Top 10 NEW Massive OPEN WORLD Upcoming Games of 2019 | PS4,Xbox One,PC (4K 60FPS)

Today in this video I will show you only the TOP 10 new massive OPEN WORLD upcoming games of 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC - and you can watch it in UHD 4K and 60FPS!


TOP 10 NEW Upcoming Games of October 2019:

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00:00 - Book of The Dead

03:21 - Dying Light 2

05:55 - Beyond Good & Evil 2

08:07 - Anthem

11:17 - Ghost of Tsushima

13:53 - Greedfall

16:48 - Halo Infinite

18:50 - Metro Exodus

21:07 - The Sinking City

23:32 - Tom Clancy's The Division 2


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  • jaco kruger

    anthem failed hard lol

  • erNomic

    I'm going to stop playing games and just be a trailer watcher. Ride the hype wave my whole life.

  • Paul Davis

    It has become so pointless to watch game trailers since the games never end up being anything like the trailer.

  • Matthew Smith

    It’s the end of 2019 and many of these games still haven’t come out

  • tha nu

    none of the games ive play EVER look like the trailer

  • Casul -

    Exodus would be definitely not a full open world,, still, there is limit you can go on there...elder scoll still the best boi :v, and zelda botw too

  • Nantti

    The first Dying Light was so good, I hope the second one's gonna be as good or better.

  • outdated TV

    Is the second trailer a 30 FPS slideshow?

  • Martok the Unbidden

    Interested in BG&E2 and perhaps The Division 2. Gonna reserve judgment on Halo Infinite as I am still not sold on Xbox One.

  • Aryan Osmannn

    ghost of tsushima first game in the wordl

  • Jak Dexter

    After what happened with anthem I don’t even trust trailers and there so called choices with consequences.

  • Jakob Benson

    Watching these after the realese is depressing. Its like dreaming of having an awesome kid that does the dishes and mows the yard. But its all just ALOT of piss and poop.

  • FoolishImpresario 410

    Dying Light 2 looks like, Mirror's Edge zombie apocalypse game with parkour...

  • Rare Breed

    Dying light 2 is starring the most powerful upper body in HISTORY

  • Kai1337

    First game far cry primal 2 feeling xD

  • Olga Litvinsky

    The book of dead looks so amazing... I wonder if the char was in coma and this is what there was

  • splifsend

    10 game I won't be playing - nothing that I haven't played before already :(

  • Convex Cornet

    0:20 that grass is almost perfect. I want to see more of this kind of grass next gen.

  • Leonardo Medina

    Waiting for raw and GTA 6 & many more games

  • GoodAtNoGames

    Everytime I see Anthem game play prior to release I get pissed off, That game had so much potential.

  • B real

    Dying Light hands downI wouldnt care if it was a glorified expansion but this looks awesome

  • Steve Rovito

    Metro Exodus is NOT a open world game!

  • ozskeeter

    is the Book of the Dead even a happening thing? wasn't it just a Unity engine demo ?

  • Vladimir Blagoev

    oh god, i've been waiting for beyond good and evil for 15 years

  • Triple X

    Dying light 2 I s the best

  • Dab Tsov

    Can't wait for Living Lyte

  • AristotleXraven

    Ghost of Tsushima is all i'm interested in.

  • Paul Middleton

    i don't know how you can add anthem to a top 10. this vid must be old

  • Halen Mahia

    How good does anthem look back when it looked good

  • anon 1642

    when i see anthem in the list. that's when i know the video sucks

  • sinkiy

    Wtf. Why is this the first time I’m hearing about this game called book of the dead ? Looks really interesting.

  • Tee Jay Are

    Anthem: promised open world of dynamic events. Had absolutely no open world or dynamic events.

  • YOURmemesAINTdank

    Does anyone here the fallout 4 theme song playing for dying light 2

  • Ryan T.A

    video starts with great asmr... i sleep to it every night. great trailer

  • Keith Antworth

    The Exodus trailer has the voice of Minsc in Baldurs Gate , sounds like it anyway

  • Jose Lil Frimzy

    The first game that came out ^^^ it looks interesting tbh.

  • Lexeo 007

    i like how they still showing the Anthem trailer even when the game is nothing like that, and also at that point the game wasn't even in development...

  • Tino Vazquez

    Book of the Dead" WTF!!!

  • the wonder

    Plz the song name at 26:55 its perfect

  • Fabio Carvalho Braga Aoun

    "games look absolutely beautiful in trailers and it looks so damn smooth, and then when we get them they’re nothing like it..."

  • EpicPotato Rice


  • Jack Angel

    Yup those are some nice spinning rims alright, but why did you put them on a 2000 Chevy Metro?

  • Yuval Vernik

    Book of the dead reminds me of hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice

  • A. Güldaş

    ghost of tsushima perfect games

  • ich1

    Downgrade incoming cap'tain!!!

  • Stephen Pin

    wow that's look insane 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Tom 123

    7 ads in 27 minutes tho? 4 at the very max

  • AirDaGod

    None of the games are going to loom like this guys so don’t be hype

  • SwaeLee

    i dont get how they can release an anthom trailer that like the game and then delete all the good shit for the game...

  • Matt Ware

    The new crysis that first game


    too bad Anthem was NOTHING like the trailer

  • Sereia

    Dying Light 2 might get delayed

  • Blogoosfera

    Jogo de mundo aberto é outra história! Tomara que o novo Elder Scrolls tenha os gráficos semelhantes que Book of the Dead.

  • bastian1983ina

    ultimate sandbox, someday, exact simulation of planet earth in video game

  • frankieTNCore

    Did I need to tell you everytime.... TRAILERS are NOT the GAMES. tha graphic! FORGET ABOUT THAT

  • How Big is the Map?

    What I love in open world games is the feeling of freedom!

  • Mr. Monty

    'wow... could we ever go back to 8 bit graphics? lol.

  • 77 Tekashe

    I'm just sitting here on the edge of my seat for Horizon: Zero Dawn 2

  • Boe Dillard

    Book of the dead has some of the first graphics to catch my attention since crysis! The game play doesn't look like is for me but the graphics look great! Hopefully the in game play is as good as this and it is just the pre-rendered stuff that looks good.

  • Juan

    Im only into RPgs. Some strategy/simulation games also. So none of these got my interest. Division 2 a little..but thats it.

  • reynolds dela cruz

    Tired of watching game trailers, when the real outcome is not the same AT ALL.

  • Samantha Leger

    Wow these games are so Beautiful!

  • Sean Anon

    I guess 2019. is the year I upgrade from a GTX 560, to a GTX 970 TI

  • Eden Garden

    Dying light looks amazing i need that game. I still have beyond good and evil 1. 2, i don't need it. The first game, book of dead? Need to look into that but the graphics look awesome. I just bought assassins origins, beautifully made especially Alexandria city. But i am just starting.

  • Collins Mwega

    Cant wait for the games

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