The Witcher 3 Alchemy Build

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!/en-us/tid=CUSA00527_00
  • Marvel: Spider-Man

    Wtf why u put so much into duration , not worth it for 2 hours lol. 30 mins will suffice . I rather have 2 top Greater Mutagen vitality & 2 Greater Attck power bottom,great balance . Chugging down 3 Doctrines u need a find good combo

  • Jabis Gabriel Ferreira Da Silva

    Very cool . At higher lvls the damage of the bombs do something?Because your critical hit with the sword is 1.000, how much is the damage of each explosion?Really cool videos, do some more :)

  • Akiric

    can you show all your upgrades and what not full build? please i had a sign build but im switching to alchemy and yours looks op as fuckk

  • Riyan Smith

    Is this build only good at higher levels, or can I start it right from the beginning?

  • J-Dubs is Clutch

    hey could you you post a video showing your actual build i really wanna try this out

  • Heli Hutchinson

    is this the best build to use

  • zaky986

    Haha sick build😊 those bombs tho its like vietnam in the witcher, napalm everywhere! 😀One question.... why cat at all times, does it have some other use than brightning the darkness..?

  • Vytautas Tvarijonas

    Is it actually possible to have that many potions and decoctions at the same time? Or were glitches used for this to work?

  • mooneater0

    cool build! How to mix potions etc without recipes? Basic Recipes disappear once you have the enhanced/superior version!

  • Reckless512

    How do you get the duration so high? wtf!

  • Halo The Legend

    Cool as hell!!! I don't know if I want to do an alchemy run or a magic one.

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