Witcher 3 Soundtrack - Outside Novigrad - Tretogor Gate Midnight

Was wondering outside Novigrad and couldn't help notice this wonderful track. I was unable to find it in the other soundtrack videos, so I'm posting it here.

Found out later the song is called Tretogor Gate (Midnight).

Don't own/have any copyright claims. Enjoy
  • Oxanna Gutheim

    [SPOILER]This song is played as an ambient for iorveth in the witcher 2. He was originally planned for the witcher 3 and you were supposed to meet him in novigrad when doing a certain quest there. He also took part in other parts of the game but had to be removed in the very end because of time constraints when wrapping up the game. My theory is that they forgot to remove this song together with some other references when he was removed from the game.Here is an example from the witcher 2 where the song can be heard.https://youtu.be/oe08t7hoTlA?t=389

  • Noltra Mekanic

    Chills.. never ending chills, every time I hear this

  • Abdülkadir Kotil

    When you fast travel to Novigrad gates and have to enter the city, but you dont want to enter because you know that this music will end, so you wait there a while to enjoy the atmosphere

  • SunlightDivisor

    Thanks so much for uploading this! I've been looking for it.

  • lollo trollo

    I just downloaded the soundtrack that came with the game I bought but couldn't find this one ... It's my favorite, this and Fields of Aard Skellige.

  • Aashkaran Dhillon

    God !! this one stirs up your soul

  • Blackhuskyy

    It has a really assassin creed vibe to it or something, goosebumps

  • mechtitto3

    So relaxing... can you extend this track for about 3 hours?

  • Duck Dodge Hide

    oh my god thank you! i couldn't find the name of this song and resorted to searching for "the song that plays outside of novigrad"... you're my hero

  • Riley I

    Yeah, thank you for uploading! I noticed this as well and thought it was beautiful

  • bubblisimo

    Thank you for the upload!

  • Kevin DeLeeuw

    One of the most beautiful soundtracks i have ever heard ;) Also, one of the most Epic games that has ever been created.

  • Colin Haynes

    This game is full of terrific music, but I think this track is by far my favorite. I remember just how awe-struck I was by it, the first time I heard it.

  • Leila Smith

    It's like the song of sirens 🎶

  • Jimmy Kitkat

    Does someone know the name of the song in the hearts of stone part of the map (NE novigrad), when your exploring?

  • Amok Recordz

    The Witcher's Soundtrack is just great!

  • lafrc

    Was looking for that one on the CD that they send with the game... amazing one...

  • Dr. Gerbz

    Love this track. It's also used in the Northmen series; in the first episode you can hear the singing during the Holmgang.

  • Aneesha Sachdev

    OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS ONE CALLED?! i cant find it in the ost anywhere :'(

  • 藤原Genji

    so dreamy and .... dreamy....

  • Aditya Shahapure

    the Doppler effect! love you CD projeckt, love you ps4!!

  • 598gh

    This gave me a vibe similar to an RPG on The PS1, but I can't remember the name of that game.

  • Fredy Quintero

    What's the name of this awesome song and wdf this song is not included in the OST? I was just playing the game some moments ago and I was astounded when I listened this, so I just came and founded. Thanks Zava iDoc.

  • Kamshik Dude

    Damn it reminds me the gay Elihal

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