Witcher 3 Build Guide: Sword-Caster (Combat + Sign)

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Here's my sword-caster build for the witcher 3! Let me know what you think of it!

Alchemy & Combat Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWqsmlcDNLk

Combat Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bXpVFGvkxQ

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  • SteamStax

    Hey guys check out my new Alchemy & Combat build! It's the most devastating build I've done yet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWqsmlcDNLk

  • Kyle McWilliams

    You know this guy is great when he blurs out mission text to remove any spoilers.

  • ShaneTheSage

    "Explaining why this is important would be like telling a baby not to shit itself" this is the single greatest line in any youtube video ever

  • SomeoneWitSkill

    I realized you blocked out the final quest description. You have no idea how thankful I am that you did that lol.

  • Akshay B

    Nice of you to blur out the quests for spoilers. That's quite considerate, good job!

  • CidsReality

    Best guide. Everyone else has these long ass slow talking video's lol. This was very well explained and straight to the point, I love it.

  • ArsPK22

    Did he ever do an update of this video after he gained more ability points?

  • Jacob Anthony

    I love how he blurs out the quest. It's very thoughtful and I greatly appreciate it

  • Nick H.

    The thing I'm most impressed by in this video is that you blurred out the spoilers. Nice job!

  • Roman Semenov

    With this build you should use light armor because it adds +50% attack power + 20% fast attack damage + 100% crit damage. Medium armor is designed for casters. Also consider spending 3 points into Acquired Tolerance (alchemy) which essentially doubles your max toxicity and allows you to drink all potions at once. Potions aren't useless: Thunderbolt alone almost doubles your damage (and during rain sets crit chance to 100%), stamina and adrenaline buffs allow you to whirlwind almost non-stop, Raffard's decoction heals you to 100% instantly and with Blizzard's slo-mo you can cut through crowd of enemies in style.

  • James Eaton

    You by far have the best build guide I've seen on YouTube cuz you take time to explain why you chose your skills and give step by step instructions. I just started the game a few days ago and will most likely use this as my build thank you.

  • Dennis Persson

    Rend seems OP when paired with axii

  • Kul Zaze

    I think I have a better tweak for this build of yours, the combat trees are fine, keep them at 9 abilities from combat, for the sign section maybe just have 2 signs of the same type, like either pick aard & have aard sweep combined with shock wave or aard intensity or do something similar with igni or axii the mixture just isn't required, and infact for a combat build I'd say you should just invest into active shield and Quen intensity, one improves the strength and the other restores health perfect for a combat build. The last spot you can either add another sign ability (of the same sign type you have for the other 2) or use cat school technique from general and add light armour as your main 4 items to wear for the 20% boost. But the best build  can only be made once you reach around level 54-58 and have all the skill points of place of powers. Respec and after using 9 slots for your combat & 2 for a sign intensity (of same type, my recommendation is Quen), the last skill point needs to be Synergy from Alchemy section. With greater mutagens and fully slotted trees you should be normally getting a 40% increase in sign intensity per tree with the blue greater mutagen, but this synergy fully upgraded adds 50% more intensity to each slot (combat or shield as long as those mutagens match the slot). I'm no where near level 55 yet, but I tested all sign intensity methods in a control environment (by just working with 1 skill tree), and synergy gives the best power out of all other options.

  • ABBA

    Alchemy useless? My dps can get as high as 4000 with my alchemy sword build, and my vitality can go up to 14,000 with decoctions

  • AJ S

    If witcher 3 had coop multiplayer

  • The Wiwitcheur

    Also a good build : you focus on one attack type (light or heavy) and max up the affiliated skills, then grab alchemy until you get the mutagens boost. Then max up best Signs :- Axii : alternate version with intensity maxed is awesome- Aard : 360° alternate version with good intensity is instant-stabkill versus every humanoids- Yrden or Quen : both alt versions are great, Yrden for more DPS and Quen for better healingAlso use only Medium armor (or enchant your set if not full Medium).I personaly recommend speccing into Light attacks, grabing Crippling Strikes (combat tree), Poisoned Blades (alchemy tree) and alternate Yrden (signs tree) for maximizing DoTs.Plus, with enough points in alchemy, you can use several potions/decoctions at the same time like Ekimme decoction (regen works with DoTs), Petri's Philter (Sign intensity boost), Thunderbolt, stamina regen boost potion or whatever you feel comfortable with.You can even add poison grenades for even more DoTs, and drink the Poison regen potion for absolutely broken health regen^^

  • Alistair Bolden

    If you remove all the points you wasted on heavy attack side of the tree and remove the special attacks from light and heavy since they dont add any dps at all. you will have points remaining for the + damage for each peice of light armor, the +24% crit chance while full addren both neutral. and get the good adren based extra damage talents from combat missed or a bunch of extra caster stuff. sword+caster is fun but for death march put at least 13 points into alc so that every potion heals you for 25% of your max life. highest damage build currently revolves around light attacks with alc buffs, IE you max your tox for 100% extra crit damage and stack as much crit chance and attack power from combat tree and alc buffs and light armor as possible. Side note - biggest buffs in the game all come from the alc tree. you can get roughly 250% damage just from 3 potions alone. also Nightwraith decoc gives you infinate life so long as you don't rest. I have only 7k base but thx to that alone often run around with over 20k by the time its not even 1/4 used up.

  • Dylan DStruction

    Acquired Tolerance is such a good alchemy skill. Being able to use extra potions without worrying about the negative effects would greatly help this build. Especially since Igni got nerfed

  • katanamaru1

    I don't have Witcher 3 (yet), but these guides are fun to watch. You give info with just the right amount of fun commentary.

  • CyborgM

    you censored the missionYOU EARNED A SUB

  • Mark Kagan

    Nice build guide man straight to the point with a but of humor. Thanks

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    The grandmaster ursine armor is GREAT for a Quen build!Also, when I get the extra four mutant slots from B&W, I like going with Second Life and using the perk (forget the name currently) that makes mutagen bonuses more potent as well as bomb slot efficiency. Granted, my NG+ character is max level and has found most of the places of power, so I have a ton of different points to use. I also perk into Quen a little more, and the damage reflection from the highest level perk is great when you get hit by a big enemy that does tons of damage, as a good portion of that gets reflected back.

  • Stavney

    i can't seem to find the spin to win build you made.

  • duke-vedam-dren

    so umm, will ursine work better or wolf?

  • Kenyce

    Best informative guide and I appreciate you blurring the quest details

  • Evan

    totally forgot thats what mutagens looked like

  • Kartiko Hadiputro

    how nice you blurring out the quest for avoiding spoilers

  • krille1221

    thx for info hade no ide how too do a build xD so mutch 2 pick from etc

  • Matthew Richard

    Great video man, gotta say I'm subscribed!

  • oatmeal

    pretty noob guide with no mutagen alchemy bonus

  • Ben Bullock

    I just got this game, thanks for all the pointers. I'm playing on the 2nd to hardest game mode. will your combat+sign build work on that mode?

  • Michael Esarey

    I agree that GoG seemed a little sketchy at first, but I actually like that client better than steam now.

  • StoneGiant

    Great video man, you didn’t waste time with useless information and gave a brief explanation for each skill AND blurred the mission to avoid spoilers

  • JGame87

    will you make a continuation with Hearts of Stone and Blood and Whine?

  • Jirka Bounty Stiegler

    ok nice setup of abilities but which armor do you prefer for that options ?? wolf armor ? Cat armor, Bear Armor ??? pls any idea ??? guys ???

  • MementoMori

    But when i play with quen sign, it blocks only 1 hit instead of 3 ( like in your video )

  • Srinath S

    Why not Griffin gear for the sign - sword build? Because heavy gear lowers stamina which is essential for casting.

  • Ryan Vlasveld

    I really like how you explain each ability and then show a short clip of it in action. Thumbs up man, great videos.

  • RubenAlonzo

    Thank you for this informative guide.

  • princeofpersia

    I use almost the same build, except for a few changes (finished game at death March with up scaling on)Used gourmet in general (any food you eat restores vitality for 20 minutes)Upgraded the second perk of quen (alternate cast mode, any incoming damage restores vitality)Great vid!

  • Amados World

    Congratulations. You've earned a new subscriber. Amazing video.

  • FinNsternis

    Nice build👍👍👍 I use it with Ice-Ard

  • Fist Face

    The only thing I have against this build is the fact that you said all general perks are useless. If you play death march like I do, nothing is better than having food heal for 20 minutes in and out of combat

  • xiunris

    What about the equipments and runestones? +SteamStax

  • MrSharkMan21

    Cool. Thanks for the build guide.

  • Dylan C

    Using mastercrafted griffin armor makes quen SOOO OP

  • NCGNexus

    its funny becuase the most op build in the game is an alchemy and combat hybrid


    so helpful! thanks a ton!

  • Tmanqz

    THE COMBAT IS ON point. It Slays.

  • Sven S

    I am not liking to block i always mess something up and get into deep shit so i just dodge.

  • Seb F

    Anyone that makes an effort to hide spoilers deserves my respect. Awesome guide, been loving this game so far!

  • Jo Ho

    *apex of war was his name

  • paulvitti666

    Ok. Thanks bro! I saw the colored buttons and that confused me!

  • D Orija

    Which gear is best for this build

  • Patrick HeadJet

    Was pretty nice of you to cover the last quest description but still was a little sad when i saw the guy on 1:20 :/

  • Quad Son

    i keep ending up with 2 values i dont know whitch one it would be

  • Manifoldhope

    i love the build i just wish there was room for Quen Discharge

  • Logan Williams

    I would appreciate you blurring out the quest objective like everyone else except I'm not perceptive enough to even notice so sorry, but thanks anyway

  • Jay Bauson

    You have mentioned some good gear to boost them up, but how about enhantments to those gears? :D Great tutorial btw. Thanks!

  • esteban ruiz

    Upgrade the precise blow???Thats what i said hahahaha

  • Hero Strike

    this build is good for the wolf armor and wolf swords?

  • Kurosaki Bilharinho

    nice song at the op of the vid

  • paulvitti666

    That's what i've heard! Are you playing on pc? Or did you convert the video to 60fps?

  • James_Dean

    I swapped the two igni skills with aard skills as its my preferable sign. also I dont use ursine but feline armour. Besides those two adaptions your guide was very helpful for me! thanks

  • phatbaby

    hey dude, love the content. But please credit Uppermost for using his music, he's a personal friend of mine..

  • Lamb Sauce Gamer

    Need help Wut to choose lvl 5 for Croud control?

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