5 Witcher 3 Tips for Your First Few Hours - Best Way to Play

We show you some beginner tips that will help you rank up quickly and get into the really good stuff faster.
  • Humphrey-Mcdougal

    tip 1 - stop watching videos tip 2 - play the game yourselfdone

  • Aditya King

    I did all side quest in orchid and I'm still level 3

  • iiDefied


  • cloudbloom

    I wonder if Geralt uses Edge shave gel

  • Marv Dann

    Great tip: Don't start a quest that you aren't up-to-level for UNLESS YOU WANNA DIE A MILLION TIMES BEFORE COMPLETING IT.

  • Patrick

    Right on! I'm hosting a release party at my house later tonight. There will be alcohol and 10 monitors for multiple games besides Witcher!

  • Scruffy Basterd

    This game is amazing but I'm so overwhelmed. I have so many quests that are lower level.

  • mrlobster1287

    wtf.....were all these tips for people whove never played an adventure rpg before?

  • Tim Coats

    1:12 didn't even put the Yrden sign down for that wraith. -__-

  • acko

    thanks a lot for the spoilers

  • MetallicA7X92

    11hours till I go pick up my Witcher Collector's edition :D

  • Shammo Hamid

    I'm playing this game on easy because the only thing I'm really good at is fps and third person shooters.Enjoying the story so far but damn it's so overflown with stuff it's really confusion the controls I mean.The HUD is cluttered and I still don't understand the crafting system.

  • BlackMasamune X

    Geez, why don't you just play the game for us?

  • eternaldarkness559

    Wow he should have just said play the game. Tutorial? Side quest? Everyone does that without a useless video telling them to

  • Brian Woo

    I hope the combat is more fluent in TW3. I just couldn't get used to TW2's combat. It wasn't bad it just didn't feel right.

  • Mark Urepa

    Why am I watching this I'm luv 98

  • Özil vision

    I swear I died about 15 times during the griffen and I was wondering how to do it since my attacks were barely doing anything

  • Razi Nasrullah

    Why do you keep switching from the game to your face? Just show the game... Showing you adds nothing to this video.

  • First Don Diego

    Yeah here's a Witcher 3 tip: DO NOT SELL YOUR ORIGINAL GEAR AND WEAPONS YOU START WITH!!!I made that mistake and now I'm paying for it.

  • QuickTimeGamer90s

    Soooo... pretty much 2 tips since 3 of them revolve around doing tuturial, going to the 1st city that the story takes you to & talking to the people there to get the quests.

  • UnknownUser

    Tip #1: Play it on PC.

  • scarified

    only 7 hours to get ma hands on it!!!!!!

  • Snow Viliers

    That game is awesome!!

  • tigerbalm

    I'm waiting for Witcher 3: Mike Hunt edition

  • thisthat &theother

    I have never played the witcher 3 can you upgrade your starting armor and swords

  • King Sims III

    Gamestop gave it to me a day early LOL

  • Ask_os _

    Should i play the witcher with a controller, or with keyboard?

  • Tou Vang

    Just checked my xbox games tab clicked on The Witcher and now I'm playing wtf not complaining though.

  • xWARVICx

    Simple tip. Have quen ready at all times

  • GellyfishProductions

    I've lost my Witcher 2 save files on PC; is there any way for me to make those choices in a menu or something at the start?? I don't wanna play W3 without Iorveth and Triss, but i'd like to avoid replaying a 30 hour game :P

  • Bosko Jal

    Hur dur tips numbe' one : launch the game huehuehue thx ign

  • afas1976

    Tengo una PC gamer con la tarjeta NVIDIA gtx 980 y tengo problemas con la calidad del juego witcher 3. El problema es que la imagen parpadea el reflejo del sol en el juego hacia todo lo que veo.

  • WhoAteMyFunDip

    What a terrible, useless video. Maybe this jagoff should just stick to sucking at Destiny & leave the real games to the adults...

  • MetalGearMLGSolid

    2 more hours i can not wait longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Best way alchemy build you get the most out of the game nothing like finally gettin the last piece of ingredient to make that potion oil decoction your been hunting 4 ever 4 and you become so familiar with the confusing part of the game...also many say it is the most op build to do

  • Darren Quirolo

    My biggest tip for all you witchers is to get witcher armour, at around level 8 you can equip your first set (it's a side quest mission for each set). Once you have the set you can then do upgrade quests so the armour stays good, it's useful as your not constantly worrying about having shit armour.

  • K.G.A

    tip 6. do this before tip 1. INSTALL THE GAME. this is very important. also buy the prefered platform for the game and the game itself. this "tip" video "best to play" is probably one of the most obvious freaking videos ever. so idiotic to make this video.

  • AfterlifeAnubis

    For fighting large groups of enemies, use igni to stun a few of them, and then kill the not-stunned enemies with your sword. for fighting boss enemies, Quen is never a bad option to spam since itll save your life (as it has saved mine on many occasion)

  • Sunsh Tine

    I have money, wich is better, metro last light and 2033, hardline, advanced warfare or the witcher 3

  • Double00Dusty

    Ign tips how to play. Do the tutorial, then do side missions. Gee thanks Ign I forgot I was a retarded seven year old. Thank you for this valuable game changing information,

  • Ypuh

    Geez guys, your first tip is to do the tutorial? Stopped watching there. Why not tell people to turn on their Xbox before they start the game...

  • Kentucky Jones

    am i the only one that hates the fact that they added lvls to the mobs.  doesnt feel truly open word.. and i feel like im out lvling content.  UGH

  • Raven Crimson

    Anyone else got confused for 3 Seconds when they saw 5 Witcher 3 Tips? cx

  • Chris Pelletier

    Don't use fast travel when you first get to a new area. This way you can find new stuff. Wait till you've put in a good amount of time before you use it.

  • solparadox

    But... aren't these tips what everyone one does when they get an open world game, its called exploring before doing main quest.O.o

  • Miguel Martinez

    This tips provided here I guess are for those players who don't read or explore. Thought this will be less obvious tips.

  • pauly G

    I installed the Game Doesnt run Im playin on LOW All lowCus i cant sell the game Becus i installed it ,,... This footage of the Amazing Rate makes me Sadd.

  • nir ainbinder

    to sum up these tips = Just play the F'ing game as you would normally play any F'ing Witcher game :) Amazing game btw:)

  • AshkPunk

    IGN is doing some useful video's these days. This getting weird.

  • EonHSD

    I can't free the Shrine at the bottom he shows in the end. there is no Monster to kill. I also didn't get a note for a side quest.

  • Sneaky

    spam quen and axii, theyre your best friends and take combat slowly :)

  • Gio Dude TV

    Playing Bloodbourne got me ready for TW3. The fighting mechanics are similar.

  • DPeaceful

    While horse ride don't forget use jump button you can jump over things so you won't get caught up on something

  • Bryson Jones

    Question for someone who has this game would a person who didn't like witcher 2 like witcher 3

  • Kryptark

    I don't know why I opened this video and spoiled the upcoming Side quests for myself -_-

  • PRI Oficial

    Gamming industry in decadence.

  • Sammy Sosa

    I got into gwent kinda late so I missed the freebie. I'm on the part when you look for the barons daughter

  • xBraiNshOcK

    This game is dope! Its being live streamed now on Twitch.tv/leaathal

  • DPeaceful

    Make sure you level up recommend level for each quest

  • cheekaowl

    gamestop is giving it out right now, just got mine

  • jaspertaawesome

    My copy unlocked at 00:01 BUT MY SLEEP RUINED IT

  • ankit sen

    i gave up on witcher 3......tooo confusing

  • Jacob Meares

    I got out of white orchard as quick as i could without doing side quests my first play through. Bad idea haha

  • Josh Han94

    Do tutorial, do side quests, learn how to kill your enemies. I didn’t think about doing those things, thanks man!

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