Interview with Doug Cockle- The voice of Geralt of Rivia

An Interview with the award winning voice actor Doug Cockle. Best known for his role as Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher Trilogy.
  • WitcherGeorge

    Imagine realising your teacher is Geralt of Rivia damn.

  • tjzp

    Thank you Doug for the experience. I think you did amazing job as Geralt.

  • SGH

    I actually didn't expect him to sound like Geralt in real life.

  • LastKnownMeal

    Imagine Geralt of freaking Rivia being your teacher.... :O

  • Galahad

    He sounds like Geralt during the quest where they all get drunk

  • Atilius

    Unsung hero of the Witcher series. Salutations good sir!

  • David Petry

    "Can you say something from the video game for us?" He should have simply replied "fine."

  • Temmuz Tunç

    So Geralt Of Rivia is the voice actor of Doug Cockle ?

  • TheYLS

    Oh, so I know now that geralt has become a teacher. vessimir wouldve been proud.

  • Denam

    Cool video. I can only imagine how exhausted he must've been after TW3. Think about how many lines he's actually said. He must have the most lines in the whole game.

  • toothakace

    he sounds more like geralt than i thought

  • Mohit Padamata

    Eredin, Dettlaff and Gaunter O'Dim disliked the video

  • Talgat Khamit

    Wow he was in Band of Brothers

  • Márk Arató

    His voice is so awesome, even when not doing the Geralt voice. I like this guy!

  • Max Moran

    Funny that he seems like such a gentle and kindhearted guy, and is famous for playing a violent cynic.

  • Nathan Walsh

    Hope they cast himTo be in the Netflix series


    They picked the perfect person to play Geralt.

  • Pedro Nascimento

    You should have made him say "Both are for monsters."

  • Milbox R

    Geralts voice reminds me of solid snake

  • JC

    its like geralt with more emotion

  • Michael Kristian

    i bet he hates portals

  • Adastia

    I can think of no other voice in the world for Geralt. Such a great voice acting!

  • theeOnslaught

    Doug looks like he could be Dana Whites brother

  • GunShot

    Not only does he sound like geralt, he has that beard too. Now he needs the hair.

  • TheLaughinAssassin

    I hoped he would talk in his Geralt voice for the whole session, but it seems it's not his natural voice.

  • Khodor Gaz

    just close your eyes and imagine geralt is talking

  • brandon roman

    I came here just to hear geralt laugh......

  • Mir S

    I love this guy his voice made geralt so mighty

  • Cody Koebernick

    “What are you doing?!?”“Grading monsters” lol

  • Tommy Vercetti

    Doug Cockle and David Hater having a conversation (y)

  • Bettusek Szőllőssy

    I like Geralt's voice, he has so pleasant sound. :) Doug did a great job.

  • ZliwerHinata

    Why isn't Doug cast for Netflix The Witcher! Just give him a wig and he's set!

  • Nytalix

    Just imagine coming to school one day and your teacher bursts into the room with 2 swords on his back and shouting

  • Raquel

    Marvelous work as Geralt of Rivia. Just the perfect voice for Geralt. Sometimes it is good not to have much time for games and still being a 'completionist', because that voice made me company for a little more than a year (the time it took me to finish this great game and its expansions). Imagine if CDPR didn't choose Geralt's voice right... Thankfully they did.

  • Allfather Todd the Godhoward

    "Winds howling"

  • safkat hass

    is he dean ambrose's elder brother??

  • Adzarb

    Nice try, i know he is Letho before the steroids.

  • RJ Macmac

    The interviewer should have Doug say : "How 'bout a round of Gwent?" xDD

  • white wolf

    Very talented man and your frickin Geralt, thanx Doug

  • Lucas Féres

    Although my first language is portuguese, i felt that the english voice acting is supreme. It's great to see triple A titles being translated more often, but in portuguese it feels dumb or funny sometimes. Kinda breaks the atmosphere.

  • Martin Myggestik

    He absolutely nails the role as Geralt.

  • Nor Dank

    Imagine realising your Geralt of Rivia is a teacher damn.

  • Jordan Rawi

    i got really confused as he looks quite similar to Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan: RDR2)

  • randy lynch

    Idk why I thought he was Roger Clark with bald hair in the thumbnail

  • BeThomsen

    What are you supposed to do to make such voices. I heard so many voice actors where their regular voice Sounds nowhere near like the character voice. For example the bastion narrator Is it training or do have to have to full air in you lungs? :P

  • Jevilz

    He has same eyes from Ciri

  • Seth Man

    This was great! Thanks Doug. Loved W3 :)

  • Arzhan Mahdavi

    He looks suspiciously like roger clark

  • Kenneth Theo

    This dude got great talent!! Thanks :-D

  • Viktor vogel

    dont look much like geralt, but sure sounds alot like him!

  • gonçalo Baia

    Geralt and Snake have insanely well produced voices, my faves

  • DreadCannibal

    you were awesome from beginning to end. 100%. great job man! hopefuly more geralt soon

  • Enter Valhala

    If he slims down a little and grows some long hair or puts on a wig I think he could play Geralt of Rivia in a witcher show.....

  • Frank Ulfberht

    Is the lady who quotes "If I'm to choose between one evil and another, ..." a witcher nerd? :D

  • Fai†h Z.Q. Lim

    He looks better as Geralt than the double-chin Netflix guy.

  • Ervin Victor

    This man is a legend for being one of the best voice actor a game. Geralt is second to master chief.

  • StoneCold Sweden

    Such an underrated actor.

  • Diesel

    I just started playing Victor Vran and when the main protagonist speaks, I'm like wait this is Geralt lol

  • Austin McCanless

    Any Conflict: Desert Storm fans?? :)

  • Heiji Ki

    Thank you, Doug. Vey cool.

  • X.S.X Gradient

    He kinda looks like Roger Clark

  • Lord Joy

    I can't stand "Christopher Lambert" -type voices, like Gerald's.But Doug did do a good job, I mean, the quests and stories were captivating, not wall breaking.

  • Becky Connolly

    I still haven't gotten over of getting the bad ending in Witcher. I wasn't emotionally prepared 😂😂

  • Ville Lepoaho

    Imagine the voice actors of Geralt of Rivia and Kratos in the same room

  • Red Lion-O

    Look forward to hearing you in Cyberpunk

  • Fyrestone

    Shoulda made him say "Dunno if I'm gonna buy anything, but how about a game of Gwent?" then just immediately start shredding on the flute.

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