Where No Man Has Gone Before

The Swedish national wind band plays "Where No Man Has Gone Before" by Paul Jenkins. Included songs: "Star Trek Theme" by Alexander Courage, "CanYou Read My Mind?", "Cantina Band", "Star Wars Main Title" by John Williams. Conductor: Nils-Gunnar Burlin. Live recording from Kalmar Concert hall, July 28th, 2009.
  • Malikiah Patrick

    I play this song in my band I play the French horn

  • Brianna Hoff

    5:10 Girl in the front right haha.

  • Summit Summit?

    The worst thing about it has to be the conductor. Personally I struggled to follow him, but the rest was fantastic

  • KillerSylveon

    That band director is so into it! He's dancing around and stuff. I like him XD

  • Colton Sanders

    This is amazing, I'm in 8 grade honor band and we are playing this song.

  • Al in SoCal

    I wonder if professional orchestra members like playing popular music, though this has a classical theme? Do they enjoy it as much as the classical pieces they typically play?

  • M1ka

    great! Thank you for uploading

  • Brennon Guilbeau

    I must say, the cantina part was pretty exceptional!

  • johantj

    It was cut. Don't ask me why.

  • Loldous

    What happened to the tuba solo at the end?!

  • johantj

    @tommy22av8r We added the solos to make it more fun.

  • Tom Bietsch

    I played this in middle school band in 2008 but there were no solo's during the Cantina Band part. It sounds great.

  • thatgirlray

    Wow! These guys have flair!!

  • knottme

    i love this.... we played this in high school band back in 1985

  • jared holmes

    Wonderful! It's the beauty of the music, not the theme of the show! I must make my way down to The Houston Symphony!

  • johantj

    You have to ask Paul Jenkins about that!

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