    As a fan of Michel Ancel I'm looking forward to WiLD, but no news for a long time 😶

  • Kent Louis Bernhardsen

    Prey for the Gods looks really interesting!

  • Silas Kilian

    play ARK and all is fine

  • stonedcommander

    Wild was the only interesting one.

  • Rodeo Hog

    who else thought Praey for the Gods was a shadow of colossus 2 trailer?

  • lawportGames

    Why not show the name of the game all the time? This way it's easier to see what game it is while skipping through the video. And I don't get all those hunger games dayZ games. It's like taking a bad movie and 5 different producers make their own movie with the exact same plot. Plain boring

  • SuperKinahead

    all of these games look trash

  • JonDeBerg

    Some of these games are nothing but mental masturbation... Between "strong woman" leads (that's an outright joke); to the "It's not just about gun skill. We all know, to be good with a gun, you have to have intelligence, eye coordination, good hearing, strength in the arms, and not just the arms, but the wrists, fingers, shoulders, upper quadrant of the latissimus dorsi, the sphincter; gooch... Yep, we have configured the game play to include EVERY variant! So you must equally distribute a certain set amount of XP points amongst all those areas in order to figure out what kind of badass you want to be!!! Hell, son... and that's just if you want to shoot a particular kind of rifle! Don't forget the other 7,644 types of guns, 8,679 types of knives; oh yeah, and don't forget ALL the different muscles and intelligence it takes to be able to walk, run, crawl, jog, sprint, climb, jump, hang, duck, breath, shit, fart, eat, sleep, wake up..."           Fucking outrageous.

  • Trig

    omg please tell me dark and light is going to be for the ps4!!

  • Peitrex 372

    Minecraft got an upgrade

  • Trig

    anyone know what games are for the ps4?

  • R3hub3

    Project Wight <- What password a installation?:D

  • St George

    Wild = far cry primal meets clash of clans

  • LazySloth123

    Prey for the gods gives me horizon zero dawn vibes

  • Issac Togia

    10:53...........................Poke!!! Is he dead!?

  • Joe Velazquez

    Prey for the gods. Basically the next shadow of the collosus. I like it 😊

  • andrew williamson

    £50 just wait a year until it is £5

  • MrFox 14Gamer

    I think that Escape from Tarkov is a bit overrated

  • MableBoy234

    10:53-10:56 ummm nice knife mechanics

  • John Saf

    Stupid, worthless games and since demos only show the best parts nowadays, the games should be a complete waste of time and money.Only "rise of the king" looks interesting.

  • えいちゃま

    xbox one はゲーム機として未完成 ゴミ箱量産するな! 故障が多く最悪 電源が断続的に落ちるし資源の無駄遣い MS社員に無料で金払ってるだけ ハッキリ言って損する非常に残念です 書かれたくなければ 交換また全額負担(ソフト 周辺機器 エリートコントローラー)お金と時間を返して下さい 皆様MSはユーザーに対し金ズルとしか思ってない 銭ゲバ野郎です 私はMSの製品で被害に会いました非常にゲーマーとして悲しい気持ちになりました ソフトは面白く楽しいのですが 勿体無いと思いませんか? 私のxbox は故障ばかりで酷い話です MSどうにかして下さい....

  • にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    Rise of the king looks like cheaper version of skyrim

  • Uwanda Roberts

    Wow what a great look at state of decay 2...... no gameplay footage as usual, prob because its gonna look shit i think.

  • Phillip

    I am eager to find out how many of these are clones of ARK.

  • Peter Griffin

    2:54 holy crap that looks terrifying.

  • Samuel

    Scum=Finally a game company that isn't afraid of showing the actual game play instead of showing graphically unrealistic versions of the game through cutscenes.Excellent game mechanics.Who else thinks this scene character resembles Vladimir Putin? lolRise of the king looks really nice and the game mechanics look engaging.Noises of the zone= Too veige.State of decay 2= Sorry i've had enough of the zombie narrative,it's a unrecognisable dead horse.Project Wight = Reminds me a little of Prototype only in first person and more open world.Dark and Light = Looks great.

  • UltimateWafflez

    Pause at 7:50 is a troll in a robe looking for advice

  • Sayko Şeyler

    Name song 20:00 plssss :/

  • Jennysbrood

    Scum looks quite interesting.

  • LazyGamerScotland

    I just want a good multiplayer, grindy game. Ark was a total disappointment

  • Lammert Miedema

    Im prettig exited for frostpunk

  • Mordechai

    Looking Forward:Frost PunkState of Decay 2 Escape From TarkovNoises In The ZoneProject Wight

  • mila angela

    rise of the king looks just like game for me. i hope it will not be disappointment 😏

  • TheWip140

    Song from trailer Lost Region please ?

  • Kati Boss aka DieBumsi76

    Rise of the King - MEINS :D :D :D

  • Nerp47

    i feel very sorry for the man at 3:29

  • Bantaro Z

    que du réchauffage de fps, zombies, monde post- apo, violence extrême, etc etc...

  • Gazpacho

    Not going to say this is going to be a bad game but you shouldn't have used Unity's premade trees just saying. You can tell right off the bay not all the assets used were made by you etc. 5:33

  • YouAlwaysGame

    prey for God looks awesome

  • Vshadelore

    Rise of the King = Skyrim +Frostfall + Campfire + iNeed basically lol

  • Koala Koala

    GJ on the gameplay shown for Project Wight, the last part with the dragon is from a game called Dark and light

  • echo5delta16

    The MUSIC at 15:41 can i BUY that anywhere?

  • boltspeedman35

    im looking at every thumbnail trying to find anything on the witcher 4

  • austin herring

    Die young looks good because it's a mixture of tomb raider, dying light, and uncharted series. I haven't played one of those kinds of games in awhile.

  • Haha Yes

    S T R O K E M Y C A C T U S

  • Claud1uz

    Hi my name is john Di*% 3:26

  • Joél Läuchli

    Where's the Thumbnail from?

  • Milen Dimitrov

    time to far cry primal 2 multiplayer :D

  • EmoPro93

    Looks at survival game, sees FPS, sees PS exclusive = bye

  • Ross Kliebenstein

    I want a game where we are trying to survive an alien invasion or occupation that might be different

  • Azrael King

    Wild looks like an acid trip

  • MajorLamb

    the game for this video says it is fallout 3... why am i dying of laughter?

  • TheLoneWolf X

    R U FREAKING KIDDIN ME!?!? The creators from this war of mine stop making "This War Of Mine:The Little Ones" game for This!?!? I hope It better be good Becuz I've been waiting for it to come out Since last Year!!!

  • Mathew garsia


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