Witcher 3: Tell Emhyr he was a Bad Father

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Telling Emhyr he was a Bad Father, after lying to him that Ciri is Dead
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  • Ernie10

    Witcher.....I do not wish to see that hair cut. Ever again.

  • Jeffrey Pramono

    Emhyr: "i do not wish to see you, ever again"Geralt: nodsawkward standingGeralt: "...do you play Gwent?"Emhyr: "...yup"

  • Ace IsTheShit

    In the words: "I do not wish to see you ever again" there isnt hate ,only bitterness.

  • Cry

    Rename this video to "Tell Emhyr the truth"

  • Mrgigagooga

    "Tell Tywin Lannister he was a bad father"

  • xLetalis

    I felt like this was a bit harsh...

  • Elsneakakaze

    He took that alot better than your average deranged tyrant.

  • Benny Pisinberg

    Emo Geralt tells Emhyr is bad father, well that's nice

  • Mr Dweet-Dweet

    I look at Geralt's hair and I imagine him saying "I use Gauntlets to stop myself from cutting"

  • SuperGodlike101

    HmmEmhyr sounds like someone who would rant to his son about the importance of the family name and that of legacy.

  • BlackSkullArmor

    Aaah yes, the Emo of Blaviken


    Charles Dance likes to play the bad father apparently.

  • PastaSciutta

    that haircut gave me cancer. but nice vid

  • Screaming Meat

    I just love how half of the comment for this video are about Geralt's hair.

  • aromatoverona

    There is just something about when a cold person loses their only legacy. There is sadness in this scene. Not expressed in the words said. We are going places with video games.

  • Aleksandr Pushkin

    >sees through Geralt's bullshit>takes the insult >doesn't try to get Cirilla back>lets Geralt goEmhyr is a great guy, and went through a lot of good changes after the events of the last book.

  • Panagiotis Kavalieratos

    After seeing this haircut I keep imagining Geralt speaking like this :"It's not a phase mom! Im a witcher now , nobody understands me and they all call me a freak" .

  • Dark Light

    Emhyr: "watch your manners, my army are outside"Me: MUTHAFKER, your soldiers are all level 14, they do 2.5 damage to me, SIT TF DOWN

  • Arthur Morgan

    "if there is nothing else..""there is, but you may go." I wonder what else there was then xD

  • Traviltar

    Whats with the gay hair?

  • AdmiralPrice

    Emhyr is a powerful man and a bit of a **, but he's an amazing emperor.

  • ChuckPalomo

    Man, when he says "understood". Nothing is sadder than a sad Charles Dance. Oh well, you reap what you sow, and I prefered Redenia anyway.

  • Veloziraptor111

    Damn, that was seriously depressing. I actually rather liked Emhyr, in the books and in game. In my playthrough he lost to Radovid and the epilogue said he was assassinated at home. He went to his grave having lost his daughter, the war and probably the will to carry on. A sad ending to an emperor.

  • Gerard Ferrer

    The only moment on this game where I felt bad for Emhyr. Just a bit.

  • Noth De

    I thought I got the bad ending when I saw him say she died. Even accepted her death and went on then they were like "she lives buddy"

  • Irvan Syah

    Is this the new devil may cry game?

  • Logan the Krogan

    To be a bad father you have to be a Father to begin with. Ciri had Emhyr had no bad or good moments together. Emhyr simply was not a Father at all. I suppose it's one's opinion to say whats worse.

  • w87g8765

    i actually like Emhyr. Anyone?

  • Jim Canterak

    "Witcher, I do not wish to see you. Ever again."And here I thought They would become BFFs. Seriously Emhyr? You think Geralt wants to do anything with you? Aside from killing you with his bare hands?

  • Leo Y

    in the novel, Emhyr is worse than a bad father.. hes more of an animal lol

  • Nickster316

    "Nor I you" would have ended this scene perfectly

  • Matthew Stewart

    Love this interaction. Geralt totally shaming the most powerful man in the continent for his neglectful and selfish attitude. Really seething bitterness between these two.

  • WanderfalkeAT

    In the Books when the Emperor had the Chance to kill Geralt and Yen and take Ciri with him - He decided otherwise, when he saw how affected Ciri was! At this particular time he acted like a loving Father! So I personally was not so harsh to Him. We should not Forget what Emhyr had to go through in his Life! His rise to power was more of a revenge quest! Understandably so!

  • Prodigy ADED

    I didn’t bow to him. I didn’t respect him. He never treated Ciri right. That’s why Geralt is considered her father. Not knowing if Ciri died or not. He should know that he could’ve been a better father to his daughter. She deserved that. He’ll live with that for the rest of his life. Knowing he failed his daughter.

  • Tiger Bite

    Emhyr looking away from Geralt because he’s laughing at that haircut

  • Escap1st

    Emhyr: "Witcher, I do not wish to see you. Ever again."Geralt: exit conversation enter conversation Care for a round of gwent?

  • Mentatskillz

    I'm almost a little disappointed that they cast Charles Dance as Emhyr. Charles is such a brilliant actor and brings so much charisma to the role. I start to feel something for Emhyr because of Charles' performance. I don't want to. I want to hate Emhry and it's hard because of Charles Dance. I had the exact same problem when he played Tywin Lannister.

  • Tertium

    hahahahahaha! bad father?! OH GOD IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT HE DID IN THE BOOKS!

  • Discount Disco

    So my only daughter died? Yeahhh well whatever witcher goodbye then.

  • AdmiralOddSock

    God when he said “Understood” you heard the guilt in his voice! Incredible voice acting! Charles Dance you Legend

  • Walter Clements

    "witcher may cry"

  • Ben H

    What kind of psychopath chooses that haircut over the tied back look.Sort it out.

  • Emyr Van Emres

    I am such a confident badass

  • Chris Rooster

    Bad father? That is the biggest understatement.

  • dochas beo

    No matter what you say to him at this point, my heart breaks for this guy.

  • curiouscat1997

    Charles Dance shows sorrow in his voice exactly in the way a very composed and powerful man would do when not solitary.

  • Jackarabit

    iam amazed how charles dance played two horrible fathers, and he nailed both of them

  • Claire Dé Lune

    This holds weight if you actually took her to Emhyr and she met him, then he probably believes it.

  • Victoria R.

    Even if you choose "didn't talk about you" Emhyr will end up saying the same :)

  • Tlot Pwist

    If there's hair mods, i hope there's one with a feudal japan samurai haircut.For the lols

  • Muslim Terrorist

    Im currently reading the books and i just found out that emyhr owes his life to geralt when he was still an urcheon

  • Lauren E

    Honestly I think the cruelties thing to say to him is that ciri never even mentioned him. I dunno, that just strikes me as a much colder choice (and of course I picked it)

  • Tom Lees

    Emyhr: “Did she ask you to convey anything?”Geralt: “The Lannisters send their regards”

  • Willy Severus

    that skellige armor looks pretty good wow! :D

  • BigLundi

    I just love how he just accepts it, like, "Yes, yes I was, and I'm rather fine with that. Anything else?"

  • Paul Regan

    After seeing what Emhyr does in the books, I think this is even more justified.

  • Reza Mohammad

    What a cold hearted father. But my God he can act very good actor

  • Joseph Madera

    Emhyr :I don't wish to see you ever again. Gerald : you're not going to see me pulls out crossbow and shots him .Emhyr : Damn it that's the second time that happened you're worse than my bloody dwarf son.

  • Drox

    The haircut will fit perfectly if its a mustache. He will look like johnny depp

  • andrei ciupu

    In my playtrough he died so his wish was granted i guess

  • Emilio Hidalgo

    Say what you want about Emhyr, but you can hear the amount of regret and shame he feels when told how bad of a father he was

  • Soccercrazyigboman

    Game Emir is different from book Emir

  • Lukas Schuurman

    Emhyr: "Witcher, I do not wish to see you, ever again."Geralt: "Ok, see you next week." wink

  • The Ders

    Next Video: Telling Geralt he has a bad haircut.

  • capz

    Geralt: I love Ciri. That is why I spend a quater of my time looking for her. And the rest for Gwent.

  • Luke Smith

    Man, that Hindarsfjall armor is awesome

  • Albraa FJ

    If edward Kenway was a witcher that would be his haircut

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