Witcher 3 | Enable the Debug Console | ALL VERSIONS (v1.31) | NO MODS

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How to enable Debug Console (Step-by-Step)

1. Locate your Witcher 3 install folder.

2. From there, navigate to bin\config\base.

3. Open "general.ini"

4. Make a new line and paste "DBGConsoleOn=true" (no quotation marks)

5. Save the file.

6. Open and close the console using the "~" key.

Commands, Resources and item lists:

Console commands:

Item Spawn Codes:


If your additem is not working try typing in console, additem('item') WITH the single quotes as shown

  • heartgg_tv

    If you guys need any help or if something is not working, comment down below so I can help you.

  • ifofcourse

    For any german out there, you need to press Ö instead of ^ !!

  • Carlos Henrique

    For those who could not. Open the game in The Witcher 3> Bin> x64> Witcher.exe In the game open the console with "

  • Gerah

    Does it also work for version 1.02?

  • Rich Woodcutterbro

    So strange how I see this exact same method yesterday and Rebooted the game today and it no longer works. I checked the file and the text I added is still there.....any ideas?

  • Butch Leghorn

    God bless you and Merry Christmas.

  • Ker Duchesne

    I don't have general.ini... only general...

  • Ben Novelline

    I have GOTY edition and it doesn't work please help.

  • Nuova Definizione

    Even the free camera mod works?

  • tizmond

    If the console isn't coming up for you and you've followed this guide correctly, try pressing the apostrophe (@) key next to your enter button. I'm playing the GoG GOTY edition and the tilde and F2 keys didn't work for me, but using the "@" key did.

  • ๖ۣۜArchangelo ๖ۣۜPrincipatuum

    God bless you and Merry Christmas. :)

  • Iraultza poceti

    on a swedish keyboard the key to press is "Ö"

  • Kair0

    Spanish keyboard how which key for activate ? :'(

  • jimza014

    it work!!!!! god bless you sir <3 <3 <3

  • Fenix Fox

    when I use debug command ''withcraft'' Iris sabre doesnt turn red

  • andoryt

    Some one know ID Console Comand for Gesheft Crafted Silever Sword?

  • Rahul Kumar

    i did as mentioned but cannot write cheatcodes ...what to do about it ...

  • andoryt

    Any one tell me, how add sword with 99lvl?

  • vauxrain tv

    thank you very much i love you

  • Jun Cao

    MAAAAN i love you, (no homo)

  • Vladiboy

    I have the GOTY version and i can unlock the console but my commands dont work ...

  • SmokinRaiders goldistomp

    THANK YOU, was so ready for another clickbait but you came out strong

  • Mechanich

    i love you mate <3 thank youuuu

  • brotherM4

    thank's, happy how to active thad console.

  • Royal Beats

    Yo, I know it's been a long time, so it might not work anymore, but if it does work for you, it doesn't for me, I have a french keyboard, the ~ symbol is on the number 2.

  • Faisal Osman

    in this will god mod active

  • Hentzikampf

    it works , thank you so much !!! <3

  • Ben Ben

    I tried in 1.32 and it dosent seem to work... any ideas?

  • TheJuPlays

    It doesnt work with "^/°" or "F2" or anything else... I´m German and "Ö" also doesnt work..

  • Christian Natanael

    does this work on the goty steam version mate?

  • carlton hale

    Thanks it worked!How do I change my weight limi

  • jonathan soto

    a mi me funciono con la tecla "ñ"

  • Noah Calhoun

    I can open the console, but none of the commands do anything.


    No kurwa dzięki mistrzu a tak się pierdoliłem z tym jebanym modem

  • Hunter Atchley

    Doesn't work for me even tried downloading mods from nexus still don't work any ideas?

  • Cullys Charle

    Tried this method in V1.02. Didn't work. Yeah I know I'm using the earlier patches, not the latest ones. Can you help?

  • krakene

    you are the best you cut the crap and get right to it you deserve way more subs than what you got13 at the moment although im sure you will grow quick

  • Sino Sirio

    how could i install the debug console on gog galaxy ?

  • Elibrax 'nd Stuff

    Is there anyway to see what binding you have or change that binding?

  • 2z52

    I need help how to do I change the keybinding

  • Faris Rasid

    my inventory is full after using "witchcraft" command, i can't clean that

  • Rostislav Lazarevič

    have goty edition a put command ans it wont save

  • King Man

    Does it work with v1.12

  • J W.

    This is awesome. Big thanks.

  • Kyle Woods

    Does this work on the GOTY edition or only the base game?

  • cesar ruelas

    thanks this honestly helped way more than all this other mods

  • Moses Hamlett

    Is there a no clip console command?

  • beeboyzky nable

    Can be enable to GOTY?

  • MatosvkyPL

    yeah very good film :)

  • Smaiil Sayhi

    Hey bro can you skip a bugged/broken quest using this console

  • Jason Stanton

    I don't have General.ini there only general are they the same thing?

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