10 video game bosses nobody can defeat

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10 video game bosses nobody can defeat. There are many kind of different bosses in the world of gaming. Some are easy, some are hard and some are just plain unbeatable. The bosses in this video are all impossible to take down, no matter how hard you try. This makes fighting them a frustrating ordeal since not many gamers like to lose. Get ready for 10 video game bosses nobody can defeat! And spoiler warning of course.


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  • ZoominGames

    Grinding on your phone to take on the biggest MegaTen demons!!Shin Megami Tensei is coming to mobile phones, check it out!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1NmvE_qfuE

  • iiAmFrosty

    Uhm, actually you forgot a important boss NO ONE CAN DEFEAT!The trees in gta.

  • Ridiculous Harbinger

    Number 1: Loading screens

  • Amenhotep

    Zeus, God of War 2 First encounter

  • Kade Luedke

    Dragon god demon souls Edit 1st encounter

  • Sharc Blazer

    A lot of these aren't even bosses, just death walls

  • Simeon Odendaal

    Damn...was still playing shadow of the colossus...well now i know to much

  • Communist General Billy Mays


  • MetallicaFan657

    The Regenrators of Dead Space

  • Xurre

    Having a boss purposefully unbeatable is one thing, make a list with bosses that are not unbeatable on purpose. Like original C'thun from wow

  • BearThe Devil

    Is it just me or does this feel clickbaity... I was expecting to click on the video and have ten bosses that were possible to kill but “no one” has actually killed them not games that had enemies that were unkillable

  • Punisher Snake

    3:19 Borderlands 2 is one of my fav games of all time.... and this DLC is epic and the ending is super sad... i wont spoil it here.... PLAY THIS GAME.... and be sad...

  • My slaps are out of this world

    Dark Souls 1's Seath the Scaleless? He is unbeatable the first time you encounter him.

  • prickly10000

    EA is the Biggest Unbeatable boss in gaming History! Every time we take it on, We lose.

  • Garry Sucks

    Tbh, the guy in the mask IS the unbeatable final boss, not you. No matter how hard you try to kill him, he just spawns there, runs up the spiraling, uh, ramp? And plunges the sword (or horn in nomad colossus' theory) and boom you get sucked right in that pool.

  • Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    Ummm wrong! If the story progresses or the boss leaves the area. You beat them. If they were truly unbeatable then the story wouldn't progress and you would forever be stuck at that point of the game

  • Karl Sookdeo

    Hey what about Neptuno From Final Fantasy 3?

  • lol

    Guys you know the meme face guy with glasses from the oh yeah yeah guy? they made him into a game!

  • omar Balooshi

    Welcome back mysterious voice lady .. We missed you

  • Lune

    Death Walls ! clickbait, we kill them later

  • Corrupted Cat

    Number 11 all bloodborne bosses

  • Captain N

    I always hated the Star Destroyer on the final level of Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire.When you shoot it, it says that it has 100% health left, but the counter will never go down, unlike any other enemy in the game

  • RPG Trident

    First encounter with Seath the Scaleless - Dark Souls

  • - Chatterboxx -

    What abour Kain from Legacy of Kain soul Reaver? You fight him 2 times, and cannot beat him. (i know why, but in the 1st part he is the main boss, regardless of the storyline in later games :)Just because LoK isnt a "mainstream" game is no excuse not to include stuff from the franchise in your videos :)))

  • Jibby TCG

    1- The devil z wangan midnight maximum tune 3dx story mode 1

  • Christopher Henshaw

    Mr.X Need I say more!!!!!!!

  • bigfriki

    Not gonna lie... I'm only here for the voice.

  • Patrick Lana

    The most idiot unbeatable boss has got to be the first boss in Yu-Gi_oh forbidden memories. If you beat him, he literally makes you play again forever until you lose. Talk about salty

  • souleymane wagué

    the king of fighter 2002 boss made me want to cry , did all i can to kill him always failed

  • Tay Day

    I beat shadow of the colossus

  • Ambrose Kelley

    What about the crystal dragon in Dark souls 1? (first encounter)

  • Desert Sparrow

    In MGS2 Lady Fortune you gotta wait it out at first.

  • Zsömi

    "If you never played shadow of the colossus then stop watching and go fix that." Ok and who will buy me a Ps4 to begin with?

  • Officer DingDong

    Rest in peace my second pilot for the he 219 a-7

  • pkillerx

    Step aside jokers in the comments. I am actually not surprised, but there was a boss you may have missed from an extremely underrated game.That boss would be the final boss in Zone of Enders 1, Anubis. A boss that is designed to kick the player's ass and cannot be defeated. (it also comes with an intense techno theme that gives off an air that you are in great danger and must run)

  • David Bowie

    I think 3 should be changed because you do kill the handsome dragon in the story

  • Elfi Inderawati

    mario from flappy bird

  • Endless

    There is only one boss I consider unbeatable. It's the last boss from the survival horror game "real life" called death. Nobody knows how to beat this fella or what happens after since you get only 1 try. Hell even the semi bosses like wives or children are hard as f..k

  • Jossecrouge

    You forgot the Dark Jedi Desann from Jedi Knight: Outcast. At the first encounter with him, it is necessary for the story, that he wins, so at this point Desann has infinite health and much stronger force powers (which he spams like some sort of Super-Über-Jedi).At the second encounter with him, at the final of the game, he is shockingly easy to defeat :(

  • Mister Turk Turkle

    Feral chaos in dissidia can be beaten

  • Peter Griffin

    doesn't even show one boss in Dark Souls....unsubscribed

  • Alex Valle

    But people speedrun shadow of the colossus

  • Jacob Kern

    I'm surprised that the Guardian from FFVI wasn't mentioned.

  • CamToonz Z

    You missed keckleon from super mystery dungeon

  • Riley Larman

    - Unbeatable boss battles? -- Try Corrupted Shinnok on Very Hard difficulty! -

  • ALI sensei

    Straga from darksiders

  • Jesse Waldack

    It's getting pretty frustrating to have 4 or 5 ads show up in the middle of a 10 min video.

  • demon blacksmith

    I've killed the four dragons and that dragon

  • Pandu Dragon 234

    7:32Jabberwokcky Is BadassBut Bumby Is Worse

  • Delophantae_

    Uh... Orphan of Kos? No? Nobody? The hardest boss on the Souls Series? No one heard about him?

  • ACE 1986

    Pyramid head from silent hill 2

  • Gøkù Söñ

    oh yeah....then what the hell are TRAINERS for xP

  • patrick clark

    The boss from Breakdown on the original Xbox

  • Jarmahent

    This ladies voice arouses me

  • MagmaGrunt410Toast

    But you can beat feral chaos. Its actually not that hard if you have actually mastered the first game. Takes awhile but (took me about 20 minutes) its very much possible, just requires knowledge of the first games final boss.

  • chase yellow

    To be perfectly fair, Feral Chaos is actually easiest when fought at level 1 without equipment. I feel like the tutorial version of him was supposed to be a hint to that. Not only that, but he's beatable in tutorial if you just hit him with thr square butten about 1200 times. It'll take awhile, but not as long as some other FF boss battles like Yaizmet or Ozmos.

  • RaxoSC

    The borderlands dragon actually can be killed, i mean ya gatta use a cheat but still lol

  • Brandon Logan

    Kingdom hearts-sephiroth-after beating all colliseum cups

  • Hotel? Trivago.

    I actually beat the feral chaos fight, but it wasn’t worth it at all.

  • Laughing Inc.

    7:56 Oh Really?In Call of Duty you gotta survive 5 Minutes before Reinforcements come in.

  • hunter slagstad

    FALSE: Handsome Dragon CAN be beaten, there's even dialog for it.

  • CreeperKing 4.10

    The strongest boss in the world is 'Dark Souls"Who agrees?

  • YEET

    5:40 is that me in the future!?

  • PT Swiggins

    Lol what about Red from Soul SilverOr the Lone Wolf mission from HaloOr Master Hand

  • Last Gen Richthofen

    Pinwheel from Dark Souls (Kappa)

  • AJTheBossGamer25

    Look at my name i can beat those all in 5 hours (just kiddin)

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