The Witcher 3 - Pre-E3 Trailer

The Witcher 3 continues to impress with an incredible new trailer.
  • BOOFIRE191

    Tywin Lannister is now an emperor isn't that fitting,

  • Ehud Riven

    Threesome with Triss and Yennefer?

  • MegaToxic

    OMG I have a massive hard on right now! Is that weird?

  • ODIN


  • Ja. L

    pre-ordered the game for Tywin Lannister

  • KashelGladio

    0:30 I count five witchers in this shot, four of which I recognize from Kaer Morhen: Eskel, Lambert, Vesemir, and of course, Geralt. But that first one on the right... is that... Letho? O.o 

  • James Cahours

    Will this run on Windows 95?

  • 00lil-draco00

    why does the narrator refer to the witchers as the ''ultimate killing machines'' when machines are not in the fantasy universe ?

  • Brendan Brady

    Is it just me, or did the king sound exactly like Tywin Lannister?

  • CrimsonBlade

    Finally something good from Poland. And girls of course

  • Matze //

    am i the only man who thinks sexscenes i games are unnecessary?



  • Aagon Aryan

    It looks pretty polished to me get it cause its from polish developer hahahahahahahaha......................ehm ehm

  • zniesmaczony

    I wonder how many of you guys actually read the Witcher saga. If not, you definitely should. It's so great that I'm more excited because of the multi-actor audiobook release which will take place this fall rather than because of the game!

  • rati

    can i run this on windows 98?

  • lozerisdead999

    Don't like the way they changed the look of the wild hunt king :(


    Most awesome trailer ever.. Said everyone. Ever.

  • Abraham

    Is that Charles Dance?

  • Chill Blinton

    Anyone else see that most of this shit isn't even in the game? I love the game but jesus, so much of this trailer isn't in the game

  • pizzarelaguy

    The throne room that Emhyr is sitting in is the same as Foltest's throne room in Vizima.Temeria confirmed for part of the empire now, WHY DIDN'T YOU HELP BROCHE?YOU COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS

  • Anthony Villalobos

    Charles Dance as the Nilfgardian Emperor... Perfect choice!

  • Leo Hagan

    RIP good Witcher 3 graphics

  • manic221

    Watched this trailer so many times can't believe I've been playing it for the last 2 days finally! And it's SPECTACULAR the hype was worth it!

  • Victor Ahlberg

    this game reminds of Berserk

  • HeiR

    I'm sure he'll give her what she deserves alright. ;)

  • Darragh Tate

    Interesting, originally it was Geralt that fought Caranthir at Kaer Morhen. No wonder Eskel fights like Geralt - the animations were probably written FOR Geralt.

  • Adam Wilkins

    Charles Dance is the king's voice, AWESOME!  Lol it does seem that in his acting roles he either plays foreign dignitaries or anyone of high political standing. Well he definitely has an authoritative voice to pull it off.

  • orkosm why brotha

    1:40 whos the hot chick on the right

  • Caius Cosades

    0:48 i 1:10 -> czy to jest głos Głowy Domu Lannister i Namiestnika z Gry o Tron (Tywin Lannister) ?PS. Pisałem już rok temu że tą tajemniczą nową postacią będzie Ciri !

  • Dotm Shockwave

    1:02 , dude Sauron, go back to mordor.

  • Triksenlol

    A 0:30 did anyone else see the guy in the right it his armour looks like letho's and he has the same build

  • SPanunu

    This must be an incredibly old build of the game because Yen @ 1:39 looks nothing like the final version of her.

  • ikar

    Pause at 0:32 and I most definitely am sure that is Letho ( which you can choose to let go or kill in the Witcher 2 endind). I took a picture of his back and pants as well as boots and this looks exactly like his! Just how can he be alive when there is an option to kill him in the Witcher 2?

  • Kris Norge

    I wonder where my three favourite supporting characters from the Witcher 2 are?-Vernon Roche-Iorveth-Saskia

  • Jason Fenton

    Yo Witcher fans! After seeing Witcher 3 preview footage I decided to pick up the first Witcher cheap on Steam and while I can accept the poorer graphics, the game is dry as hell and I'm having a tough time forcing myself through it. The issue is that I don't feel that it's a bad game, I just feel that I don't "get" it yet. Reminds me of the first Mass Effect, I would try it for a bit, put it down and then retry it until I just suddenly loved it. I imagine the Witcher will be similar. Should I up the difficulty and actually put effort into the gameplay, lower the difficulty and blaze through the story, should I bother with side quests? I'm at the first village, with the Barghests.

  • thegungnirgames


  • Benilaice

    Hands down the most epic video game trailer of all time

  • Justin Binns

    Is the guy that does the voice for the emperor Tywin Lannister

  • goosegetsloose

    Anyone got a link to this song?

  • a Nintendo Não faz bundle

    Obrigado Por Traduzir o Jogo para minha lingua e pelas 16 DLCs. Muito Suceso a Vcs

  • Chad Furlong

    Never played a Witcher game. Gotta start somewhere....

  • Tomáš Kubíček

    Am I strange, if I like Nilfgaard?

  • Ezechiel Goldman

    wiedźmin 3 na full detalach... mokry sen ;_;

  • Diego Arrospide

    I'll always remember this trailer because it made me buy the Witcher 1 and 2. Thanks to these games I found about the books of the Witcher saga and is one of the best stories I've ever read. Totally worth it.

  • Hazzmati

    ''your imperial majesty'' dunno why but the way he says it is cool

  • Judge Beard

    This is starting to look dangerously close to Game of Thrones.

  • Renegade

    Papa Lannister voicing Emhyr?Ladies and gentlemen,that alone is GOTY worthy.

  • Lysandros Bafaloukos

    Why is there a dislike button?

  • Señor Raziel

    I wonder how many of you guys actually read the Witcher saga. If not, you definitely should. It's so great that I'm more excited because of the multi-actor audiobook release which will take place this fall rather than because of the game!

  • The Fiddler

    am i the only one that thinks cd project red is the best in making beautiful characters? i mean just look at all those sorceresses, even the NPCs are gorgeous.. never seen gorgeous characters in a game like this one before

  • TheCinemaMan777

    yahhhhh!!!! Tywin Lannisters actor is playing the Nilfgaard Emperor

  • tdreamgmail

    All Hail PC Master Race!

  • Honza Marek

    Who works in CD Projekt Red?  Gods?!

  • Rory Lennon

    i feel like this is going to be the best game of all time

  • SurfGuyX - English & Dutch Commentary

    0:31 yeh Letho will be indeed in this game :D

  • alonghaircountryboy

    it says the wild hunt is after her. "The" wild hunt. does this mean the wild hunt from european folklore? because that would be interesting

  • Charlotte

    i preordered this and my computer doesn't even run it..

  • Andarthiel

    The Wild Hunt seems to have a very Sauron-esque design, looks badass. Also is that Dandelion at 1:43

  • ForThePentagram

    The music in this trailer ... Omg. It takes me back to those times when things were clouded in mystery, and the unknowing were explained by legends of evil and forces of darkness.... This trailer is one of the best trailers i've ever seen in my life.

  • Plasmal

    0:29If you look closely to the right side of the screen you can see a person that looks exactly like Letho. You can't see his face, but he resembles Letho in every single aspect! I wonder how this'll play out.

  • Noliifegamer

    OMGAWD.......and I need a new keyboard

  • Paul Enan

    Are you telling me, the Quest is to kill Ciri?

  • OneShout100

    What is the music on this trailer?

  • adribier

    I think I already watched this trailer like at least 10 times, and I still enjoy it...

  • piwoszjr

    Poland is proud of this game and CDprojectRED :). Anyway, try to read some Witcher books or play Witcher 2, it's magnificient

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