Fencing Lessons with Rosa var Attre: Win and Lose Options (Witcher 3 | Geralt)

Geralt had learned that Rosa var Attre was a passionate devotee of the art of swordplay. The fencing lesson Geralt had given her while searching for yours truly had thrilled her to the core – and left her asking the witcher if they could meet again for a repeat. Geralt had plenty of experience teaching young women with fiery personalities how to swing swords and so agreed. Once they were done with their lesson Geralt was supposed to escort the young lady home. Rosa, however, was clearly still in the mood for some recreation and gave him the slip during a moment of inattention. The witcher knew he needed to find her - or land himself in a heap of trouble. Rosa found out for herself that not all residents of Novigrad respect diplomatic immunity. The witcher saved her from a tight spot - but also discovered a dark side to her character. It was clear to them both that there would be no third fencing lesson... "Fencing Lessons" quest from "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" game. ► Watch more Witcher 3 videos: http://bit.ly/1PYxdTI. Witcher 2: http://bit.ly/RTs7x4. Witcher 1: http://bit.ly/PrXP63. Download sexy Witcher wallpapers: http://bit.ly/VQrUe5. Gameplay on Normal (i.e. "Story and Sword")
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  • Khang Ngô

    it is the same, cant fuck her

  • Bjarke Rugsted

    I like your videos mate, i think it would suit it though if you edited a lot of this gameplay time out, keep it to the dialog changes

  • Ash

    After finding out you can't have sex in this mission I will never do it again

  • TheLegand27

    I beat her but playing it the second time I fell of the bridge and just died and since I have new game+ I one hit her with my fist no clothes or armour

  • Pastafari

    Actually kinda liked Rosa's character.

  • Swedish Dissident

    True equality: Being able and allowed to hit a woman as you would have hit a man.

  • Tony Li

    I abandoned her and failed the quest....woops

  • Bryce Wiseman

    "Why" WACK "bother with" SHOULDER CHECK "two swords" WACK "when" WACK "you can barely" WACK "handle" WACK "one?"

  • Imran Abdullah Khan

    Do you know anyway to get Edna? Judging by her look she seemed interested in me. Or is that I can't really understand girls. :3

  • Khyréss

    well well , papa clearly went out of his way this time xD

  • Crazy Fool

    so there is no way to sleep with her

  • Topazert

    Horses going down stairs? What is this?

  • Laser PewPewTM

    No nothing means no go

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