The Witcher 3 Switch - 11 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

Port-begging for the Nintendo Switch has become a meme unto itself, but never even in our wildest, most ridiculous memes would we have thought that The Witcher 3, of all games, would ever come to the Switch. Until recently, that is. Because believe it or not, The Witcher 3 – one of the biggest, most demanding, and most ambitious games of this generation – is coming to Nintendo's tiny little underpowered hybrid.

There's a certain appeal to Witcher 3 on the go that cannot be denied, while for Switch owners who've never played the game before, this is the perfect opportunity to experience one of the greatest games of all time. As the game approaches its Switch release, in this feature, we'll be taking a look at 11 vital things you need to know about this unlikely and unexpected port.



  • John Z

    if cdprojcectred asks you to pay 60 for this game, you better pay for it cause they earned it

  • Finrod

    - Did you bring Witcher 3 to the Switch? - Yes- What did it cost you?- Good resolution

  • Fenix Anime BG

    "One of the greatest games of all time" - Damn right it is!

  • Rudiger Schneider

    I asked gaunter o’dimm to bring Witcher 3 to switch. Looks like he delivered at the cost of precious resolution

  • JJ Pagan

    If this can be on switch... then gta 5 can too! Hell I’d be happy with gta 4

  • Sk2Neat

    1 thing you need to know is that you will hate yourself for finishing the game

  • Dusk Blade

    The Legend of Geralt 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt

  • Cuthbert Bracegirdle

    cart?...really? We had to shorten cartridge? The SJW generation can't say words with more than one syllable now?

  • Big Chungus

    Games that got added to the switch:Skyrim: oh cool, that's a good game.Wolvenstein: NiceThe Witcher 3: TAKE MY MONEY NOW, I DON'T CARE IF IT'S 180P.

  • RJAce1014

    I have this on PS4 and PC already so resolution wise, what I'm paying for here is portability. I can waste 200+ hours providing there's enough charge on my external battery or car charger and I'd be lost to it. I have the same thing when Skyrim came to switch and even now I haven't finish that game since I always get distracted by the things like sidequest and I know Witcher 3 is filled with sidequest that will sidetrack out of the story.

  • Theosis27

    Unnecessary video for this game. It is very good. Ive got 190 hours in this game & it is in my opinion the benchmark for single player open world rpgs. Just buy it!

  • Wah Tong

    Honestly I wouldn't mind a Witcher Pocket Edition...

  • ♡Midnightfury

    Am I the ONLY one who doesn't care about the switchs limitations and just wants witcher because I just want to play it for the fun?

  • - NjjX

    Good thing CDprojectRed will make a new witcher game after Cyberpunk release 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jason Howland

    I seen this and thought it’s a joke. But it’s for switch. They should throw in 1&2

  • Cam Collier

    Physical version gang wya? 😎

  • Dante Inferno

    I already beat the witcher 3 on my xbox. I don't even have a switch but I'll be buying this for my switch in the fall baby. CDPR deserve it. People support this company they care for the gamers!


    Shadow of mordor and/or War on switch would be amazing too.

  • superkriIIin

    I feel so happy for all the people that are new to the Witcher who now have a chance to play on switch

  • Kim Sang S

    No need to think when it comes to The Witcher 3, just buy you won’t regret.

  • Ninjas-Roocks- PR

    Theres only one thing you need to know before you buying the witcherIts Fucking awesome Bought it 2 weeks ago and already whit 100+hour.

  • Destiny Ninja123

    There's only one thing you need to know.Its portable and one of the best rpg of all time. Nuff said.

  • Always_Serpico

    They can afford to put this beast on a cart, but Capcom can’t put damn near any of their games on one.

  • JustBeCreative

    The only thing you need to know is that it's good. NOW BUY IT!

  • Kevin Harris

    I still feel guilty for buying Witcher 3 Complete Edition on PS4, for only $15. I’ve played through it all twice, spent nearly 500 hours, and love every minute of it. You could play this game dozens and dozens of times, and find new dialogue, different scenarios, and tons of endings. Its my favorite VG world ever made. It is the game that I will always measure all other games against forever. Downgraded or not.....its worth playing. The music is gorgeous, the story is excellent, and sone of the side stories and DLC plots, are better than almost every other entire freaking game that is made.

  • Diotato Brandomato

    before you buybe sure to build feline armor set 😂

  • Crocodile Bludee

    When you send a message but your WiFi cuts out for a few years before it sends.

  • Michael Nebo

    I literally just started playing this again. When I say nothing beats this game. I mean nothing. I’m still amazed at the world itself let alone everything else great about the game. LegendaryAnother Witcher game would end the rpg genre for me.

  • renz06660

    Red dead redemption 2 on switch

  • MrZrazies

    11 thi—- uhh. i know. i just don’t care. buy

  • double-o G

    I was planning doing another run for witcher 3 (lost count after 5), been a year now. Gonna wait for the switch.

  • Felix Martinez

    I can't wait to play this game in Black Friday.

  • Ayrton Souza

    here i go buying the game for the 3rd time

  • GainTrainWompa 1

    I don’t think the dlc is on disc though

  • dennies barsolaso

    Witcher on switch lite is perfect!

  • Ignacio Defago

    The best gaming experience I ever have.

  • Mumbo Jimbo

    Amazing technical achievement. Buying again for that alone.

  • Aries73

    That little passive-aggressive shot at the top of this video can apply to PlayStation and PC fanboys (or are we just imagining the review-bombing/port-begging of Astral Chain, Bayonetta 2, or Octopath Traveler upon release?).

  • DycE29

    20-30 FPS range?? wow thats trash!!

  • SumWonElz

    CD Project Red is def one of my fav developers nowadays...Seems like they can do no wrong

  • MrGarguachas

    A fallout game would be perfect

  • Crazelord91

    Depending on the reviews, this may be what pushes me over the edge to buy the Switch

  • Sekai

    How about loading times?

  • Ako'y isang Pinoy

    before you buy, you have to find Ciri first.

  • Ralius

    the only question you should be asking yourself is.... why haven't i bought it yet?

  • nikfor gr

    STOP saing the swotch underpowered

  • Leo Casi

    Being dark souls triplogy ,bloodborne and sekiro!!!

  • MindPaulPain

    And timecharges menus are 40% less than others consoles, you can notice that in conversations

  • Pipes61874

    People need to support this game and other developers need to stop being lazy and take notes

  • Moksha Mahey

    Im still rocking the psp

  • maxwelld23

    Any lames who have the switch and have not played this get it worth even with the low res. Such a amazing game.

  • Imam Jabar

    Already preloaded on my switch before this video exists 😂😂

  • Bravo Mc

    Nintendo entered a pact with Gaunter O Dimm

  • Nicholas McAnuff

    I've been wanting to replay the witcher but with 2 babies less than a yr old and working on the road I haven't had time to turn that ps4 on but my switch see's way my action and not it gives me a small window to replay the witcher, cannot wait.

  • Jerry Seaton

    I just don't game on the go. Rather do it at home anyways. For those of you who do, have a blast. 😁

  • 18matts

    This game and overwatch has got me thinking about how Nintendo seems to really be trying to close the gap with 3rd party games. Good on them!

  • 34L H445

    Everyone deserves to get their hands on this gem :)

  • andrian paul manansala

    Do side quests do everything never finish the story

  • Peter Dilworth

    The only thing you need to know about this game is that it is the game of the generation.

  • J D

    All Hail the Switcher!!!

  • Jake Brady

    It felt like you mentioned 1 thing twice.

  • iTz Art3mis

    I can't even use a Nintendo voucher 😠

  • In The Beginning

    One major question still the awful menu slow down going to be the same? That is the only gripe I had with this game! If its gone, then it's a insta buy for me!

  • Danny D

    Original content? What's that?

  • Dane

    I just finished the main story 10 minuets ago on my PS4 (Yen+Witcher Ciri ending) don’t know how I missed out on this amazing game got the complete edition on sale for $15 now I’ll play the two expansion dlc’s wish I bought it at full price CDPR deserves it cant wait for Cuber punk and the new Witcher game they just announced

  • Resident Evil

    Just buy it. Best decision i made

  • Devesh Sharma

    I am really jealous of those who are gonna play it for first time. For me, no game ever came close to it. I want to forget this game, just to play it again and be mesmerised.

  • Enrique Zamora

    Sooo... Is this video like a before you buy?

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