Top 10 NEW Games of 2018 (First Half)

2018 has some good stuff in store for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Here's a few games to look forward to.

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10. Monster Hunter World
Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One
RELEASE: Jan 26, 2018

9. Sea Of Thieves
Platform: PC, Xbox One
RELEASE: March 20, 2018

8. A Way Out
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4
RELEASE: March 23, 2018

7. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Platform: PC, PS4
RELEASE: Jan 19, 2018

6. Kingdom Come Deliverance
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, MAC
RELEASE: Feb 18, 2018

5. Far Cry 5
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4
RELEASE: March 27, 2018

4. Crackdown 3
Platform: PC, Xbox One

3. Days Gone
Platform: PS4

2. God Of War
Platform: PS4
RELEASE: March 22, 2018

1. Red Dead Redemption 2.
Platform: Xbox One, PS4


Dragon Ball FighterZ
Platfrom: PS4
RELEASE: Jan 26, 2018

Detroit Become Human
Platfrom: PS4
RELEASE: Q1/Q2 2018

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4
RELEASE: March 30, 2018
  • gameranx

    2018 could be a very good year.

  • riemaennchen

    MONSTER HUNTER WORLD HYPE! I seriously can't wait any longer.

  • Mark Riddle

    1:18- can i play alone with A.I?😭😭

  • Michael Matta

    I just care about Red dead2 lol

  • TheReactShow

    Wait Spider-Man?

  • Pratibha Verma


  • Afroninja2025

    i am waiting for Sea Of Thieves, Monster Hunter WorldRed Dead Redemption 2God Of WarKingdom Come Deliverance

  • btbrotherton

    "It's definitely better if you have friends." Damn.

  • LaniKani 68

    2018 is going to be a good year

  • Siddharth Shah

    Sea of thieves look pathetic

  • x xllitachillx x

    Well.. Another year of waiting for a Jak 3 remastered..😩

  • PaleGhost69

    Watch Skyrim be on both lists.

  • TheTruePie

    Lmao red dead 2 still no pc kms

  • Chef King

    Yakuza 6??Also March is heavily packed!!!!

  • EatASnicker69

    Ok, I'll be the one to say it, I am excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Shin Megami Tensei 5.

  • xbloodblade

    HATE political games. wish ppl would block them and make the companies go out of business like a 2dollar hooker dropping to her knees. ill wait to see "how bad it is" but from just the screen shots I'm getting flashes of KKK/white supremacy from farcry 5.... yay the popular bullshit for uplay to throw gas on that they have no business in. just like ALL THEIR OTHER GAMES! also wanted to point out u stated monster hunter is releasing on pc same time? it never was even when announced it was months later, while now its practically a year later :( for pc.

  • Gray Fox105.2

    Pretty much 2018 belongs to Sony.

  • Lamp Camper

    1:17 .It cool if u have friends .Me crying from inside

  • DRK Lennart NL

    Is here anyone who knows a Good game thats not about shooting each other(im searching for a non shooting game) i would appreciate a Idea!👍

  • Ali_Army107

    11. Physics Playground12. PuderSower (Maybe)Both currently on indieDB...

  • Blazikentube


  • Special EliteYT

    Is Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out on steam? Please tell me!

  • KillYourMind.

    Where's Descenders?

  • Manos

    I don't feel the slightest regret for quitting gaming altogether after watching this video.

  • Martin Röttig

    Monster Hunter World! But I got a PC so I have to wait...

  • Tree

    I have been following the release of Deliverance since late 2015. I will be the first person in the world to get it, whatever it takes. Yes, WHATEVER it takes.

  • Taeo

    I hope they release reddead redemption on pc

  • Sreejith P

    Which is the game in clickbait.....?

  • Rahman Ratul gamer Ratul

    I can't wait for god of war :-0!!!!!

  • David Munoz


  • Jason Howard

    Super hyped for GOW4, days gone, and shadow of the colossus

  • omarZ_man

    U forget the nanatsuno taizai

  • Aymen Benkou

    No UFC3...that comes out February 2 and Days Gone is most likely going to come out in summer.Red dead redemption 2 is rumored to come out in June but for Rockstar June is spring so i guess that is the first half of 2018

  • orhante

    Waitin' for Sea of Thieves

  • sunsbookishgamesx

    A way outKingdom of deliverance Far cry 5

  • Taylor youngreen

    what about icons combat arena?

  • Bounty Hunter

    Jurrasic park evolution

  • Tevya Smolka

    also darksders 3 looks amazing

  • Maksim Tischenko

    Sea of Thieves is like cartoony Blackwake


    What happened to ScaleBound? Anyone remember that Game

  • Jagmeet Singh

    Only waiting for a way out to play with my friend

  • Bobby Douglas

    You can play better games on my ass then this 💩 😂😂😂😏

  • MeeHeeCanMF

    RDR2’s release date is 12/31/18. Go to the PSN store and look

  • Gr1M3y

    Have you heard of Mount and Blade?Its a medieval strategic single player game and the next one Mount and Blade Banner Lord should come out In 2018, I think it’s an amazing game and has got better so maybe take a look cause I believe it should be in a top 10, it has a lot of potential.

  • Shaunak Deshpande

    Damn. And you didn't even talk about shadow of the colossus and dragon ball fighterz. 2018 gonna be awesome

  • Medina Israilov

    What about The Last of us

  • Epic Lazy King

    days gone and the pirate one

  • Cripplin Depressun

    Damnit my bank account is gonna hate me this year.

  • 20scream20

    what about darksiders 3?

  • The Id

    I wonder of you guys are gonna change your logo at some point, I like it, but changing it up as an introduction to 2018 could be cool.

  • Its Ankur

    Everyone is talking about, that game isn't in the list guyz its first half another half yet to come.

  • dads secret recipe

    You should do a video on Indie games 2018

  • Watts Of Gaming

    Anyone else expect RDR2 to come out a year later on pc with a fps mode?

  • Coughay

    A Way OutSea Of ThievesFAR CRY 5Red Dead Redemption 2DetroitGod Of WarKratos looks like he has been nerfed, gone from ripping off Poseidon’s head to looking like heaving an axe is a huge effort

  • KnightCaster

    I'm hoping against hope that Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out early 2018. But it won't. I just know it won't.

  • KnightCaster

    I want so badly for Kingdom Come to give me that Skyrim and Oblivion feel I got in the years of yore. I need a new story heavy Middle Ages kind of rocket propelled grenade.

  • Luke C

    Hi everyoneNewthony Gamestano, here

  • Ben Fletcher

    Does anyone know when the next tomb raider is dropping

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