"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • Arafat Kamal Tamzid

    who are still playing this game in 2017?

  • DeathJustice

    Witcher 3 is not even a game. It's art.

  • R. Batinic

    Same guys who made this trailer are actually making a Witcher Netflix series!!!

  • Belydrith

    Watching this after Blood and Wine is fucking genius. Little did we know back then.

  • Snarky Scotsman

    This is how you foreshadow, AAA developers. Take notes.

  • bidhrohi12

    Reviews are wrong. This isn't one of the best RPGs ever made. It IS the best RPG ever made. I'd say it's the best game ever.

  • Samy Lee

    Orianna look so lovely in this trailer

  • Markers

    "I'll come back for you one day,You know that?"

  • Pedro Nascimento

    Am I the only one who falls madly in love with her face at "things like me"?

  • Ethan Graham

    Holy shit. This is genius. The start menu screen for the Blood and Wine DLC is of this woman/vampire walking back and forth in front of a barn (in the background) with this tune playing in the background. If that wasn't enough, this trailer came out before the base game, let along the dlc

  • Kristijan Majstorić

    when i saw this trailer back then i never heard of the witcher actually, then out of a sudden i decided to give it a go and play the first game, although people told me not to cause bad graphics and combat, but fuck people. i fell in love with geralt the same moment, then played the second and was amazed, by the time i finished second the 3rd was already 2 months out. then i played the 3rd. this is a decision i am not yet aware how the fuck and why did i do it but im fucking glad i did

  • Aard

    >vampire notices what she drankHOW QUICKLY THE TIDE TURNS

  • yrogue3

    i literally cried after completing this game :'( a true masterpiece

  • Reii Layy

    i don't know how many times i've watched this

  • The Night King

    2 fucking years it's been. Time to play the whole series again

  • Kill Me

    Probably one of the only games and also surpass its hype

  • Joe Harker

    I like to think of this as Geralt's last contract. He's done with Blood and Wine, and there's one final loose end to tie up before he retires.

  • Mohammed El Ouahabi

    this game is a pure art

  • Fredrik

    imagine the series to be like this

  • Logan Cooper

    Dayum, Gerald FUCKED HER UP!

  • Yoann Molinard

    I bought and finished Uncharted 4, Batman Arkam Knight and GTA V to forget The WItcher 3... I failed

  • MikeMi

    Does anyone know the name of the fighting song?Not the song she sings, it's "Lullaby of Woe"... The song which comes when they are fighting.

  • inkredibill games

    Still playing in 2018.

  • Aayush Gupta

    I just realised that that's Orianna from Blood and Wine. Damn...

  • christian carrier

    Years have past and even the trailers are still giving people shivvers...pure genius

  • UllWarg

    When I played Blood and Wine this Orianna girl seemed so familiar when I first saw her, but I couldn't quite put my finger on where I saw her. And then comes that part in blood and wine and she starts singing this song to the boy and it hit me so god damn hard I got shivers down my spine. One of my best moments in gaming

  • Yusoff M

    I love how powerful witchers are but still loses against high vampire, makes it more realistic.

  • Jeff Zhang

    Hope the tv show will be as good as this.

  • thegamerboi558 bruh

    am i watching a movie trailer?

  • callmewisdom

    How odd to make the launch trailer an epilog to the last Expansion of the game

  • Mulle Manden

    Why does he look so different than the "Killing Monsters" trailer?

  • optjenkere

    Poor Orianna, I liked her.

  • Elis Pihlblad

    "I'll come back for you one day. You realize that, right?"

  • Alexander

    Anyone else came back to this video after seeing that they are making Witcher - Netflix series. I'm just thinking how amazing it might look with all these kind of special effects, cgi and camera angle work.

  • Ants Pants

    Geralt: im coming back for you one day, you know that, right? Orianna: In that case i will keep an eye out for you (laughts) Guess she got what she deserved, i really would have hoped that there was 1 more contract ingame. But instead we got this contract as teaser trailer (Y)

  • Gunther Wunder

    when she turns around and says "things like me?" my heart skips a beat and i get butterflies in my belly

  • Paper Please

    lol noob didnt even used yrden

  • Tachanka

    The Witcher 3 is one of the best games I’ve ever played hands down

  • 7shadow1man

    Just got a pro with a 55" Lg hdr its time for new game +

  • clojap

    I really wish they'd make a full length movie like this.

  • DarkFusionGames

    Does this mean that Geralt never retired? Cause this is years after blood and wine

  • Ambrus Sümegi

    "Strong sexual content"

  • Holographic Games

    They need to make a witcher movie like this all animated and shit

  • ColdCoastGaming

    If only the Black Blood potion was as effective in the game as it is in this trailer. Epic trailer nonetheless.

  • XxFaceless GhoulxX

    I play the witch 3 everyday and I still can't help but watch this over and over!

  • Rassul Soltabay

    I watch this trailer before workout to be more motivated

  • russell martin

    and naturally geralt had to cover the naked chick in glitter lol.

  • Reigen Pott

    i think she is Orianna and she is a high vampire."times past no amount of coins would convince a witcher to take this contract"would be bullsh.t for a bruxa

  • TrashBoat

    i just bought this game... is that bad ;-;

  • Andreas Scott

    The guy who directed this, will direct at least one episode of the newly announced Witcher Netflix series!!!

  • spitzkligger

    Still watching this trailer and getting goosebumps.

  • Ghost69TM

    So... new Netflix series?

  • mykola shykinov

    this game makes Dragon age look like a child's toy

  • Olivia Ross

    One of the greatest games I have ever played.

  • MrPaddy197719

    CD Project Red and Naughty Dog the two best studios in the world, can't wait to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077

  • kwesikum

    Well, patch released diving back in. I'm here to get hyped again!

  • Jason Carbon

    Too bad fighting a Bruxa in the game is nothing like the trailer.

  • Yayo De La Cruz

    I WANT THIS SONG, anyone know if they released it or the name of it?

  • Rick Dixon

    What potion did Geralt drink??

  • Bruno AMV's

    aquele trailer que você respeita...

  • Máté Soós

    "One of the best rpg..." No, it is THE best

  • TheSunHunter

    Everything was planned from the very beginning. Game of the life

  • Mario Valdez

    Wow, one of the best cinematic trailers ive ever seen

  • Isra

    :o hear the song at the end!

  • Med

    Doesn't this mean that this trailer is technically the very last event shown to us chronologically in The Witcher series? That's kinda neat.

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