Witcher 3 | Enable the Debug Console | ALL VERSIONS (v1.31) | NO MODS

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How to enable Debug Console (Step-by-Step)

1. Locate your Witcher 3 install folder.

2. From there, navigate to bin\config\base.

3. Open "general.ini"

4. Make a new line and paste "DBGConsoleOn=true" (no quotation marks)

5. Save the file.

6. Open and close the console using the "~" key.

Commands, Resources and item lists:

Console commands:

Item Spawn Codes:


If your additem is not working try typing in console, additem('item') WITH the single quotes as shown

  • heartgg_tv

    If you guys need any help or if something is not working, comment down below so I can help you.

  • ifofcourse

    For any german out there, you need to press Ö instead of ^ !!

  • Rich Woodcutterbro

    So strange how I see this exact same method yesterday and Rebooted the game today and it no longer works. I checked the file and the text I added is still there.....any ideas?

  • Gerah

    Does it also work for version 1.02?

  • Carlos Henrique

    For those who could not. Open the game in The Witcher 3> Bin> x64> Witcher.exe In the game open the console with "

  • Butch Leghorn

    God bless you and Merry Christmas.

  • Ben Novelline

    I have GOTY edition and it doesn't work please help.

  • Ker Duchesne

    I don't have general.ini... only general...

  • Nuova Definizione

    Even the free camera mod works?

  • andoryt

    Any one tell me, how add sword with 99lvl?

  • Fenix Fox

    when I use debug command ''withcraft'' Iris sabre doesnt turn red

  • tizmond

    If the console isn't coming up for you and you've followed this guide correctly, try pressing the apostrophe (@) key next to your enter button. I'm playing the GoG GOTY edition and the tilde and F2 keys didn't work for me, but using the "@" key did.

  • Vladiboy

    I have the GOTY version and i can unlock the console but my commands dont work ...

  • jimza014

    it work!!!!! god bless you sir <3 <3 <3

  • vauxrain tv

    thank you very much i love you

  • brotherM4

    thank's, happy how to active thad console.

  • andoryt

    Some one know ID Console Comand for Gesheft Crafted Silever Sword?

  • Rahul Kumar

    i did as mentioned but cannot write cheatcodes ...what to do about it ...

  • SmokinRaiders goldistomp

    THANK YOU, was so ready for another clickbait but you came out strong

  • Hentzikampf

    it works , thank you so much !!! <3

  • Royal Beats

    Yo, I know it's been a long time, so it might not work anymore, but if it does work for you, it doesn't for me, I have a french keyboard, the ~ symbol is on the number 2.

  • Jun Cao

    MAAAAN i love you, (no homo)

  • Mechanich

    i love you mate <3 thank youuuu

  • Faisal Osman

    in this will god mod active

  • Tengu98

    I did exactly this and it worked for a few days but then stopped working all of a sudden. Anyone know a fix to this?

  • carlton hale

    Thanks it worked!How do I change my weight limi

  • Christian Natanael

    does this work on the goty steam version mate?

  • TheJuPlays

    It doesnt work with "^/°" or "F2" or anything else... I´m German and "Ö" also doesnt work..

  • Elibrax 'nd Stuff

    Is there anyway to see what binding you have or change that binding?

  • MatovskyPL

    yeah very good film :)

  • Noah Calhoun

    I can open the console, but none of the commands do anything.


    No kurwa dzięki mistrzu a tak się pierdoliłem z tym jebanym modem

  • Hunter Atchley

    Doesn't work for me even tried downloading mods from nexus still don't work any ideas?

  • Cullys Charle

    Tried this method in V1.02. Didn't work. Yeah I know I'm using the earlier patches, not the latest ones. Can you help?

  • jonathan soto

    a mi me funciono con la tecla "ñ"

  • Rostislav Lazarevič

    have goty edition a put command ans it wont save

  • Faris Rasid

    my inventory is full after using "witchcraft" command, i can't clean that

  • Moses Hamlett

    Is there a no clip console command?

  • 2z52

    I need help how to do I change the keybinding

  • beeboyzky nable

    Can be enable to GOTY?

  • Sino Sirio

    how could i install the debug console on gog galaxy ?

  • King Man

    Does it work with v1.12

  • J W.

    This is awesome. Big thanks.

  • Kyle Woods

    Does this work on the GOTY edition or only the base game?

  • Smaiil Sayhi

    Hey bro can you skip a bugged/broken quest using this console

  • cesar ruelas

    thanks this honestly helped way more than all this other mods

  • Jason Stanton

    I don't have General.ini there only general are they the same thing?

  • alex lunatiko

    i cant open the console with "º" or F2

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