The Witcher 3 - Geralt the Womanizer (scene with triss and yennefer)

Funny Sexy Scene. Geralt got what he deserved in The Witcher 3. Sexy scene in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • SageOfTheWest

    300 Experience Points for getting yourself chained to a bed for being a womanizing magic hobo.

  • brazwen

    "Bring wine. Lots of wine" Geralt brings one bottle of wine. LMAO.

  • samu leinonen

    Oh finally Dandelion can save Geralt xD

  • AFGuidesHD

    I feel so sorry for Geralt, he had a smile on him too 1:37

  • VGSoundtrackGuy

    The Witcher 3: The Special Sexual Edition lol

  • Mortymer Law

    The Witcher 3: Sex Hunt

  • NeoNitku2009

    I keep screaming NO NO! DON'T BELIVE THEM DUDE! IT CAN'T END WELL! And there he was... Smiling... Innocent... Read to be chained...

  • AdamSe7en

    God damn Geralt got naked quick.

  • ISchulz

    Someone pointed out in a comment thread somewhere that this serves as a fantastically realistic counterpoint to the Bioware love triangle, where after possibly deliberately wooing two different women, they demand you to choose which of them to go after in full earnest, apparently not caring about the fact that you're two-timing in a situation that is always presented as rather faithful romance.Here, you get paid back in kind for such behavior, as well you should.Yet, someone else raised a legitimate point, in that Geralt as a character could legitimately be unsure or utterly incapable of deciding between the two of them, with actual reason and emotion behind his indecision. An actual love built up between him and Triss when he didn't have his memories, and now that his memory is back in its entirety, the love he had for Yennefer is also back. But it's not like remembering that would totally wipe away or make irrelevant/meaningless his feelings for Triss. It's not that Geralt, within this particular context, is trying to have his cake and eat it too (that's not a pun, I swear), it's that he has true feelings for both of them and if he acts on those feelings for each of them, he's not given the chance to reconcile between them later. Cause this happens. I'm not denying that this is something that Geralt, and players, rather earn if they're toying with the emotions of these characters, but if it's that legitimate, earnest indecision (Which would really make a lot of sense from a character perspective: Geralt can put a lot of effort into seeming aloof, but he truly cares deeply about some things, friends and loved ones chief among them. The fact that Geralt and Triss are on a rather awkward break at first because Yen is back and Geralt has his memory clearly indicates that at least one or both of them decided to put things on hold considering the incredibly extenuating circumstances) than this is selling what could be a rather unique moment short by reducing the consideration of perspective. Said perspective being truly genuine feelings of love for two different people, being unable to stop yourself from acting on those feelings in both cases, and needing to reconcile the resulting terribly awkward situation before one or all of you potentially dies in battle against interdimensional elves.Though, the point that this is totally deserved if Geralt's (and the player's) just trying to sleep about and carelessly play with the emotions of two people also still's a six of one, half-dozen of other situation. We could get an interesting character exploration of a rather messy emotional situation of genuine, indecisive love, or we can get a realistic result of what would happen should the chosen hero sleep around and proclaim their love to everything that moves without expecting it to backfire on them. Both of those would be fantastic, because we have the latter here, and it's great. Just a shame we couldn't somehow swing the former in, too.

  • chessplayer

    I was hoping for a dialogue option with Eilheart that goes like:You are the only sorceress I did not have sex with,so lets get that out of way.There should have been an option in which Geralt have them both,but screw it.I was hoping for more jealousy scenes,especially with Yen and Keira Metz.

  • Gamer Gamer

    Im guessing u have to sleep with triss and ten for this to happen ?

  • iceblaze93

    If you played on with this save it will ruin your ending.

  • mezuki64

    Honestly I rather romance other women in the game Cerys she's cute :)

  • Ariel Fetters

    Geralt - It's good to be the kingTriss and Yen - Psyche!Geralt - Well shitTriss and Yen - Umad bro?:D

  • Balnazzardi

    So still no poly-relationship =(...what a shame...why does it always have to be about the choices, for once you could have ending where you get all the girlz ;D

  • El Inextricable

    I remember this. Is what happened the first time I played this game. I made Geralt a degenerate sex addict from the beginning, and then get this scene. I was like "This is the best game ever" "I love this game", etc. But... in the end... I was like "no... NO!! dont take this away from me! NOOO!!!"Really sad. Awesome, but sad.

  • TalDSruler

    Well, that's just a bit unfair. Not like Geralt lost his memory, started a real and personal relationship with Triss, before suddenly remembering that Yen was a person in his life. Its not like he would be conflicting after realizing that he and yen were always meant to be together, even though he went through hell and high water to save Triss from Nilfgaardian hands. Yeah, no. Totally fair. Let's just mock him.

  • Sound Studio

    I'd pick Triss any day. To me she's hotter, plus Yen is a total ball buster.

  • Evomre

    Damn, Geralt just threatened to turn Dandelion into SS Joker.

  • Boxing Culture

    still a better love story than twilight

  • DGamer0011

    what happens if you select the option this is a bad idea

  • Rullvard

    I got this because I thougt this was the best ending, at least I got the Ciri Witcher ending :)

  • Zerkzog

    Lol get rekt Geralt. Lucky I said "I love you" to Triss.

  • Mike K.

    It was a tad disappointing, I had hoped they would both marry him and live together. But whateva, there's always the brothel.

  • Anubis Dark

    I'll take Priscilla and Ves

  • Alomar Gaming

    Boy was I so happy I romanced both of em at that scene, 5 mins later that changed...I'm literally doing a 2nd playthrough just to correct this!

  • Apoorva Singh

    Nice gaming on PS4 Bro. ;)

  • Jesus Cena

    Surprised they didn't go all School Days on each other lol

  • Raymond Chan

    Gerald always goes to the Heart Logo on the map.

  • David Erikssen

    Loved this scene during my first playthrough :)

  • ken masters

    damn, I missed my chance with Keira Metz cause I thought I would lose Triss

  • Vergil

    well that escalated quickly

  • Jeren Mckey

    Never played any witcher before this. Thought witches would be cool with polyamory. Was wrong

  • Yaku

    Because dumping/breaking up with someone the normal (and realistic) way is not visually entertaining enough. :p

  • Devon Bickett

    I cracked up laughing everytime I saw this

  • Josh Sam

    How do you get the wine and meet them its not showing me on the map

  • Snakesoul715

    Yen rides me while Triss sits on my face.

  • 無理だぞ

    Um, he clearly failed the harem route.

  • ArtificiallyDense

    I got the good ending with triss.

  • Drake

    Its kinda funny, Gerald.

  • Roxas The Nobody

    Forever and ever alone. Damn it.

  • G 4 R

    tried thicker then yen n garalt that guy he hit them anyway

  • Rashy Algae

    And this is why I stick to my electronics.

  • valkyrie

    someone got to much greedy lol

  • GlassLegend#

    that Gerald had it coming hahahah!

  • Warsilver

    HAHAHA Serves him right!

  • The Unseen Elder

    I did not get this one because I only had sex with Yennefer. AND KEIRA!LOLOLOL

  • bold kim

    of course i didnt know that i have to choose only one.. at the first playing. fck

  • Mina Wolf

    Thats what he gets for being a womanizer

  • Ric Shawn

    what if one choose , 'its not a good idea'?

  • Memelord Shifu

    Was just about to go save ciri and well now I have to start over to get a good ending. WHY DID I HAVE TO LOVE THEM BOTH

  • Nineonine

    messed up part of the game is that this was forced on me when i basicly told yen to shove it when ever she moved on geralt just romanced triss so in my eyes yen addicted to geralt if she cant have him no one can

  • Eddie Zedler

    Floating itemat 4:44 lol?

  • Tar vyn

    4:42 flying paint brush?

  • Duneedon

    Haha...I got this quest, too...of course, I went around banging everyone in sight (Keira included), so I guess I deserved it.

  • Chí Thành Nguyễn

    you knew it was too good to be true.

  • GAMER ps4mohit

    This made me laugh so much

  • Chiara Butteri

    So ... is this what happens if you try to have them both ? Amazing ! I had never seen this clip before. This game never ceases to amaze me 😍 there's always something to discover !

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