25 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2018 & 2019 ► Sci-fi, Open World, Simulation!

Space games set the stage for exploring the unknown, massive battles, intricate constructions, along with living and surviving in a vast hostile environment! Welcome to the 25 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2018 & 2019 list! Now, Space is a bit of a nebulous genre when it comes to gaming but it isn't just about a game set in space. It has to have space ingrained into the essence of the theme and gameplay, and the games listed here are thoroughly spacey! No one can promise that they will all turn out good but they're all interesting and have potential in their own rights, so let's get started!

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Which ones are you most excited about?
What do you like about space games most?

►UPCOMING PC SPACE GAMES for 2018 & 2019◄
1. Starfighter Inc. - Impeller Studios

2. Dreadnought - Yager Development, SixFoot

3. Angels Fall First - Strangely Interactive

4. Infinity: Battlescape - I-Novae Studios

5. Avorion - Boxelware

6. Stationeers - RocketWerkz

7. Space Engineers - Keen Software House

8. Objects in Space - Flat Earth Games

9. Outreach - Pixel Spill

10. Deliver Us The Moon - KeokeN Interactive

11. Flagship - Urban Logic Games

12. Star Traders: Frontiers - Trese Brothers

13. Cosmoteer - Walt Destler

14. Nimbatus - Stray Fawn Studio

15. Star Command Galaxies - Warballoon

16. Galactic Princess - CECLY

17. Star Control: Origins - Stardock Entertainment

Star Control: Ghosts of the Precursors - Fred Ford, Paul Reiche III

18. Exo One - Exbleative

19. Univoyager - Damiano Vitulli

20. Hellion - Zero Gravity

21. Genesis Alpha One - Team17, Radiation Blue

22. X4: Foundations - Egosoft

23. Planet Nomads - Craneballs

24. Osiris: New Dawn - Fenix Fire Entertainment

25. Dual Universe - Novaquark

Star Citizen - Cloud Imperium Games

Starsector - Fractal Softworks

Empyrion: Galactic Survival - Eleon Game Studios


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  • GamerZakh

    Extra bonus game! Starsector ( http://fractalsoftworks.com ) wasn't making that many waves but a lot of you seem to love it, so here's the mention! Empyrion: Galactic Survival is also a thing, but I listed it the last 2 years and it's still not out. As a policy right now I don't list the same game as upcoming 3 years in a row. Since many are asking, Astroneer is in the Simulation list for various reasons. Finally, Astrox Imperium is a single-player RPG set in space if you're into that. Then, look at all the competition for Space Games! Which ones are you most interested in? Which ones do you think will actually make it? You can also check out more gaming lists here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYVqUDxY6COh7bkuJoBb1koNRX7mAX2yp

  • Hakan Karaağaç

    Lesson 1 dont pre orderLesson 2 dont buy early access

  • Dawei Tao

    Star Citizen definitely not coming out in 2018 or even 2019 but I think Squadron 42 might come at the end of next year. Dual Universe looks interesting buy also a long way out.

  • Eisberg 77

    The extreme lack of Single player games similar to Freespace, Wing Commander, Tie Fighter, Privateer 1 and 2, is very disappointing.

  • Igor Welkenbach

    On a side note : man, why does every space combat simulator game has to be a stupid trading sandbox game with no story, or some dumb class based MMO? Where are the sprawling epic campaigns, the Freespaces, The Tachyons, the Evochrons (its good but its a tiny budget and a tiny team), The Exoduses (another old indie gem)? That said i did like some mentioned, like the flower-like one where youre a pink ball and Univoyager

  • TheJudge

    Star citizen hahahahaha. The "game" that will never finish.

  • Petrino

    star citizen just hit 3.0!

  • ZyZla

    X4 got straight on my wishlist

  • MrGrownman455

    Empyrion can't get a mention ?

  • Zóar

    The game that I most expect: Star Citizen.The game that I want you to fix: Space Engineers.The game that catches my attention: Dual Universe.

  • Theseus Rahl

    I'm most excited about Star Citizen! Although, I could use one or two space games for the interim, thanks for the list!

  • AUTO6

    Dual Universe looks the most interesting.

  • CMDR RyzenFoxx

    Already out and becoming better and better, you forget to mention Elite Dangerous!!

  • Pirate Radio

    Playing Star Citizen 3.0 has given me absolutely no interest in playing the other games in your list.

  • Filip 3

    Yay! Avorion's here! I'll add that this game was originally created by only one talented programer, the team is still small BUT they are everything you ever wanted from developer. They listen to the community, the game is built on many ideas by the players, are friendly and are making the game because they want to. Forget about greedy companies, money is for them just a welcomed side effect.Game itself is well optimised and it has the BEST SHIP BUILDING I'VE SEEN SO FAR! The possibilities and tools allow you to build anything you can imagine, unlike all those block based games out there, ships in the trailer are just the simpliest beginner ships you will construct at your first try.

  • The Zanzibarbarian

    It has to be X4 for me. Got the others in the "X" series already!!However, I'd love it if someone could revamp a game from 1993.Frontier: Elite II by the genius that is/was David Braben.And when I mean revamp, I don't want the game play to change, just bring the graphics into the 21st Century will do fine. The game was great and one of the first game's I recall that just gave you a space ship and to go out and do your thing. You were not tied down to anything. It was just a free play game. No story line.

  • yonderTheGreat

    Dude... as always your lists are amazingly impressive. I wish games journalism were half as credible as GZ! Keep up the quality!

  • TheTechnicalNirl

    X4 will redeem us! Hopefully...

  • Hamed Shah

    My brain dosent work when I play RTS space games. Too many things going on in the same moment cant keep up with it.

  • Dumb Comment

    Oh you think star citizen is taking too long? Well what about Space engineers

  • S K

    Star Citizen’s biggest and most significant update to date just launched in December: 3.0 - with planetary landings, cargo trading, etc etc

  • HP Binary

    Star Citizen for the win, and 3.0!

  • D T

    I think its funny that he included Star Citizen at the end without saying anything about it other than alluding to it never being released, yet included games that have hardly any activity as far as development goes and haven't been released yet. Some people just don't have the patience to wait. There are games out there today that have taken much longer to release than Star Citizen has taken so far. The game will be released, probably not this year or even next year, but there has been tons of progress that this video failed to mention and this year will be a big year as they plan and are on schedule with updates to 3.0 intended for perfecting the final release. This generation's mentality of "I want it now" really needs to learn the virtue of patience. CIG/RSI isn't going to be your EA/Activision that pumps out x amount of games every year with half of them failing. CIG/RSI actually cares about their game, they want it to be great, and they are willing spend the time on it to make it great. Let's not forget to mention they started from scratch. They had to tweek the CryEngine to get it to do exactly what they want even with CryTek's lack of support in the online multiplayer side. So give it a rest guys, instead of coming to the ignorant conclusion of the game will never be released, look into the progress. Ask people who are invested in the game about how it's going and what's planned next. You can't trust videos like this for information because this video didn't provide any about it.

  • CReaper210

    I really wish we could get a space game that had a real focus on story and featured things like diplomacy and first contact and everything that entails. And with meaningful exploration as well. That's what I was hoping for Mass Effect Andromeda to be. But that game was disappointing in every way. They screwed up the exploration, the story, and even the first contact itself.Really hoping for something like this soon.

  • ElectroVeeDub

    All Angels Fall?I'm checking that one out on Steam. 🙂

  • snwboardn21

    As long as X4 is a real successor to X3:Reunion it should be good. They just need to scrap what XRebirth was altogether.

  • Star Citizen 890J

    STAR CITIZEN = 2021SQUADRON 42 = 2019

  • nikolai iliev

    Where is the best space game , Beyond Good and Evil 2 ? And also Star Citizen will coming ... exactly never .

  • Steve Lacy

    Limit Theory is one you should maybe look at.

  • Michael Johnson

    I still looking forward to Limit Theory.

  • Erik S

    Pity you didn't include Limit Theory, which has had a troubled development but has been making a lot of progress in recent months.

  • Univoyager

    Thanks for including Univoyager! :)

  • O Hayden

    It's kind of amazing to me how many of these games are super derivative of both Space Engineers (FIRST!) and Empyrion: Galactic Survival, both of whom refined the survival/build/voxel worlds game and now it's just being re-re-recreated. I'm curious how you'd compare Empyrion, specifically, to these "new" games.

  • cw8

    Have been waiting for X4 since many years back. X-Rebirth is a disappointment. They're making X4 more like the X2 and X3 games where you can fly every ship instead of one ship like in Rebirth.

  • João Águas

    Awesome post. :)Loved the reviews and you showed some games that I didn't know about, that seems awesome.Star Citizens is beginning to be a disappointment for me. I gave money in the kickstart phase at the same time that Elite: Dangerous appeared. Elite is already out and Star Citizens is... errrr... not! :-\ I hope they can develop something worthy for the time that they are taking.

  • David Wessman

    Thanks for including Starfighter Inc., GamerZakh!

  • Hakan Karaağaç

    At this rate star citizen is just hugging beta and early access to disregard criticisms of it.

  • SteveAkaGoatpile

    stop writing that comment. watch the entire video first.

  • 910AM Superstation Funnies

    OSIRUS went from a great space game with a few bugs to fix, to now a totally revamp and horrible experience from where it all started! Run! Update: 4/1/2018

  • UnleashedBanana

    No darkorbit, it was such an amazing game it's a sad story of how it was ruined with pay 2 win model ;(

  • Markus Markus

    please make video of new & upcoming medieval fantasy theme games

  • Mileskinke

    something tells me that Sationeers is a replica of Space Engineers :\ who the hell knows.

  • RadimentriX

    most excited... probably x4, loved x2, x3 reunion and terran conflict and hopefully x4 will be as much fun. space engineers i still wait for some blocks to come into the main game and for it to finish so i can use mods without having to fear that they wont work a week or month later. well, and star citizen, having quite some fun with 3.0 atm and hope that they'll start patching and adding stuff soon

  • StudentYaoi

    Nice vid, Zakh. We are looking for even more games!

  • Jakov Jurin

    Star contorl is so awsome well the sequl was while the third was junk

  • rebot449 seah

    The thing I like most about space games are the spaceship designs, the designs between universes are just really cool.

  • Jacques Bloques

    As soon as a game is listed as multiplayer - nope. Done with griefers.Another year or two and AI will be smarter than your average American anyway, so...

  • DrMerciless

    Still really excited for star citizen. X4 sounds cool and I'm keeping an eye out for dual universe

  • John Grund

    Thank you for this review. There was quite a bit covered here, and it was done well. Kudos!

  • HardWarUK

    No Stellar Tactics?! A sci-fi cRPG with 10,000 sectors, being developed by one guy who updates regularly has a very supported customer base and has very positive reviews! I am amazed at how games that are unlikely to be released get covered, games that we already know about are covered, and fantastic games like Stellar Tactics are barely known, yet getting lots of support, are ignored! It is VERY annoying!

  • Hugo Nabais

    25 Upcoming PC Space Games in 2018 & 2019 and you include Space Engineers?! Space engineers is not Upcoming! In fact it's very stale and it's here for a while!

  • Gamer From Space

    what about star citizen/squadron 42

  • Aviv Frai

    Stationeers looks awfully familiar...

  • InkOnTube

    16:19 Zero Gravity is working in the same building as I do. Something has been changed in the team. Unlike other companies working in this building, they are not seen often on a smoke break or otherwise. just 4 months ago, we could see them often walking with Hellion T-shirts so we clearly know who they are. Now, we rarely see those faces. I see from time to time main two guys running the company. I fear for the worst.

  • CMDR Grey Wolfe

    Star Citizen in 2018/19!? ... I think not.If it ever finally goes live the technology they're using to develop it will be obsolete ...

  • Dr. Teddy Love

    Dual Universe, little bit Space Engineers.... rest is crap.

  • stealthyshiroean

    I actually forgot about Galactic Princess. Such a pity. I already own Space Engineers and Osiris: New Dawn. Haven'e played much of Space Engineers, but I can definitely vouch for Osiris. My wife and I have played a good chunk of Osiris earlier in the year and enjoyed our time with it. Stopped in order for new updates to come through, but would be willing to pick it back up. I was pretty excited about Planet Nomads, but after they announced not having anything to do with multiplayer I decided to hold off on a purchase. And the my favorite aspect of space games....hmmm, it really depends on the space game. I like commandeering a ship, but also like colony-building. I think above all would probably be exploration. Seeing alien worlds, or exploring a a new star system -- those are the kind of things that are my biggest take away in any space game.

  • Check This Game

    Star citizen with conviction !

  • 911zhenxiang


  • JAnx01

    This is a great video. I used to spend days searching for these games myself every now and then. Now you handed all that information to me on a silver plate. So thank you. Perhaps you could do this regularly on 2-year basis?

  • M4 Media

    Dual Universe is what im most excited for definitely, multiplayer is the biggest thing i look for in space, then the ability to make my own ship/weapons systems, then the ability to colonize/crew and build an empire. DU has such a big reputation to live up to being a space mmo with no instancing!

  • hussain khan

    I loooove this list😍😍😍😍

  • ciaptainmilkman ́

    love your videos and Merry Christmas

  • Mad Dog Murdoch

    This was genuinely insightful, you got a few gems in there I never heard of thanks

  • Toby Hendricks

    Why do all Open World/Universe games have to be realistic, It'd be great if we could have open world space games that explore universes akin to ratchet and clank, star wars, Dr who. Universes where the unexpected is always around the corner.

  • Thorfin43

    Elite dangerous is dead in 2018 ?

  • The After Dance Party

    Bethesda's Starfield

  • Keenan Sullivan

    Color me surprised there was no Squadron 42 mention

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