5 Witcher 3 Tips for Your First Few Hours - Best Way to Play

We show you some beginner tips that will help you rank up quickly and get into the really good stuff faster.
  • William Mills

    Why do all Americans shout?

  • Aditya King

    I did all side quest in orchid and I'm still level 3

  • cloudbloom

    I wonder if Geralt uses Edge shave gel

  • iiDefied


  • Tim Coats

    1:12 didn't even put the Yrden sign down for that wraith. -__-

  • Marv Dann

    Great tip: Don't start a quest that you aren't up-to-level for UNLESS YOU WANNA DIE A MILLION TIMES BEFORE COMPLETING IT.

  • Scruffy Basterd

    This game is amazing but I'm so overwhelmed. I have so many quests that are lower level.

  • Tyson DC

    My top tips for Noob-witchers:1#Lvl 1-5-get $$ from hides(cow/horse/bear)or Honey[18crowns ea to herbalist in White Orchard]2#lvl 10+ dismantle things like shells to pearls-$$3#Focus on ALCHEMY-get Enhanced Swallow-saves $$4#Crafting-Good way to Lighten LOAD+ $$5#sell Armory/Weapons to Blacksmith (sell items to correct merchant)6#Hold run THEN Jump to quickly regen Stamina-Infinite Running7#Gwent cardgame:Verse everyone & you can reload game to VS again to win a new card-way to collect'em all8#Beasteries=poke'dex--learn creatures Weakness9#Use Grenades + Weapon oiling --more OP than people expect10#Fist only battle VS very HIGH lvl-only way to win is by parry (block as soon as they attack)-eg used in a quest called "High Stakes" in Novigrad11#Some quests you need to READ carefully to get hints on what to do-helpful when you are clueless (eg.Finding Spikeroog Isle)12#Some quests (eg*Fist of Fury*)require certain other quests completion to go further13#Some Quests are LOST/FAILED if starting certain NEW quests OR phases of the MAIN story (eg*Zoltan's Dangerous Game*)14#Some Quests is ONLY available if DONE CORRECTLY on previous questseg. Kiera's GHOST LAMP is needed in some quests

  • MetallicA7X92

    11hours till I go pick up my Witcher Collector's edition :D

  • Patrick

    Right on! I'm hosting a release party at my house later tonight. There will be alcohol and 10 monitors for multiple games besides Witcher!

  • mrlobster1287

    wtf.....were all these tips for people whove never played an adventure rpg before?

  • BlackMasamune X

    Geez, why don't you just play the game for us?

  • MINIg435

    already got it with my steam pre order... absolutely amazing

  • acko

    thanks a lot for the spoilers

  • QuickTimeGamer90s

    Soooo... pretty much 2 tips since 3 of them revolve around doing tuturial, going to the 1st city that the story takes you to & talking to the people there to get the quests.

  • Snow Viliers

    That game is awesome!!

  • Andrew Barham

    I literally did none of these :(

  • Brian Woo

    I hope the combat is more fluent in TW3. I just couldn't get used to TW2's combat. It wasn't bad it just didn't feel right.

  • Can Kupeli

    First.. Wait.. I've never been this far.... WHAT do I do????

  • pumastp98

    Tip 4: Get the damm axii skill levels first.

  • Michael Stepowyj


  • Bosko Jal

    Hur dur tips numbe' one : launch the game huehuehue thx ign

  • First Don Diego

    Yeah here's a Witcher 3 tip: DO NOT SELL YOUR ORIGINAL GEAR AND WEAPONS YOU START WITH!!!I made that mistake and now I'm paying for it.

  • pauly G

    I installed the Game Doesnt run Im playin on LOW All lowCus i cant sell the game Becus i installed it ,,... This footage of the Amazing Rate makes me Sadd.

  • Stephano Langley

    These tips are RPG 101. It makes you wonder if they actually looked into the game to find actual tips

  • Bryson Jones

    Question for someone who has this game would a person who didn't like witcher 2 like witcher 3

  • scarified

    only 7 hours to get ma hands on it!!!!!!

  • Peter Harper

    Common sense tutorial 101.

  • eternaldarkness559

    Wow he should have just said play the game. Tutorial? Side quest? Everyone does that without a useless video telling them to

  • C/S

    "do the tutorial" what a tip

  • ThatOtherGuy97

    Im pissed my gamestop wasnt open, i gotta get it in the DAMN MOURNING.

  • Hektor-Vektor

    when he said these were going to be obvious he wasn't joking

  • GellyfishProductions

    I've lost my Witcher 2 save files on PC; is there any way for me to make those choices in a menu or something at the start?? I don't wanna play W3 without Iorveth and Triss, but i'd like to avoid replaying a 30 hour game :P

  • xWARVICx

    Simple tip. Have quen ready at all times

  • Loren Burns

    This video was wonderful

  • FoxerHR/JustAPerson4

    Tip 1: Rank up Quen as fast as possible Tip 2: Use Tawny Oil all the time Tip 3: Win

  • 13DeltaArmy

    Someone please post a currency farm trying to get in card tournament and I need 1000 coins.

  • Tatenda Nyamadzawo

    Can't even kill Griffen lol

  • ShuToshio

    "a level or two"? you gotta be kidding me

  • XXXTrekkz

    That was helpful, thank you

  • Jallek

    I think some tips on the inventory and crafting systems might have been more useful..

  • King Jayy

    Loot from defeated enemies, and sell to vendors, coin goes by fast.

  • sean quintal

    Witches 3 advertisements before a witcher 3 video 👌🏼 Fineee by me

  • King Sims III

    Gamestop gave it to me a day early LOL

  • Tou Vang

    Just checked my xbox games tab clicked on The Witcher and now I'm playing wtf not complaining though.

  • TheMrDrakan

    wow really "5 Witcher 3 Tips.." this video should just be called playing the damn game

  • Özil vision

    I swear I died about 15 times during the griffen and I was wondering how to do it since my attacks were barely doing anything

  • Lithus17

    So...basically his tips boil down to just playing the game as you normally would. Super

  • Razi Nasrullah

    Why do you keep switching from the game to your face? Just show the game... Showing you adds nothing to this video.

  • jaspertaawesome

    My copy unlocked at 00:01 BUT MY SLEEP RUINED IT

  • PsyGnosiS

    pro tip just play another game...

  • AKL Cruiser

    I completed in about 4 days what about u guys :)

  • Cam Harold

    Thanks I now have a griffin as a pet


    Best way alchemy build you get the most out of the game nothing like finally gettin the last piece of ingredient to make that potion oil decoction your been hunting 4 ever 4 and you become so familiar with the confusing part of the game...also many say it is the most op build to do

  • damnitnamesarehard

    Lol i went streight to the griffin hunt... I diddnt even play gwent

  • scott sturgis

    Always smelling farts...

  • Mark Urepa

    Why am I watching this I'm luv 98

  • Shammo Hamid

    I'm playing this game on easy because the only thing I'm really good at is fps and third person shooters.Enjoying the story so far but damn it's so overflown with stuff it's really confusion the controls I mean.The HUD is cluttered and I still don't understand the crafting system.

  • iEetPaint

    How do I buy things in this game?

  • nir ainbinder

    to sum up these tips = Just play the F'ing game as you would normally play any F'ing Witcher game :) Amazing game btw:)

  • Jacob Meares

    I got out of white orchard as quick as i could without doing side quests my first play through. Bad idea haha

  • Dafaa

    My tip is to play the game how you like to play it..

  • Mason Cusack

    Oh God...Destin narration.

  • pyrright380

    duhh do da tutorial daaa do da missions Christ dude why did you waste the time making this

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