The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack (Full)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST.
Composers: Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikołaj Stroiński, Percival

0:00 - The Trail
2:51 - Geralt of Rivia
5:15 - Eredin, King of the Hunt
7:45 - Wake Up, Ciri
9:21 - Aen Seidhe
11:59 - Commanding the Fury
14:09 - Emhyr var Emreis
16:41 - Spikeroog
19:49 - King Bran's Final Voyage
22:03 - Silver for Monsters...
24:25 - Whispers of Oxenfurt
27:02 - The Nightingale
28:43 - City of Intrigues
30:52 - The Hunter's Path
33:46 - Widow-maker
35:58 - Kaer Morhen
38:35 - Eyes of the Wolf
40:41 - Witch Hunters
43:24 - ...Steel for Humans (Lazare)
44:53 - Fate Calls
46:53 - The Vagabond
49:43 - Cloak and Dagger
52:31 - Forged in Fire
54:37 - Yes, I Do...
56:13 - Welcome, Imlerith
59:00 - Drink Up, There's More!
1:00:38 - After the Storm
1:02:11 - Blood on the Cobblestones
1:04:16 - Farewell, Old Friend
1:07:10 - The Song of the Sword-Dancer
1:09:25 - The Hunt is Coming
1:11:32 - The Fields of Ard Skellig
1:14:44 - Ladies of the Woods
1:16:37 - Merchants of Novigrad
1:19:48 - Hunt or Be Hunted
  • Rasmus Lundqvist

    Only bad thing about this game...IT ENDS.;__;

  • 丽王

    0:00 - The Trail2:51 - Geralt of Rivia5:15 - Eredin, King of the Hunt7:45 - Wake Up, Ciri9:21 - Aen Seidhe11:59 - Commanding the Fury14:09 - Emhyr var Emreis16:41 - Spikeroog19:49 - King Bran's Final Voyage22:03 - Silver for Monsters...24:25 - Whispers of Oxenfurt27:02 - The Nightingale28:43 - City of Intrigues30:52 - The Hunter's Path33:46 - Widow-maker35:58 - Kaer Morhen38:35 - Eyes of the Wolf40:41 - Witch Hunters43:24 - ...Steel for Humans (Lazare)44:53 - Fate Calls46:53 - The Vagabond49:43 - Cloak and Dagger52:31 - Forged in Fire54:37 - Yes, I Do...56:13 - Welcome, Imlerith59:00 - Drink Up, There's More!1:00:38 - After the Storm1:02:11 - Blood on the Cobblestones1:04:16 - Farewell, Old Friend1:07:10 - The Song of the Sword-Dancer1:09:25 - The Hunt is Coming1:11:32 - The Fields of Ard Skellig1:14:44 - Ladies of the Woods1:16:37 - Merchants of Novigrad1:19:48 - Hunt or Be Hunted

  • Jolly Pug

    still no game is better than a witcher

  • elias borsov

    Silver for monsters ,Steel for humans and gold for the Witcher.

  • Thanasis Velegrakis

    Is anyone here from 2018 who thinks this is the best rpg ever made?

  • karankenZ

    Witcher, why two swords?"They're both for monsters" -Geralt

  • Il'ya Demin

    my respect to the Poles from Russia

  • Yassine Sabraoui

    Witcher 3 doesn't deserve to be a GOTY. It deserves to be a GOTC (Game Of The Century).

  • Faraz Sayed

    Of many things in life....I feel privileged to be alive in the time when Witcher can be played

  • Thelegend27

    Out of all the games this year, this game had the most Polish.I'll see myself out.

  • Arczi008TV

    38:35 o ja pie**ole łyżka spadła, gdzie są ogniska!?

  • HexaN

    My friend said that Red Dead Redemption can be better than Witcher.... Well, I don't think so 😑

  • Evan Middlekauff

    Oh man, just as gaming was becoming boring and I was starting to lose interest, I saw The Witcher 3. I had never played a Witcher game beforehand, so I was nervous to start on the 3rd entry. So glad I did though. Reading books, notes, finding secrets, learning about the past, exploring the vast land, taking down monsters, listening to the beautiful soundtrack, learning the new story, and even getting all emotional in parts of the game (no spoilers will be in this). CDPR has set a new standard for me, and they have put other studios and developers to shame, looking at you EA and Ubisoft. I swear, a side mission in this game has more depth than any recent game made by EA or Ubisoft. If only other studios and developers had as much passion and love for their games as CDPR do. If only.

  • JPZ

    1:11:32 close your eyes and picture yourself in a frozen wasteland

  • Bounce Lunatic

    Best game ever made, we can all agree on that

  • Azku Shang

    No other game comes close, is film, is music, is painting, literature, this is beautiful and detailed as a complete complex open world, you can put the hours you want to complete it, Im 100 hours in and barely passed half the game. The landscapes are like impressionistic paintings, the emotional scenes... If only ONE game should be called Art, The Witcher 3 is that game.

  • FreshuPL ;3

    The witcher 3 > skyrimCyberpunk 2077 > fallout

  • Van Steel

    Sooo ... when Fallout 4 was announced this year, everyone was like "Sorry, Witcher, we have a new GOTY" "Fallout will destroy the Witcher 3" etc. Now that Fallout 4 is out and by any means it is a great game, but I don't think it lived to its expectations to dethrone The Witcher 3. So sorry guys, but The Witcher 3 is the undisputed game of 2015. And still the best RPG ever made.

  • Christopher Reilly

    I've just started this game . I'm not a gamer but my God this is one amazing experience

  • TheViJox

    Witcher makes me feel polish.

  • Projekt T25

    0:00 Ciary za każdym razem

  • divine exceed freya magna

    2.2k guys whi disliked this video IT ISN'T A DOWNLOAD BUTTON

  • Ganef Saber

    This Game is a true Masterpiece

  • ShogekiHej

    Still haven't found better game than witcher 3 and it is almost 2k19

  • Azku Shang

    We don't realize yet but this game ended a chapter in the history of games and started a new one for other artists to follow, this game redefined what a game can really be, a serious art, it can really make you cry like the greatest music and films, and shine at all levels with the passion craftmanship, it's really one of the greatest pieces of art ever crafted on any art discipline, period.

  • Mr.Amazing

    Most polished game in history.get it?

  • Jack Wilson

    We need a grammy for videogames!

  • Chuka Amur

    Exactly 2000 ghouls disliked this. . . .

  • Leo Koutakis

    9:21 god bless you cd projekt red!

  • PaToツ

    ohh Poland, i love you, my slavic brothers, witcher 3 is great <3

  • Sir Daniel Fortesque

    The greatest game of all time

  • DeVikingr

    i'm gonna find every single person that disliked this...

  • Casper Elkjær

    22:03 when you run into your ex

  • Desiree Kabwe

    Destroys Red Dead Redemption 21:20:28 Tell me with a straight face that this game isn't the greatest game ever created while hearing this orgasmic music I'll wait...

  • Azku Shang

    CDPROYECT RED HAS earned the right for people to buy their next game BLINDLY, why? Because they gave us the greatest game ever crafted, and they didn't need to do that but they did, they gave their soul on a game, now I have the need to invest on them and have complete confidence, because they gave me the most emotional game experience ever.

  • prempeh elisha

    This game is truly the best. It is getting all the fame in Africa

  • Vixx

    My friend said witcher 3 is shit... Does anybody know good places to hide body?

  • حارق خيمة الآداب

    1:04:20 saddest moment in games history

  • Estetski junak

    Slava rodu, GLORY TO SLAVS!

  • Cristobal Calderon

    1:11:32 ..... i love this song

  • Feel bong

    CD project red !! crazy bastards what is this? this is masterpiece

  • Sir Daniel Fortesque

    The greatest game ever created that we do not deserve!

  • CoolAlex 95

    the witcher 3 Hunt or Be Hunted epic soundtrack

  • Sir Daniel Fortesque

    Am I the only one that keeps listening to The Trail over again.

  • KoZixOR

    niby juz mineło tyle lat a ja mam wciaż ciarki słuchajac muzyki z wiedźmina :P

  • John Angel

    my favourite part 0:00 - 1:22:14

  • Sanristia

    Nejlepší hudba všech dob, naprosto skvělý slovanský nádech. Sláva rodu!!!

  • Roman Slavinsky

    Shout out to all my slavic brothers and sisters!Вместе мы сила, славяне!

  • oğuzhan orbay

    Doctor: You have 1.20 Hours until die.Me:

  • Ashryver

    Cant belive it's been already 3 years since witcher3 premiere, I keep coming every few month or so to listen to this epic soundtrack, gives me this weir sensation

  • ShArp_47


  • Drion

    Am i wierd for saying that litteraly feel an orgasm listening tk this?

  • Wszechświat

    I'm gonna play this game again in 10 years. Remind me in 10 yrs. Starting from: march 15th 2019

  • Xenza


  • Machewsan

    I... I seriously think The Witcher 3 is my favourite game of all time... If not now, definitely in a couple of years when Nostalgia kicks in.

  • Nikkogerol

    1:11:33 - These songs actually make me feel emotions

  • Samphaa7

    Imagine if Witcher 3 was actually Witcher 1 and we still had 2 more Geralt games to come.

  • The real Slim Shady.

    When people were saying this was game of the decade, century etc. and would ruin othr RPGs because it set the bar so high, I thought they were being stupid. I since have not played a game better or a game that has made me feel the way this game did, stunning work by CD Project Red, hopefully Cyber Punk 2077 will be just as good if not better, I need another game to fill my time and thoughts.

  • Melodic Meerkat

    This game makes you think, you'll never find a better one.

  • Okii z

    Best game ever made, well done Poland

  • Amr Mohamed

    Skellig music gives me the chills everytime, also kaer mohren ❤

  • Muhammad Lo

    Whenever someone tells me that their favorite game is anything other than the Witcher 3 SoRrY Ur OpInOn Is InCoReCt

  • Derangedxzombie

    You see people comparing this to Skyrim and saying it is better, like they're on crack. They're different games rich in their own lore, but both equally perfect. And both have equally brilliant sound tracks.

  • Chode Master

    This game is a masterpiece, on a massive scale.

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