Witcher 3 Ambient music Part 2: Yennefer's Home

This is Part 2 of the Witcher 3 Ambient Music collection.
  • Dab Tsov

    The smell of gooseberries and lilac....

  • Raynatta Daughter

    team geralt and yennefer forever not a traitor

  • Silver Akstilettos

    I find these lack of views...disturbing.

  • Abdulla AlMarri


  • Dan luffs

    reason i picked yen.she had the better soundtrack

  • Stefan Pototschnig



    Has to be my favorite ambient music in Witcher 3

  • fg g

    I listen to this while reading the book

  • kleenextoiletrolls

    ohhhhhhhhhh dude i've been looking around for this. i love this over "yes, i do"

  • Philip K.

    This music is rather sad. Although it depends on which of these ladies you "chose".

  • Tinger EU

    it make me cry .... especialy after finishing witcher 3 ;/..

  • Alexandra S.

    Perfect music to study with!

  • Chen the new king

    it's also used during the dinner with keira metz i always lingered between answers to enjoy the music a bit longer

  • sparkius30

    This music has a calming effect. Love it.

  • awsomewild

    On my fourth run of Witcher 3 and I hate finishing a game like this it's like you told the girl of your dreams that "well we did it...we are at the end of the road....I guess we have to part ways......" let me just say that no matter how many amazing runs you have your first one will always be the best but the other runs are still amazing.

  • Christian Gleffe

    Who else falls asleep to this with a smile on their face😁

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    soundtrack is called "Yes, I do"

  • A God Named Travis Worthy

    Absolutely incredible, so crazy how good the music is in this game I'd go a far as too this is the greatest game of all time

  • Stefan Pototschnig

    Thanks a lot man,it is to you that thousands of people can enjoy this wonderful collection of Sound - masterpieces;)THANKS

  • Gandalf The Grey

    Thank you my sir for posting this, revision sessions made 1000000x easier!!!Oh the Lilac and gooseberries!


    I miss Yen so much that I have to go to her house but she is not there lol

  • 123456789 987654321

    Does this not have a name? It is the best music on witcher 3 by a long way, and the others have 100 times the views.

  • PcMast3Rac3

    if you never played the game you will never feel how soothed these music is....

  • Wicky

    i can't believe i've never thought of doing homework while listening to the ambient witcher soundtrack. Thanks for the upload!

  • Mahoney 87

    Completely embodies Geralts and Yens relationship perfectly.

  • Shadow Struggle


  • mypersonaljesus1

    Mmm, thanks bunches for the relaxing music.

  • Ryan Powell

    Was looking for this! :D

  • ulysse delanoe

    could someone make guitar riff for this? I just love it

  • jh13 4 mvp

    Perfect background music while reading the books

  • SkyRaker77

    where can i get more music like this? is that a lute or a mandolin or a harp i can't tell lol

  • S7

    Yes! I've been searching the internet for this music for like 2hrs. This mixed with Yes, I Do...is something magical. Like when Triss & Geralt are in the garden.Thanks so much for uploading!Hold this like sir. :)

  • Sir Ronvid of the Small Marsh

    That Unicorn followed me to Corvo Bianco🤣

  • Yorutamashi

    please do this for touissant!

  • Noah Shue

    Why is this not on Spotify???

  • Kent Barnes

    I always go in that skellige tavern when i want to be at peace 😍

  • Szlachcic66y G

    fajnie sie przy niej spi😊😊😊

  • Davy Martin

    Beautiful. Guitar tab? Anyone?

  • Jid Abdullah

    Okay. One thing. Be sure that the Netflix series gets the same composer who did for all 3 of the games. Then and only then I'll be hooked. Period

  • Deadpan7

    always felt happy to be over the inventory limit bc then I would walk into her room in Skellige and be greeted with this music all the time

  • Rémi Richoux

    This particular place when u stand has a magic atmosphere, charming and soothing. A smell of gooseberries and lilac too.

  • Patrik Šandor

    is this one copyrighted? i was thinking of using it in background of my video

  • Esteban Martire

    I love to hear this while studying

  • BeatnBeats Music - Hip Hop Beats & Anime Remix

    Bachelorthesis and this 👍

  • Kasia Ćwieluch


  • Naty

    Wonderful music in the whole game. I will never get tired of it !

  • mahmoud talaat

    dude i did just the same but not for video purpose when i listen to this i just stnad there and hear the music for a long time

  • SuperKane5

    Still have the unicorn

  • krishna swaroop

    this is beautiful❤️❤️❤️

  • Vanessa Murillo

    Where are the guitar tabs?? I need to learn this

  • Dimitri Tsampiras

    is there anyway you can shorten this?

  • mattottam

    such melancholy, I keep coming back to this music

  • Arethur Antônio

    how to play this music in the guitar

  • Gaurav Singh

    Any high quality, this ambient music available?? This sounds too low on phone!

  • Garrosh Hellscream

    Everyone on the unicorn !

  • Keita Marislo

    Where is this place in game?

  • Funkmeister

    This game really put my morals to the test. Whilst I understand a lot of people picked Yen I ended up picking Triss. This was a tough choice but if you look at it like this... Geralt and Yen were not compatible. They are bound by a wish Geralt made to a Djin. Whilst his Triss relationship seemed more sincere and natural. Yes Triss has deceived him before but what she did in the Witcher 3, being a leader, putting people ahead of herself and showing some true compassion and love for Geralt is what ultimately made me say I loved her and asked her to stay with me. Yen is a pretty girl, I’m sure she will have zero trouble finding a new companion. Hmmm maybe Letho? XD

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