DAYS GONE - Single Player INSANE Game | 30 Minutes of Gameplay Trailer (PlayStation 4)

DAYS GONE the Most INSANE Single Player Upcoming Games on PlayStation 4 | NEW PS4 Zombie Survival Game of 2018 - 30 Minutes of Gameplay Trailer!

List of gameplay trailers:

00:00 Days Gone - E3 2016 Announce Trailer - PS4

02:18 Days Gone - E3 2016 Gameplay Demo - PS4

12:28 Days Gone - E3 2017 Trailer - PS4

19:31 Days Gone - Alternate Playthrough E3 2017 - PS4
  • DarthRaver86 86

    I almost forgot about this game. Im super stoked for it but i thought we would of heard something about it by now. This has to be coming out in 2018. My guess now would be full reveal and release date at e3. But hopefully sooner because ive been waiting for this game for a long time.

  • Spider-Plant Man

    Days gone but still not released .........

  • rk afzal

    Need a strong heart to play this game

  • Mr. Complicated

    You rumble on motorcycle through the forest, you arrive at your destination and then go stealth like nobody knows about you. :D LOL

  • Elvin Chua

    don't see the point of turning and shooting at the horde. they just keep coming. better to just run?

  • 《《《PAZUZU 》》》

    It supposed to be an open world game. But looks a bit linear to me.

  • Ryan Stephenson

    He runs almost painfully slow

  • Savage Boul


  • Shizy Mcnizy Gaming

    pc gamer here but dam sony has all the good developers.....who'd buy an xbox?

  • 4040chocolate

    I think I am going to buy a PS4 just to play this game lol 2018 is going to be a great year for games and movies.

  • CamWalker1130

    Thanks for sharing a clip we’ve seen thousands of times and passing it off as new. Prick.

  • Urzok The Hated

    Okay seriously is this game coming out? Or are we just gonna announce it every year....?

  • am pedi

    Another copy of Last of Us...which is not a bad thing.

  • MickyMicky Mike

    Never understood how humans could fight each other when there is a zombie apocalypse. Like you need to team up and go after the real threat lol.

  • Tomko 12

    every good games on ps4

  • Jason Grady

    The character looks so painfully slow. Still, this looks like it will be super fun. Does anyone know if you'll be able to make the character jump? It seems many games just won't allow that.

  • Avangarda

    God of War and this, PS4 im cooming

  • Uncle Sam

    Xbox seriously needs to get their shit together.....Sony is pushing out great single player games and RPGs which is what I mostly play. I own the X and the Pro....the new Xbox graphics are gorgeous but I just don’t play multiplayer online games hardly at all. The only ones I play are The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands, that’s it. I hate Halo, Destiny, COD, BF....just all rinse and repeat, same shit over and over again. The thing I like about Wildlands and The Division is they are big games with a ton of content. Think what you want about Ubisoft but they did those games right. The single player experience is huge in those games. Xbox needs single player RPGs in the worst way....all they have are 3rd party developers, ZERO EXCLUSIVES in that category. They need to fix it if they are going to keep my business...not kidding.

  • 401RISaint

    I swear... this game will never come out


    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Here are list of gameplay trailers: 00:00 Days Gone - E3 2016 Announce Trailer - PS402:18 Days Gone - E3 2016 Gameplay Demo - PS412:28 Days Gone - E3 2017 Trailer - PS419:31 Days Gone - Alternate Playthrough E3 2017 - PS4

  • KageNoTenshi

    Isn’t this demo old, why is this just recently uploaded

  • CharlesFBronson

    I can´t help myself but 5:23 was pretty stupid moment ...

  • vincent osborne

    I might get a ps4 for this

  • Ayo Lawanson

    This game looks disgustingly good. And I'm a bit of an Xbox fanboy

  • Cheyno Mdingi

    30 minutes of running backwards and shooting zombies. Boooring.

  • Erick de viking

    As a biker i have to cut my riddes short in the winter for fear of losing my nuts to the elements. This game will help my fix!

  • BonjourQQ

    The last of us + Zero Dawn..... cool !!! lol

  • jalom

    Welcome back Darth Maul, the Force won't be with you this time around.

  • zef sinishtaj

    Post apocalyptic sons of anarchy

  • Tevya Smolka

    i completely forgot this game is coming out

  • Samuel Sparks

    Seems like a roaming scavenging loot game. I don't know about everyone else, but these games get pretty boring after a while. I mean although it's labeled as "free-roam" a lot of the content you're playing through is just about as rinse and repeat.

  • Ahmadu Wachuku

    Sam Witwer the star and main character from "Star Wars:The Force Unleashed" and "Star Wars:The Force Unleashed II" is now the star and main character of this game "Days Gone".

  • Max Trevor

    This game enough to pump your blood No need fo ypur heart

  • MJ Levesque

    This the untold story of negan from the walking dead. Lol

  • Casey Badajos

    if ps4 games are this good, how would things turn up for ps5?

  • Austin Verse

    y i am thinking about tom clancy's the division trailer

  • Very Nice

    7:47 when you forget how to zombie

  • Eigher Son

    Definitywnie chcę tę grę!!

  • Alec Cramer

    This is like sons of anarchy met the walking dead

  • Brian trerotola

    Only Been waiting over a year! Lol can't wzit

  • Openworld Freeroamer

    this game is going to be shit mark my words

  • EJ

    this is seriously laggy as hell. or am I just too used to 144hz gaming? eh~

  • Julie Flores

    Stop turning the camera all slow . We don't care about your scipted gameplay.

  • Hombremaniac

    Refuse to buy specific platforms to play games locked behind those. I stick to my PC as games should NOT be locked on specific platform except if other platforms were too weak to run it.

  • Luc Konosuke

    i don't like how people say this game is a 'copy' of last of us. If you do look at Last of Us- actor looks a lot lot like Hugh Jackman from Real Steel and uses scenes like in I'm a legend-Will Smith.A post apocalyptic scenario is best fitted for zombie game inc Dead Island, Resident Evil. Days Gone looks more like a World War Z-like game which isn't bad givena new play style and fighting hordes

  • dale bowkett

    Seen leaks saying march 2018 its released but will never know till its official

  • Micheal castillo

    Guns sounds like pop rocks...

  • Tommy Eastwood

    Pop ups everywhere. Yup, technical marvel on the pro lol.

  • Ainsley

    December 31st...A very Good number to remember..January 2nd..Sick

  • lipengr

    this survival zombies game doesnt look realistic come on he has been chasing by a horde and can standing there like 2-3 sec lol in real life u will be scare outta shit of it, and he has been beaten to an pulp and then next 10s hes bruises and blood on his face are gone without treatment well2 this game still need more a lot of improvement look at mgs 5 hideo kojima game, and look at the camp of the scav they settle near zombie camp?? really only idiot ppl will do that, thats mean the developer didnt think that far like kojima did

  • Blind Owl

    State of decay 2! So glad to be xb1 player

  • Adam Patrick

    Had potential. Shame you have to play as a douchebag-in-a-bandana outlaw biker who probably has vest patches for sexual assault and gang rape. I'm assuming there is no morality system, so is there instead a mechanic in the game where you have to constantly replenish your meth high? Anyway I'll wait for Dying Light 2.

  • Krrish Gurung

    My favourite game days gone and graphic very very nice

  • Eric Perry

    I cant wait for this, i love survival games anything with zombies and infected, i always wanted a open world game with World War Z zombies or infected type things, or the ones from I am a Legend and this game delivers

  • Eric Perry

    This game comes out next year between January and march, they said early 2019 unless it gets delayed, game informer has actual gameplay of it FYI

  • David C

    Days Gone, Last of us, God of war, Red Dead Redemption 2, Detroit become human, and kingdom hearts 3 I just can't wait for it!!! For all platform Soul Calibur 6 :)

  • Marksman 19

    This game will be so amazing when it comes out but one little touch that they should add is when your character touches blood, he leaves a hand print on anything he touches and if he steps on blood, he would leave boot marks. Other than that this game looks outstanding.


    Running Animation looks not that good. And why is the third person perspective more to the right than to the left? For me its a bit weird, hopefully you can change the fov. Gameplay? This seems pretty much scripted.

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