The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - All Succubi in The Witcher 3

All Succubi in The Witcher 3.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


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  • MioRaem

    Indigo is Indigo, Ramund! Gosh!!

  • MoneyD Dragon

    I've been pretty disappointed with the lack of succubus sex so far

  • Dragonzzilla

    Wow. I never expected a wraith-warrior of the Wild Hunt to get so much action.

  • RyanEdge

    Oh my god I just got it, THEYRE LITERALLY HORNY

  • 斯大林主义者拉脱维亚

    "I have never... slept with a succubus"

  • Gustavo Turquetti

    That second succubus has Philippa's voice or am I crazy?

  • drsdino

    You have a real knack for censoring the naughty bits. Has anyone ever told you that?

  • Iam Noone

    I love Yen and Triss as much as the next fan but damn it I should have had an opportunity to engage in illicit, deviant behavior with a succubus. I would have rode off into the sunset with one of these demonic dames and lived out the rest of my Witcher days giving her serious creampies. Alas.

  • Angel M

    They should've gave Geralt a chance to romance an elf and a succubi

  • readalot

    wouldn't it be succubi?

  • Charles Burnham

    I love that the Succubi are Welsh.

  • GunmetalRaven

    Tasteful llama placement as always. :)

  • scrombat

    It's absolutely wonderful that someone got paid to animate goat women scissoring and caressing their own breasts.

  • the.raven

    i wonder what their leg fur feels like

  • Stormocity

    I was so pissed when I found out that you can only get the Succubus Decoction by killing one of the TWO Succubi. Both encounters revolve around a sentient being who was either defending themselves or simply having a bad day and a customer who wouldn't heed their warnings -- neither one deserving of death. Same goes for the Doppler Decoction. I've only encountered a single Doppler you're capable of killing, and while one could argue that killing him can be justified on account of how he attacks you unprovoked, a lot of people consider his situation and weigh it against his crimes: he was a scared little creature who was trying to get by while everyone around him wanted his kind dead; seeing a Witcher chase after him and eventually catch him forced his fight or flight instincts towards 'fight', until he realized how Geralt felt about his kind and backed off. I just wish they had included at least ONE encounter for both creatures where they were just shit people who deserved to die, or simply regular monsters you find in the field like a wandering Nekker or Drowner, allowing you a shot at those decoctions without forcing you to weigh useful items you can never obtain by any other means against the morals of your character... Really fucking cheap move if you ask me.

  • Facelord

    3:28 was pretty funny. Back when humans were cave-people, women would look after the kids and forage for food like berries while the men would go out and hunt. Women had to be able to tell the difference between a purple berry that's poisonous and a purple berry that's edible, otherwise their family might get sick. This is why women can usually see more colors than men, and why colorblind women are much more uncommon than colorblind men. Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous of that trait.

  • goblinounours

    [3:03] Well, at least he tried.

  • DemonPossesser2

    Hi, I really like your videos keep up the great job. Also the plural for more than one succubus is "succubi". Have a nice day.

  • DarkAdonisVyers

    Cold fire? Freezer burn. Dry water? There is dry ice, though.

  • Harry Tadayon

    They're all Welsh!

  • J the Welsh Warlord

    A real turnoff is the goat legs

  • Frank 10111

    Geralt initiates a very meaningful dialog when you choose to kill the second succubus. That's why I killed all of them in my second and third playthrough. Also they are as bad as fiends and chorts. The fact that they have tits doesn't relieve them of death.

  • Randomnoobi

    I know there are dudes out there that will hit anything, but a chick with goat legs???

  • Eric Her

    I see Kratos a pimp in this game too ehh?First he's God of War. Now he's God of Whores.

  • Henry Johnston

    TBH. If succubi were like this I'd look for one. You always here stuff about how they steal your soul and crap. Can't they they just be monster-women looking for pleasure.

  • Jonathan Joestar

    Where does the third encounter take place?

  • Yoriko Arran

    Those are not succubi, no wings, no arrow tail...Those are some half goat, half human satyros...

  • baal blade

    Succubus in Witcher is weird, no wing, humanlike, look more like Satyr than typical demon girl. And what with all those markings, what is this? Pan Labyrinth?

  • Adam Smith

    What kind of guy sits there...surrounded by FULL ARMOUR

  • deni140492deni

    those ghostly screams at 4:40 .... pretty sure they're from heroes of might and magic 5

  • John Ng

    The second one sounds a lot like Phillippa o.O

  • Apollyon The Destroyer

    God damned abominations. Demons of lust, Daughters of Asmodeus. If only I could slay them all.

  • Kobke

    My heart is not fulfil as well with my almost 250 hours of The witcher 3, I needed to have some kind of a relationship with one Succubi-san :'(.

  • RealStoopKid

    how do you get to meet the Dude from the Wild Hunt, I first saw him during the siege of Kar Morehn?

  • Jacob Storey

    "Leave the welsh tart alone!"

  • Flugmorph

    your geralt looks terrible m8edit: at least in the first scene.

  • Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    I love that God of War reference.

  • gfreqwtyuiop

    lol fluffy the censors you use are amazing xD.

  • Jacob Gerwig

    Where can you get that armor?

  • Jus10Ed

    If you talk to her after taking the pimpernel, she says "Shoo. I await someone."

  • B0RD3R M4N

    Wait what? at the end all succubi were having an orgy?

  • Reinaldo Apolinario J.

    The last one isn't a reference to God of War?

  • Dan O'Brien

    Why do all succubus sound Welsh?

  • Bigalmou

    Fuggin llama tit censors?I just can't even.

  • Shayne Paris

    In hindsight it's pretty dumb how the second succubus u meet scorns u for killing Chorts and Fiends, well duh...Chorts and Fiends are inherently violent monsters that kill indiscriminately, Succubi aren't, there's a HUGE difference, what, are humans not allowed to defend themselves in their eyes?! XD

  • Gamer Trash

    Wish is was this easy to get laid in real life

  • Wob

    My favorite red rider is Eredin what about everybody else???

  • TheSharpmarksman

    just came to realization... the phrase horny cames from succubi and demons because they're always "horny"...

  • Wing X Custom

    Shame you can't tap that, this time around.

  • Dirceu Santos

    dry water is just O2 or air freeze it you get ice, heat the ice u get H2O water! So there is dry water!! Don't know about cold fire tho!!

  • Did I just hear something?

    Finally a game that didn't just make succubi a sex object

  • Chuck Balkin

    Succubi are sex demons.....why would anyone want to harm a sex demon? They aren't typically hostile or violent. They are indeed harmless like Geralt said.

  • Le GentleMan

    the second succubi sounds like professor mcgonagall from harry potter

  • The Burning Sensation

    And I thought hippies needed to shave their legs.

  • Lewd Angel

    Woah woah back the fuck up. Did i just see a catgirl sucubbus at the end there? There are actual catgirls in the witcher universe and you dont get to hit it with one?! I am severly disappointed in you geralt...

  • Ass Ketchum

    i detest this comment section

  • Garl Vinland

    Imrillith is so ballin' for an elf

  • Spycrab

    So...Imlerith is a male Succubi?

  • Dewani90

    too bad the succubus doesn't let you explain... "it's not that they don't have ample feminine attributes and a pretty face, it's that them lack something else, you can't reason with creatures that devolved into primal instincts, they are feral monsters that attack on sight, just a few cryptids can be reasoned with, the rest are like wild beasts and though some are pacific, the ones that kill non-stop should be put down"

  • Morvonte Mouton

    I wonder if she has a human vagina or a goat one. That’s the real question. It could mean hit or run honestly

  • Guitarstudent

    4:33 those squeals and wails are from homam V lol

  • i agree

    i killed the first sucubus cus she was black

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    i had to google to see what is indigo blue :(

  • Mark Derksen

    This game is extremely realistic when it shows how consequentialism conflicts with moral idealism

  • Blinded

    I really wish there was a succubus I could kill while having moral high ground for it. Oh and a doppler too. Self-defense, picking flowers and stealing doesn't warrant silver.

  • Oink ards

    Hentai is the succubi of men and women on the internet. It drives them mad see? It makes them less social, and drive them insane into obscurity!

  • Jack the Gestapo

    When the succubus talking about I didn't kill her cuz of her face and breast and blah blah blah, I really wanna talk about the trolls....

  • Kharn526

    That first one was the only black person ( person lol ) Ive seen in this game, what a great fantasy

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