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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Kayran Gwent Card
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Yennefer Gwent Card

LastKnownMeal, 2015.
  • mako

    Gwent is like a game manifestation of applying for jobs 'need experience to get the job, but can't get experience without the job vs Can't win without good cards, but cant get good cards without winning' fml ಥ‿ಥ

  • Seán Lyons

    Gwent is a good side activity to the game, but I despise one thing about it, which is the way you need to be interested from the start of the game to get all the cards. On my first playthrough I wasn't really interested in gwent until about level 20+, which meant that I had lost the opportunity to get some of the cards, such as the Dandelion one from the quest you do with Triss where you can do a gwent tournament at the banquet, and if you don't do it, you'll never get the opportunity again. I think that all the gwent players who give you cards should be accessible at any time, regardless of level or progress, as it's extremely frustrating when you decide to try and get good cards in gwent and realise you can't get certain cards because you weren't interested in it from the start.

  • Rathanor

    Dude you missed a lot of great hero cards. Like the Scoia'tel hero card that has +1 on all other cards on his lane.

  • RockFour1

    I can beat the hell out of Monster decks with my Northern Realms Deck! Bring it!

  • Mande Loo

    Yen is probably the best hero card you can get. She’s neutral, she’s worth a lot and she’s a medic which adds to her overall value. Those hero cards that are medics worth 10 are also the best but what puts them under Yen is that they aren’t neutral...or I haven’t seen a neutral one yet.Let’s not forget The Mysterious Elf. Up there on par with Yen imho

  • comedyman112

    I think i automatically failed the quest to get Geralt card when advancing the main story. Am I right? Is that card missable or can you get it anytime?

  • narutokyuby6

    BTW the kayran card is a random drop....

  • AGENT 76

    Great video bro I'm building my qwent cards that the moment

  • Jasonboy765

    beating haddy was one of the easiest of these i beat him straight in round 2 and in the last round he had zero cards :) i guess it might have been little bit lucky to he wasted all

  • Jl Cuak

    Kayran is random, haven't got it yet.I missed Dandelion :( you get it in Vengelburg residence during the ball you attend with Triss (Matter of life and death quest I believe) but I wasn't that interested in Gwent and my deck was awful at that point :(That boatwright in Oreton was a pain, same the inkeep in Oxenfurt, monster decks are ridiculous.


    get ciri card first trust me you'll never lose

  • AGENT 76

    I love playing qwent I'm really good at it great edition to the game

  • tyler keen

    Gwent would be an awesome game to play on mobile esp if u can get to use cards from ur Witcher game decks make for a great challenge

  • LewiiiG1

    Gwent was something I didn't get at first but I actually replayed to try get the full collection achievement the games actually sick man gwent ftw

  • ZeroMinded

    I love those healing cards! you can have 3 cards out in round 3 I you have 1 in your graveyard

  • James Fitzgerald

    The mysterious elf and Yennifer cards are the best cards in the game that I've seen so far.

  • LovelyOllie


  • Khanghy Huyngh

    I did beat the guy in Belen after 3 attempts. But I did not get getho.I can see it on my deck

  • Ryker Reese

    what about avalla'c? "mysterious elf"

  • Frederik Nielsen

    i believe the best card is decoy

  • WhyShouldYouCare

    Just like MtG, but worse! Awesome!

  • guy hughes

    thanks mate.Could you mention what quests these are from ?

  • KpopNoodle

    Boatwright's good stuff deck destroyed me XD

  • Jan - AmiLoGiXx

    I got my first good card from the soothsayer, everything after that was quite easy tbh

  • TheDutyPaid

    I played Haddy and beat him first time. One of the most easy games I have played.

  • Joshua Burke

    nice I'm already subbed here

  • Mar Ko

    1st passthrough had geralt. 2nd one didn't get it and have nowhere left to go except skellege. Something changes when you play the game different times. Went from disc to complete edition without getting far so had to start over... think you just have to be thorough because many guides I've seen don't match up to my play through.I started in 2015, never left for skellge, and due to life restarted now in 2018 from scratch

  • John Marston

    Yenneffer saved my Gwent career

  • Messiah38

    I won the kayran card in no mans land area

  • mec nek

    Lol played handy he only had weather cards so unfair xD

  • Oli Shoreland

    Guys can somebody give me a more narrowed down location for the guy with ciri bc I can't find him

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Kayran is a random card you can win it anybody it's a rare card

  • TheJohnomac Mcdonald

    Cirilla can also be obtained from the blood and wine dlc mission where you enter the fairytale land to save syanna, go to the little girl who sells flint and beat her

  • edyta trojanowski

    Surprised Eskel and Lambert didn't appear on gwent cards.

  • TrippleX TrippleX

    Does this mean that I can not obtain these cards when I have already done the quests? :/

  • yusuf biricik

    And ofcourse triss merigold it gives a lot of luck

  • The Gummicontroller

    I'm not sure which card it is but there's quest high stakes and I have 4 out of the 5 I need in order to accomplish it.

  • Hritik Jain

    from where can we get mysterious elf card. spy

  • xXKingCandyManX x

    Dude I don't know how to get the quest that I get Geralt plz tell me where to find the quest

  • Nadeem Bashir

    I won the letho card when I was lvl 4

  • the litty committee

    I don't get the Kayran from the Armorer in Kaer Trolde

  • Leonardo Pantezzi

    Are these cards missable?

  • Jonas Warren

    I beat the boatwright only 1 I beat... I didn’t get the card though

  • Ayman

    Fk I missed ciri's card

  • Nick Hansen

    Where do I get the quest to challenge Thalor? I followed your guide to find him at the 7 Cats, and the option to challenge him is not available.

  • Charlie Field

    ive got yennifer and ciri both won by those people and the pictures are diffrent is this normal?

  • אופיר לוליאן

    i can't find thaler and the game say's that i fhinished the quest (but i didn't met the thaler and didn't win) what happand

  • kamenballer

    I want that Geralt Card. I think I missed it. I'm only in Novigrad lvl18 and finish all the current available gwent cards in my quest list and the only card I miss was the card from Baron since I only started learning the curves of the card game after the death of Baron, But I got everything available in my current Quest. Yen, Ciri, Roche Letho but no Geralt.

  • oGBeginner

    Where is haddy... looked all over Midcopse

  • Jason Tubaldo

    What of Triss Merigold?

  • poligon333

    I have all of them. Easy

  • Maxwell Tan

    This mini game discourages you right at the beginning. Doesn't matter how many good cards you have, you will lose each and every time. It's not designed for everyone, and you don't need to eject the game disc and smash it into pieces after a straight 32 defeats lol


    Ive completed the campaign ***spoilers**** and i havn"t killed roche and thaler. Can i still get geralt?

  • James Fitzgerald

    Only card I'm missing from this is Geralt but I haven't got to the point where I can get it and Haddy was pretty easy beat him first try but the boatwright was a pain in the ass.

  • André Møller

    I need one card to complete my gwent deck, and its the Eredin bringer of death leader card. But since i diddent get it in the velen gwent quest, i was suppost to get it in the hige stakes quest, but i failed, so i dont know if there is any way for me to get the card now. any one know how?

  • Tristan

    I killed Dijkstra and now I'm unable to get the Ciri card, can I still get it? Could you give me the exact location so I can look if I can. Thanks!

  • Ceaser Aguilar

    Is that. Skyrim I hear in the back? At the beginning of the video haha

  • Amir Kafi

    how is Vernon Roche stronger than yenefer or the mysterious elf?

  • Daniel Selent

    The Witcher Tree: Wild Hunt! :D

  • Bye Daily

    You know whats funny i got all of these on my first play through and then the. Developers let you starte the game over with every thing you had your last play through . Can get in the xbox store for free, start over+. Now i have two of all of the hero cardscards

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