20 MASSIVE Open World Games Upcoming 2018 & 2019 | PS4 Xbox One PC

20 MASSIVE Open World Games Upcoming 2018 & 2019 | New PS4 Xbox One PC | Most Anticipated Open World Games of 2018 & 2019

00:00 - Biomutant (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

01:07 - Metro Exodus (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

04:08 - Anthem (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

05:34 - Wild West Online (PC)

07:02 - The Crew 2 (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

08:11- Far Cry 5 (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

09:47 - Beyond Good & Evil 2 (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

10:36 - Days Gone (PS4)

12:41 - State of Decay 2 (Xbox One,PC)

13:46 - Shadow of the Colossus Remake (PS4)

15:46- Spiderman (PS4)

17:16 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4,Xbox One)

18:29 - Yakuza 6 (PS4)

19:50 - Skull and Bones (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

21:33 - Star Citizen (PC)

23:40 - Kingdom Come Deliverance (PS4,Xbox One,PC)

25:15 - Sea of Thieves (Xbox One,PC)

27:38 - Dead Matter (PC)

28:30 - Lost Region (PS4,Xbox One,PC)
  • ross lloyd

    Metro exodus looks awesome

  • valonstriker

    Scripted voice chat is cancer and needs to stop.

  • Owen Van Cleef

    Sea of Thieves will be great game

  • Ru

    That thumbnail was very misleading That game looked beautiful..

  • DeeeFoo

    Where's Dynasty Warriors 9? They managed to cram the entire map of China into there

  • rashaun aytes

    Anthem = death to destiny

  • noro__

    nice video but its not "Beyond and Good Evil" and State of Decay is XB1 and PC, not PS4!

  • 1Game 1Gamer

    Where is the Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. I think it will be best massive open World game. Im just waiting for Bannerlord, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Far Cry 5.

  • Kamil Krupiński

    You forgot about Cyberpunk 2077!

  • AbominableHuman

    90% of this looks like pure garbage. Really great graphics, mostly copied game mechanics, press X to win, more zombies, zombies, zombies, what a waste of talent.

  • ncshuriken

    How is GTA5 upcoming in 2018-2019!? The game came out 5 years ago FFS man sort it aht!!

  • HaggardRugg 555

    Hey states decay is from Xbox and PC not from ps4

  • Eric L

    State of Decay 2 is the game to go for

  • Jan N.

    skull and bones is literally assassins creed 4 black flag without the assassins xD

  • Luciano Z.R

    half of these look like crap

  • Simon Oliver

    Metro Exodus music is 28 days later

  • Tyler Prescott

    The anthem trailer. I hate when they do those stupid scripted dialogues like it's just two normal people playing the game. cringy.

  • Daniel vvv

    What game is the thumbnail? Hate people that do that... Use content for the picture that isn't even in the video..

  • Oskar Riddertoft

    Uhhm State of decay is NOT on ps4

  • Dung Vu Anh

    It's yakuza 2 kiwami not Yakuza 6, and it's not open world game

  • Guatrau

    Well Dead Matter looked very anticlimactic. Love how at the end they shoot the deer and nothing happens. Why would you even use such footage for a preview?

  • Lockie Kennedy

    Honestly the only game I want right now is elder scrolls 6

  • Erexion

    I really wish Spider-man was for PC also :(

  • PhonyGuy

    The song for metro exodus sounds like a remix from the 28 weeks theme song.

  • Avoided Place

    Metro isnt open world so dont get excited about running around russia everywhere its never been open world and it doesnt look like its going to be open world this time either

  • BuffaloWhisperer

    Star Citizen. Pffffft.That game has been hyped and unfinished every year for years. I know, I got suckered into prepaying for that trash.

  • physcoticweirdo

    Real life has become so terrible everyone is retreating into video games

  • BR00 D

    Shadow of the Colossus looks like shit, sorry guys.. just bein honest

  • Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    Star Citizen? Haha, is only trash, unfinished trash like No Man's sky.

  • gaming fun

    Ugh UGh gta... UGHUGHG 6 UGHUGHGUH

  • Hyprhzrd

    Oh yes, Star Citizen, Oh yes.

  • Mohammed Sajjad

    most interesting imo is metro, yakuza, spiderman, and red dead

  • Giovanni van Haaren

    Maybe... you should put more ADDS in this freakin vid!?!?

  • That Guy

    Star citizen is already playable, you have to buy a starter ship from their website for $45 and it comes with a copy of the game. Very odd way to get a game but I'm serious. Easily worth $45.Also while it costs real money to get new ships now, that wont be the case in a few months. Right now buying a new ship is like donating, in a few months time you will be able to get new ships with in-game money.

  • fluyensito

    shadow of colosuss rly?? go to hell

  • akise

    Metro exodus looks like a different version of fallout idk why this game just gives me fallout vibes wich is good because fallout new vegas is my favorite game ever

  • Ceceli

    Star Citizen in 2019??? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH YOU WISH


    What? Metro was never open world? More like a map with different levels.

  • Gaetan

    State of decay 2 is a remake ...

  • Tim Pont

    Star Citizen is only coming out by 2032, just saying...

  • Paladin One

    wow, metro exodus looks like an alternate version of fallout based in russia rather than the us.

  • Dave Ziak

    Wow Shadow of the Colossus Remake - Cool!

  • Casino S

    Biomutant it is wild ratchet. He lost clank in bushes

  • my squad be like

    Bio mutant the,next fallout

  • Dominic Schmidthals

    State of decay only for Xbox

  • Ben Dunn

    State of decay dev is owned by MS isn't it? so how will it be on PS4?

  • Despair

    Anthem, State of Decay 2 and Star Citizen...I'm going to need a lot of money.

  • InJustyce

    State of decay 2 for ps4??? Wasn't it an xbox esclusive?

  • Ty Matthews

    Nice to see the under represented zombie genre

  • Chicken Little

    wait is metro exodus going to be different then the previous since the previous metro isnt openworld

  • kevin henrique

    Days gone is more like: world war z without the cuvilization part

  • Rainbow Butterfly

    I found state of decay 2 very tedious.

  • Rainbow Butterfly

    Gosh I need more money to buy more games

  • XxKudaQuadxX

    I feel like all the XBOX users get all offended that it says State Of Decay for PS4😂

  • countryboyq

    Dead Matter? So you walk endlessly through post apocalyptic terrain with a shotgun at the ready and never encounter anything? Looks like a blast. lol

  • Raptorjesuslives

    Did they just copy assassins creed black flag ?


    I can’t wait for Spider Man

  • Jonathan Kotecki

    Anthem seems very reminiscent of Warframe.

  • Lux Aeterna

    Some games are very disappointing graphics wise and physics wise where they wanted to keep it realistic. C'mon we're in 2018 not 2011.

  • DarkRedDust

    Sea of Thieves is the best

  • PrivateFox

    Forza Horizon 4 (not confirmed), The Crew 2 and Farcry 5 are on my games list for this year.

  • Alfatih Libya

    State of decay 2 is Xbox and pc only Fix your mistake!!

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