The Witcher 3 - INFINITE XP & MONEY EXPLOIT 1.31!


I would recommend you to not use any glitch if you want to enjoy the game at 100%. It's your choice^^

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  • Tiber Centime

    Before you ask, the name of the song is Zara Larsson & MNEK - Never Forget You [Pascal Voe Remix] here's the link

  • FrapsDirector


  • Luke Smith Throw money at the screen

    I really liked this game. I bought it last week and it is amazing, but the leveling system is a fucking joke. I'm doing this glitch asap

  • Jacob Anderson

    works for any nest in game

  • induplicable

    if you equip griifin school sword, and get far enough away that they respawn you can get 76xp per run just wish you didn't have to wait 3 days

  • 7coltman

    doesn't work anymore

  • Jay Will6

    screwed up my story, started from beginning. thank god I don't have to do all the quest and grind through it again.

  • USGishumura

    if i save the game will i be able to continue again later?

  • Karu NL

    I destroy all 3 nest in that area then I ran away and meditate for 72hours even more but they didnt respawn

  • Omar Animations

    Thanks for the great guide!

  • Hector Meneses

    which glitch gets you more money? this one or the sword one? thanks

  • Joseph Garcia

    they reduce the monster level. they are now level 8 and when you kill them, they drop 2+. sigh this game has soo many patches its not fun any more

  • LieutenantTitan

    I'm Level 7 and I'm struggling to level up fast to progress with the story. I have done the first part so now I have to travel elsewhere but it says to be level 16 for the recommendation. Is there any methods I could use to kill low level monsters to gain xp?

  • Abdullah Hamdi

    hey i wanna know how do you get all the map clear for you ?

  • Retro Wave

    you can also destroy the nests, and after u meditate for 3 days u can qucksave and reload, if u do this nekkers will also spawn

  • USGishumura

    is it good idea to attempt this at lvl 4 on death march diff?

  • Guilherme Magalhães

    Is there a package where I can download everything at once? The space, the pack and the DLC?

  • moomarkel

    has this been patched?

  • Micheal Blanco

    After the second time I did this the nekkers stopped spawning but the nests are still spawning so is the nekkers not being there bad and if possible can anybody tell me how to make them spawn

  • Parvez Khan

    safe level to attempt this ?

  • Houwen Lie

    is it worth trying for level 17 or so?

  • TheInfamousWolf

    I don't have any of the DLCs yet, is there a merchant you reccomend prior to the DLCs?

  • Eric Aurich

    it works teste Today on Patch 1.31 with but idk its not dat many money

  • jg almeida

    So, the bombs aren't being produced anymore

  • Abdullah Hamdi

    is there is any other exp glitch in 1.31 ?

  • Jason Haywood

    patched Xbox one this glitch don't work

  • That Guy

    You get 20xp a go doing this. To level up once you need 2,000 xp, that means that you have to do this 100 times for one level.

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