WORLD WAR Z - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo

WORLD WAR Z Gameplay Demo E3 2018 Zombie Game

• Release Date: Fall 2018
• Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC


    L E F T 4 D E A D I N3 R D P E R S O N

  • GlacierBoy

    Who else thinks this looks a trillion times better than overkill’s twd

  • gavin santiago

    Tom Clancy's : Left 4 Dead

  • ravey23

    damn these people complain too much WHO TF CARES IF IT'S LEFT 4 DEAD IN 3rd?? At least we get a new game with more features, better graphics, better zombie mechanics, missions, and simply fun. This may not be the L4D3 you wanted but stfu if you want L4D3 then you go and complaint at Valve

  • Joshman601

    6:10 The mall on Black Friday opening day.

  • Marius Ryannaldi

    This is just combinations between Left 4 Dead and Tom Clancy's: The Division.

  • RollandB

    "We've chosen to stick to the movie universe"Aaaand I'm out.

  • dxfxct

    Zombies pyramid in the videoGirl: "Wow that would be terrifying if I was playing"No it wouldn't. These people have never played a game in their lives. Ffs.

  • Vahl Foxx

    They should add more “unnatural” movements to the zekes. What would really emphasize a rapid dangerous disease is especially their movements. I’d like to see some interesting run cycles for the zekes and more “aggressive” twitching in an idle state etc

  • Vahl Foxx

    How about you make the zombies faster? Don’t get me wrong here sometimes fast zombies = a fast death but seriously. I thought these kinds of zombies would especially be running as fast as humanly possible at all times. They seem a little slow to me. Some of the zombies are even walking at the player. I don’t want to get into the “Scientific” side of the zombie’s virus but cmon. I want this zombie game to be excising if you know what I mean. Even the climbing seems a little slow for me. It would be so terrifyingly cool to see these zombies running at full speed at all times. That includes climbing. Not only would it make the game a bit more harder. It could make somebody actually scared about zombies this time. It would also be a hella cool visual

  • Sir Stefan Lord of Kitty Cats

    I'd like it more if the bodies where permanent and piled up and up and up

  • Tony Bayer

    Meanwhile I'm playing re1 remastered and 3 zombies are a big deal

  • anony mous

    -Zoey-Bill-Francis-And Louis

  • Mine Forcers

    Left 4 Dead:World War Z

  • JayNaySayre Sayre

    So happy it's 3rd person

  • Goofy Shawnn

    Left 4 dead beginning 🤔

  • Cam_NC


  • Mirza Andhika Putra

    The Division + Left 4 Dead.

  • PatrickG

    Is Brad Pitt available in the DLC?

  • 暗影之林

    This game has to buy 😁

  • Vahl Foxx

    What would make this game cool is the sounds. If any of you have watched the somewhat ok movie you heard the sounds the Zekes made. Hella terrifying and hella cool if ya know what I mean.

  • Kerensky SamuraiWil

    Why would they not "pyramid" in the direction of the players seeing as that's where all the loud shooting noises are coming from, scripted event maybe?

  • Mythic Mike

    When The Division and Left 4 dead have a child.

  • Tox1c1ty 356

    Looks like the division

  • joc nov

    World war z coming 2018 nov. 08

  • Raven T.

    As a L4D and L4D2 fan, I don't think we should be complaining about this game. I mean, at least, we have a game that is inspire by L4D/2 that we can see so much of the similarities in the characters they've set in the game. I'm actually pretty excited to see the outcome of the game when it's fully released.While most people said that Valve supposedly will released another one, I think it will be like the Shingeki no Kyojin thing where they took years to release the 2nd season. I'm not saying that we should be expecting another L4D but let's just think again. Maybe they have some problems that don't allow them to release the games the wanted to release for the time being. I mean if you're a game developer, making games sometimes can even take years to finish and let's not talk about the costs of developing the game.I'm not complaining about how they seemed to copy, more like they got inspired by one of the zombie games that people will never get bored to play as there will always be new maps every year (L4D/2) and a zombie game where it'll just add the thrills and horror (WWZ). Plus, I'm actually glad that they don't copy L4D/2 100% where there's no pills and whatnot. It was pretty funny when he said no comment on that bile puke and that bomb thing. XD

  • Justin Y.

    Left 4 Dead 2 (2) electric boogaloo

  • Dorito World Order

    Just more of the same. Dumb, non-strategic arcadey spray-n-pray bullshit that ignores all the best aspects of Max Brooks' universe, like we've played 100 times already, coming out alongside 10 more of the same game from other developers in 2018/2019.

  • Andre Whyne

    Honestly game sounds boring. What might be a much better gameplay is how having the same amount of zombies and a more survival based gameplay. Have characters that are not use to shooting a weapon (come on now how many people in this comment section can honestly say they've shot a gun before?). All these shooter games are just the same copy and paste cookie cutter gameplay.

  • Zairs

    "we put much effort in the AI of the zombies like they have no fear, jumping from buildings, walking through burning cars...". Yes thats the simplest of ai's where they just run at the player which is over 20-30 years old in pc gaming. Nice job beginning with the basics you can only improve from that point on.

  • Antony Tpz

    I'm very tired of 3rd person games... if the game is a shooter it doesn't fucking need to be in 3rd person. If the character is a martial art fighter who jumps and does crazy stuff then yeah it's much more confortable but not a shooter in which you need to aim and the camera zooms and unzooms every fucking time you aim. It's 2018 and people still can't design games.


    Basically Left 4 dead 3

  • Steve Paine

    Nothing we havent seen a million times before, just like the film wasting great source material

  • I’m Davis

    We have so many weapons, but the best ones are on DLC so you have to pay us to play with them.

  • Michael Essex

    First they shit on the source material with the movie, now they shit on it with a game.

  • Yves Gomes

    Damn! This actually looks good. That climbing is awesome. Definitiely way better than The Walking Dead.

  • car dude

    This is literally the divisions layout. I see people spotting it, but nobody is asking why they pretty much "stole" it from the game. The idea is good, the physics from the video is absolutely ridiculous(hope that's fixed). I honestly thought this game was a parody of the division, or a mod for it until I saw the E3 announcement. Really though, how come no one is asking the developers why they ripped off the divisions UI?

  • Vahl Foxx

    You’d think that these zombies would by hypersensitive over loud things such as GUNSHOTS. Like damn i really wanted some sort of “stealth” aspect to it. But apparently some don’t even flinch to the sound of blatant gunshots. And realistically a suppressed gun is never as silent as it is in some of these games. I mean sure it makes the gun MUCH quieter but not to the point where you’re standing like 20 ft away from them and they don’t hear you. I mean seriously? I expect to shoot one bullet in a building full of zombies and literally have all of them hear it instead of shooting at one point blank and them not hear me at all.

  • Elver’s_boi

    This could be my favorite zombie game my first is L4D

  • XXX אעה

    Tom Clancy: The Zivision

  • dxfxct

    THIS IS THE DIVISION RESKINNED THIS GAME IS SHIT!!!! I can't wait until this game flops.

  • Straus

    In the video they dealt with the zombie pyramide with grenades, but in the book, actually, grenades don't "kill" the zombie but immobilize it, sometimes even making it more dangerous. It would be an interesting mechanic in the game actually. It'd be legit scary to see a sea of heads and torsos still trying to bite you.

  • Chaotic Beats

    Bruh it’s look like the division but with zombies

  • vivek kumar

    Doesn't all zombie game look same

  • John Constantine

    Actually I do´t see so much danger for die Player. The enemies are easy and the game has bugs. Not really fantastic but also not really bad. Something in the middle.

  • Legendary King

    Why is it always 4 player coop not 3 or 5 why always 4?

  • Happy Copycats

    Left 4 Dead + World War Z

  • Darian Hendrickson

    Omg this looks fantastic is it on all systems? Loved the book and movie


    How is that zombie in body armor a zombie anyway like seriously u are in body armor a zombie can’t do anything

  • Hazard

    LMAO so many Left 4 Dead comments I was just about to make one.

  • Ali 1798

    We want Brad Pitt in there

  • Mazahir Abbas

    So a combination of The Division, The Last of Us and Left 4 Dead. Cool. I feel like it'll suck though.

  • silviu ciortan

    The division and L4D combined.

  • ThiccGamerGirl

    This literally just looks like L4D1 enchanted edition also we don’t have any specials anymore sorry

  • White 435

    Witch gun is that 3:44

  • IHeartIsopods

    This game looks like trash just play left 4 dead with mods

  • marlinfan1995

    The animations, especially for reloading, look awful.

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