Witcher 3 Alchemy Build Destroys Archgriffin 5 levels Higher (1080p) HD

An example of the Alchemy build covered in my Skills and Builds guide taking on the first Archgriffin contract at level 21 against a level 26 Archgriffin. A very quick take down! I show a quick example of the build again and then offer some pointers on the fight including how to clear that horrific bleed!

  • Crown Chaos

    I play this on deathmarch, no huds disp. I ussually go against monsters that are 8 -10lvl higher then me. Plus I dont overpower my character otherwise its gonna be a lil boring for me. My current lvl is 12. Just took the missing brother contract and defeated to monster. My skilss are a combi of sign, general and alchemy. Both are rank 1 tier 2 or 3. The game is much more intense

  • Dan Burke

    is endure pain any good?

  • big chungus

    Where do you get the blue dust vitriol for the ingredient for the superior swallow potion? Im level 20 and Im yet to find the ingredient. I have the manuscript for superior swallow but I cant find it D:

  • ALost SeaTurtl

    Where do you find the ingredients for potions such as swallow :/ did a whole play through trying to make it but never did it

  • Sebolord

    Hey! i am lvl 24 alchemy build user with the full enhanced bear set. You have ( without spending skillpoints) 6550 hp.I have 5000! Why ist your basic hp so much higher when i wear the upgraded gear of yours?Pls help i am desperate xD

  • Stanciu Florin

    what is so amazing about that with only 5 levels ahead of you this should be a normal fight

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