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  • Sew

    wanna hear a joke?i am not monetizing this video for obivious reasons

  • Kevin Prado

    PewDiePie eres la verga bro!!

  • Ramon Quiroz

    New found respect for PewDiePie. You genuinely seemed upset about this topic and you did not just make this video just for views.

  • Evelyn Rose

    I hate it when the lady was grinning ear to ear while saying, " We found a dead body ". It's so disrespectful.

  • Leyla Demir

    I am a mother of a 2 year old and what pissed me off beside all the joking and laughing that he showed the body just blurring the face out. When our children are born we are counting their Fingers and toes. Kiss their hands. That dead persons Fingers were surely counted too by a loving mother.Who is now grieving the loss of her child. No respect for human life anymore. Logan Paul is not a good person and the people around him are just as bad. They dont give a fuck about others and thats whats wrong with society today. He and the others deserve everything thats coming their way now!

  • Ermac_96

    SooooooOOOO the main reason NOT TO SUICIDE these days is so that you don’t end up in one of Logan’s videos.

  • Taewoo Kim

    Ajit Pai: I'm the most hated guy on the internetLogan Paul: Hold my beer

  • Mitch's Matrix


  • Serdar Yaltı

    Logunun amina koyayim

  • Miguel Gordillo

    one thing: i think the main stream media is playing it smart by defending LP. they're money hungry vampires too. of course they want youtube to be painted as a place where suicide dead body videos are cool and normal. it's the same reason they went HARD on pewdiepie when they took his stupid jokes out of context. LP's kid audience doesn't care either way, but advertisers are going to say "fuck this platform!" now as much as they did with pewdiepie, thanks to the media.

  • Auden Graham

    If anyone watched the full video, the girl laughed and smiled and joked about it. She is EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful and disgusting

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    I would love to see the Paul brothers get kidnapped by Jigsaw

  • Ålishå Šavagë

    I died at the start 😂😂😂

  • Toebe Bryant

    🔥 2018 is off to a great start 🔥

  • Mariana Estela

    Crazy what people are ready to do for views. I understand that he has the pressure of people expecting more out of him every time. But that does not excuse what he did and neither does it excuse the 600K that hit the thumbs up.

  • Animator 001

    ....."that's your audience right there" lmao 😂😂😂

  • GoingClassy

    PewDiePie subscribed to our channel! :OEdit: Never mind, it was a fake account..

  • Lυcκy νεyamΔTM

    Logan Pauls videos=Clickbait

  • Autumn Simpson

    "Take off your stupid hat"

  • 大四喜

    LOGAN PAUL真的是死屁孩 沒半點羞恥心 垃圾

  • JTR Gamings

    I hate him. Logan Paul. #NomoreLoganPaul

  • Fiesan_

    I tried making my password "Team10" but it said it was too weak.


    If Logan so this.... He'd cry! and me so embarrassed "I just got dissed by the most famous youtuber" Lmao! Poor Logan :D

  • andres godoy gonzales

    this is why condoms exist

  • kaylin corotis

    I dont normally watch pewdiepie, actually, this is my first time watching one of his vids and I really liked it. great job

  • channel sugoi!

    that's what happens when you let american tourists roam freely across the country, lesson learned, japan.

  • The Macha Men

    OML 10:45 is the funniest shit 😂😂 I was so confused at first and then I literally couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Brayden Waukau

    pewdiepie puts suicide hotline numbers for some countries in description saying there is help

  • WT-l3ver

    THAT’S YOUR AUDIENCE RIGHT THERE! hahahahaha nice one Pewds 👏😂

  • Cafer Kara

    You'r are the only man that can say what really youtube community must do buddy. İ love you so much... Have a nice day

  • iindian inkk

    To that lady in the videoyou don't fucking grin ear to ear at the fact that you found a suicide victim's body

  • w h a t w e d o h e r e i s g o b a c k

    God damn it pewds. I was hoping someone would take keemstars song and do that. And you did. I would expect nothing less.

  • Anderson Huang

    This news will be going on for many generations It might be a japanese moral by the year 2151

  • Liz Haider

    Why are people hating on Logan Paul.Just cause he found a dead body does not mean he should hate himself for that.I wonder if he is still doing his career.I hope he is cause he was my favorite youtuber.But now just Imagine you have your favorite youtuber then all the suden then loose there career it breaks my heart😢

  • Grymleth

    "We found a dead body"Achievement Unlocked

  • The Akbhnb2001

    Pewdiepie males joke and gets his youtube red show cutLogan Paul shows dead body and youtube puts it on trending tabAMAZING LOGIC!

  • Lucie B

    Wow he seems to not even realise what dead means.. he is almost laughting, but these people suffer, they go in this forest not to be seen...and what Logan did, i have no words

  • ユーザー名. Uknown

    We can all agree that Logan Paul ruined the first 3 days of 2018

  • samuel alem

    Are you the one who said NI??ER the other day? hypocrite lol

  • Jaksid Paia

    That beard is gettin wild pewds

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Let's not call the cops Bring the camera LMAO

  • nobody

    This makes me jump out of window but I am too afraid he would film me.

  • M E M E M A C H I N E

    When content cop needed the most.. He vanished.


    I was eating while watching this and I even gagged in disgust by hearing the name of this “Logan Paul” or who ever he is any more 🤮

  • FuNnY MomEnTS GaMeS

    شكرا لتقديرك لنا يا فيلكس لوضع الترجمه لنا

  • 조아나

    someone puts 10 sec of a random song YouTube:DEMONITIZEDlogan posts a video mocking and recording a dead person and puts it as his thumbnail YouTube:umh I think it will look good in the trending list🤔

  • Phạm Nhật Anh

    PewDiePie là chàng trai vàng của YouTube đấy m.n

  • Mitch's Matrix


  • Wendy Dickson

    At least pewds won’t ever be taken over by Logan Paul 😗😗

  • ThomasMink

    Mr. ThePie makes jokes that are far from being racist.. but gets outed as a racist and dropped faster than a ball thrown to Eric Ebron.Logan Paul films a dead body and decides it's a good idea to post that shit on the internet.. nothing happens. They don't even take the video down. Logan has to do it himself.Then let's not forget how much of a jackass he acted while actually in Japan.. but whatever.I consider myself lucky that I never even heard of Logan, or Jake, Paul until just a few days ago.

  • Caroline I love BTS

    I hate Logan Paul it's so discussing🤢🙄💔💔.

  • Platinum-Alisio

    When Logan Paul is just trying to get views.........

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    0:42 But but can you do this? _/

  • Abidur2000

    When you realise that Jake Paul IS NOT the most hated Paul brother...

  • GamingTV

    Whats A Logan Paul!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Amanda S

    I just feel like anybody has to know like anyone with common sense that you shouldn't even post that shit in the first place.

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