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  • Gabriel Boho

    The internet= earthquake

  • C.L. Sandridge

    While I'm appalled by Logan Paul's rampant disrespect for the body of the individual, I'm even more so due to his callous and clearly false half-attempt to act as though he actually is shocked or as if he actually cares about the lost life of the person whose corpse he blatantly exploited. PewDiePie made a good point that he may have been responding through laughter to a very unpleasant situation, but his disrespect by showing the body and messing around with it does speak to a poor way of handling the situation. I don't know if he and his friends went there for this express purpose or not, but they should have just turned around, left, and reported the finding to someone like the authorities or something. I'm not here to say who should or shouldn't be punished or anything like that, but I will say that I have no respect for Logan's actions or that of his friends.




    🌊🍫🌊👑🌊🎰🌊 😎 ~~|~~ /\

  • Maio

    I found a dead body!Again it's called Suicide Forest for a reason

  • Stewie Griffin

    ‘Thats your audience right there’ LMAO😂😂😂

  • Lps CutieCat

    That dislikes are from Logan Paul fans😂😂😂

  • Gabriele . Lodovichi

    Tagliatela la barba no copione fuck

  • Benjamin Junior Mota

    Pewds.. one of the things that make me appreciate you and your videos so much, is your authenticity, sincerity and your critical way of looking between the lines of fake people or stuff.Keep walking on this way, and you will have atract the best kind of people for your fanbase.<3

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Lets not call the cops Bring the camera.

  • Jérémie Campeau-Poirier

    is Aaron Paul the long lost Paul brother who actually isn't a dumbass?

  • ac283.

    Neither Jake or Logan Paul has done a good thing on YouTube. Think about it, not even half of the year 2018 and Logan started a freaking YouTube controversy of *filming a dead body, A FREAKING DEAD BODY*, and post it on YouTube. What's worse is that he even disrespect the Japanese culture and he only blur the face of the body. Jake... Oh don't get me started.And what happened to YouTube? Because of that aforementioned controversy, YouTube has started to become shit thanks to these no life JERKS and their cancerous fanbase. "But Logan made a video he was sorry"Does making that video mends things like a glue? No."It was just a mistake, he was sorry"Yes, he was sorry, but the damage has been done.What's worse is that kids actually look up to these douchebags. A role model. ROLE. MODEL. I've seen way better role model YouTubers than these two idiots. Come on now. Look up the better YouTubers, like PewDiePie, Slo MO Guys, Dude Perfect or any other better content creators out there, not these shit pile of low lifers destroying YouTube. PewDiePie may have been in his controversy of that anti-semitic video, but he didn't expect it and he wasn't really expected them to do it. He made a sincere apology.Dude Perfect may overexaggerate and crazy in their videos, but they actually teach something that brings skills, including sports, so some people could try it out even though it is impossible at some point. None of them disrespect by fucking filming a dead body. They even made a special trip to Africa once, they went there to raise an awareness, not to disrespect and film dead bodies. They won Guiness World Records. The Slo Mo Guys are also in this list on quality they bring. Slow Motion videos are pretty interesting.(These youtubers are based on my opinion)There are loads of great YouTubers out there, yet kids still look up to the Paul brothers.I'm so disappointed on how 2018 has started to become shit at not even half of the year.

  • iii

    At one point, I thought PewDiePie was the epitome of cringe trash. It took me years to see that his channel and his content were simply the way content would be developed in the future, and I feel what's helped is his maturation process along the way. This video calling out cringe trash definitely warms my heart.I really hope Logan Paul et al aren't where YouTube is headed in the future, but I may be wrong. I just don't see how the man (or those like him) can ever redeem themselves. They aren't just being "childish" or "immature" (which is what I used to think of PewDiePie), they are borderline/actual sociopaths who don't care at all about who they hurt or impact as long as they get more views

  • Die Dunkle Seite von Youtube

    "That's your audience" 😂

  • How To Download

    I don't even care that he recorded all of that, it's the fact that he uploaded in the first place. Did he even think twice when uploading it?

  • margot a

    in soviet Russia suicide films Logan Paul.

  • Cat

    PewDiePie makes an innapropriate joke onceYouTube: REEEEEE DEMONETIZED REEEEEE WERE TAKING YOUR NETWORKLogan Paul uploads a videos of an actual dead body and laugh and makes jokesYouTube: I like this we should put it on our trending list.

  • Jesus Is A Sausage Roll

    Logan deserves even worse then to step on 1000 legos, I don't get to say that very often-And pewds is such a nice person!

  • Le P'tit Babouin

    Quelqu'un a un truc à manger?

  • 666


  • M E M E M A C H I N E

    When content cop needed the most.. He vanished.

  • Grace Xia

    just saw this now.... anyone?

  • yusuf ağgöz

    Disslike logan paul fans..

  • ElyssaAnderson

    This does not bode well for 2018...

  • Elli loves pizza

    the people who are arguing with "the video had a disclaimer" and so on...what if someone would record a video where they shoot someone and they added a disclaimer does that make it okay????

  • jt 616

    I think both Paul brothers are just completely stupid

  • SpaceAce844

    Hey maaaan don't mess with our lord and savior Logan Felix u can mess with kemster, you can mess with Vsauce BUT DONT MESS WITH THE LOGANG BECUS THE LOGANG WILL COME FOR UJk I hate logan


    (Uploads kid friendly video)Youtube : DEMONETIZED

  • みる みる

    この動画だーいすき♡♡♡ピューディパイ好き☺💕I am an Japanese your fan!!I think he is a fool.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Blossom Bear :3

    Achievement unlocked: becoming a fucktard to society

  • Whitey McPrivilege

    He's not soulless, he's either incredibly dumb or smart. I would say it's the first one, no intelligent person would behave like that, but he actually may do what he does fully self concious and on purpose, afterall he is making ridiculous money on borderline retarded zombie-children, at cost of being seen as a retardness incarnated by the rest of the word. Maybe he just accepted it and now we see atrocities like this.

  • Mauricio Dolla miranda

    Fila da puta esse Logan paul

  • rnj sister Daradkeh

    Ho my gush you have 61 million subscribe

  • jonathan roldan vazquez

    hi pewds, my name is jonathan and I come to comment on what I think about logan paul and what he did for my english class.Well, the attitude of logan seemed to me that of a child, I do not think he can behave like an adult, if in the video he acted as his character should not, and if he is really logan, the truth is a despicable person, disrespectful , and I think he must have behaved better and more in a situation as serious as that of finding a dead body, he must have cut that part or first reconsiders like all reasonable humans on earth and not record something so unpleasant As the.if it were in its place I would not record the body, I would take it seriously and call the police officers so that they can remove the body and not be seen, in order to give it respect that the body deserves. greetings pewds, I love your videos, keep it up.

  • Mextli Macias

    I think Logan was wrong to make this video because he did not have to go to the forest in the first place, it is a restricted place and in the second he did not have to see the person who died, out of respect for him. What I would do if I found myself in that situation is to cancel the video.


    Imagine if this comes in 2018 YouTube rewind 😂😂

  • bigboy kermit

    104 thousand logangsters disliked this video

  • What's New

    All language with video 😲❤

  • Ghost Gaming

    you is so famuos than him

  • Hristina Bjelanovic

    I just can't wait 2019

  • 가조쿠면구독 박아라

    What's the name of pewdie's headphone?

  • FoxGameplaysBr raposa

    Pewdie probable you dont will see my coment but i love your chanell sorry my english isnt so good im braziliam

  • Ryan Ito

    who else is watching this in March?

  • Paula Frye

    I appreciate your take on this. And thanks for putting a link in the description so people who need it can get help. That is very thoughtful of you. I hope a lot of people missed the video before it was taken down. It sounds like it was very devastating to many.

  • Kleo Berdgess

    This reminds me why Felix is the most popular of all.Because he's f@king intelligent and knows where boundaries are. Thanks him for that

  • Lexi James

    Logan Paul is a blatant narcissist, it’s obvious. He also may be a sociopath as PDP mentioned.

  • Playdrag xxx

    Если это было бы в России , то всем бы было всё равно

  • Mo

    "That's your audience right there."

  • Alpaca Baking

    Neither of the brothers are mature.

  • SyntheticKill

    “What we came across that day was obviously unplanned.” Dude you went to the forest that is the most famous place for suicides on the entire planet. Dafuck were you planning to find? Ghost pokemon? Wait, don’t answer that.

  • Wesley Smith

    Walked in the woods found a dead person in the suicide forrest.


    NASA! Here's an Alien -Logan Paul

  • 뇩남

    Let him go North Korea I wish.

  • Extreme Philly Fishing

    That ending, though...

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