Days Gone - 50 Minutes New Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4)

Days Gone - 50 Minutes New Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Demo PS4
  • FuriousPanda - Gameplay

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - New Stealth Gameplay


    Can't wait for this game.All you haters can go back to fortnite. 😂

  • Adam Mitchell

    3 minutes in and I'm stressed out from the slow motion motorcycling.

  • PAT

    Visuals are very nice but the bike riding they need to fix. Look like they go 2 mph 🙈🤭

  • James Horne

    Can't wait for Days Gone. Hopefully it'll hold me over until TLOS 2. haha

  • Dark -

    Actually the first hour is gonna be us downloading the game

  • Ezekiel & Dexter

    These dudes are gonna show us the entire game and never release it

  • Kaycee 310 Awesome toy and game reviews

    Damn the zombies be acrobatic and mobile as heck, nice varieties of them as well as there own unique abilities.

  • ARTHUR gomez

    GTA with zombies wow how original!

  • Nitesh Ramlall

    You talk than you play dude🙄

  • trap simpson

    the motorcycles look slow af. do the devs even ride dirtbikes?


    Wao its amazing I can't stop watching keep it up. ..💟💟💟💟💞💞💞💔💔💔💕💕💖💝💜💛💚💗💘💘💘👍👍👍👍......

  • camilizer 97

    I have very excited about this game. same with the last of us ❤

  • ksatria ramadhan

    Just like the walking dead game but Much much better

  • Marc Ball

    I was looking forward to overkill till I saw it’s gameplay 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ but this here 🔥

  • RB01138

    Why in God's name would you have loud pipes in a place like that?

  • Cool World

    Good advice useful tips cop cars hold ammo first tip imma use

  • burban952000

    Enough with the videos of the game. Just bring the DAMN game out already. SHEESH

  • Sipe

    The only thing I dont like is, the bike goes like 15mph max, while it shifts till 5th or 6th gear.I mean 50cc engines are faster than this thing....😕

  • Vivek Banerjee

    They look like Colin Farrell(Bullseye from Daredevil) and Sam Witwer (Agent Liberty from Supergirl)

  • Turd Cutter

    By the time this finally comes out everyone will be playing TLOU2. Should have dropped it this year.

  • Rocky Mountain Hobbies

    They need to make a zombie based game we're if your bit, u finish the game as a walker

  • William Clarkson

    The players are not the producers of the game this is a joke... but a good show!

  • Greenmegamind Moe

    That’s not from E3.. u got it from game informer

  • Tanner Kecxon

    so i guess I'm the only one that was disappointed by the quality. looks like uncharted 2, not a bad game, but not up to par in 2019. its been in dev waaaay too long to look like this, even for an Alpha.

  • Temolito Koko

    you skipped a lot of loots amd that gave anxiety.

  • Kevin Hill

    Nice reference to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by R Pirsig. Love game with lit/film refs. Hope it has plenty more.

  • Naz vlogs

    This is a very good game if u like the last of us...this is your type of game

  • Wargamer208

    The developer gets grabbed 3 times in a row? Like wtf

  • BlakeTheDub

    Bruh I’m finna waste all my money on this game if it’s how I think 💯😭 Fucc Fortnite

  • AgOOFmon GG

    Everything is great but I just feel that the XP points popping up after every kill os a little bit anoying

  • Mario Blackbull

    They said Its supposed to be realistic.. Realistically there is no bike thats that slow... It seems that E scooters go faster

  • Free Minded

    They seem to be trying to hard to hype it up like it’s so revolutionary

  • Pankaj Rawat

    I Can do anything for playing this game..

  • Chiqo Rifky Saputra

    The first part is something like from ride to the hell game.. lmao 😂

  • MaJay-_-Yumi

    Everyone bitching about the bike and yea it is slow but remember this is literally the beginning of the game plus they said you can upgrade it. But if it's still slow towards the end of the game then yea it's just way to slow at that point

  • Butt Head

    serously damage point..whos playing this game 6 years old

  • coca cola

    I'm PC person but I'm nearly going to buy the PS4 for to play this game

  • LaQuintance King

    You talk too much I couldn't even hear the dialogue

  • Tommy G

    Man I am in love with this. I haven't had a ps4 for 2 years, going to get 2 just for it !!

  • KillaK78

    Just joing those commenting that the bike gameplay is woeful and slow

  • Klaj

    So hyped for this game.

  • DCS tv

    This is gonna be the most realistic zombie game since the last of us

  • Rico Omelly

    If the walking dead was like this 😍😧👌

  • Mark Jackson

    Nothing Special this Game looks wack

  • graal noobest

    the best game aaaaa i need this game

  • Brandon lee

    looks like "i am legend"

  • Pooty Tang

    Voice acting sound like it definitely needs some tuning

  • ThrustFrom Behind

    Biker gangs in zombie land

  • Anthony Gilbert

    It's going to be game of the year I think grate work guys

  • Pr_AS_Hob T

    When's part 2 is coming

  • Carlos Silva

    reminds me so much of last of us

  • Michael Ramos

    I didn’t know the main characters were 1 percenters

  • meataxenarll

    Play this HARDCORE mode - no bike

  • YouTube Account

    I think the bikes drive to slow. I hope they will be faster later in that Game I Looked like 20 mph:D

  • Some has been

    Another generic 3rd person zombie game isn't sony capable of making a good 1st person game if I want to be immersed in a game I'll play it in 1st person ,if I wanted to play a game in 3rd person I'll watch a f#&king movie

  • DJ Alexis

    Looks sick as hell can't wait to play😃

  • Syamim Ayam

    Thanos snap his finger he wipe out half life in universe😂😝

  • Gamerz 101

    18:21 thought there was one shotgun but he has one in hand and one on his back?

  • alex alexandre

    Days gone já mostrou ser um jogo fodao vei tô louco pra que chegue a data de lançamento

  • Manoj Kale

    Game looks so promising

  • Evgen Dyrkin

    Жаль что не будет на пк

  • yo momma

    Zombie kids what no other zombie game has

  • Briliant pratama TV

    I am so like if u shutup.

  • One Of A Kind

    1 month to go. I hope have a dlc bike and weapon

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