The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Top 10 Tips For Beginners

Hi Guys,
Here's a few tips and tricks for us beginners to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I wish I knew these before I started, they all should help, if you knew 9 out of 10 of them already, fair play, but maybe one of them will help you out, even if only as a reminder.

1. Stick to the roads
2. Side Quests
3. Early upgrades
4. Loot everything
5. Bestiary advice
6. Bombs and Potions
7. Save, save, save
8. Horse upgrades
9. inventory management
10. Combat (there's a few tips here)
I really hope these help you guys.
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Top 10 Tips For Beginners

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Top 10 Tips For Beginners
  • Vernon Nash

    Great tips thanks. Just starting W3 so they will help a lot.

  • Kunal Kishor

    My tip:-If you are surrounded by a group of enemies and one or two of them turns out to be an archer or crossbow men, kill them first they usually have low health and are kind of annoying as they do quite a lot of damage.

  • Damien Hine

    Thanks. Started playing yesterday. Have boiled your advice down to this:1. Stick to roads at the beginning2. Do as many side quests as possible. XP!3. Map. ?s give ability points. !s give quests.4. Upgrade light attack, axii (rep) and quen (shield). Mutagens boost corresponding skills.5. Loot everything. Grab all you can.6. Bestiary shows enemy weaknesses.7. Create each bomb/potion once each. Assign them. 8. Save, save, save. Save before any battle. Meditating replenishes health & stocks.9. Upgrade horse with blinkers and saddle bags.10. Dismantling at armourer -> crafting items. Sell crafting/alchemy items when you have 10+.11. Combat mechanics. 1. Parry. 2. Dodge > rolling. 3. Quen. Single targets out from groups.

  • Xbox 720

    Buy the upgrade that makes it so everytime you eat food, it heals you continuously for 20min... it's op

  • Gerrit Valkering

    tip: take all the notices at a notice board, they reveal the ? in the area

  • Towseef Ahmed

    in PC qiuck save using f5 saves my hell lot of time

  • Harkon594

    Tip : Quen blocks every single damage from EVERY ATTACK from EVERY SINGLE MONSTER at least once so when you are about to fight a OP monster just cast Quen, fight and when you're hit, retreat and cast Quen again. Basically, this loop may be long and frustrating but you are sure to defeat any ennemy even in the early game.

  • Daniel Harrison

    I always pay huge amounts of attention to these, but then I realise that I'm not a beginner any more and I learnt these the hard way ;-;

  • DeadStarAD

    I'm so used to games holding your hand through the combat that I'm actually struggling haha. Your character seems way faster at blocking & attacking than mine, my Witcher seems drunk all the time 🍻

  • Heath Anderson

    "Like a viking going Christmas shopping" good one m8

  • Wilmer Kindahl

    Tip 11: DO. NOT. FIGHT THE BABY. I REPEAT, DO. NOT. FIGHT THE BABY. And you may ask "what baby" You'll know when the time comes my friend..

  • Jack Finnegan

    Ugh thank you. I started today and almost lost everything to a pack of wolves.

  • Raul Avram

    "Like a viking going Christmas shopping"Nice one, mate :)))

  • Rico Fuego

    Oh and I'm totally freaking lost when it comes to crafting, etc. HELP !!!!! lol

  • calmingspeed

    Don't take the money for the Griffin contract. It is 150 coins/300 exp compared to 500 exp. I usually leave White Orchard at lvl 4 1/2. Axii, if slotted, gives you a ton of exp throughout the game.  The town of Benek...go south on the coast and those lvl 18 drowners drop red mutagens. For pc users...mapping keys upon other keys is a nice way to get things done. Interact/mount, Gallop/sprint, Witcher Sense/Parry and for the mouse I have Fast Attack on the left mouse button and the right button is MODIFY ATTACK when you want to use Strong Attack just hold down the right mouse button. My crossbow/bombs are middle mouse with casting signs on a inside button. MOD WISE: Improved Saddlebags! Check the White Orchard lady at the tavern more than once because she sells two Decoy cards. Sell Honeycombs to the herbalists (there are 2) in White for 5 days...repeat 18 crowns a pop. Dismantle every piece of jewelry and sell the items. A bum (vendor) at the northern area of Novigrad on the docks will pay highend prices for books/junk.

  • Kharn526

    Dam you sound like someone who should do voice acting in this game.

  • wood1155

    I think this game needs a better training scenario. I learned nothing from the first training scene. It also needs better explanations for alchemy, crafting and meditation. Just throwing some writing on the screen is a terrace idea for any game. Game designers need to learn this.

  • Özil vision

    This is my first Witcher game and I didn't know at the time that death march was a difficulty so I clicked it b/c it sounded cool, but after this video I think I can get used to it, prior to this I probably died 20 times to the griffen before I realized its weaknesses lol

  • Marlon Lee

    Yeah, definitely make doing all monster contracts and side quests in White Orchard your priority. There's not much there to do, it's a small area and it will help immensely. Besides, the Devil By The Well and Brother's Peril missions fail almost immediately after you progress the story outside of White Orchard. Upon starting, look at your Crafting section for Warrior Coat and note the upgrade material necessary. As soon as you get to Velen, head to Crows Perch to have the armor smith craft you the jacket. This can be your main coat for up until Level 11 and 12...I used mine until 15, but mostly because it was the best looking. Also, look for a windmill in White Orchard, there's a house next to it with a hidden basement you can get into for early loot. You can use this to sell or equip. Witcher School gear will be some of the best to use, early on, but post-story you'll find looting Relic gear begins to out power the Witcher gear stuff, beyond level 32. Considering a New Game Plus?Collect as many diagrams and craft as many of those as you can. Once you start a new game plus, you will keep all you have crafted, but diagrams disappear. So craft as many decoctions, oils, potions and weapons/ gear as you can, to kick off your next save with. Essentially, this means to play your first play through as thoroughly as possible and there is not a question mark or exclamation mark left on your map nor remaining contracts/ side quests. Inspect every nook and cranny of every new area you're in and take your time. Be meticulous, in other words. During your next play through, you can do it a lot less thoroughly, and just focus on story and you will still be finding good relic gear, along the's just important to have as much of the best to start your NG+ off with. So that your next play through can be as little of re-farming as possible. You now have a stash, so don't be afraid to fill that up with witcher school gear and relic weapons of every kind. The reason why you are saving and hording what you can, is because When you kick off your NG+ game, you'll find that certain weapons and armor you wielded the last time around, may not be re-usable again until a higher you need others to fall back onto. So if you have gear that is nice, but lower level than what you have now...keep it! It may be your only choice, later. I wish I had kept all my witcher school swords because relics that I had completed my first play through with that were stating I needed to be 65-67 to use again! I had Witcher Wolven gear I couldn't wear until I was 41! Witch made me wish I had saved more of what I had. So I scrapped that save and just kept playing on my main file to accumulate and re-craft/ re-acquire more stuff to throw in stash.

  • Davi Lima

    thank you. I'm about to start playing

  • Shizzzler

    even on the highest level you can replenish your shit lmao

  • coolzen26

    I'm a gamer but new to the Witcher series and learned the hard way that I can't hack and slash everyone without learning the finer I was at Level 4 and was in the Barn with the red-head witch after she cleared the rats out of the Barn and had to fight the witch hunters who were level 10... It took me almost 15 deaths to get past that part!!  Sadly I had to resort to standing on one side of a cart and shooting each hunter one at a time with arrows till they died... (lame, I know). Moral of the story: LEVEL UP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!  Doesn't matter how good of a fighter\hack&Slash master you are! leveling up and playing the game right makes life so much easier....

  • Chiesel

    Just ordered this game secondhand, 25 bucks! Hope it arrives soon!

  • calmingspeed

    Oh save some wolf livers for Alchemy as you will need them. Northern Wind bomb will take out a majority of enemies, especially the HAGS.

  • Azog

    Thnx my dad bought me this game for christmas so i need tips and your video helped me thnx

  • Simon G

    Regarding the horse upgrade - you can win all the horse stuff in races, rather than spend hard earned money on them, especially as they don't come cheap in the beginning of the game.

  • Jay Jammin

    the only thing i didn't agree with was the light attk, i hardly ever use light attks they just are not worth the swing heavy attk all the way. other than that great tips :)

  • Joseph Su'a

    Number one tip for a newbie like me is take your time. This game is goddamn huge, skipping scenes and trying to do just the main quest is not recommended.

  • Jaap van Gent

    never lock onto enemies when you're fighting more than one enemy..

  • The Traveler

    THIS is how you provide a guide and tips. No BS small talk taking up time, no lazy form of talking, and actual presentation in an organized fashion. You sir are the only one to get me motivated to starting the game. Every other "video guide" is just too lazy, lacks presentation, and they don't ever sound prepared.The only thing I would change is what you put your ability points into. I think it's smart to specialize in one tree in the beginning, and I recommend the magic tree. The first three abilities to get are signs, which are Axii, Quen, and Yrden. Why? Because these spells help in any situation, while Igni and Aard are basically meant for groups that are easy to kill (and using them by mistake can cause problems around innocent folk). Plus, mutagen matchup with better intensity.

  • eric northman

    Awesome tips man just wish I had watched this before I started... would have helped a lot

  • Robert Kirkpatrick

    the music is very counter productive to an instructional video

  • Chris Carantit

    You can read books to learn about about beasts before fighting them. I had a fight with a werewolf and I beat it cause I read a book that unlocked that page in my bestiary.

  • Average Gamer

    To turn cheats on press alt F4 :) Thank me later

  • Nawaz Waseem

    I really don't know how to craft :'(

  • alucard624

    Thanks for making this video. I know I'm late on this, but I just purchased the Complete Edition of Witcher 3 on PS4 thanks to a decent sale via the PSN store and what you've shown here has really helped me out. I was very hesitant about getting this game as I didn't enjoy Witcher 2 as much as I thought I would but everyone kept telling me the 3rd game was much better so I decided to finally take the plunge.

  • Cris Overlook

    The witcher looks nasty on console. Pc is the best ( 1080p at 60fps) at graphics

  • M.J. C.

    OMG as a total novice to gaming I am overwhelmed at hearing all of this. I am going to feel lost playing this game :-( wish me luck. How can I remember all of this YIKES !!!! And yes I know this is an old game lol

  • The Pixelators

    On death march difficulty your potions, bombs and oils all replenish when you meditate (you need strong alcohol) but your health only replenishes when you meditate on lower difficulties. Nice video though.

  • calmingspeed

    Any barkeep that sells gwent cards will sell others if you return to checkout their items

  • Batman Fanatic

    I've played 7-10 hours or so and this is the best game I played this year so far. Some of your tips such as read weaknesses and do as many as side quests are very helpful. Just a question. What do the stash boxes do (look like big treasure boxes on the map)? I'm thinking that, you can drop the items to stash and you can access them later when required from anywhere on the map from stash box symbol? Please correct me if I'm wrong? But great video mate.

  • birdof hermes

    You will mostly get common items from dismantling wich you can find pretty much everywhere, so it is not really important.

  • Dimas Mejia

    Death march is really a death march and it becomes Witcher 3: Wild Souls

  • OG Casper

    ah dissapearing trees...thats not exeptible for me.

  • Marcus Smith

    I'm a good Dark Souls player, bought the witcher 3 with all the DLC for $25 with Xbox live gold deals and am playing it on deathmarch for my first time. At least for the first few areas I'm going completionist. Movement is clunkier, but parrying is easier so this will be a fun challenge and I hope it will prevent me from feeling overpowered later on from being such a completionist for the first parts of the game.

  • Jan Vesseur

    Never, ever, buy food. It is to expensive. You can always use healing potions like 'Swallow' or if you are playing on a lower difficulty just meditate. If you know how to time attacks and when to dodge, power attacks can be very useful.

  • Omnia Kadorah

    i'm a fast player .. u give me a game and i'll skip n kill and finish it all with 2-3 days .. learned the hard way that witcher isn't like that 🤣 i was only level 5 yet reached the captin that would take me skellinger 😂😂 i had to return to white orchid and start doing all the sidequest & gwent & loots .. Anyhows , this is an amazing game , thnx for the tips

  • Cheshire Achillies

    Great video very helpful thanks!!

  • meth0d

    Music is weird, doesn't really fit. Otherwise great vid.

  • Steve Anderson

    Good video. One thing I would add is keep an eye on your minimap! Watch for monsters sneaking up behind you so you have time to turn around and deal with them!  Enjoy!

  • mj k

    number one tip SAVE kill everything and SAVE!!

  • The Gunman

    Awesome video mate, very well put together and informative, back to Witcher now.

  • WatchDogs Of Farron

    Tip no:11 Don't buy this game!!! Untill the bugs are fixed, I've put over 150 hours into this game.Maneged to complete without 1 issue but as soon as the story finished I must of encountered every bug going. Missing NPCs quests bugging out. It f*ks me off spending a quater of my weekly wage on a broken item that i cant even get a refund on. F* k you CDprojektred. I want my money back. I knew there would be bugs but even the patches don't work they just cause more bugs!!!!  Rant  Over lol.  Great video btw thumbs up.

  • Daniel Schröder

    This is the tipp I was looking for

  • 108bobman

    Wen i played the game.... accidentally dismantled geralt's unique chest armor... i cried the whole way.

  • Master of Le

    Why am I watching this, I’m a level 72 playing death march with grandmaster ursine gear

  • Jassiel

    got this yesterday and have been cautious about the game, i have only installed it but i havent played it so no first impressions, any help?

  • addictivegamer102

    Thanks for this! New to the Witcher series, just started on Witcher 3 and its overwhelming amount of content/controls/everything stressed me a bit out so I stopped playing it 5 hours in. I've been wanting to play it a lot recently and your tips will help me! I keep playing this as if I'm playing Assassin's Creed which I've learned is definitely NOT the way to go.

  • The Boot

    Just an extra tip for beginners from me as well, Whenever there's a group of enemies pushing on you, use igni (the fire spell) or that one telekenetic spell that pushes them back. It buys you time to slice them up with your weapon. I also recommend rolling instead of dodging, so that you move further out of the way when there's a splash attack incoming.

  • Goster

    thegame is to easy with quen dont use it

  • Islam is a mental illness

    wow haven't played the game back in 2015 and interface looks very different from that today

  • Fred Saga

    Tip#11: the guy named Gaunter O'Dimm you talked in the bar of White Orchard is the GOD.

  • Princess Bubblegum

    I just found it how to beat specters after I did devil in the well

  • Patrick G

    Sorry what?! I'm 10 seconds into your video and your actually talking about the content in the title ? Have I stumbled upon some alternate time line where a YouTuber hasn't done a 8 minute intro to the video begging likes and subscribes

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