Top 15 RPG Games PLAYSTATION 4 ( Upcoming 2017 & 2018 )

Here 15 of Bests New RPG games 2017 and 2018 will release for PlayStation 4. please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts

    Boy, I sure don't hate when people use screenshots from games that either don't exist or aren't in the video and look far more interesting than a lot of what's actually in the video. That's not annoying at all.

  • Steven Moultrie

    I bet you Final fantasy and KH3 will be pushed back another year smh

  • Nercos Thorell

    I hope they do a rework of FFVIII i liked it more then VII

  • Alejandro Rodríguez

    Some one didn't do a proper research, I mean where is Code Vein? Monster Hunter World? And many other tittles that looks way better than some of those?

  • Anna P.

    Cyberpunk 2077 is not from the game. It is a graduation project from a student. Nothing to do with the game.

  • MadBlade 12

    the need to Remake Star Ocean: The Second Story.

  • donbasuradenuevo

    Where's Dragon Quest XI and GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re:Link ???

  • Stephen A

    I think I freaked out the most to see the Secret of Mana remake! I had no idea!

  • Yuuki Terumi

    Why does everything I see say that FFVII will release in 2018? It’s highly unlikely

  • Engle Wang

    0:56 fancy you here Master Yi


    Half the games you showed haven't even been given a release date yet and you have them on a list as being (the best) rpgs, based on what? A trailer you seen.haha obviously just making a video for the sake of it with no regard for facts or content

  • TheLiamis

    Ff7 will be so so I complete or more likely episodic. Se will ruin it.

  • TheLiamis

    After ff 15 lacking plot and being so I complete I won't touch an ff game ever again.

  • John Smith

    So what Final fantasy 15 get a million more DLC, *major spoiler*, THEY ALL DEAD!!!

  • The Culpriit

    What's the game in the Thumbnail

  • Cpn. Beartato

    I cant wait to lose my sleep

  • Steven McCall

    Where’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

  • Marlon Brans

    I sold my PS4 Pro to get a switch at first i regretted it but seeing all the PS4 games coming out and switch in rly not that interested in the PS4 games it seems like 2018 has nothing i want for PS4 in not into God of war,horizon, days gone, death stranded ,etc and now these rpgs arnt rly catching for switch i love alot of games that are coming out for it Zelda,Metroid,Mario, Pokémon,fire Emblem,etc..

  • Dave Barista

    It makes me sad and also excited to see remakes instead of new games.FF7 probably deserves remake, but it is bit of curiosity to me finding Legend of Mana being remake instead of them releasing Legend of Mana 2. It is bit irritating how things are done.

  • Soru7

    some arent even rpgs here...and i really doubt, that cyberpunk will also be one.too many degenerated idiots, who still dont know what a rpg is and seriously try to define this old genre and create a new one out of nothing...

  • rurounigirl20

    can i please get the name of the song at 3:00 when Cyberpunk 2077 starts? it's amazing!

  • Metal Boss

    Cyberpunk 2077 tech demo called "NeoCity" made by Unreal Engine 4. It was a student project.

  • UMI🐉

    Cyberpunk 2077 better release soon. When the original trailer was released, it was amazing based on the standards of those times. Looking at the gameplay in this trailer, it no longer stands apart from other games as it used to. Hurry up before it starts looking dated compared to everything else!

  • Marcelo SF

    I think final fantasy VII will be launched with ps 5

  • Stephan Seibert

    Please put time stamps into your video description.

  • Carlos Valverde

    Waiting for Dragon West XI and Trails of Cold Steel 3 Western releases.

  • Setphiroth Cheng


  • RainySense

    Can I ask about the name of the Game that you use as image?

  • Katsugaruta Tengaruta

    Is sao fatal bullet good?

  • Boogie2988 LiveStreams

    final fantasy 7 coming 2019

  • Kalina Anne

    AS overrated as FF7 is, I'll prob end up getting the remake to see how much enix has changed it. Then I know what to expect when the better FF games like 5, 6, 8, and the underdog, 9 stories come into remake as well. Enix destroyed Parasite eve. Enix can make good games just not good final fantasy games unless SquareSoft already made it.

  • Daniel Retamal

    omg secret of mana hype

  • DarkBoy15

    What's the song you used with Greedfall ??

  • Artur Medvedev

    OMFG!!! Who knows the track from Cyberpunk?

  • Crow Soul

    busco un juego que sea mas o menos nuevo entre 2013 y 2017 que sea de tematica japones anime de mundo abierto tipo tales of zestiria o dragon quest alguien sabe alguno?

  • Om Roni

    Some games like cat quest and the next hero. They should make it for ps2 games not ps4. Damn spam

  • fred L.

    How can you judge forthcoming games top or bad?! Just ridiculous!...

  • Seiriously

    Why did you use Star Ocean 5 as your thumbnail? That game has been out and it sucked.

  • Kwstas Askotis

    Does anybody can forward the time and bring kingdom hearts tomorow ?

  • GoldenFenrir

    Which one was the one from the thumbnail...or was I just clickbaited

  • Zayn Zayn

    I miss my sega genesis and gba

  • Radian Dhamma Prasetya

    Ni no ku ni like a fun games i will buy that game if appear

  • Joe Karen

    Do I need to play the first nino kuni before playing the 2nd one?

  • 250Bombas Nucleares

    some games also for vita ? or only ps4?

  • Luis Arias

    Missed a couple I think would be worth mentioning. Lost Sphear and Project Octopath Traveler.

  • Gerardo Mendez

    and others plataforms :v

  • Alex Rs

    90% Trash :D "Digimon" LOL...,.is the list for pubescent and 30+ year old children?

  • Hannah Kramer

    You don't have any comments yet, so here:Some of these games look fun.

  • Alex Rs

    what about pokemon, or maybe directly tetris? xD

  • BrotherNo JL

    did not expect ni no kuni 2 to have chibi characters on the map like that final fantasy game which makes no sense to me for the style its in.

  • Cruz Slns

    What's up with all these Japanese games I know the PS4 is from there but please start making more western games as well my PS4 pro is just accumulating dust because of it

  • Draconius Sinfael Ascalin

    FF7 Remake'Cyberpunk 2077'FF 15 Ep.Ignis'Greedfall'KH3 is on XB1 as well.But for the ones that aren't they look terribly boring.

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