New Star Wars Open World RPG Coming In 2018? Everything You MUST KNOW!

★ Looking at Visceral Games upcoming Star Wars title and going through everything we know including massive insider details! ★
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  • LegacyKillaHD

    UPDATE: With Visceral Games shutting down because this game was to "linear" it looks like this Star Wars title is going open world BUT with some massive changes, everything you need to know here:

  • Seba92000

    I wish for The Old Republic times. KotOR I and II had the greatest plot in the Star Wars games history. And with the modern graphics it would be THE BEST game for at least 10 years. I'm fcking serious...

  • Jonathan Testardi

    Lol! Elder Scrolls theme in background of video about Star Wars game?

  • packlesswolf1

    If you don't play as a lightsaber user I don't want it

  • dabigmoist

    Knights of the old Republic, now that was some good shit.

  • _Shadow_ Orange

    I want Star Wars Galaxies Rebooted

  • beasthunt

    Many of us Star Wars fans are just hopeful that EA loses the license.

  • Joshua Nutter

    Visceral is being shut down by EA.

  • Blue Lick

    Another star wars game? GREAT! It sounds aweso.... oh... shit.. EA's involved.

  • dava Cins

    Visceral Games is now shut down !

  • plaguelock

    I would love a Star Wars game that plays like Witcher 3 or Fallout 4. A huge open world Star Wars game that plays similar to Skyrim would be amazing. You start off as a nobody,like in Skyrim,but during character creation you choose whether or not to be Force sensitive. As you level you put points into various skills and talent trees and could specialize in various weapons and professions,choosing to become things like a Bounty Hunter,Smuggler,Slicer,etc. If Force sensitive you eventually discover quest lines and holocrons that result in you receiving training and discovering your abilities. This would also include Light and Darkside arcs. This is my fantasy for a Star Wars rpg.....

  • John Mendoza

    KOTOR was my favorite! 👏🏼👌🏼👍🏼

  • Liam Morris

    If its EA or Bioware i want nothing to do with it, we need a game like star wars galaxies, not the failures we've had in the past cough Swtor cough

  • sebastian

    if CD Project red made a star wars game i would be so happy!

  • Ayumi Kiyomizu

    As a star wars writer/story teller, I will say a good mmo would introduce the basic telekinetic power pool a force user would have, and then the freedom for the player to choose which path they want based on actions. SWTOR does not offer that incentive nor has any star wars game to date. Its always choose your side, not, determine your side based on character actions...these writers must be lacking imagination.

  • Thesavagesouls

    Can't wait to play a strong female teenager helped by my team of diverse communist to overtrow an evil white sith acting like a spoiled brat...Not.

  • Nulak

    Jedi knight with a Duel expanded content, and fast paced not like forhonor plz...

  • Miguel Siguenza

    Didn’t visceral games just get shut down ?

  • Kaleb Artise

    I'm tired of battlefront we need a RPG

  • Shelby Jovenni

    Got canceled, sorry bro

  • Clorox Pioneer

    Here's an Idea. Cooperate with Bethesda and you'll have an amazing open world RPG game. After all look at the games that still live and breath thanks to moders community.

  • Drew Dodd

    *sigh... So I can't make a badass sith and conquer the galaxy

  • Ryan Church

    Everyone and their granny knows just how much money would be made off a possible rpg styled star wars game that incorporated all of the books. It should be made but honestly I don't think it will be, until things like the animated series and movies are over and done with to help people who aren't too into the lore of star wars get a more informed view of it all, at least aesthetically. But don't get me wrong it would be a fantastic game if it was structured like skyrim or fallout but on a larger scale like no man's sky.

  • DikkieDikism

    Imagine, SW but like the witcher 3, in terms of open world and quests etc.I would pay a ridiculous amount of money for that type of game with hundreds of hours of game to actually play.

  • Wardeni

    EA working with Visceral to create an RPG. Result = visceral disbanded and the project turned into a multiplayer online game...

  • B1oodyKiller37

    LMAO why you got Skyrim music in a Star Wars video

  • lol lol

    Rip no more visceral now 😭

  • ClumzorZ

    This doesn't sound like the open world star wars RPG I want.

  • Johannes Rosenberg

    Is that a Morrowind background track?

  • Draxz

    If it's EA... Nope not doing it agian.

  • Dylan Schnabel

    Honestly I just want to have a game in which is like fallout 4, you know open world, building your own “outposts” instead of settlements. Then once the faction you align yourself to has taken that planet and you’ve established like 10 outposts on it, routes are secure then move to another planet in which you could find new resources or technology to help in the fight against the opposing faction

  • Brad Kelley JR

    bioware needs to do KOTOR 3

  • Very, Insanely, Ridiculously High Fructose Corn Syrup

    2:12 Elon Musk and Nicholas Cage had some kind of mutant child

  • paralentor

    Didn't happen. Visceral was shut down and Disney will revoke EA's exclusivity contract for SW citing unethical pay walled content and gambling packs.

  • ThePixelitomedia

    I want Star Wars Galaxies 2 MMO

  • Ionic

    I want a starwars mmo !!

  • MrDylan791

    I just want something like Jedi academy where I can play as a sigh or jedi

  • Warren Collier

    Hopefully they don't do it like uncharted that's a definite deal breaker. Would also be nice if you could play as other species like the kaleesh. Would be cool to create a general grievous like character

  • Mr. GiggleNips

    Wait did I just hear some morrowind theme in the beginning of the video

  • Gruddy 12

    Listen EA, I want a Star Wars RPG in any era (preferably Clone Wars) where I can go around the open vast galaxy and visit all my favorite planets. I want to be able to chose between being a bounty hunter, Jedi/Sith, or a Soldier and maybe even be able to switch during my play through(I.e. Starting as a clone trooper and finding out I'm force sensitive and end up becoming a part of the Jedi order, or become a sith). I really don't care if it's canon, I think we all just want to be able to own our own star fighters, fight in big battles, and create a living for ourselves in the Star Wars Universe. Also, imagine how cool it would be to be a jedi bounty hunter that would take bounties for either the sith and/or the Jedi. It would be awesome as well to be able to take a padawan learner after becoming a master in a select form of fighting style.............. EA MAKE THIS COME TRUE! (even though I have my doubts.....)

  • devnjin

    need bounty hunter 2 asap.. bounty hunter was the best starwars game ever made. i dont remember anything tho about the game, its soooo long time ago. anyone know if bounty hunter had a open ending or something ? or anyone know if there will be a bounty hunter 2 or a similar SW shooter in the future ??

  • Josh Martling

    Star Wars video but plays elder scrolls music

  • Robert Hall

    I want a sword play based game that allows you to build your character based on forms 1-3 with the rest unlockable through gameplay.. with unlockable moves and separate stances in the same fashion as Nioh. and a separate skill tree for the force skills that is very in depth and move based depending on form style/player type. and light side/dark side choice made when creating character... I also want the story and side quests to feature choice based convos and gameplay alla the witcher 3 but with a more fable/ME ultimatum with either dark or light side choices. I want it to where if your a light side user and you constantly make dark side choices your force moves selected as light side tree when creating the character, would be weaker cause your a light side user, but dark at "heart" and vis versa. I also want it to change your look and also have a secret unlockable force choice that only unlocks for new game plus play through when you answer both light side and darkside exactly even for all mission quests completed.. once done you will be able to choose gray jedi for force choice on NG+ which allows you to answer however you want without changing your appearance from what you've created, or weakening your force skills that are opposite that side of the force.. it will also upgrade your force move tree to allow you to pick light and dark side force powers. also NG+ unlockables for all light side decision answers thru out the game while using a light side player, and the same with all dark side decisions with a dark side CAC.. the light side reward could be like an ability to combo lightsaber forms and unlock moves from both forms you use like picking obi wans and using elements of a more attacking form like he began to do.. and the dark side NG+ reward would be Form 7 I believe it is, mauls form I think.. and gray jedi can unlock all of these as well but its the hardest to get cause you have to weaken your force powers all game with answers and path choices that negat your chosen force side for 50% of the time. and they can make it to where you have to learn moves from masters in your form choice.. and if your a light side user that completes the game 100% before unlocking NG+ then pushes on to complet 100 % of the game up to the point you unlock Mace Windu as a master than complete all his training and learn all his moves then you are offered a one time offer to learn Vapadd under him.. the way you unlock it is fighting windu as a secret boss and hes the strongest boss in the game except for the final boss of NG+ and he uses Vapad against you and the only way to beat him is to take it really slow and only use the light side of the force.. which is why dark side users cant get it.. it should be there available to see for them tho but when they click it master windu denies there request to learn... they could call it Star Wars Legends and even have a mmo join session team up type function for all quests to make it even bettersorry but ive been wanting this for lifeeven though NO ONE will ever read this whole thing lmao

  • Tera Tokomi

    You are wrong. Star Wars Galaxies(The original) was the best SW game. But perhaps you never played it. KTOR was just another boring mmo....

  • S Va

    God am I tired of this new world/new age bullshit. Every game company is doing this now. They used to pay us to alpha test the games, a select few could then beta. Now it's we pay them WTF? Or how about they used to build the game COMPLETE if there were bugs usually it was something that would be fixed or the game got recalled. Now, hey let's make a game..lets put tons of shit in it... Oh oh oh wait... Let's not give them access to say 90% of it yea we will make that doc content and console exclusive so after they pay us 45-150 respectively for whatever edition the SOBs buy we can then fleece them for another 15-30 every couple months till we think up some other bullshit way to rip them off.And don't say I am over reacting this has nothing to do with this game because they said it themselves and he quoted, whip with the left and finish right combo they state there will be more moves BUT THEY WILL BE DLC. So most likely we will get a few basic moves a couple basic combos and them some super DLC shit, however to keep it from people saying it pay to win all the DLC will be cosmetic no more powerful than a basic so the only reason to get it is to keep the game from being static and boring as hell. My two scents fuck micro transactions, fuck cosmetics, fuck this half ass game design shit, if your company is only caring about bottom line and no longer caring about the customer their experience and the game you make than you should no longer be producing games.

  • Death Gun

    Is that skyrim soundtrack in the back xD heck yeah

  • BaconSauce

    I would want a 1313/TFA openworld rpg

  • Elephants Are Cool

    Before we got the details on Mass Effect 4's story I was hoping it would be something like 1313. Something like a little war between small criminal faction's like in Saints Row 2 minus the comedy. I thought that would make a pretty cool RPG. Sometimes less is more.

  • Genovious

    They should give the rights to cd projekt red to make it

  • I consume ass

    Oh please I want an open world Jedi game

  • Count Asti

    anything with an EA stamp is going to suck.

  • Rylan Joran

    And now this game is dead too, along with Visceral.

  • Tevya Smolka

    Hoping it's Star Wars 1313

  • Kenni Stougaard

    no interest in this game if i cant chose to be a jedi or sith period.

  • Cinematic Captures

    Why is there Skyrim music in the background?

  • Synyster Baits

    is this still relevant or has the rpg game been pulled? :(

  • EveryDaySlacker

    Excuse me.. Star wars galaxies was the best game to date...

  • War Nuts

    I wan't a kind of dark souls/Nioh type game set in star wars. Still having this game, of course. But i don't think it would work that well.

  • Tyrone Hiller

    Honestly...I just want Star Wars 1313. Why did you cancel it Disney!? Oh yeah, too "dark"

  • GamingTV

    inat disney should do is give the star wars franchise to naughty dog, a company that would care about every aspect of the game

  • tony machaveli

    Would be great if it was set during the galactic Empires rule! imagine having to fight darth vader whilst being a bounty hunter or a smuggler or a jedi.

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