The Witcher 3 Opening Cinematic Trailer

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, The Trail Opening Cinematic is an epic sneak peek into the adventure that awaits gamers in Wild Hunt.

Release date: 24 February 2015 for PS4, Xbox one & PC.

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  • lzuniy

    Warcraft Cinematics Movie

  • Tyler Durden

    is this cgi? they should seriously make movies like this, I wouldn't mind, using real people doesn't work since they are limited when it comes to doing things that require fantasy and supernatural abilities. id watch a cgi witcher movie for sure, or a show

  • HitomiAyumu

    Excellent cinematic trailer. Take note Hollywood; this is how you make fantasy.

  • otchyanis

    Yennefer looks so epic.

  • Reginald Powell

    There's just no going back to skyrim after playing this

  • Alan Falleur

    1:30. Geralt and Vesemir are like WTF ???( ⇀_⇀ ) ( ↼_↼ )

  • R

    Yennefer is powerful as she's gorgeous! Instant favorite character, one of the best females in games history.

  • restivewolf

    And then they were riding on the unicorn ;)

  • ZamăDePui b

    Best game ever made. Best of the best. All my respect and love to the developers.

  • Maria R.

    Yennefer, the best female character ever! She's just so damn badass __

  • LordAnestis

    Huge guy with huge sword cuts a horse head with one strike,Gregor Clegane in Witcher 3.

  • Adam Vetus

    "Quiet, quiet children. It's not demons, not devils ... Worse. It is the people." from The Swallow Tower Andrzej Sapkowski

  • Doubler Z.

    I feel like I'm the only person in the world who prefers Triss over Yennefer...

  • Thomas Baker

    I'm certain the guy that Yen bumps into is the Nilfgaardian captain ordering the execution of that girl in the Killing Monsters trailer

  • Ehud Riven

    Geralt! I need more books!

  • Ganef Saber

    Wait that guy at 1:07, thats the one how get beat up by Geralt in the "Killing Monsters" Trailer!

  • R Mac Seáin

    In-game Yen is easily far more gorgeous than cinematic Yen. Then again, Triss is more gorgeous than all, especially in that plunging-necked elven dress you can get from DLC

  • Bonus Chai

    It's me or when yen throw magic rock, it reminds me of the meth sence from breaking bad.

  • talesin- god of the internet

    bethesda may as well save some time and file for bankruptcy now

  • Morten McCandless

    The guy she runs into is the guy from the 'killing monsters' trailer, aint it ??

  • Arya

    1:50 "This... Is not meth."

  • Jo Tuyor

    Yenn looks a lot younger in this cinematic compared to her ingame model.

  • Soccercrazyigboman

    The bird that crystallized. Can you reanimate it in the game?

  • Dmitriy Egorov


  • Joey's

    This game is so sick.... the cut scenes are always so realistic & beautiful..... i cannot wait.  The storyline in Witcher has always been top notch, im sure 3 is no exception.

  • Veloziraptor111

    0:22 the Nilfgaardian Mountain that Rides.

  • Madu June

    Holy balls I need this

  • JoeyGodsey

    10/10 Would bang Yennifer.

  • hdckdsadd

    the guy that bumps into Yennifer is the same guy from the killing monsters trailer! :)

  • JonnysKia

    What battle was this that Yenna was running from? Gods I wish they had put Eskel in one of these realistic looking scenes. Would love to see him in this level of realism.

  • Borlach

    Gregor Clegane is fighting for Nilfgaard? O_O

  • Andrey Moiseec

    Ведьмак - ведьмак.. Как я хочу в него поиграть, ёмаё.

  • Denis Zolotcev

    Геральд настоящий мужик! А не эти отсоски из Ассисин Крид или Драгон Эдж.

  • Lowzenza

    WTF Why can't I get rid of the WoW cinematic popup? I want to see the damn trailer!!!!!

  • Dominik Jedynak

    I wish I could watch it for the first time again as I begin Witcher 3...

  • ystconnection

    1:06 That is the killing monsters trailer guy right?

  • Kalpataru Sengupta

    1. Blood of elves2. The times of contempt3. Baptism of fire4. The tower of swallow5. The lady of the lake 24th feb 2015 they reunite again !!!It would have been good if Milva, Regis, Calhir & whats her name who called Milva aunt ??? could have been added in the game, though they are ...& most of the fan boys will be dumb struck when the game reveals the relationship between Dunny & the child of destiny !!!!!

  • Adam Vetus

    Yennefer from Vendenberg, So We will meet again after all this years. Something is ending but also something starts. I only remember Yours gooseberry fragrance and dark long and curled hairs...

  • Dovahk1n

    Йенифер вообще красотка.

  • Neo

    Yennefer truly is a beautiful woman

  • Domina Mortis

    I just noticed he was wearing a cloak! How come we never get to wear one in game?!? Lol I would really like to have that choice to add the cloak to each outfit

  • ZepTepiTraveler

    Anyone know what genre the music playing would fall under? I absolutely love it.

  • DrunkitheDane


  • zman2748

    imagine how awesome it would be if horse decapitation made it into the game

  • minh bui quang

    this is the best RPG game i've ever bought (in my opinion)

  • kathleenmms


  • Hordeman89

    Literaturoznawcy mogą się zżymać, ale fakt jest taki, że to targany wątpliwościami, wbrew swojej woli wplątany w intrygi królów i czarodziejów wiedźmin Geralt (w dużej części za sprawą gier) stał się najistotniejszym polskim wkładem w ogónoświatową kulturę popularną. Ta postać żyje już własnym życiem, niejako w oderwaniu od kanonu Andrzeja Sapkowskiego. Zapewne uniwersum będzie się rozrastać, i zapewne prędzej czy później doczakamy się wielkobudżetowego filmu o Geralcie.

  • Pand3miC SK

    The mountain Easter egg from season 1 game of thrones with chopping horses head off because he's angry

  • MrAlek1988

    i have to say, Yen is much hotter in-game than she is in this cinematic xD

  • Bruno Petrone

    God I just want the soundtrack so bad

  • Abibliophobia

    lyrics of this songIn PolishSłyszę, Słyszę... Wielki Boże (?)heee..Ooo...lejlejlej...nenene...Na,na,na(Ooo)In English:I hear, I hear.... great God... (?)heee...Ooo...laylaylaynenene...Naanan(Oooo)(I love this song, and she's in my language <3)

  • Mel Castro

    I am so in love with yennefer!! my wife hates her haha

  • Mister Spex

    boner boners boners booonnnner

  • June Eight

    Ho heey heee.. ha heeee ho.. he-he-he- heeey  ooo hee Heeyyy - yo heyo he ho haa heeeey...

  • [S]uzukaProductions

    what we really need.... god.... we need a Witcher TV series. And I mean, a legit show. Not that crap from 2001. Big like Game of Thrones. But it would be hard to find a suitable actor to play Geralt. ^^

  • Busy Show

    Greatest game of all time. Witcher 3 was the only game of the series I played. Watching this cinematic I had no clue what was going on and also I was understanding everything at the same time!

  • MisterMackey

    Why was she fighting the nilfgaardians? I thought she was on their side?

  • Johnny Kurwa Bravo

    Polish soundtrack...awesome

  • Dam Kszak

    1:20 She saw the danger, so instinctively took off her hood, that it was clear that she is a woman.. Just in case.. ^^ and where equality?! ^^ (of course just joke.. maybe :D)

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    one day the games look like this one day...

  • The Unreal Player

    Videogame trailer which resemble film trailers, and film trailers which resemble videogame trailers.

  • Yali Jin

    This will develop into Geralt bangin' her later on. Clichè.

  • Danny Idaho

    No one word. Only feelings. Best trailer ever.

  • Realmasterorder

    Great cinematic but the game experience itself is just so much better its as if you really participate in an amazing Epic Fantasy Cinematic Story

  • neilw ;

    don't care about the "downgrade"the game is... wow

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