WORLD WAR Z - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo

WORLD WAR Z Gameplay Demo E3 2018 Zombie Game

• Release Date: Fall 2018
• Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC


    L E F T 4 D E A D I N3 R D P E R S O N

  • GlacierBoy

    Who else thinks this looks a trillion times better than overkill’s twd

  • ravey23

    damn these people complain too much WHO TF CARES IF IT'S LEFT 4 DEAD IN 3rd?? At least we get a new game with more features, better graphics, better zombie mechanics, missions, and simply fun. This may not be the L4D3 you wanted but stfu if you want L4D3 then you go and complaint at Valve

  • Rendi 1994

    Looks like Left 4 Dead. It looks good though, just in my opinion.

  • Mine Forcers

    Left 4 Dead:World War Z

  • WretchedWacko

    I hope this game get big it looks like such an amazing game and so fun I wish people would give it a try

  • Omaru Senpai

    Much better than the walking dead overkill’s 👌🏻

  • vivek kumar

    Doesn't all zombie game look same

  • dxfxct

    Zombies pyramid in the videoGirl: "Wow that would be terrifying if I was playing"No it wouldn't. These people have never played a game in their lives. Ffs.

  • PatrickG

    Is Brad Pitt available in the DLC?

  • car dude

    This is literally the divisions layout. I see people spotting it, but nobody is asking why they pretty much "stole" it from the game. The idea is good, the physics from the video is absolutely ridiculous(hope that's fixed). I honestly thought this game was a parody of the division, or a mod for it until I saw the E3 announcement. Really though, how come no one is asking the developers why they ripped off the divisions UI?

  • Marius Ryannaldi

    This is just combinations between Left 4 Dead and Tom Clancy's: The Division.

  • Eustakio Abichuela

    No se porque la gente solo habla sobre lo malo y no sacas las cosas positivas, ni que fueran criticos y le pagaran por decir "LO MALO" de todo. El juego muestra algo novedoso, si, tiene un gran parecido a L4D1 & L4D2, pero todo el mundo esta deseando que saquen una tercera entrega y si sacan una versión buena como lo parece no hace falta ir criticando todo lo que se ve, yo veo un juego con un potencial increible de un género que me encanta que es shooter y encima de zombies en tercera persona con un toque de TheLastOfUs y zombies rapidos y en grandes cantidades como en la pelicula, mucho potencial con una campaña bien currada y varios modos de juego de momento no se puede sacar nada malo dado que el gameplay no dice mucho de la jugabilidad ni de el numero de armas tipos de escenarios pero promete mucho. Esto es una critica CONSTRUCTIVA no es tan dificil chaval@s ;)

  • Vahl Foxx

    They should add more “unnatural” movements to the zekes. What would really emphasize a rapid dangerous disease is especially their movements. I’d like to see some interesting run cycles for the zekes and more “aggressive” twitching in an idle state etc

  • JayNaySayre Sayre

    So happy it's 3rd person

  • RollandB

    "We've chosen to stick to the movie universe"Aaaand I'm out.

  • Vahl Foxx

    How about you make the zombies faster? Don’t get me wrong here sometimes fast zombies = a fast death but seriously. I thought these kinds of zombies would especially be running as fast as humanly possible at all times. They seem a little slow to me. Some of the zombies are even walking at the player. I don’t want to get into the “Scientific” side of the zombie’s virus but cmon. I want this zombie game to be excising if you know what I mean. Even the climbing seems a little slow for me. It would be so terrifyingly cool to see these zombies running at full speed at all times. That includes climbing. Not only would it make the game a bit more harder. It could make somebody actually scared about zombies this time. It would also be a hella cool visual

  • Zylon Williams

    Looking better than the walking dead overkill.

  • Mythic Mike

    When The Division and Left 4 dead have a child.

  • Tony Bayer

    Meanwhile I'm playing re1 remastered and 3 zombies are a big deal


    Left 4 Dead + World War Z

  • Ben Dover1

    Left4dead looks great!

  • anony mous

    -Zoey-Bill-Francis-And Louis

  • Joshman601

    6:10 The mall on Black Friday opening day.

  • Wicked Player

    trash like as the division. Трешняк как зэ дивижн, гавно короч полное, и графон отстой. the same sucks as the division

  • Domina Mortis

    Looks good! I can't wait to play it. All you need is a good group of friends and it'll be fun

  • adolf hitler

    World war z coming 2018 nov. 08

  • Justin Y.

    Left 4 Dead 2 (2) electric boogaloo

  • Vahl Foxx

    What would make this game cool is the sounds. If any of you have watched the somewhat ok movie you heard the sounds the Zekes made. Hella terrifying and hella cool if ya know what I mean.

  • Mazahir Abbas

    So a combination of The Division, The Last of Us and Left 4 Dead. Cool. I feel like it'll suck though.

  • Sir Stefan Lord of Kitty Cats

    I'd like it more if the bodies where permanent and piled up and up and up

  • Cam_NC


  • TheHolyKingsman

    These guys don't believe in headshots it seems

  • Vahl Foxx

    You’d think that these zombies would by hypersensitive over loud things such as GUNSHOTS. Like damn i really wanted some sort of “stealth” aspect to it. But apparently some don’t even flinch to the sound of blatant gunshots. And realistically a suppressed gun is never as silent as it is in some of these games. I mean sure it makes the gun MUCH quieter but not to the point where you’re standing like 20 ft away from them and they don’t hear you. I mean seriously? I expect to shoot one bullet in a building full of zombies and literally have all of them hear it instead of shooting at one point blank and them not hear me at all.

  • Elver’s boi

    This could be my favorite zombie game my first is L4D

  • Tox1c1ty 356

    Looks like the division

  • Ali 1798

    We want Brad Pitt in there


    Basically Left 4 dead 3

  • dxfxct

    THIS IS THE DIVISION RESKINNED THIS GAME IS SHIT!!!! I can't wait until this game flops.

  • Kirtus Bradshaw

    make a left 4dead3 lol not a copy

  • Chaotic Beats

    Bruh it’s look like the division but with zombies


    It would have made more since if the player were military troops or something

  • John Constantine

    Actually I do´t see so much danger for die Player. The enemies are easy and the game has bugs. Not really fantastic but also not really bad. Something in the middle.

  • Darian Hendrickson

    Omg this looks fantastic is it on all systems? Loved the book and movie

  • Yves Gomes

    Damn! This actually looks good. That climbing is awesome. Definitiely way better than The Walking Dead.

  • Chihan Lee

    So many zombie games coming up:World war ZDying light 2The walking dead overkill The walking dead final season Resident Evil 2 remakeDays goneAnd more...

  • Nai Bruh

    What about vehicles for combat or general tranpsorting usage? Anyone answer.

  • White 435

    Witch gun is that 3:44

  • XXX אעה

    Tom Clancy: The Zivision

  • Basl Basl

    It's like division but worse than division

  • Nickales Roman

    Gabe took to long now these people took an oppurtunity and I have to say it looks rather dashing im gonna have to snag a copy

  • Snerdy

    Get this comment on top comment so delevoper can see this after full release!Note to delevoper World War Z:Seem like watching the demo at final defend of horde zombie didn't not go hard enough, i mean what the point there like 2 fence and alot of backup ammo behind the line, it's should be more 5000 zombie or more at second wave. But there a way you can still defend more if the zombie stuck on the fence being fill with dead corpse and they can still across, you can still defend last at the stair place, 4 survival 4 stair defend one side and don't let one of them charge up to your team or you will be dead.

  • Legendary King

    Why is it always 4 player coop not 3 or 5 why always 4?

  • BornOnTheWestCoast

    Imagine if GTA had these graphics😱

  • Tittyana

    so when does this come out? and I also think it needs more white characters

  • Hazard

    LMAO so many Left 4 Dead comments I was just about to make one.

  • Vahl Foxx

    I really have high hopes for this game. I really liked the book and movie (even though the movie barely captures anything from the book) and I want this game to be one of the best zombie games I’ve ever played other than Left 4 Dead.

  • Kenneth Johnson

    omg i can't wait for it comes out :D

  • Luzia Pereira Paes

    Nossa esse jogo será fantástico 😍. Já imaginou o catástrofe dessas no planeta , misericórdia ia ser um sufoco danado para tentar sobreviver. Misericórdia .😅

  • WateringEyeball

    There copying division

  • La Papaya

    The Division with mods

  • jason m

    i hate controllers , cause the gameplay looks like a silver in csgo(me included) unless a pro is using them

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