Top 10 NEW Massive OPEN WORLD Upcoming Games of 2019 | PS4,Xbox One,PC (4K 60FPS)

Today in this video I will show you only the TOP 10 new massive OPEN WORLD upcoming games of 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC - and you can watch it in UHD 4K and 60FPS!


Top 10 NEW STRATEGY Upcoming Games of 2019:

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00:00 - Book of The Dead

03:21 - Dying Light 2

05:55 - Beyond Good & Evil 2

08:07 - Anthem

11:17 - Ghost of Tsushima

13:53 - Greedfall

16:48 - Halo Infinite

18:50 - Metro Exodus

21:07 - The Sinking City

23:32 - Tom Clancy's The Division 2


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  • Paul Davis

    It has become so pointless to watch game trailers since the games never end up being anything like the trailer.

  • erNomic

    I'm going to stop playing games and just be a trailer watcher. Ride the hype wave my whole life.

  • jaco kruger

    anthem failed hard lol

  • Vladimir Blagoev

    oh god, i've been waiting for beyond good and evil for 15 years

  • tha nu

    none of the games ive play EVER look like the trailer

  • Nantti

    The first Dying Light was so good, I hope the second one's gonna be as good or better.

  • Danang Ari Kusuma

    Exodus would be definitely not a full open world,, still, there is limit you can go on there...elder scoll still the best boi :v, and zelda botw too

  • Fair Player PL

    If I understood everything well, the "Blook of the death" is not the game but justa first-person interactive demo showcasing the capabilities of Unity 2018 for powering high-end visuals for game productions. WTF is it doing in movie about upcoming games?


    too bad Anthem was NOTHING like the trailer

  • Jak Dexter

    After what happened with anthem I don’t even trust trailers and there so called choices with consequences.

  • Rare Breed

    Dying light 2 is starring the most powerful upper body in HISTORY

  • Aryan Osmannn

    ghost of tsushima first game in the wordl

  • Ndow Roccus

    Woah! Nothing bothers me MORE, Game changing/next level/ground breaking/top secret/never been done before/amazing/ yadda yadda...because they tell you “Your Actions change the way the game plays”??? When in reality, it’s just something as stupid as if you play as a good guy you can’t buy from the bad guys and vice versa.

  • bastian1983ina

    ultimate sandbox, someday, exact simulation of planet earth in video game

  • Kai1337

    First game far cry primal 2 feeling xD

  • Steve Rovito

    Metro Exodus is NOT a open world game!

  • FoolishImpresario 410

    Dying Light 2 looks like, Mirror's Edge zombie apocalypse game with parkour...

  • Leonardoo Medinaa

    Waiting for raw and GTA 6 & many more games

  • GoodAtNoGames

    Everytime I see Anthem game play prior to release I get pissed off, That game had so much potential.

  • frankieTNCore

    Did I need to tell you everytime.... TRAILERS are NOT the GAMES. tha graphic! FORGET ABOUT THAT


    Dying light 2 I s the best

  • Blogoosfera

    Jogo de mundo aberto é outra história! Tomara que o novo Elder Scrolls tenha os gráficos semelhantes que Book of the Dead.

  • KhingOfSwordz 43

    Anthem puts me in mind remember on Ps2 or Xbox 360 The game Void.. ...? And it has a little bit of Enslaved also.....

  • Dab Tsov

    Can't wait for Living Lyte

  • Kirkhammer

    Ghost of Tsushima is all i'm interested in.

  • outdated TV

    Is the second trailer a 30 FPS slideshow?

  • Jack Angel

    Yup those are some nice spinning rims alright, but why did you put them on a 2000 Chevy Metro?

  • mani mani

    still missing prince of Persia series

  • Tom 123

    7 ads in 27 minutes tho? 4 at the very max

  • Ahmed Almadyoub

    What's that deephouse track name? Or could you kindly provide the link of that track

  • Martok the Unbidden

    Interested in BG&E2 and perhaps The Division 2. Gonna reserve judgment on Halo Infinite as I am still not sold on Xbox One.

  • Ryan T.A

    video starts with great asmr... i sleep to it every night. great trailer

  • Ale55andr082

    book of the dead is not a game

  • wraith3845

    and every single one will look nothing like the trailer, not one of them will be complete, they will all be packed full of microtransactions and every company will require you to purchase DLC to repair the games.

  • CHAINS7337

    We need the last of us two. GTA 6. Mafia 4. And a Ash vs evil dead game.

  • kevin millican

    I can't help but feel that if dying light was a third person game it would be much better

  • Dtrkshadow

    The first game looks like the forest with upgrades lol

  • Mike

    It''s videos like this that send me back to Diablo 2, Morrowind, and Vanilla WoW. Easiest decision

  • YOURmemesAINTdank

    Does anyone here the fallout 4 theme song playing for dying light 2

  • hakuna matata

    DYING LIGHT 2 waiting here

  • Jose Lil Frimzy

    The first game that came out ^^^ it looks interesting tbh.

  • luan calazans

    too bad Anthem was NOTHING like the trailerWe need the last of us two. GTA 6. Mafia 4. And a Ash vs evil dead game.

  • Zalán Andrássy

    Except the ghost of tshusima there are no good games

  • Lexeo 007

    i like how they still showing the Anthem trailer even when the game is nothing like that, and also at that point the game wasn't even in development...

  • FoxyRaven-TV

    im now 3min into the video and im sleeping c'mon.

  • reynolds dela cruz

    Tired of watching game trailers, when the real outcome is not the same AT ALL.

  • unitedkingdom offiveeyes

    G.O.T . Is the one I'm waiting for.

  • Karzan Khoshnaw

    metro exodos is not true open world to start with yet along massive

  • How Big is the Map?

    What I love in open world games is the feeling of freedom!

  • Fabio Carvalho Braga Aoun

    "games look absolutely beautiful in trailers and it looks so damn smooth, and then when we get them they’re nothing like it..."

  • shaleen agarwal

    Check your facts...... Will you.... Half the things are wrong... Exodus is not open world... Beyond good and evil 2 has no release date not even target platforms.... Smh

  • Tino Vazquez

    Book of the Dead" WTF!!!

  • Ahmad Melhem

    Dude beyong good and evil 2 you sure its coming octobor 2019? Ubisoft still didn't confirm we only getting demo this year

  • Pieter Talboom

    Lol that's nathan from psa's voice

  • Divine Spacer

    don't expect too much because all this game will be downgraded on retail

  • Steve Montgomery

    'wow... could we ever go back to 8 bit graphics? lol.

  • Trevor Philips

    book of the dead graphics are insane. it's 95% close to real life graphics

  • Benjamin Verstraete

    Coupure de son à la 19 minutes. Sinon belle vidéo !

  • Jerry Thomas

    There have no lost soul aside and no granblue fantasy re link nothing

  • Bryan Parham

    What I hate the most is that games look absolutely beautiful in trailers and it looks so damn smooth, and then when we get them they’re nothing like it...The division 1, and rainbow 6 siege are pure perfect examples of this and it infuriates me. Anthem is another one, beautiful at the trailer and the gameplay and interactions look so very realistic, and then launch you don’t see any smaller creatures attack an ursix and it crushing them or the detonations don’t look anywhere near it. 😡 the developers piss me off with this and it’s happened too often

  • D Jam

    Downgrades are inevitable.

  • ozskeeter

    is the Book of the Dead even a happening thing? wasn't it just a Unity engine demo ?

  • Don Fripp

    Division 2, best of the bunch (so far this year). Anthem was the most disappointing.

  • Luna Aria

    Anthem? Lol, isnt it dead already?

  • باسل منصور

    اريد لعبة commandos اصدار جديد مثل اصدار commandos3 و2

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