[FNaF - SFM] - Before - By Shadrow

Another one.

I was working quite a while on this one so, I really hope you like it!

  • Teemu Höyhtyä

    Who else found this animation from your recommended section? Edit: Thank you so much for the 100 likes

  • golden Freddy

    Kids:yay spring Bonnie Spring Bonnie: twiches bottom of his eyeKids: leavesThE eNd

  • Geek Time


  • Alyssa Deubner

    All the blood...Love it

  • BWilson_GameFit

    This is the perfect song for mePERFECT!It has all the things I like

  • Lukas Knell

    0:58 sonar just keeps getting better and better. He made spring trap more broken every time lightning flashed

  • Unknown

    Some would say they would hate all the blood and gutsMe?.....I LOVE IT!

  • nope

    I love how powerful you make springtrap. Another amazing animation I still wish i had decaytrap lul

  • Aces Gaming and More

    Yeah springtrap is on a mass killing

  • Rocket Animations

    I wasn’t expecting this my dude. Very nice movements lighting and creepy scenes as always : )

  • Karl Schiller

    oh yea spring trap is on a mass killing spre

  • Freddy1 31

    3:00 this is starting to please me. :)

  • carlos botero

    Also it’s so good that also keep on replaying it so I can hear it again over and over

  • Just Poli

    You always know how to make bloody and creepy things, that's why your animations are great !Btw, The Legion... Wasn't expecting that lol

  • BWilson_GameFit

    Apparently this song has everything I like in it, fnaf, blood, nice music, and good voice actors (and that I mean only springtrap)

  • Hallow The SleepyBoi

    Not even subscribed and I'm early

  • Supply Drop

    Those Marshals (?) Kicking Down the door, The crazy ass ghost children, Springtrap harvesting souls, springbonnie just grabbing a glock. I have so many questions

  • BWilson_GameFit

    1:27 Freddy's child spin over (knife included)

  • The Animation Studio

    so if we just quickly review the video we can notice that the knife was in his left buttcheek just to where the girl can see it poking him in the butt. LOL. Great job on the animation and i am glad i found an animation this good for this song

  • Vince Wilson

    Why do I feel like this is connected to his our little horror story sfm

  • RosySFM

    Dude I enjoyed EVERY BIT OF IT :D

  • wesley bland

    My favorite part is when he put a heart inside of like a dead body and made golden Freddy

  • supercool dude

    skinny rake ripoff : "hmm i need a weapon"sticks hand in mouth" P E R F E C T "

  • Matek McDermott

    Good timing on some of the parts in the vid… leaves vid (at the end what kind if springtrap model did you use)

  • Raymond Kornmann

    U cant Just brake a safe door that easily xD

  • A Wendigo

    Me: (Sees Springtrap) niceMe: (Sees Legion) VERY NICE DUDE YEAH BOI

  • springtrap24789 afton

    that was foiking amazing dam I can't get over how great that was ima go draw decay trap now XD

  • catherina de castro

    SpringBonnie:*looking around and a fly went in his eye and his twitching his bottom eye*

  • stan

    dude why is the fnaf 3 guard always just a complete shit in sfm animations? like he always just grabs the axe/weapon, but never damages springtrap

  • SilentWasHere

    Early squad where you at?

  • pavels7723 Lepss

    emm what if all wold start in soviet union purple guy wold dance the russian meme dance and lisent the russian hardbass songs?

  • Jacob the foxy fox high

    He's holding a gun OMG

  • Isayeva Kemale Tech

    Siprintcrap yes geymıfoooo👍🙏🤝

  • _SpringySFM_

    5 minutes and I just sitting and watch and cant stop watch and wow! You always impress me with your animations! I have no word for this because goosebump and idk XD. I just love this Animation ^^


    You my man arethe most talented guy ever and if there are any haters groom don't care about them you just keep doing what you're doing this is amazing.

  • LyviN

    BruhThis was soo brutal.I love it.I see a lot of effort here.

  • Justice Gonzalez

    I love this but really it's really getting harder to see I dont like that part

  • budderswift eleven

    So many DbD references, form the spirits sword to the entire legion

  • Grzegorz Samulski

    How did No one had known THat the axe was floting (when the nightgaurd seen it. everyone.

  • The Skeleton Dragon

    I think I had a skeleton's equivalent to a heart attack here. 4:15

  • Andrei Andrei YTB

    oh...The legion . very cool man :))

  • Karl Schiller

    all the gore yes love it the spring trap model is cool

  • Kiarra Kovachevich

    Guy : tries to attack springtrap Springtrap : you dare pose me mortalBtw why does this song sound like that that one happy montage song you heard in Shrek

  • Cryptic

    I like how springtrap is just killing people while killing a nice song

  • Malin Ånerud

    What model disse he ide????!?!?!!

  • ĢøłđBųůñý SFM

    Amazing =D I really love those SpringBonnie And SpringTrap Animations =D

  • Tyler Glitch

    Springbonnie: ‘’You’ll never know exactly what it is that came before’’Me: are u sure about that i know the hole fnaf story line

  • Thegamerguy

    You having a bad day when you made this animation?

  • The Stan Man

    I love the story here. It's super original and just all around cool. The humans were done well and weren't too emotive like in some animations. The kids were done very well and gave them more of a ghosty feel. The new sinister springtrap it pretty good. A decent upgrade to the original. There weren't really anything to talk about with the lighting. It was good and wasn't to bright or dark. Although I do really like your use of volumetric lights in a few parts. But, I do have my problems with this animation. At times the camera movements are a bit too fast or sporadic. It makes it hard to see what is happening at moments. Such as when the guard gets stabbed in the dream. Another thing is the gore. Gore can of course be good especially for a gritty dark animation like this. But sometimes it may be a bit too much. I liked the torn in half part as it was very well done but, I kinda don't wanna see young kids struggling as a murderer puts a gun in their mouths and then see the hole left behind from the blast.Overall, this is a pretty good animation.Just like most of you sfm'sAnyways, I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

  • Coco Magic

    The Legion vs Springtrap , dude this is amazing :))

  • Adam The Walrus Gaming

    I would love to see that springtrap closer to the endLOVE ITI Also love how you had it where the further along in the video the more his look changed

  • valvar gamer

    0:03 oh my god i like that animation of springbonnie

  • Drakonnik Fenita

    Крутое видео, до лайкнуто, добавлено, скачано.

  • Raymond Kornmann

    BTW why is there a sheriff and the police just yolo it

  • Delta Warrior259

    what is that springtrap model in the end I need know it looks so cool

  • Delta Warrior259

    what is that springtrap model in the end I need know it looks so cool

  • Aidan DBD Gaming

    Wait a minute Legion is in this

  • Shankey Hipe

    1:54 the legion dead by deadlight wowoowowowo

  • Lexcpa324 Ginn

    Remember kids, don’t forget to BREATH

  • copotor TV Acerop Acerop

    Well 2019 no protection


    0:34 Springo....what the hell are you doing with that skeleton you freak? 😫😨



  • Ian de Virgala

    i love these animations they’re so good to watch and i love how you designed springtrap👍🏽👍🏽😸

  • Sith Playz

    This was super cool then I saw legions and thought DAMN this went from 10 to SPRINGTRAP CONFORMED FOR DEAD BY DAYLIGHT? All seriousness great animation dude

  • Amitabh Singh

    Now spring trap is a real Hell Demon 😈He is a real physcho .

  • XxKhalidxX


  • Palomita Estrella

    ok i thing he does have a knife in or on the belly

  • Trev W plays

    3:01 Why is Sans Undertale here?

  • DeinoBoi

    This animation has me laughing!!!! XD "So long as Number 4. Does not build on the lore. You'll never know exactly what it is that came before." I think it already did. XD

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