Batman: Arkham Knight -- "Time To Go To War" -- Official Gameplay Video (HD 1080p)

Please watch: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - "

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  • Joel Svensgård

    "I don't kill people"smashes little car with his massive metal tank/car

  • Trash Compactor

    were they unable to get better voice actors or is it supposed to be cheesy on purpose?

  • Blipblobit

    Don't worry guys Batman was just stunning those vehicles...with explosives.


    Oh god, for a second I thought maybe Ivy would be a playable character and mint help bats, why did he take her to prison, she wasn't resisting arrest ! She could have join his team and or give him a blow but nope :( ! Dumb moment for the bats for not taking the chance with her!

  • Eli

    Anybody thinks that the bat's voice is not according with the caracter? Or is it just me

  • CrustyShitFlakes

    Will there be another MASSIVE downgrade in graphics for retail?

  • MrMilan90

    Where is Bane in this whole story???


    Boy this game is gunna look so good in 4k

  • Costas 14


  • irfanimp

    yee time to go to warrrr ı like this..

  • KableFI

    What game engine does it use? I saw Batman going through stairs and stuff with the Batmobile

  • Itz VJ

    It looks so smooth running at 30fps, cant wait to see how it runs at 60.

  • Mac

    Those combos last forever.

  • Anthony Donate

    Why are people excited for this? Shits becoming like call of duty

  • Marco Saadi

    Really stuck on whether to get this on my PS4 or on steam. My computer will be able to run the game at 1080p on ultra probably at 60+fps. But i like the PS4 controller better than the xbox 360 controller i use on my computer. I live in Britian so the PS4 copy costs £44 on Amazon and the steam copy costs only £35. For pre ordering the game on steam you get to play as Harley Quinn. But if you pre order for PS4 you get extra skins and the Scarecrow Nightmare mode. Can someone please give me advice on which version of the game to buy.

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