"A Night to Remember" Launch Cinematic - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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  • White Noise



    Who just came here after watching the Netflix trailer ??

  • FallopianJones

    "I'll come back for you one day. You realize that, right?"

  • Anna-Maria Lazzarotto

    I hate how good this game is. I now have such high standards for games.

  • Estiban

    It's now 2019 and this is still the best game I have played to date!

  • Brendan Bernard

    This looks like it could have a tv show better than Game of Thrones.

  • BorneoftheBlood

    This video demonstrates two interesting things;1) Geralt approaches with his sword already drawn because he knows how fast Bruxae are.2) Geralt was so quiet he was able to sneak up on a damned Vampire.

  • Zephyr

    Wish I could forget everything about The Witcher III and play it again from the start

  • Anderson Wu

    My medallion is humming. Master of gwent, it gotta be.

  • Mr that's just your opinion man

    I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times

  • King slaayer

    if cyberpunk somehow tops this game I’d be mind blown.

  • Patrik X

    He did it with Level 1 Gear i em impressed(Thk all I never had this many likes)

  • ray boy

    who is waching this in 2019

  • Catholic Racialist

    This happens 2-4 years after Blood&Wine DLC. He finally kills Orianna

  • I Am Groot

    This makes me want an actual Witcher cgi movie all the more.

  • Bugár Sándor

    This trailer is better than the Netflix series will be. I'm sure about it.

  • Thanat0s

    Who came back here after the Cyberpunk trailer?

  • Nathan

    Please use this song "Lullaby of Woe" as the opening theme for the Netflix series !!!! It sets the tone beautifully.

  • な6IXLXRD

    Don't know why I'm here in 2019. I just am.

  • Thế Vũ Phạm

    He finally track down and kill Orianna after the even of Blood and Wine.

  • Teniente Dan

    See netflix? This is how you make a Witcher trailer.

  • Nok2rnal1

    The 1.8k down votes are from EA suits and shareholders who claim "people don't really enjoy linear games as much today" and that they are fading in popularity.

  • lackrobat

    Who else came here after watching the netflix trailer?

  • Zloy Volshebnik

    So he drank the potion knowing she would bite him.Literally:trojan horse.

  • Aleksey Turbin

    "...Birds are silent for the night,Cows turned in as daylight dies,But one soul lies anxious wide awake.For the witcher, brave and bold,Paid in coin of gold,He'll chop and slice you,Cut and dice you.Eat. You. Up. Whole.Eat. You. Whole..."Goosebumps...

  • Georgia Ktrd

    This game has ruined me, I can't find a game that I enjoy playing as much as this.

  • Le Chiffre

    Who all are here after watching photos of Henry Cavill as the new Geralt ?

  • Kelvin Gor

    who is playing the witcher 3 in 2019?

  • Rodrigo Merlone

    I've played KCD. I've played AC:Odyssey. I've played RDR2. And I absolutely love these, they are my top 3. The Witcher 3 is above all else. It doesn't even deserve to be placed among those. I've played it through once, and now I'm downloading after a year having played it, just to play it all over again. The true masterpiece of the decade, if you ask me.

  • MassiveMyatt

    How this fight ties into Blood and Wine, is just so fucking cool man.

  • Dennis van de Sluis

    the song playing during the battle is two steps from hell - a hole in the sun

  • Bruno Valdez Hernandez

    Who’s here after the Netflix trailer release?

  • Mr Dweet-Dweet

    Four words: Game of the century

  • Ginger Ninja

    Netflix ... pay close attention.

  • Arthur M

    When you realize this is after Blood & Wine and he’s fighting Orianna.Edit: Glad she’s dead

  • Hannibal Lecter

    She took a long breath, because she was surprised... no, she was shocked! The first second: this voice..it's human! but.. how...? I would have sense it a mile away! unless... The second second: A Witcher! recognized the voice, that Witcher... Geralt...Geralt of Rivia. The third second: he is here only to kill me; untied her hair, turned his way, unsure, knows he's powerful and can sense it right in his sharp eyes staring patiently at her without turning a blind eye, even carefully picking the right moments to blink, but she has to try her luck., to put an end for this, because he will come back again and again until one of them is dead. And she was already out of luck once Geralt promised her what he promised in the past

  • The Face of Woah

    only Henry Canvil was the good part on the Netflix trailer. Everything else is made in China

  • Jim Canterak

    This is why I like the Witcher mythos. You see, Witchers are definitely much stronger than average humans, there is no doubt about that. However against monsters, not so much. Sure their increased physical abilities and keen senses help a lot, but what really matters is their knowledge and tactics.Take this fight for example.Geralt has no delusions about this fight. He knows it's not gonna go peachy. He is not cocky cause he know he can't win in a 1v1 situation against that thing. He knows he is gonna get bitten at some point, so what does he do? He literally poisons his own blood to hurt the Vampire. And that is where the Witcher vitality and mutations come handy. A normal human would have died the second he swallowed that potion. But as we see here, Geralt's Witcher powers were just no enough by themselves. If he didn't have the necessary knowledge to make the potion, or to know it would hurt the vampire, he would have died without hurting it at all. If he was cocky about his powers and not use it, he would have died without hurting it again.Great franchise honestly.

  • Riotic Gamer

    Four years later and this is still one of the best trailers I have seen ever.

  • Danterik

    Black Blood ftwYou might as well consider yourself screwed without it in Tousaint

  • NinJia

    after years of completing the game, still come back for this from time to time, this trailer is just breathtakingly magnificently amazing

  • Saimir

    How is this trailer 100x better than the netflix trailer??

  • Daniel Montejano

    Am I the only one who completely skipped all the gwent crap and played everything else? Even though I wasn't a fan of Gwent this is still a 10/10 game for me and my favorite game of all time.

  • Tipsy

    I think this game should be in the museum

  • J B

    Black blood directly in the vein, Geralt is a drug addicted, hahaha.

  • Lindsay Dessent

    Contract or not that was revenge for what she did. Blood and wine

  • biubiuty

    how to fight a bruxa checklist- black blood- moon dust- quen- aard

  • Axel bb

    I wish Netflix Witcher would look like this masterpiece... but it doesn't

  • Garrett Johnson

    This is my favorite game of all time. With the Witcher Netflix show and Cyberpunk with the boy Keanu, coming in the near future, its a good time to be alive....

  • Alequinho

    Damn so nice when she's cry at the end

  • Il'ya Karpovich

    Папаня стёр себе память, чтобы посмотреть ещё раз и лайкнуть

  • Riftwalker

    Sadly it didn't end with a round of gwent

  • Jackie Tan

    My medallion shaking.........got a strong feeling that NETFLIX and Henry Cavill will screw this up.

  • konstantinos pre

    I ll never forget the feeling playing this game for the first time...IT WAS PHENOMENAL!

  • rishabh sharma

    To everyone who hasn't played this game yet , never ever play this game like never ever !!! If u wanna keep on enjoying other rpg games don't even think about playing this one Coz after playing this others will never interest you !!

  • [B L A N K]

    After 7 hits of the silver sword it goddamn breaks.....

  • DeathJustice

    Witcher 3 is not even a game. It's art.

  • The John Hopkins Company

    I just finished the game for the first time ever today.Holy shit was that ever an emotional ride of epicenes and badassery.

  • aux lez

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but is this a trailer of a side quest? If yes, god dmn, cd red is miles ahead of everyone else. Love the game.

  • Olympia

    Came here from the netflix trailer to clean my soul, this is pure art.

  • harsh storm

    And he came back for her. Now that's a well-finished and well thought product when one of the first trailer for the game connects to the last acts of the last dlc

  • DefiniteNuts

    Am I the only one who watches this every couple of months?

  • Arthur Morgan

    why am I crying, this is the best game ever made

  • angelusmanga0880

    I just finished playing Witcher 3. The female vampire, is Oriana in "Blood and Wine" DLC. Years has pass after the game story ends, Geralt finally kills her.Location is Toussaint.

  • SunWukong 456

    I love how after having finished the games you have an idea about what potion(Black blood), bomb(Moon dust) and signs(quen and Aard) are being used.

  • Xiyu Yang

    This game ruined it for me - how am I even supposed to look other games in the eye, while Witcher 3 placed the bar this high?

  • The Real Viper

    Better CGI than most Hollywood films.

  • arun saamu

    Witcher 3 is a life time experience ❤️

  • TheOverlord818

    When the LAUNCH cinematic is literally what happens after you finish the whole story of the Witcher 3 Dlc's included

  • Nirdus

    Why this have better soundtrack than Netflix trailer. I just can't understand

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