Knife making - Damascus CS:GO huntsman knife

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The Huntsman knife is a knife from the game Counter Strike global offensive AKA CS:GO

The knife is made out of saw blads and some normal steel stacks into 45 layers and drawn out and twistet and is 5 mm thick. The handle is made made out of pom material

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  • Yoda Man

    sad that making one irl is still probably cheaper than buying one in the game.

  • Sendrim

    Amazing job dude! Im 26 yo and dreaming of making these kind of things, and one day I will, and when youre my age you will be a true master smith if you make THIS at 15!! MAAD PROPS TO YOU!

  • AndTheCorrectAnswerIs

    Good job, when I was 15 my efforts at knife making were a total joke. You're 10x better. Keep that around to remind you in 30yrs how far you've come.

  • Justin Ryan

    i wish my knives could be this professional

  • The Duke Of Earl

    Oh by the way, praise from Slavik Tely!

  • Long Nguyễn Hoàng

    i want one of these :V

  • LCL Alpha

    Thats so cool i love it!!!!

  • Dieter kolt

    wow!, beautiful work, congratulations!!! 👍👏


    Amazing Damascus knife.

  • Benjamin Balukovic

    Amazing! keep up the good work kid!The best part of your work is your age ! :)

  • Arena Accessories

    Incredible job, it looks amazing!

  • Niko0902

    Epic! Huntsman knife is my all time favorite!

  • BigBoss 429

    Only one word comes to mind when I look at that Damascus pattern, beautiful!

  • The DevilAngel

    Wow you have such a great skill!! you are awesome 😉 keep up the great work bro 😊😊😊

  • James j

    not bad for the stuff you were using, lot of unnecessary extra stuff, and looked like a small crack

  • rwseemore1

    Most beautiful knife I have ever seen, a work of art. I want one

  • Simone Taricco

    He is only a child! Wow that's impressive!😀

  • Artem Yurov

    where I saw this technology. on the channel "shurap"

  • Jacob Welch

    I'm glad I found your channel! I subbed!

  • AHMED bey

    I want to work with you to make a livingI am serious and sincere

  • Anton Lassis

    Probably the sickest damascus knife ive ever seen i myself made a damascus steel gutknife but the damascus "patterns" Did not show as nicely as This Well Done m8

  • Luis C

    Cool knife! Seems to me that you got the processes down, I think that if you worked on the finishing of the knife, a bit more polishing on the edge and handle, you could go from good to Great real quick! Keep it up! you look young as well, which makes me hopeful for what is to come ! :D

  • dastkuruyompanpa

    they are children thats why i give a like

  • Bassam Salma

    Amazing masterpiece bro but I think you need a bit accuracy improvement and you'll be good to go 👍

  • Inkas_05

    Really amazing and well done work! Like it!!!!!!!


    Beautiful handmade knife,sign me up where can I get one of them? 🖒

  • odessa black

    keep up the hard work. you will go places

  • Brendon Christopher La Croix

    Nice work brother....a Damascus blade from everyday stuff lying around... Well done.

  • shanarah76

    Nice job man, keep it up

  • Marco Rodriguez

    very impressive your job, keep up!!

  • Steven Robertson

    You got sloppy on the handle, the blade is ok 👍


    Acabei de mim escrever no seu canal parabéns pelo trabalho tamos juntos com Deus no comando um abraço

  • Greg Mundo

    Excellent work, outstanding, Greg from Florida

  • Dean Maiwandi

    Lmao that poor beat up Tokyo marui hi capa 4.3 at 9:43 but even though its beat up a little, knowing tokyo marui, it probably runs just like it did when it was new

  • Phxlp _

    Looks cool, good job. What did you use for etching it?

  • tristan trevino

    Damn man how many cracks did it have?

  • Timon Feld

    Best one ive seen so far

  • Jim Pritz

    Fantastic video and great lots of handwork. Thanks for sharing.

  • BTB Presents

    awesome knife my favorite so far

  • Izu權

    Handle needs a bit more work :/Great on other details though, came out look amazing but there's a few things you could improve.

  • Family Vacation Around The World

    Omg. Nice good job man

  • Semih Budak

    I thought you were going to paint it to Damascus colors but you really cast Damascus! Good work


    looks awesome buddy great job

  • John Chamy

    look like a prison knife xD

  • Hayder ali

    wow... Amazing work...! why you twisting it with wrench at 1:24? 🤔

  • f*ck google

    damn son, you need patience

  • VaRG

    При наличии такого инструмента можно катану в идеале,а по факту,работа очень плоха...

  • gert holtzhausen

    Beautiful knife. Great skills. But man ....that messy workshop!! Shelves and camping equipment and what not lying around next to him where he is working..

  • Kenneth LaMora

    Sir you are quite talented. Well done!

  • Jeffrey Samuels

    Can't believe there's haters. You look to be about 12. You've got some serious skills, and you'll continue to improve over time. Of they offer advice, maybe try it out. This is great.

  • Sam Engels

    your next projekt a powerhammer!

  • thor knives

    there were a few delaminations in the welds of the Damascus, the scares were taken down a bit too thin in certain spots (take your time with hand files it goes a long way) if you use screws to hold the scales use something that sinks further below the scales. hand polish the face of the knife don't speed up the process with that drill and sandpaper idea, it adds uneven bumps to the blade, clamp it down, use a flat piece of wood or metal as a sanding block and make consistent strokes in one direction, it makes for an even finish and looks nicer. use Hardee materials for the handle, that plastic was melting and didn't make for a great finnish. micarta, exotic hard woods, ect. overall I was impressed with the hand forged damascus by using a friend with a sledge hammer, that's the same way I did my first pieces and still one of my favorite methods. keep going kid. taking time on your fit and finnish make or breaks the difference of a $100 knife to a $300, a few hours is worth it believe me

  • Victor Gheorghe

    that ist a knife.great job man

  • Patchwork1789

    What was the handle material?

  • Logan Alonso

    Dude mad props for making Damascus without a power hammer or press to make it go faster. Don't listen to the haters, you got good skills

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