The Witcher 3: Extended OST - Where No Man Has Gone Before

Composed by Mikolai Stroinski.
  • Esploratore

    Oh my God. When i first was travelling through the waters of skellige and this music came on... I did NOT wanna stop. Even though it was a couple months ago I almost shed a tear to how beautiful that moment was. I've haven't experienced something like this in a video game in a long time! I'm 27 will forever cherish this game. Glad it was released in my lifetime.

  • Kurt Wagner

    Braveheart and the Shire all in Once

  • Andy Allsopp

    Not going to lie, this nearly brings me to tears every single time I hear it. That intro is absolutely beautiful.

  • Gatsu

    Visiting Urialla islands in Skellige sure gives the feels when hear this... Should be played more often in Skellige imo. Beautiful <3.

  • Wave Cannon

    An Skelliger's live in honour. And this song resides in the Halls of the Gods.

  • Bec C

    This song, in particular from ~1:55 or so, was playing as i did the fists of fury quest where you have to fight the bear. The guy was talking about honor or something and it was raining and there was that little cinematic of geralt entering the was pretty damn picturesque.

  • VanDynasty

    This is truly a masterpiece

  • Titan2995

    This was playing when I first spoke to the guy about that mysterious tower. The way everything was playing out from the walk they took to the camera position, it made it seem like he'd be telling me a sad but heartwarming story about how he and his pa built that tower when he was a wee lad.0:30 - "But then he started to get real sick..."

  • RavixThe2nd

    Thanks man this music is so good, where di you get the Extended OST ? I've been searching for it

  • Bill Williamson

    Beautiful theme. Reminds me of Journey to the Grey Havens by Howard Shore.

  • ExuberantRaptor

    This is a The Witcher 3 review in music format! Epic and emotional to over 9000!

  • South Urbex Production

    I really get goosebumps at 1:54 every time I listen to it. How incredible this track is.

  • Ajzan1

    Listening to this music after removing tower from the island and hearing thanks from islanders feels like completing bigger questline and not an side job.

  • Joseph Fitzpatrick

    reminds me of something from John williams, I think that's his name, especially back to the future

  • douro20

    He composed the music for the opening show of the Hannover Messe last year. Could you believe he writes and records everything out of his own house?

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