Witcher 3 Cheats: Leveling up from level 1 to 70! [XP | Experience Points | Cheat Engine | Trainer]

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Welcome to my "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" cheat series! In this video, I'll be using Cheat Engine 6.4 to show you The Witcher 3 leveling up cheats to take you from level 1 to max level 70! Make sure you check out the playlist as I'll be updating it frequently. Likewise, please give me a thumbs-up if you enjoyed the video and don't forget to subscribe. Thanks! =)
  • MyBigLand

    NOTE FOR CHEAT ENGINEWHEN DOWNLOADING DO NOT CLICK THROUGH EVERYTHING WITHOUT CHECKING.The program itself is completely safe but the installer has optional spy ware and adware. I am a long time user of cheat engine and I have saved many unprotected PCs, my friend's and strangers on the internet. Any YouTube video including cheat engine should warn users about optional malware.That is all.

  • BloodyTiger

    This ruins the experience ingame!

  • navioner

    I remember using cheat engine for cheaply made browser games, but the Witcher?! Just wow.

  • Rob Waller

    I'm level 22, and It's not finding the value when I click next scan, please help?

  • billa381

    doesn't work with me, I'm still level 1

  • King Mooka

    If it doesn't work for you, then you should actually enter 124000 instead of 999999... Again enter 124000 as the value, not 999999... I dont know why but entering 999999 caused my game to keep crashing...

  • Dank Chihuahua

    wish this was for xbox1

  • Adrian Harding

    not finding the second scan! help?

  • Prince ecnirp

    all the monster is lvl 100 too y ?

  • Professor Booty

    When I do my Next scan it doesn't come back with anything even though I have entered the new value for my XP.

  • El rancio De kokun

    my question is how do you continue to leveling up after 70? like with the hearts of stone expansion

  • Ibrahim

    How to minimize the game like that??

  • David AwesomeNew

    Hi, has anyone found a way for this to work without having the game exp level numbers to be out of sorts? I'd like it better if it was the exact number when I'm level 70.

  • Uchiha Axel

    Mate can you be kind enough to upload a damage hack? that would be great thank you very much :)

  • The Ethical Pixel

    cheating in TW3 is Blasphemy but hey your money your biz

  • Khaotic Demon HD

    I'm having trouble every time I hit next scan nothing comes up? the money worked but this is not???

  • bojan jakovic

    Great work! CAn you pls make a video how to unlock all skill slots at level 1...The boxes where you equip your skills.. That way you can have everyting equip from the start...

  • Arwine ACHIBI

    Hi ! If you have a cheat or a mod to play Ciri all the game, I'm interested ! ;)

  • Ashish Routray

    Thanx buddy, thats working, got level up to 100

  • pauly G

    I was curious about the Max lvl capWhen finished the game i will cheat yeBut is 70 the max Always?

  • KuruptNupe

    this must only be for the pc version, or does this also work on the ps4 version

  • Crestbear

    any gerald builds anyone willing to share :P

  • King Salalah

    thanks so can you open all skills ?

  • Logan Piercey

    is there a "one hit kill" cheat? if so I need help!!!

  • Champion Gundyr

    How yo completely ruin an amazing game experience 101

  • karlos66684

    красавчик всё грамотно показал все ролики посмотрел блогодарен и спасибо!!!!

  • Monsterrr ATLETIII Fan09

    Dude can u help I can't go to cheat engine while running the game. And it's on window MODE

  • Nomad N.

    im not on level 1 im on 4 but everytime i keep looking for the value it just dosent find it anymore

  • Sam Martin

    Having the same issue currently level 4 and cant find the xp after 2nd scan

  • orangeblood27

    Did your current level keep popping up? I tried one experience exploit on the PS4, and once I reached level 50 or so the window only said "Level:", without the number. It did show the points available. I also noticed my attack stopped increasing, although that might be because of a soft level cap.

  • forrest GUMP

    having the same error at step 2, you should upload your cheat tables!

  • tifonee

    this cheat don't work. i use cheat engine 6.4 but, when i click on next scan button, the program don't find the new value. P.S. the value is correct but the program don't find it. Why?P.P.S. the cheat work with money but don't work with level.

  • Anthony Downey

    im new to all this does this work for console version

  • Lemuel V Ledesma

    hey i did the cheat but now i want to add more levels or level up points but i dont know how since the xp bar has a negative value what should i do

  • Xilo scient

    Do the enemy's level with you?

  • factoruchiha x

    worked for me all lvl up money all 13/09/2016

  • Brad Graves

    Once I get to my desired level using method 2. When I delete the entry will I go back to leveling normal in the game?

  • Elmatador1

    how you doing man having a problem folowing tutorials for this fix if you can give me   little help with the 70 2000/2000 stuck problem thanks

  • WingsOfRequiem

    Easier way to update your XP, inside the inn, you will use axii in a conversation and get 25 xp, use that to find your value, and then when you exit, you will get into a fist fight and update your xp to lvl 70 right away :)

  • Kiko Carrasqullo

    When I change the value to 999999 It keeps changing the value of the first number so it makes it 999999/1000 so I essentially cant gain any experience. What do I do?

  • Doomtrain

    max level for this game is 70?that means we only get 70 skill points by the end of the game or when we hit level cap?

  • Maria Irimia

    Uv tried don't work first I couldn't find my value now I can't get the levelling to work 🔜😡🙏🏻help me

  • n3o999

    I have patch 1.06 and level 9... but not work for me.. why? solution?

  • Riky LP

    its working on any level ?

  • Jason Do

    My game keeps on crashing after I did it

  • Dirt NAP

    Are you stuck with your beginning hit points?

  • Tomssen

    The Money one worked fine but the XP isnt working

  • Jean Carlo Miranda

    Still working with v 1.11 😁

  • Ersin A.Cevahir

    when do 999999 for level after that game is crush :( also if u do once levep up then u cant do anymore u should start new one

  • Dirt NAP

    Do your hit points increases though?

  • Beavis

    Why cheat and take all the fun away?

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    there is a cheat console in the game already

  • Bobo boro

    Thanks a lot ! btw what's the beautiful music playing in the background ?

  • Bo_Hazem

    Why bother buying the game in the first place? It's an offline game so cheating just kills the fun!

  • Insmare

    i press next scan and nothing happens, could you help pls?

  • Tarek Tahseen

    Only for the shittest players.

  • Mohamed Zayan

    thankx bruh this works....:D

  • Kathy Mattox

    This doesn't work either!!!!

  • FuZe HD

    Does this work on ps4?

  • Velendri Adored

    can you do a video on modding your max carry weight, I am a pack rat ;p

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