The Witcher 3 Soundtrack Ambient Version (Depth of Field Mix)

The Witcher 3 Soundtrack containing relaxing and ambient tracks from the game Soundtrack. The Witcher 3 all rights reserved 2015.
  • AdoreYouInAshXI

    Great music but you need to post a track list...

  • enkhe-amgalano b

    May your axe never crumble.

  • Selver93

    If you could post the tracklist that would be great

  • Dharnisha Jayasundera

    2:18 The feels are too real!Goosebumps!

  • Deadly John

    I read Andrzej Sapkowski's books to this music :)

  • Padmanabhan Ramaswamy

    someone please put up timestamps for the songs pls

  • Diana Rodriguez

    i find myself ALWAYS pausing the game at around 48:03 and just listening to that wind instrument play, with the low strings in the background... amazing composing

  • Jason Patowsky

    Witcher's musics are OP

  • Isaac Clarke

    I love it! So many awesome scenes, like 41:00 the combination with nature and music is out of this world! :=) Also wow ambient at 1:06:25

  • Kevin Torge

    Definitely helping my study marathon going on right now for finals.

  • schoenerschmimmy

    Name of the song or game part between 18:20 - 19:00 ?

  • Jon Pearman

    I love the way that the second song blends in so well, gave me shivers!

  • Superior Phi

    The Witcher soundtrack has literally saved my engineering degree, the game itself though (being the masterpiece it is) has made me want to transfer to a game development course XD

  • GoogleIs StartinToSuck

    Best part starts at 41:00

  • Daniel Heusburgh

    can anyone tell me the track at 54:01? I wanna know... Thanks

  • Jan Pakos

    19:34 does anyone know where from in the game this part is?

  • Vandergrif

    Is there somewhere I can get this music? Where did you find it? It's not a part of the soundtrack (which I have), though I wish it was. I assume it's in the game files somewhere.

  • Kyrie

    Who else played the game with the original Polish voices?

  • Daan Janssen

    magnificent, thank you for making this

  • Hauptmann Willi Herold

    I just love it, best music for work or relax

  • laurent carrmelie

    what song at 1:04:49 please, and, please, next time, give the source in description

  • Aurore Mallet

    Yes! Thank you! Anyone knows what's the name of the music around 1:10:00 please ?

  • DienekesShade

    Thank you D3pth0fField - great job!!! :) Wish I had all of these amazing stuff on my W3 soundtrack CD though.

  • Cody Carpenter

    I listen to this @ .75 speed to study. it is glorious

  • carlos777uk

    Great compilation; even better than the original soundtrack for me as you cut all the horrible tribal shouty ones out.

  • Mylo Cz

    That sad hounted motive in the end of the track (especially that part starting around 1:08:40) has it got any name? I've been looking for it for ages!

  • Marla

    Can i download this mix somewhere? Absolutely love it!

  • John Doe


  • Eugene Liahor

    Thank you for this mix. Witcher has incredible soundtrack, but you combine my favorite tunes. Thanks a lot, I often listen with pleasure this mix while working.

  • a shitty stand

    is there a list that has all of them separated?

  • Danielle Dovahsdottir

    This is so beautiful! Thank you for this! (:

  • VideoBase

    38:05 The Oblivion feels here are strong

  • Jordi Ramirez

    I love all the music in this video, especially 1:06:00 to the end. Anyone knows the song's name of this part?

  • Zachary Soza

    I've been listening to this mix for hours while working on my Witcher costume for Halloween... it's perfection. Such wonderful music to begin with, and mixed together so well!

  • Gabrom

    I very much need to know the name of the first song please

  • AHAKuo

    Moa pha witeler fieovar reivn.

  • Andytio Galante

    Can you please add the tracklist? Thanks.

  • Robert Pollock

    This is available on Spotify? The music by Marcin Przybylowicz is a jumble of peaceful and combat music which is isn't ideal to just start and leave playing

  • Ultimate_Persia

    Listening to this music while studying for medical school - everytime it reaches 37:20 I take a break and close my eyes.. my god how I miss Witcher 3

  • NightFlutter

    can you edit the description and put a tracklist?

  • Colin Kerwin

    Anyone know what the specific title is for the piece that plays at 38:00 minutes? Been searching high and low for it.

  • chrisvillan88

    1:06 and 1:09 is pretty good

  • TechNoir1982

    Very tempted to read Andrzej Sapkowski's books, Witcher 3 has really hooked me for the past 6 months

  • Mikhanator

    So close to disliking because of no tracklist.

  • FuzzyCholo

    Some of the sounds around 59:30 remind me of Hans Zimmer's stuff from the Thin Red Line

  • Eliza Łuksza

    anyone knows the name of this track? 38:06

  • hobbitsneighbour

    what's the name of the song at 29:00?

  • Mauro Tessari

    Actually 1:01:01 to 1:04:20

  • Labros Papageorgiou

    name of the song at 30:50 anyone :O ?

  • Mauro Tessari

    Name of 1:01 to 1:04 ?? please =D

  • MrAlek1988

    what's the name of the tune that plays in the beginning? from around 2:17 - 4:36

  • Chris Nihill

    14.30 was always me favorite..

  • SolarMoth

    this is actually awesome as fukkkkk

  • 張心哲

    Great Mix that immediately draw me back to the mysterious world of monsters, sorceress and the goddamn witcher!!!

  • Alen S

    You're a stud for making this mix.

  • Labros Papageorgiou

    also 36:20 any ideas ?

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