New Star Wars Open World RPG Coming In 2018? Everything You MUST KNOW!

★ Looking at Visceral Games upcoming Star Wars title and going through everything we know including massive insider details! ★
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  • LegacyKillaHD

    UPDATE: With Visceral Games shutting down because this game was to "linear" it looks like this Star Wars title is going open world BUT with some massive changes, everything you need to know here:

  • Creepy Boy Jack

    I like how he is talking about Star Wars but has Elder scrolls music in the background.

  • beasthunt

    Many of us Star Wars fans are just hopeful that EA loses the license.

  • Seba92000

    I wish for The Old Republic times. KotOR I and II had the greatest plot in the Star Wars games history. And with the modern graphics it would be THE BEST game for at least 10 years. I'm fcking serious...

  • Blue Lick

    Another star wars game? GREAT! It sounds aweso.... oh... shit.. EA's involved.

  • Jonathan Testardi

    Lol! Elder Scrolls theme in background of video about Star Wars game?

  • Steve Derp

    I've always wanted an open world star wars game, where you have the ability to choose your fate(Jedi or Sith) but nothing like force unleashed more like a witcher game with star wars elements

  • plaguelock

    I would love a Star Wars game that plays like Witcher 3 or Fallout 4. A huge open world Star Wars game that plays similar to Skyrim would be amazing. You start off as a nobody,like in Skyrim,but during character creation you choose whether or not to be Force sensitive. As you level you put points into various skills and talent trees and could specialize in various weapons and professions,choosing to become things like a Bounty Hunter,Smuggler,Slicer,etc. If Force sensitive you eventually discover quest lines and holocrons that result in you receiving training and discovering your abilities. This would also include Light and Darkside arcs. This is my fantasy for a Star Wars rpg.....

  • Drew Dodd

    *sigh... So I can't make a badass sith and conquer the galaxy

  • Sam TGF

    I want Star Wars Galaxies Rebooted

  • Rylan Joran

    And now this game is dead too, along with Visceral.

  • Dava Cins

    Visceral Games is now shut down !

  • Just Racoon

    Here's an Idea. Cooperate with Bethesda and you'll have an amazing open world RPG game. After all look at the games that still live and breath thanks to moders community.

  • DikkieDikism

    Imagine, SW but like the witcher 3, in terms of open world and quests etc.I would pay a ridiculous amount of money for that type of game with hundreds of hours of game to actually play.

  • Benjit

    Oh please I want an open world Jedi game

  • Joshua Nutter

    Visceral is being shut down by EA.

  • Nulak

    Jedi knight with a Duel expanded content, and fast paced not like forhonor plz...

  • Thesavagesouls

    Can't wait to play a strong female teenager helped by my team of diverse communist to overtrow an evil white sith acting like a spoiled brat...Not.

  • sebastian

    if CD Project red made a star wars game i would be so happy!

  • John Mendoza

    KOTOR was my favorite! 👏🏼👌🏼👍🏼

  • Genovious

    They should give the rights to cd projekt red to make it

  • Stephen Doyle

    LegacyKillaHD: knights of the old republic is the best star wars game everMe: cough cough Original Star Wars Battlefront 2 cough cough

  • T Prime

    The way you pronounce "Alderaan" gives me a nervous twitch.It's not, "El-deron".It's, "All-durr-on".

  • ClumzorZ

    This doesn't sound like the open world star wars RPG I want.

  • Shelby Jovenni

    Got canceled, sorry bro

  • Hevno Joor

    3 classes, storm trooper, Jedi or sith. chooses storm trooper 15 messages saying are you sure? Your accuracy is reduced by 100000%

  • Sims Fan

    I really really hope this is true! We need a decent open world, RPG, offline game with a decent star wars story! Its been so long!

  • Drackkor

    I'm fine with the Old Republic for a MMO RPG. I only want solo player games now sick of online crap.

  • Ted Logan

    Been hearing rumors of SWG type game gettin ready to be announced, with no defined classes, kinda like early SWG, or maybe more like Baldurs Gate, but set in the Star Wars universe.

  • Aviate Navigate Incinerate

    KOTOR is by far the best storyline from a Star Wars game, I think the jedi Knight series are THE best Star Wars games. Can’t wait to see project ragtag!

  • Simon Keeling

    I want a more up to date Star Wars Galaxies..... oh god please... hidden Jedi... player bounties.... an open world where your play-style is your own choice

  • Frazya Boi

    I loved knights of the old republic but Unleash in my opinion is the greatest stars wars game ever madeAgain, in MY opinion

  • Gruddy 12

    Listen EA, I want a Star Wars RPG in any era (preferably Clone Wars) where I can go around the open vast galaxy and visit all my favorite planets. I want to be able to chose between being a bounty hunter, Jedi/Sith, or a Soldier and maybe even be able to switch during my play through(I.e. Starting as a clone trooper and finding out I'm force sensitive and end up becoming a part of the Jedi order, or become a sith). I really don't care if it's canon, I think we all just want to be able to own our own star fighters, fight in big battles, and create a living for ourselves in the Star Wars Universe. Also, imagine how cool it would be to be a jedi bounty hunter that would take bounties for either the sith and/or the Jedi. It would be awesome as well to be able to take a padawan learner after becoming a master in a select form of fighting style.............. EA MAKE THIS COME TRUE! (even though I have my doubts.....)

  • Wardeni

    EA working with Visceral to create an RPG. Result = visceral disbanded and the project turned into a multiplayer online game...

  • Nift The Lean

    WHY NOT JUST REMAKE Star Wars Galaxies On Line !! That game rocked !

  • Michael Eshleman

    I hope it'll be a War, where's Jedi Council of 4 Jedi found the Sith Council & fighting to wipe them out. That would be a good story!

  • Croma

    All I want, is to have the same lightsaber combat as SW:Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy had..

  • Kaleb Artise

    I'm tired of battlefront we need a RPG

  • skynet091287

    Personally, i would LOVE to see them make a game with the same sort of play as a singleplayer SWTOR, but much more fleshed out than any of the classes in that game...A game where most of the generic quests are the same, but each class have their own unique story to go through, similar to SWTOR. That's the best thing i remember from playing SWTOR: You might be playing the same game 90% of the time, no matter your class, but the unique class stories were fun, and made it feel like even though you went to the same planets, the reason to be there felt unique enough.A good analogy would be to use Mass Effect as an example: Imagine if each class you played in Mass Effect made you take a seperate path for each mission, depending on your class! So even though all paths contain some measure of combat, puzzles and pickups, your character might ACT like their class a lot more then they do in other games, by having each class progress a cutscene slightly different.

  • r1sh12

    if they want an action type of game - they should look at jedi academy type of shooter.Battlefront is great, but a smaller team based type is required and the combat was really solid in jedi academy and the jedi academy series.As far as RPG goes we need something that is KOTOR, the story in those games (1 and 2) were pretty solid albeit the latter rushed.

  • FenixDart

    When someone say Amy Henning I think Legacy of Kain, not Uncharted. Hope this project takes that direction too

  • ThePixelitomedia

    I want Star Wars Galaxies 2 MMO

  • MrDylan791

    I just want something like Jedi academy where I can play as a sigh or jedi

  • Kamil Czerski

    I believe we need the reboot of Jedi Knight series with lightsaber combat system that gives potential for ESL gaming. For me and many others, Jedi Knight Academy is still the best arcade saber combat game ever made.

  • BobiFromTheHoodJeLud

    I gave up on KOTOR 3 like 10 years ago.SWTOR sucks and BW Austin should just blow themselfs up, cause nobody will miss those devtards.

  • Braeden Mason

    What we truly need is a REPUBLIC COMMANDO OPEN WORLD GAME, Defiance style.

  • Josh Martling

    Star Wars video but plays elder scrolls music

  • The Last And First Time

    I just want KotOR 3.I played the online game and it was good,But I still just want KotOR 3

  • War Daddy

    Mass effect style star wars game. Travel from planet to planet. Open world like witcher. Take my money

  • Darryl Bernard

    Too much nostalgia for SWG. It was a good game for its time. But it got buried by later competition,especially WoW. And then the player base basically turned on each other when Jump to Lightspeed was released. (Those who followed the forums on a daily basis back then would know about that and about the massive e-mail campaign to LA and game review sites that damaged the games reputation and eventually led to the nge).If there ever WERE to be an SWG2, I would want the player cities to be instanced since the one thing that drove me nuts was seeing people put up housing right next to the krayt graveyard and next to other points of interest. I would also want to see a return of the 32 mix and match classes. Sure pvpers would hate it because you can't balance it but they have always been in the minority though they do make the most noise in forums.

  • Swidhelm

    The music makes me want to fly a corvette to the ash lands of Vvardenfel. :P

  • Max Bradley

    I just want a KOTOR styled rpg with the story telling from SWTOR with open world and the ability to be a jedi/sith or some random bloke with a blaster and quick wit...

  • Hunter Moreno

    Best Star Wars game formula:1. Take Skyrim elements2.Combine with witcher style game3. bring in whoever worked on Bioware's good rpgs4. Hire the guy who made the SW Conquest mod for M&B: Warband5. ???6. Profit

  • zimizi

    skyrim theme in background... :D

  • Jamie

    why can't someone make an actual open world Star Wars game. Choose a starting planet, choose your race, choose your training, what you want to be etc...Kinda frustrates me that people keep making this MASSIVE universe appear so small to us gamers...That's my two cents on the issue, idk if you guys agree


    possible open world rpg in star wars' vast universe (yes please) but looking like forced to play as a fixed character?... nah.. pass on that unfortunately

  • Lance Sampson

    It would be epic to have a Skryim-esque game in the Star Wars Universe.

  • Gake Jaskin

    talking about star wars, skyrim music, description says this is a rocket league video... brilliant

  • Fuck 4/4

    bioware needs to do KOTOR 3

  • mark hinman

    Star Wars Galaxies was one of the best games ever.. And if you are going open world.. do an updated version of this game. Just don't let SONY near it

  • Illiran

    Lmao using skyrim music for the background of a Star Wars video. Gg m8 👍🏼

  • Ryan S

    Pls no more KotOR. It's fine as a single player RPG, not as an MMO. Something else, please.

  • Vi the Piltover Enforcer

    A Star Wars game where you play generic male character with a generic story, likely with a generic love interest... haven't we gotten enough of this? Do something different!

  • Robert Hall

    I want a sword play based game that allows you to build your character based on forms 1-3 with the rest unlockable through gameplay.. with unlockable moves and separate stances in the same fashion as Nioh. and a separate skill tree for the force skills that is very in depth and move based depending on form style/player type. and light side/dark side choice made when creating character... I also want the story and side quests to feature choice based convos and gameplay alla the witcher 3 but with a more fable/ME ultimatum with either dark or light side choices. I want it to where if your a light side user and you constantly make dark side choices your force moves selected as light side tree when creating the character, would be weaker cause your a light side user, but dark at "heart" and vis versa. I also want it to change your look and also have a secret unlockable force choice that only unlocks for new game plus play through when you answer both light side and darkside exactly even for all mission quests completed.. once done you will be able to choose gray jedi for force choice on NG+ which allows you to answer however you want without changing your appearance from what you've created, or weakening your force skills that are opposite that side of the force.. it will also upgrade your force move tree to allow you to pick light and dark side force powers. also NG+ unlockables for all light side decision answers thru out the game while using a light side player, and the same with all dark side decisions with a dark side CAC.. the light side reward could be like an ability to combo lightsaber forms and unlock moves from both forms you use like picking obi wans and using elements of a more attacking form like he began to do.. and the dark side NG+ reward would be Form 7 I believe it is, mauls form I think.. and gray jedi can unlock all of these as well but its the hardest to get cause you have to weaken your force powers all game with answers and path choices that negat your chosen force side for 50% of the time. and they can make it to where you have to learn moves from masters in your form choice.. and if your a light side user that completes the game 100% before unlocking NG+ then pushes on to complet 100 % of the game up to the point you unlock Mace Windu as a master than complete all his training and learn all his moves then you are offered a one time offer to learn Vapadd under him.. the way you unlock it is fighting windu as a secret boss and hes the strongest boss in the game except for the final boss of NG+ and he uses Vapad against you and the only way to beat him is to take it really slow and only use the light side of the force.. which is why dark side users cant get it.. it should be there available to see for them tho but when they click it master windu denies there request to learn... they could call it Star Wars Legends and even have a mmo join session team up type function for all quests to make it even bettersorry but ive been wanting this for lifeeven though NO ONE will ever read this whole thing lmao

  • GambitsRose

    Mix Jedi outcast / witcher 3 would b the game to make

  • Ginger-Smitty Gaming

    I'm waiting for that perfect Star Wars RPG that has that Forced Unleashed formula and where you can create your own Jedi. Hopefully that is something Respawn is working on.

  • Noob Plays League

    Literally my two favourite things. Uncharted. Star Wars. oH mAi

  • Jabran Khan

    Would love to see a Star Wars Sandbox Space Sim. Similar to Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen

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