10 video game bosses nobody can defeat

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10 video game bosses nobody can defeat. There are many kind of different bosses in the world of gaming. Some are easy, some are hard and some are just plain unbeatable. The bosses in this video are all impossible to take down, no matter how hard you try. This makes fighting them a frustrating ordeal since not many gamers like to lose. Get ready for 10 video game bosses nobody can defeat! And spoiler warning of course.


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  • ZoominGames

    Grinding on your phone to take on the biggest MegaTen demons!!Shin Megami Tensei is coming to mobile phones, check it out!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1NmvE_qfuE

  • Endless

    There is only one boss I consider unbeatable. It's the last boss from the survival horror game "real life" called death. Nobody knows how to beat this fella or what happens after since you get only 1 try. Hell even the semi bosses like wives or children are hard as f..k

  • frozenDear

    Dont know why but your voice is hot sexy as hell

  • prickly10000

    EA is the Biggest Unbeatable boss in gaming History! Every time we take it on, We lose.

  • Sharc Blazer

    A lot of these aren't even bosses, just death walls

  • omar Balooshi

    Welcome back mysterious voice lady .. We missed you

  • A guy doing Stuff

    Number 1: Loading screens

  • RPG Trident

    First encounter with Seath the Scaleless - Dark Souls

  • Zsömi

    "If you never played shadow of the colossus then stop watching and go fix that." Ok and who will buy me a Ps4 to begin with?

  • Patrick Lana

    The most idiot unbeatable boss has got to be the first boss in Yu-Gi_oh forbidden memories. If you beat him, he literally makes you play again forever until you lose. Talk about salty

  • Jesse Waldack

    It's getting pretty frustrating to have 4 or 5 ads show up in the middle of a 10 min video.

  • MagmaGrunt410Toast

    But you can beat feral chaos. Its actually not that hard if you have actually mastered the first game. Takes awhile but (took me about 20 minutes) its very much possible, just requires knowledge of the first games final boss.

  • hard mode

    Says go play Shadow of the Colossus, one second later Spoils the entire game...

  • ACE 1986

    Pyramid head from silent hill 2

  • Voz V.

    The gang at the end of Red Dead Redemption can’t be beaten. I don’t know if they count as a final boss but they are there specifically to kill John off so you can take over as his son

  • SweetBerry ud Yufs Bri'Sheik

    I teared up while fighting Hela in Hellblade. It got me thinking about my own personal issues with death.

  • Billy Mays


  • ZeroZmm

    Forgot to mention the Shinra Army from Crisis Core...No matter how hard I tried :'c

  • Daniel Lewis

    I love the way Tiny Tina talks in Borderlands 2. Funny, cute and charming.

  • aasdas aasdasd

    The reall unbeatable Boss is adault illiteracy

  • Dead Sans

    I'm gonna hit like on every video her voice is in!

  • Amenhotep

    Zeus, God of War 2 First encounter

  • bigfriki

    Not gonna lie... I'm only here for the voice.

  • jdudeoes

    They need to remake Alice

  • Corrupted Cat

    Number 11 all bloodborne bosses

  • Ares God Of War

    I actually beat the feral chaos fight, but it wasn’t worth it at all.

  • Santi Cascardo

    Wait wait wait. Where is anubis from zone of the enders?

  • PSVita at 2am

    Mystery voice lady, my waifu!!!!

  • SilortheBlade

    I'm surprised you didn't include Pyramid Head.

  • Bob Jones

    title is misleading. should be "10 unbeatable video game bosses"

  • Devon DarkRose

    okay it says defeat, defeat does not mean kill soo the last one is defeatable if you did not die and it ran off.

  • Cao Ang

    This is exactly what the modern video games are lacking; Hard bosses.

  • Noah Stoner

    Convectus Demon from ds2 should be on here.He is so hard, still to this day i can't beat him.

  • Kitana Kojima

    Most of these aren’t actual bosses.....,and I’m still confused whether this is a feminine man or a woman with an exceptionally deep voice narrating this.

  • MetallicaFan657

    The Regenrators of Dead Space

  • Metalhead8489

    Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX

  • Xurre

    Having a boss purposefully unbeatable is one thing, make a list with bosses that are not unbeatable on purpose. Like original C'thun from wow

  • Rose Demon

    I count the big sister the first time running away as a win so suck it! XD Joking about the suck it, but honestly i do count it as a win.

  • Mikro Bit

    Is this woman on drugs? Lol

  • Mister Turk Turkle

    Feral chaos in dissidia can be beaten

  • Riven

    They got the Dissidia game wrong... Seraph can be leveled up through fighting bots and other players. You wouldn't be really be forced to fight a level 100 boss. I've already defeated the boss hundred times by leveling my character up, which is helpful throughout the game. My favorite pick is Lightning tho... I got her full set of armor and weapons and she's level 100. So anyone wondering if the boss is hard to defeat... It's not once you learn how to dodge and perfect your timing of attacks on the last boss. I'm not saying it's easy for everyone but you'll have lots of mission using different characters so pretty sure you'll master some of those champs..

  • Captain N

    I always hated the Star Destroyer on the final level of Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire.When you shoot it, it says that it has 100% health left, but the counter will never go down, unlike any other enemy in the game

  • Mike Irrelevant

    Megaman Star Force I think it was the first one? Most fking annoying thing ever, think it was called a mega jammer or something, just a bigger version of a mini boss youd beaten many times, except immune to all damage because your "not strong enough yet" when its not even that strong an enemy, just the first time you fight him he takes no damage from any attacks complete bs.

  • BearThe Devil

    Is it just me or does this feel clickbaity... I was expecting to click on the video and have ten bosses that were possible to kill but “no one” has actually killed them not games that had enemies that were unkillable

  • My slaps are out of this world

    Dark Souls 1's Seath the Scaleless? He is unbeatable the first time you encounter him.

  • Am not cring So watch ur self

    Some of them are possible in your video maybe or not

  • chase yellow

    To be perfectly fair, Feral Chaos is actually easiest when fought at level 1 without equipment. I feel like the tutorial version of him was supposed to be a hint to that. Not only that, but he's beatable in tutorial if you just hit him with thr square butten about 1200 times. It'll take awhile, but not as long as some other FF boss battles like Yaizmet or Ozmos.

  • IP-Man

    No Armored Boar from NieR? Shame, such a darn shame.

  • Kenbrix Olegario

    God I've miss Dissidia Final FantasyBut believe or not I've actually defeated the unbeatable boss while lvl 1.It took me our,but considering that I'm a shut in as a kid I have nothing to do even tho I work at my parents store.I grind for hours and hours and manage to defeat itThe only thing I can't defeat is my friend with my LvL 47 Cloud vs His LvL 100(I forgot her name)

  • David Bowie

    I think 3 should be changed because you do kill the handsome dragon in the story

  • Allaster Crown

    Feral Chaos while unfair, is still a joke, spamming HP attacks for 20 minutes does him in...It's not unbeatable, it's just stupid.

  • Juanito Snow

    come for the content stay for the voice over.

  • Punisher Snake

    3:19 Borderlands 2 is one of my fav games of all time.... and this DLC is epic and the ending is super sad... i wont spoil it here.... PLAY THIS GAME.... and be sad...

  • NIBent

    Feral chaos meh. Sephiroth in KH2Now THATS a BOSS fight.

  • ALI sensei

    Straga from darksiders

  • Henry R. Haggard

    I know a lot of other here think and say it, but, "What a sexy voice", i'm in love with you!

  • Ewan Bunford


  • blow me

    "Therrrer many kinsaa bossesinna worl uh gamig. Summer easy, summaHAHHD....."Have another drink, ya Euro-lush

  • The Yulice

    feral chaos level 150 while you are level 1 is a huge advantage, you are just damn weak

  • Jacob Kern

    I'm surprised that the Guardian from FFVI wasn't mentioned.

  • WWEdeadman

    Oh, great job YouTube, I didn't get this video in my sub-box. Had to come here from twitter...Either way, I haven't played a single one of the games on this list, even though I'll probably end up playing Bioshock 2 eventually, even if it is the worst of the Bioshock games.

  • The bane of kings

    Aldrin at the start of Skyrim should be on here

  • Alex Valle

    But people speedrun shadow of the colossus

  • RaxoSC

    The borderlands dragon actually can be killed, i mean ya gatta use a cheat but still lol

  • Jarmahent

    This ladies voice arouses me

  • Ryan Barrera

    Shadow the Colossus is overrated

  • Officer DingDong

    Rest in peace my second pilot for the he 219 a-7

  • TheSunderpSource

    for me, it's playing against computer at the connect four app

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