Days Gone - 50 Minutes New Gameplay Walkthrough Demo PS4 (E3 2018)

Days Gone - 50 Minutes New Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Demo PS4 (E3 2018)
  • joshua anderson

    Freaker Ear credit? Is that the in-game currency? LOL Thats nasty cool.

  • Greenmegamind Moe

    That’s not from E3.. u got it from game informer

  • BlakeTheDub

    Bruh I’m finna waste all my money on this game if it’s how I think 💯😭 Fucc Fortnite

  • graal noobest

    the best game aaaaa i need this game

  • Neale Ware

    I am wondering what the what the Mongrel mob bikies in New Zealand will say about them using their name for the name of the gang on their patches in the game.

  • Kaycee 310 Awesome toy and game reviews

    Damn the zombies be acrobatic and mobile as heck, nice varieties of them as well as there own unique abilities.

  • Ezekiel & Dexter

    These dudes are gonna show us the entire game and never release it

  • burban952000

    Enough with the videos of the game. Just bring the DAMN game out already. SHEESH

  • Tiger H. Lore

    Why would you ride a loud motorcycle in a zombie-infested world? It would attract them. Yes I know Norman Reedus rides one in Walking Dead. Looks cool; but still stupid.

  • Ryan K

    They showed the trailer at e3 over 2 years ago. Way to too long

  • Clyde*S

    So hyped for this game.

  • Blake Melkey

    No drug dealer would ever say "wheres the drugs?" I don't know why that stood out so much.

  • Griffin Barnes

    I live in Oregon, i have never seen it snow then rain then be sunny in a short period of time , you were right about most of it being desert but along the coast and about half way trough Oregon it is very rainy and forestry

  • JJ B

    I was really looking forward to this game. WAS.

  • Uno karpa440

    мотоцикл можно буксировать!никто не заставляет людей быть тупыми, это добровольно.a motorcycle can be towed! no one makes people be stupid, it's voluntary.

  • YouTube Account

    I think the bikes drive to slow. I hope they will be faster later in that Game I Looked like 20 mph:D

  • wrapped

    wow good game after 15 years of wait

  • Sagar Maske

    allllllllllllll the game is same .why the hell creator bragging and talking about how they introduce this thing that thing . its all implemented on dozens of games before. like u know about character and his life throughout game .

  • Aleksey Strizhenkov

    Скучно!!! Очень много разговоров, это сериал для домохозяек??? Унылая игра!

  • Ron Rakesh

    I want that jacket lol its fire af

  • Cram Cram

    I was looking forward to overkill till I saw it’s gameplay 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ but this here 🔥

  • Trigga Dre6

    🗣man I can't wait to play this game 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kaycee 310 Awesome toy and game reviews

    Days gone , last of us 2 , rage 2 , and metro exodus for my post apocalyptic and zombie fix 🔥🔥👍👍

  • Temolito Koko

    you skipped a lot of loots amd that gave anxiety.

  • Adrianna sanchez

    The bike gameplay looks very sluggish. A zombie shooter with a more dirt bike simulator would be heaven. They just don't look very responsive, also gun sounds are stupid bad

  • Metso Potamia

    Thank u guys for this gameplay this is awesome cant wait to get hold if this game . great game . thanks

  • Jakey Jake95

    it has the hordes from wwz and openness from any other open world lol its like the perfect zombie game 😍

  • neilpro18

    Coming out for ever Over it

  • ZenIceHero

    I'm Looking REALLY foward to play/get this great open world survival-horror zombie game!

  • Jakey Jake95

    cant forget the deep craftsmanship too

  • Fernando Telles

    Why would you show the first hour of the game??? the game isn't even out yet!! wft


    You know you really talk to much..

  • whitewolf 101

    Maybe a bjt to much cutscenes


    I think this game will released with ps5

  • Cristian

    Oh god he sucks at shooting... He missed a lot with the crossbow.

  • player one

    WTF.....i prefer dying light 2

  • Hena pena

    Looks alot like horizon zero dawn

  • Turd Cutter

    By the time this finally comes out everyone will be playing TLOU2. Should have dropped it this year.

  • Tamal

    state of decay+I am Legend just saying

  • Aramil Hernandez

    I can wait for the art book 📚 for this video game have to be nasty cool 😎....

  • Marathon Flow

    I'd say make the bike faster and make the characters voice audio sound better and less muddled. They're good overall but they need some work. Drop the low end about 20db atleast from 100hz to 0hz. That takes away lower muddle in sound engineering, especially for Male voicesGame looks great btw especially for Alpha stage.

  • alex alexandre

    Days gone já mostrou ser um jogo fodao vei tô louco pra que chegue a data de lançamento

  • Metso Potamia

    Notice this game doesn't kiss some goup ass such as 90lb woman that kills millions zombies lol im happy i dont see that with this game

  • DmaxHd

    Hey developers you don't continuously shift a bike while remaining at the same speed . And if the guys riding a harley make it SOUND like a harley .

  • Denzel Dawson

    Anybody think the main character looks like the guy who played Aiden on the show Being Human??

  • FaustLord

    I want a game where the cliche cursing are nonexist.

  • 78

    Release date 2025..... getting close now!

  • dr supermonkey

    why so long to wait ? wanna play it NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dionel Cong

    Will you please on your next video dont talk to much! We definitely dont understand the whole game. Cause of your loud voices.

  • hari pk

    Geez how many more zombie apocalypse craps are they gonna make.. no more room for any creativity

  • I m sorry My friend`I Miss You

    I dont se footsteps in the mud why

  • JamEDodger

    Your physics modellers do not understand the concept of Counter Steering. To initiate a left turn at speeds over 15mph you push the steering column to the right. Read Twist of the Wrist 2.

  • jaworq

    oh, c'mon. Soon, we will see the whole game on youtube and release date is still distant....

  • Joseph H

    Games like this make me want to buy a PS4

  • James McClane

    good looking game but i hate zombie games

  • Manuel Trigo

    Is this game gonna be online that be dope asf!!

  • Melanie Collins

    Crispin Freeman is in everything, I swear.

  • Joey J

    Waiting too long...RDR2 and Last of us 2 are going to wash it out

  • Games- R-us

    Ugh I wish this game would come out on Xbox one I want to play this game so bad I might buy a PS4 😨😭

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