WORLD WAR Z - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo

WORLD WAR Z Gameplay Demo E3 2018 Zombie Game

• Release Date: Coming 2019
• Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC

  • PatrickG

    Is Brad Pitt available in the DLC?

  • Santi

    Tom Clancy's : Left 4 Dead

  • Sir Stefan Lord of Kitty Cats

    I'd like it more if the bodies where permanent and piled up and up and up

  • anony mous

    -Zoey-Bill-Francis-And Louis


    L E F T 4 D E A D I N3 R D P E R S O N

  • Marius Ryannaldi

    This is just combinations between Left 4 Dead and Tom Clancy's: The Division.

  • WretchedWacko

    I hope this game gets big it looks like such an amazing game and so fun I hope people will give it a try

  • Tony Bayer

    Meanwhile I'm playing re1 remastered and 3 zombies are a big deal

  • 6SChuder

    They should add more “unnatural” movements to the zekes. What would really emphasize a rapid dangerous disease is especially their movements. I’d like to see some interesting run cycles for the zekes and more “aggressive” twitching in an idle state etc

  • Chaotic Beats

    Bruh it’s look like the division but with zombies

  • Janimations Jay

    Tom Clancy’s: Left 4 Dead Rising 5

  • I Know You

    Valve: ""Saber: "...3?"Valve: "SHUT UP!"

  • my subscriber isn't 0

    The Division + Left 4 Dead.

  • edgyartproject

    Zombies pyramid in the videoGirl: "Wow that would be terrifying if I was playing"No it wouldn't. These people have never played a game in their lives. Ffs.

  • Ali 1798

    We want Brad Pitt in there

  • Dorito World Order

    Just more of the same. Dumb, non-strategic arcadey spray-n-pray bullshit that ignores all the best aspects of Max Brooks' universe, like we've played 100 times already, coming out alongside 10 more of the same game from other developers in 2018/2019.

  • Z15. Shawnn

    Left 4 dead beginning 🤔

  • 6SChuder

    What would make this game cool is the sounds. If any of you have watched the somewhat ok movie you heard the sounds the Zekes made. Hella terrifying and hella cool if ya know what I mean.

  • 張伯倫

    Tom Clancy: The Zivision

  • Steven Simmons

    so its in the move world? So...the worst version of WWZ? kk

  • JayNaySayre Sayre

    So happy it's 3rd person

  • jayjay duque

    i just realized, all of the survivor's pistol are equipped with silencers...why didnt valve thinked about that in left 4 dead since the infected are attracted to sound???

  • Glitch Rekal

    this looks the same as current version....

  • Mythic Mike

    When The Division and Left 4 dead have a child.

  • Elver’s_boi

    This could be my favorite zombie game my first is L4D

  • RollandB

    "We've chosen to stick to the movie universe"Aaaand I'm out.

  • Straus

    In the video they dealt with the zombie pyramide with grenades, but in the book, actually, grenades don't "kill" the zombie but immobilize it, sometimes even making it more dangerous. It would be an interesting mechanic in the game actually. It'd be legit scary to see a sea of heads and torsos still trying to bite you.

  • Billy Collins

    I love the episodic story each chapter has. I dont like the linear path you have to go. There's only one way. If this game was open world it would probably be one one the best games out there to date.more weapon choices and more characters to choose from while each character having their own story and unique ability or faction.then I would by the game. Maybe even a bit more enemy's too. I mean really though this game is a mashup of two games we already played it's not hard to copy and paste (which most companies do nowadays). Its so sad because this game could actually be really great but the copy and paste is unreal.

  • Freedom_Ninja

    Great Value Left 4 Dead 3"Because when Valve can't count to 3, we'll make our damn selves."

  • Zhan Carson


  • Some One

    I would have 1 fps if this thing played on my PC...

  • Pebete CSGO

    LEFT 4 DEAD 3 proximamente HALF LIFE 3 tercera personal :v

  • Joshman601

    6:10 The mall on Black Friday opening day.

  • K A B

    Pivotal moments.... i won't be buying this POS

  • Can we get 10 000 subs without any videos?

    Description : "Release Date 2018" Google : 2019Which one is right!??!?!

  • Mr21u

    Steam! are you about to lose the players who are waiting left 4 dead 3?

  • Zachary Lewis

    Yeah tom Clancy: Division meets left 4 dead.

  • Mine Forcers

    Left 4 Dead:World War Z

  • iTz Mayo

    Any confirmed release date and this game looks absolutely amazing

  • Micht

    similar a left 4 dead >:(

  • TeamMovie Game

    Left 4 Dead 3 OMG Come Back

  • Randall Bagwell

    It's world war z not left for dead or Tom clancy

  • Trey Wilson

    Well, it looks a lot better than The Walking Dead game. I'll give this one a go.

  • Franco C

    This has a Left for Dead 2 and World War Z mix to it.

  • Jack Ripper

    5 Questions 1. Can I play this game without WiFi?2. Are there gonna be some free roam like Ghost Recon Wildlands?3. Cpu characters able to revive you and help you out?4. Are you gonna downgrade the graphics like Division?5. Do I get to have a Ninja, samurai, Mid evil knights sword and etc?...If yes I can play offline, have free roam, have CPU players be able revive me and help me out. No downgrades at all and have any kind of melee weapons... take my money...

  • Crazy Cat

    Is it left for dead mixed with tower defense?

  • Mr Kambeng 101

    so its co op only or have single player to?damn i have no friends😂😂

  • silviu ciortan

    The division and L4D combined.

  • Josh Salimpour

    Do you guys actually care if the game is fun or do you just want to make as many comparisons as possible?

  • Shergia Melva I love you

    Left 4 Dead: 3 World war Z The last Survival.

  • Dianne Jacque aka DJ

    I hope you can build a fort like State of Decay 2.

  • Wick’d 1017

    Tom Clancy and left 4 dead hybrid

  • Tim moody

    honestly the third person positioning and the hud cover the screen A LOT. So yeah

  • DZ mix

    القدس ليست عاصمة إسرائيل هي مدينة فلسطين المحتلة /تحيا فلسطين

  • Top Nek

    Will the origins of the outbreak still be changed to appease the CCP?

  • Sandlin22

    Good lord thank you for making a four player coop but first person is better

  • BIGWORM 510

    "Hey Joe, Wanna play another Zombie game?"

  • MuffinonmyConsole

    It looks like left4dead game

  • Excalibur

    really enjoyed the interview very funny game sounds great!

  • Leo Nards Bro

    Left for dead.World War Z.-Michael Scott

  • StringentRabbit

    The Division: Zombie Edition

  • Alex Sarinana

    I'll buy this 4 player CO OP enough said ;)

  • 1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge

    It's look like left 4 dead mixed with Dead Rising

  • Bloxy Cola2

    Tom Clancy’s : Left 4 Dead 3

  • MrKalashnik0va

    "Its very different to L4D; we have 3rd person."

  • CoolDad

    This looks much better than the Walking Dead game that was announced.

  • Anil Tomar

    yeah game kab tak launch Hoga bata sakte ho aap sir sir

  • blaakheart8

    3 guns on carry whack, should be able to carry 4 guns of your choice, its 2018

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