Top 25 INSANE Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2018 & 2019 | PS4 Xbox One PC

Top 25 INSANE Upcoming SURVIVAL Games | Most Anticipated Games 2018 for PS4 XBOX ONE PC

Games List:

00:00 - DUSK (PC)

02:18 - Overkill's The Walking Dead (PS4, XB1, PC)

04:13 - World War Z (PS4/XB1/PC)

05:02 - Death Stranding (PS4)

08:27 - Fade to Silence (PS4/XB1/PC)

10:57 - Desolate (PC)

12:11 - Metro Exodus (PS4/XOne/PC)

14:11 Agony (PS4/XB1/PC)

16:16 The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

18:56 Escape from Tarkov (PC)

20:06 Hunt Showdown (PS4, XB1, PC)

21:53 - Dual Universe (PC)

23:09 Survive the Nights (PC)

24:37 Project Wight (PS4/XB1/PC)

26:38 Scorn (PC)


30:15 Last Year (PC)

32:16 WiLD (PS4)

33:54 PATHOLOGIC 2 (PS4/XOne/PC)

35:25 Dead Matter (PC)

37:21 The Forest (PS4)

38:45 State of Decay 2 (Xbox One/PC)

41:27 STALKER: Noises of the Zone (PC)

43:27 Days Gone (PS4)

45:17 Praey of the Gods (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

46:31 Conan Exiles (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • BallisticPotato

    The first one is literally I am legend

  • Davion Smith

    Isn't that Daryl from walking dead in death standing

  • Mr IMBUS

    DUSK have same story Like movie "I am legend "

  • Thufeist

    DUSK = Unity Assett Store MassacreTWD = Just an animation video, no GameplayWar Z = Looks good, wait and seeDeath Stranding = animation video, no ingame scene, with norman reedusFade to Silence = Looks more like an RPG gameDesolate = Nice environment, but horrible animationsMetro Exodus = Looks FUCKING AWESOMEAgony = Can't say anything yetThe Last of Us Part II = I absolutely have to play the first partEscape from Tarkov = I play it, it's good, but still very unoptimizedHunt Showdown = Looks very good, but I'm careful with CrytekDual Universe = Can't promise anything yetSurvive the Nights = Just another crafting zombie horde gameProject Wight = uninteresting to meScorn = Nice graphics, but the gameplay looks so boringSMALLAND = Nice idea and looks very good alreadyLast Year = Lan Party Game with friendsWiLD = uninteresting to mePATHOLOGIC 2 = uninteresting to meDead Matter = Can't say much yetThe Forest = PC PortState of Decay = Time for CO-OP, the first part was funSTALKER: Noises of the Zone = Only a mod, no game, just scamDays Gone = Unfortunately PS4 ExclusivePraey of the Gods = uninteresting to meConan Exiles = uninteresting to me

  • Matteo Tramp

    Why was that baby in daryls throat wth 😕😂😞😞😦

  • Hector S

    Is it just me or is this going to be zombie year

  • PC -Aviation

    First one - Dying light + ı am legend

  • jorge Portillo

    The walking dead and state of de cay are the best of the list 😊👍👍👍

  • Eli9mm

    State of decay and overkills walking dead is the only one's i want


    The first one is the copy of dying light

  • Jaacckkko

    Tbh I love this channel cause there no f*cking around at the start with him talking and begging for likes it’s awesome!

  • LoneWolf k

    Death Stranding for me

  • BaconGoddess

    This game is going to be ducking awesome..Period 😁

  • Sam Soetenhorst

    Last of us 2 might be the best game of 2018

  • William Douglas Silva

    O primeiro parece o filme EU SOU A LENDA, movie I AM LEGEND

  • FUCKYOU YouTube

    I am fed up with all those 'upcomnig' games, two, three years later to be found abandoned in early access or alpha forever. Stop the hype train and test games already available.Thank you.

  • Games4Fun s

    Man I just bought pc gaming laptop ASUS ROG GL702 it got gtx1070 So I am freshman on pc coming from ps4 lol

  • Impartial Observer

    Norman Reedus, the face of survival/horror games. Keep it coming brother ;)

  • Hazzer

    Thank you for the nice Video and happy Christmas 😉😊❤️

  • gERMAN_Death_Camps_Remember

    I'm very skeptical about Dusk or [ I am legend ] i think there will be legal actions taken same thing happened to Friday the 13th the game

  • Muhammad Ibrahim

    The best zombie-less surviving game is "The Long Dark"

  • EuroSchlager Abteilung

    the graphics is no better than 4 years ago, nothing special


    Why does DUSK feel like dying light 2

  • dn08Hf1xK0q1

    I think Metro Exodus has by far the best looking graphics

  • Dragonborn Express

    The one that got me really excited was metro: exodus because of the humongous steam locomotive. I mean, you do not see those often after the apocalypse at all. I also loved it because I'm one of those people who love trains.

  • Simon C . Riley

    Man! finally i'm so glad to see a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the new state of decay!

  • BCFix

    lol in desc he put the forest (PS4) XD like it started on PC

  • Kulak

    2018 looks really cold

  • Jax

    bruh dusk is a carbon copy of I am legend, that cant be legal.

  • MOby

    Survival game development ...Idea! So there's it!

  • Tonisia Seth

    I am excited for Overkill's the Walking Dead and of course The Last of Us Part 2

  • Firstname Lastname

    So much Jank.Dear Devs, Smooth compelling gameplay> Pretty graphics.

  • Zuhazli Zuhri

    Great list of survival horror games this year. Thx uploader.

  • Xtentacion An0nYm0us

    Metro Exodus :)))) VERYYY NICEEE

  • LizzieJM

    Thanks for the List :)

  • Tech Theft

    Going To play last year next year.😂😂

  • Chris Sheppard

    Nothing interesting, Conan is the best on that list. Thanks for making the video though :)

  • pobogu hulio

    want a most realistic survival game?-come and live in serbia with 200 euros per month yea hardcore game :D

  • Cher Ami05

    Lol...that intro of agony same voice of broodmother of dota2 xD

  • Connor Connelly

    Looking forward to Metro Exodus!

  • Shay Axelrod

    The Last Of Us!!!!!! Finally! Can't wait for Frankie 1080p to do season 2 on it

  • Will

    Pantropy? where is pantropy?And Survive the Night is the worst game ever

  • Zombie Gamer Zombi Geymer

    Damn i would like to try Dead Matter

  • 2 bros. shows

    the back of the ship in dual universe looks like 4 audio jacks

  • Scelette Griffin

    ''Dust'' is just like "i am legend" i'm so dead lol

  • Michael Tite

    Dusk = I am Legend ripoff.

  • Danny Ripper

    And yet, somehow, survival/horror games from 1992 have had more staying power than these multi-million dollar AAA titles.

  • daydiamond

    The first one is I am legend with Will Smith

  • COYOTE swap or you get DEPORTED

    I love these types of games. Survival and zombie

  • Ricky Ray

    It has been so godamned long since a good game has been released... btw SCORN looks to be heavily influenced by the movie eXistenZ

  • israel your meme lord

    On guy looked just like Daryl from the walking dead on death standing

  • Iwan Jirkuw

    Thank you! Awesome job! 😉 👍

  • Jason Moyle

    what was the game at the start?

  • GiGeGame

    There is a lot of good survival games coming 2018!

  • Laguerremondiale

    The forest in ps4 that joke



  • Lil Ghostie

    World War Z You just ruined zombies

  • GamePlay PvH

    Alguém sabe aonde vou poder adquirir o jogo Overkill The Walking Dead? Desde já agradeço a informação.

  • Habib Chalangari

    the last of us part 2 will be the best game in the world

  • luckyiscrazy

    Fade to silence essentially dark souls survival

  • Dawood Shah

    5:50 its daryl from TV series The walking dead

  • Amelie amelie

    Days gone j’espère 2017 et pas 2018 aucune date, the last of us 2 aucune date.... red dead redemption 2 octobre 2017 pff trop long tout ca

  • Golden 47

    Hasn't Escape from Tarkov been available on PC since 2017

  • 謝Zen

    First one just like the movie”I am legend”

  • Deb Fiske

    Directly from I AM LEGEND (first one).

  • Vortex Vortex

    OMG Dusk like i Am A Legend film lol same story

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables

    Shit, there's loads of great survival games coming out this time lie never before.The Last Of Us Part 2, Days Gone, the walking dead, death stranding, dusk etc. 🤩

  • Ryder

    The first one is like I am legend movie you have a dog you have your Watch you have to turn off the lights in the dark zombies come out and your watch tells you when the zombies are going to come out and there are dears on the streets and trees on the streets just like I am legend movie

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