the secret world of the japanese swordsmith

Documentary from 1997
©1997 Troivision Co., Ltd/Warabe No Mori Co., Ltd. kobayashi dldg, 4-7 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan

The Japanese sword is the soul of the Samurai. The crafting of this work of art - which embodies beauty, strength and tradition - has been shrouded in secrecy for more than thousand years.
Because of the highly advanced techniques and numerous years of dedicated effort required in crafting Japanese swords, the skill has always been a closely kept and jealously guarded secret.
Yohindo Yoshihara is a consummate Japanese swordsmith and a very high regarded Mukansa craftman in Japan. He is also the best-known Japanes swordsmith outside of Japan.
His masterpieces have been purchased for exhibit by the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City and the Museum of fine Arts in Boston. He has numerous fans worldwide, including His Royal highness, king Gustav of Sweden.
This video has been produced to appeal to all aficionados of Japanese sword around the world and is a treasure trove of sercrets to Yohindo Yoshihara's truly outstanding Japanese sword craftsmanship.
  • blipblip88

    This is one of the most enjoyably cogent documentaries I've seen on katana making-free of a lot of annoying pseudo Japanese music, and dumb reenactments of samurais.  Every step is explained with Japanese words and processes displayed.  Thank you kindly!

  • Ade Fegan

    Working at night and in darkness, so that the smith can see the subtle colour of the hot metal in the forge and example of supreme craftsmanship

  • S1XT0S

    Thank you for uploading this mate. It was a privilege to be able to watch a master craftsman at work. Especially a master Japanese Swordsmith. Perfection. but that word is common place in Japan. There is an old saying in Scotland, that "if a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing well". In Japan I think there is a saying that "if a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing to the very best of your ability". This would automatically apply to every job concerning a multitude of disciplines, be it joinery, to carpentry to weaving to spinning to cookery etc etc, where the Japanese turn the objects of their profession into works of advanced craftwork and masterpieces of art. Its as natural as just in a days work to them.I worked for them when I was younger, great people to work for and a crazy sense of Humour to boot. Did'nt pounce on you either if you made a mistake, just told you that everyone makes mistakes and to try and learn from the mistakes you make.Anyway, enough blethering. Thanks again mate for uploading this. My gratitude.All the best to you.

  • Alfy71

    It feels like we have just been privy to something special.

  • Jan Rešetić

    This is the most informative documentary I have ever watched.

  • divcrfc

    Now that is putting your heart and soul into your craft I'm in awe at such sheer brilliance of this man

  • deenibeeniable

    Astonishing. I am so glad he has his disciples. That this skill will be passed on. It would be a tragedy were it to die out.

  • Duke Jet

    How they worked all of this out from the very beginning is mind blowing. Mastery of the elements

  • ElJohnerino

    Number of safety items worn by these smiths - zero. Number of injuries - zero. Says it all. Master craftsmen. Great vid.

  • G.O.A.T

    This is amazing. In this day and age i find real appreciation for something that is made with true craftsmanship and respect for the ability of the craftsman. Something that is truly handmade

  • Aaron P.B.

    Fire, earth, air, and water come together to create a beautiful yet deadly item. It must be buried in our DNA to create something that ends life, yet is exalted as an object of near perfection. This process is almost meditative to watch. The makers seem as if they are involved in a religious ritual. It's baffling to thinks about how all of the knowledge was accumulated to make the swords. At every step one little mistake and it's over. The trail and error to get it just right is mysterious.

  • Johnny Blade

    My #1 favorite video on Youtube.

  • Percy Jackson

    Buy from Coldsteel have your local witch doctor “bless” it, done!

  • Norman Mendonca

    Amazingly skilled blacksmithing.

  • Raachen

    Never saw anyone to light a fire by hammering an iron! Makes me really happy to know this method now :)

  • Bruce LaPage Jr

    This was a great video, i love the katana and to see how much goes into them makes me respect mine that much more. Thanks again

  • omix090

    i love how they're expressing this amazing craft with fire and BARE HANDS

  • Komarith Soth

    one trillions of thumbs up.

  • Jarz Binx Khanage

    So mesmerising watching a true craftsman of such an ancient practice.. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing 😊

  • tj lucky

    I legitimately enjoyed this, for once 48mins and 58sec of my life was not wasted.

  • Steve Hartley

    Amazing to see the sword cutting edge hammered to retain its integrity, rather than grinding away the steel to form the edge!

  • Badness Bob

    Utterly mesmerizing and fascinating. Thankyou for posting this wonderful video of true masters of their craft.Such absolute beauty in a work capable of such deadly efficiency.Be safe and well.Bob. Australia

  • Komarith Soth

    THANKS for uploading, because it is very interesting and useful.

  • nightcore kight of zero

    This is why I like Japanese

  • TheThruster24

    Even in a hot, dirty forge, the blacksmiths still look extremely classy.

  • Monsterhunter Nathan ultimate

    The near 50 minutes of the documentary were all worth it!

  • divcrfc

    Very relaxing and hypnotic to watch thumbs up if you arec pure chilled 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Saran Roy

    Seeing this I'll easily accept to be cut in half with a Katana😄.. Its a real Art..

  • patrick3376

    Best documentrary ever!! I have watched it several times already..

  • jhhwild

    For some reason I have been addicted to watching sword making videos lately. I think it's the idea of creating a one of a kind tool using metal to create a unique work of art. Making a katana looks to be very work intensive, complex, and requires a lot of skill and expertise but the end product is totally worth all the hard work that went into it.

  • spg77777

    It amazes me how ancient processes like this must have evolved over time to reach this level of perfection. Clay slurry, paper, rice straw, pine charcoal etc...

  • Karen Lynch

    What a pleasure to watch a master at work. So informative of the art and the different styles during the different eras. Most enjoyable. Thank you.

  • mitch rawles

    thanks-invaliable info- wonder how long it took to make it? God Bless

  • dtdyvr

    Excellent! Thank you for posting!

  • Warlordzero1

    Mr Kojitso, this is the 2nd time I have watched you work, I know it has taken years to learn your profession and you are amazing in your small work place.AMAZING.

  • ufo nut #1

    Incredible craftsmanship I wish I could own one myself. Truly amazing weapons.

  • John Shepherd

    Beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed the remarkable artisanship and dedication to the art.

  • Avaria

    Without realizing it I watched a 49 minute video on something I usually gloss over. God I love documentaries.

  • David P.

    Probably THE BEST katana smith video I've ever seen. Outstanding work and thank you for the post.

  • Sir FishSlayer

    WOW! Stunning how they take that lump of raw material and make something so incredibly beautiful.

  • Bob Gunner

    No gloves? Not even any eye protection? Wow.

  • Chris Mcbride

    Best to understand this Japanese metal work in correct historical context. Their skill now is production of superb sports motorcycles!--e.g. Honda Fireblade.

  • RG Star Remixes

    Such amazing dedication and skill. This video is probably the closest thing to actually being “there” that we can hope for. Thanks for sharing.

  • pinz2022

    The first secret is:There are no secrets. It's not so hard to know what's involved. The secret is in having the dedication to doing it right every time without cutting corners...that's the secret.

  • CacheRAM

    I have been watching documentaries for over 40 years, and this program rates very high. I offer my thanks to the professionals who shared the mysteries of their craft, and to the people who wrote, produced, and presented this program.Well done.

  • Kim Ikazi

    beautiful craftsmanship .. amazing to watch ❤️

  • Dean Flet

    Very much enjoyed this video on Japanese Sword making.⛩✌🐼🤳🗻

  • Prem Sharma

    Huge respect to the culture and hard work of the bladesmith. 🙏🏼

  • Mykol Brooklyn

    That was so inspiring and educational at the same time. Loved it....Its indeed a weapon combined with the beauty of the craftsman himself.

  • timm thompson

    The finest sword makers and swordsmen in the world come from Japan

  • mike styles

    The most well done documentary I’ve ever seen on the art of making the Japanese Sword. 🌸

  • Epicon8

    This is easily the best Katana making documentary! Love everything about this!

  • Jen M

    The best video I have yet seen on this subject, bar none.

  • Lorenzo Catalano

    Truly inspiring video. Namastè.

  • Chris Willmott

    True Artisans still alive and following centuries of tradition. May it never die

  • Jimbo's semi-customs

    One of the best videos I've watched in a long time. Thank you for sharing!

  • sireontip

    I loved this documentary. It gave a sense of artistry, dignity and sense of beauty from crafting a katana without glorifying the sword itself. It is rare to see documentaries about the Samurai Sword that don't say its the best sword of all time.

  • A.Τ. Proto

    This is a real HAND made sword katana...congratulations!

  • gfdsa

    BIG RESPECT. such an art

  • martinthemillwright

    Incredible documentary. thank you!

  • malthus101

    Easily one of, if not the best of these videos on Japanese sword making.

  • Augustus Wayne

    Him lighting the fire in the forge with that little piece of paper amazed me , lol . I would have used a half a box of matches before I got the thing going !!!

  • Beau st john

    excellent craftsmanship...much respect.

  • MrMadjones

    Amazing works of Art ! .... Just Amazing 👌

  • Svetoslav' Panayotov'

    Absolyutly Respect and bow,to this art,Japan swords,Samurai Katana,Parfect only in oll over the world!!! Tnx.from my sou!!! from old bg. Usss

  • slipsonic

    The fire that forges the steel is created by steel, mind blown.

  • plejaren giants

    This is amazing! I'm surprised these ancient methods are allowed to be filmed. Good upload!

  • Paddypool FC

    One of the best documentaries I've seen. Incredible skill.

  • Calvin Baptist

    the end always makes me cry i have no idea why.

  • Ace of Spades

    "The Secret World", but here it is on youtube getting thousands of views!

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