Skyrim - Music & Ambience - Day

0:00 - Far Horizons
5:32 - Dawn
9:31 - Distant Horizons
13:26 - Under an Ancient Sun
17:03 - From Past to Present

22:09 - Frostfall
25:35 - Journey's End
29:44 - The White River
33:13 - The Jerall Mountains

36:36 - Distant Horizons [Repeat]
40:30 - Journey's End [Repeat]
44:36 - Wind Guide You
53:36 - Unbroken Road

Composed by Jeremy Soule.

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  • Everness

    Hey! If you like this video and want to see more like it, please consider supporting the channel on Patreon. The editing process takes surprisingly huge amount of time, so your gold coins will be greatly appreciated! Thank you 💛 Timestamps: 0:00 - Far Horizons 5:32 - Dawn 9:31 - Distant Horizons 13:26 - Under an Ancient Sun 17:03 - From Past to Present 22:09 - Frostfall 25:35 - Journey's End 29:44 - The White River 33:13 - The Jerall Mountains 36:36 - Distant Horizons [Repeat] 40:30 - Journey's End [Repeat] 44:36 - Wind Guide You 53:36 - Unbroken Road

  • TheHazard36

    What a lovely song. This is so peac...NEVER SHOULD HAVE COME HEREDUNUNUN, DUNUNUN, DUNUNUN

  • Steve The Legends Club

    Roses are redSkyrim is funYou are carrying too much to be able to run

  • Oli G

    "Watch the skies, traveller."

  • fable

    Let's all take a moment and thank the channel for not putting any ads so I can sleep soundly. Much love

  • Joachim

    2 seconds in and I already want to play again...

  • Rosen Kostov

    To those of you saying this makes you want to re-play Skyrim: the best advice I can give you is to roleplay a brand new character of your own fantasy. Something that corresponds to your character and your fantasy wishes. Play it like it's your first time, start reading the quests again, start exploring caves and ruins just because, and ditch fast-travel. I promise you'll like it :)I'm currently playing a Dunmer sorcerer, who sinks further down the dark path to necromancy and vampirism, ignorant of the Civil War or his "destiny" as a Dragonborn, for now. I have picked a small necromancer cave as my home, hiding my work from the prying eyes of guards and wary citizens. The cave is well equipped, with a sacrificial altar, an enchanting table, and an alchemist table. I have been collecting books on necromancy and Dunmer rituals, and keeping them on a shelf to the side of the altar.

  • Corzappy

    “You’re not looking so good. Are you alright?”Never figured out what it was.Maybe the tens of thousands of miles I’ve walked with hundreds of kilograms of dragon bones and steel armpit stripped from my enemies cold bodies?Maybe my vampirism or the fact that my character hasn’t slept for 14 years?Maybe the fact that I’ve chugged so many bottles of minor healing or ate every ingredient I’ve ever collected for the past 7 hours?Maybe it’s that I’ve eaten about 100 kilos of raw meat that I stole from every kitchen and every store room in all of Tamriel?Maybe it’s the poison from the 40 thousand frostbite spiders or the bone chilling cold of hundreds of ice wraiths.Could it be that I’ve been sent to the moon by a giant 10000 times? Or that I’ve been crushed and smashed by hundreds of mammoths and ice trolls.Could be the wounds from killing the king of dragons? Slaying a dragonborn? Defeating the leader of the vampires or collecting every dark prince’s legendary mask?Possibly the millions of hours spent sitting in one position just to get into a general store. Or the diseases from every sleeved I’ve slain or the ratway sewers I’ve swam in.Or it could just be that they’re trying to sell me their potions.

  • Robin

    Have you heard of the Redguards in Hammerfell they have Curved Swords. CURVED SWORDS

  • Uchiha Sasuke

    i can hear my foot steps in this songs

  • Elijah Clevenger

    To me, Skyrim is more than just a game. It's world is a great example of the kind of emotional experiences games can deliver that other forms of media can't!

  • 47most SOON

    “Heard they’re reforming the Dawnguard. Vampire hunters or something, Might consider joining up myself.”

  • Nini Hampo

    Skyrim - played it to death - now only memories remain - traces of another life lost in the past . . .

  • Christopher Spaulding

    A toast... To Jeremy Soule! Music and ambience is half of what makes fantasy real, and Skyrim has practically lived and breathed as we explored it.

  • The Tooth in the Back

    Skyrim is one of those games I feel a deep love and nostalgia for. The unfortunate thing is that I can never bring myself to begin playing it again after doing basically all there is to do in it. No amount of mods can fill one of my favorite games with as much wonder and whimsy as when I first played it. Listening to this almost brings me to tears as I realize this fact.

  • Ansel Sneddon

    What I would say to the people who disliked the video: "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defense?"Edit: Wow, I can't believe I got this many likes! Thank you all!

  • applepi

    I put this as background music while studying but it failed and after 5 minutes I found myself playing Skyrim

  • CheeseNips

    I've been hunting and fishing in these parts for years.

  • Rayan Lima

    My reaction to each song:Okay... oh.. ooh yes i remenber that OOOHHH

  • Hans Bauer

    Skyrim is better than the real world (by far).

  • Goldriver92

    For people complaining about not having a skyrim like world, i suggest go trekking or hiking and have this soundtrack in the background maybe put some headphones. You will probably feel like you are in another world.

  • JGBY JazzyGamerBroYo

    Best.Soundtrack.Ever.Cant you agree any more?

  • Antix

    Skyrim still has one of the strongest modding communities today, nearly 6 years after it came out

  • DestroPrime 82

    Id give my life just to be able to wander skyrim with this music and the sounds of nature around me.

  • thestew56

    First time I bring a girl to my house I show them SKYRIM. I will marry the one who tells me its awesome

  • Doppelganger

    The moment the first part of the music hits, i feel like im back in whiterun..

  • Hans Bauer

    My life would be completely different if I would never have played this game.

  • Jim Henderson

    as a skyrim veteran I wish there was a machine that I could forget anything and everything about skyrim so that way I could relive the amazing beauty in the game I will always be a die hard fan of skyrim a darn shame that bethesda didn't keep skyrim rolling with new dlcs I've been playing since release date I have beaten every quest I did everything on skyrim I don't even need the map thank you for this video it is simply astounding

  • Akee

    this cures my anxiety for a bit

  • Chef Shipwreck-5897

    It’s 2011, you get off from school, scramble to your room, switch on your Xbox/PlayStation/pc, and automatically log into your account and listen to the drums of nords, then you get listen to this track as the loading screen shows.Life is good.

  • Levi J

    I like to scroll down the comment section whilst listening to the music and reading your guy's experiences with the game.

  • Captain Barbossa

    EVERYTHINGS FOR SALE!!do come back..

  • hazardzone13

    "You picked a bad time to get lost friend!"

  • Blake Bauman

    Something about all these songs is so magical and mysterious. I try to put my finger on it, but I can't. Saying they are incredible is an understatement.

  • no way

    I feel so sad now knowing I don't have the time to play it again as I used to, it's literally loosing an entire world and all I get in exchange is reality.

  • DrStevo597

    Anyone else notice that goat die in the bottom right corner at 13:40???

  • Robot_Rebel

    Anemoia - Nostalgia for a time you've never known.Imagine stepping through the frame into a sepia-tinted haze, where you could sit on the side of the road and watch the locals passing by. Who lived and died before any of us arrived here, who sleep in some of the same houses we do, who look up at the same moon, who breathe the same air, feel the same blood in their veins—and live in a completely different world.

  • Gothos

    Of all the games I played, Skyrim was the one that... it could feel like being home. (You know, barring all the hordes of undead and dragons and a civil war)

  • Rae

    If only I lived in that world. I would put up with the draugr and the cave bears and endless bandits. I just want the moments of peace where I can look up at the gorgeous aurora by night and sit by the flowing rivers during the day and write about my adventures.

  • Staple Soap

    By order of the Jarl, STOP RIGHT THERE!

  • Beautiluf Music

    I miss playing Skyrim... I should go do something about that...

  • Mallaury

    Wish I had the time to play Skyrim again ugh I love it so much

  • Kimmy Oliver

    So relaxing and nostalgic. Perfect for studying to, working to, or cooking to—anytime you can’t be playing Skyrim! Love the videos w scenery. You are amazing for creating this! 💜🎉

  • VoltNoodles

    Skyrim is probably the only game I can play without listening to my own music playlist in the background. I just have to listen to the music in the game. It's so amazing.

  • gamerdaddy

    Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing the beautiful video and music!My favorite theme starts at: 48:00 .

  • THEdragonslayrr _

    The old kingdom lives on in memory and in the consoles/computers we first played it on. My first playthrough was on 360, then I broke the game with special edition. I remember the days when all I could think about during school was Skyrim. I now am replaying it on switch, and if you don't mind I would like to spark your memory: Skyrim, the old kingdom. Mountainous Haafingar to the north, the western reaches. The central tundra of Whiterun, the frost bitten swamp of Hjaalmarch. Remember the mountains that host labyrinthian and that time you saw solitude from those towering peaks? The autumnal forest of the Rift, that geothermal basin in Eastmarch. The mountainous snowfields of Winterhold and the Pale. The southern forest of Falkreath and those annoying spriggans. Remember that huge cliff that the tundra of Whiterun builds up to? But in the heart of it all, towering above all else is the Throat Of The World. Remember the gloomy soul cairn? The gorgeous forgotten vale? The ashen shores of Solstheim. Skyrim is the game that refuses to die, and I hope ES6 Is even better. But until then, the beautiful land of Skyrim lives on in our memories and hearts.

  • Albany Congress

    We all know Ikea-Born is the best race in skyrim.

  • MoonMan •

    My heart breaks knowing we won’t get another masterpiece like this ever again. This was a once in a lifetime. Literally one time experience. I don’t know what it is about Skyrim that no other game has. I don’t know how something can be so perfect. Just all the beautiful memories and perfect feels. I was in love when the first time I played Skyrim back in 2013. Love you Bethesda. FUCKING LOVE YOU. ❤️.

  • ChickenFak 43

    Witcher 3 was amazing, but it still didnt beat skyrim, where my heart still belongs

  • RexorCall Skyline

    I think witcher 3 is a better game.But damn, my 1st playthrough of Skyrim is just magical. I refuse to play it after witcher 3 coz i want to keep that magic alive in my memory.Every time i listen to skyrim soundtrack, that beutiful memory will resurface. No game will ever match that magic.

  • Adam Meredith

    I hear this tender parts of Jeremy Soule's Soundtrack EVERYDAY. And maybe twice a week I go down in the basement and play Skyrim for 5 hours. I really love the game - but I guess 75 % of that love goes directly to the music. Jeremy ROCKS!!!!!

  • wesley ross

    i dont think i've ever lost as much touch with reality than i did with playing i regret it?of course not.

  • ahhh

    going into the woods playing this and just walking around getting lost is so amazing

  • Otaku Scythela

    skyrim definitely changed my life. it changed the way how i viewed, how i think, and how i feel about video games. truly my favourite game of all time.i finished skyrim in one month and a week, clocking 12-18 hours a day, as in almost a 100% percent expect for that stones of barenziah quests and those treasure hunting ones that need maps for clues. every time i play a game, i change the controls to skyrim controls because i got too used to it.arriving to each hold for the very first time was amazing. my favourites are solitude, markarth, whiterun, and riften because there was just so much going on.i became a dual-weilding tank who abrelt used magic but did love using stealth for less hassle and shits and giggles. went the imperial route and one of the best moments ever was when general tullius gave me dragonplate armor. joined every faction except for the stormcloaks and the vampires. fave would forever be the dark brotherhood because you kill people and get paid. ended up marrying lydia and adopting two children, alesan and sofie. my companion is always serana and i was actually successful in curing her!playing skyrim for the first time felt magical. it was hard fighting off giants and dragons without the proper equipment but i managed until i got all my skills to legendary. i don't think i will ever get into a game as much as i did with will forever hold a place in my heart. bethesda has gone to shit but this game is truly a gem.

  • maedrey

    My first time in this game :2 p.m., a great afternoon to try this new game I gotThen it's like I blinked and saw the sun rising up along with this musicWhere did all my time go...

  • David Acosta

    22:09 - Frostfall "When you finally wake up from a lifetime of sleeping"

  • Jens Spahn

    I remember playing this with my father every sunday all day long until dinner was ready...good old times

  • Jordan Grom

    It's rather soothing, simply taking a stroll through the forests of Skyrim. You're likely to see some butterflies flittering about, perhaps a fox running by while sparing you a curious glance.Appreciate the little things. You'd be surprised.

  • Muhammad Wikan

    player.setav Nostalgic 999999

  • Not Another Channel Name

    Something about the early sound of the horn touches my soul deeply I feel so relaxed hearing it. Jeremy soule is a genius.

  • Photoshop By Alfredo

    Thumbs up to Humankind

  • LeRouleauDePrintemps

    I feel like I'm on the point to remember my warrior's life. Like... I don't know... I sometimes wish I'd never born in this world...I'm born to ride a dragon not a bike....

  • Dush Dj

    46:35 this violin (or whatever it is) gives me chills every time!

  • Brit Lynx

    It's time's like this where I wish I could freshly experience Skyrim again. I've never replayed a game so many times in my life thus far that I've done six playthroughs in total:Male Nord in the Imperial Legion that eventually sided with the Stormcloaks, also joined the Dawnguard(married Iona and adopted Sofie)Male Khajiit in the Thieves Guild and Dark BrotherhoodA vampiric male Dark Elf in the Brotherhood and Volkihar clan (married to Serana)A female Wood Elf in the Thieves Guild (married to Revyn Sadri and adopted Britte and Sissel)Male High Elf in the Mage college (not married nor any adoptions: Too obsessed with his college work lol)Male Imperial in the Imperial legion, Dawnguard and Companions (Married to Lydia and adopted Lucia post-story)

  • Dr Swagnuggets

    "My cousin's out there fighting dragons, and what do I get? Guard duty."

  • A. Becker

    I really love the fact that there's a slight movement in all these sceneries! I sometimes play your videos in full-screen mode while I have friends or family staying at my place. My parents, especially my mum, was really fascinated about how beautiful computer games can be. She had no idea. You succeeded in capturing the great landscapes and stunning music of Skyrim. Keep up the good work!

  • Ezequiel Marquez

    Este hermoso juegaso lo llevo tatuado en mi corazon asta que me muera

  • Nobert Stanel

    Why do we enjoy watching it. It provides a feeling of freedom, relief, an escape from this urban - busy lifestyle.Nothing else matters, almost like being a child again...

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