GOD OF WAR 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 NEW PS4 (2018) - Developer Walkthrough Demo

GOD OF WAR 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 NEW PS4 (2018) - Developer Walkthrough Demo

Kratos returns in God of War on 20th April 2018!

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  • MKIceAndFire

    FIRST 3 HOURS OF GOW4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj1UjPnXEDk

  • Fariq Wombo

    I like the older version sound of kratos.. More brutality

  • Junior Duperval

    Looks mediocre. My expectations are even lower than before.

  • Henrik CMtz

    So if you cripple enemies they burst in pain, damn this game's brutal.

  • G Lee

    PlayStation done it again.

  • 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS

    I found a reason to buy a console 😆 EPIC☇

  • Angel eyes 6598

    Could they make a play through were they don’t fucking talk so I can know what they are talking about in the game Idc what they have to say at all!!

  • Noctis Lucis

    Kratos new weapon the axe is like thor's Mjölnir.

  • Theichoose me

    Speechless! Game of the year!

  • Master Betty!

    Typical modern game... wow, this is soooo different and just totally epic! /s Where's the real Kratos? You know, the character that's actually from Greek mythology that stars in a fun, fast-paced, arcadey 3-D beat 'em up that has replay value. If this game wasn't called "God of War," as it doesn't need to be, I guarantee most people would not be interested.

  • Real Deal

    Life of an Angry Lumberjack who stole Kratos name and a piece of thor’s hammer...

  • xslayergaming

    13:00 that was awesome

  • William Chitwood

    Lol he's like Thor's rival with that axe

  • AJ2477

    looks dope, just hope the combat doesn't get repetitive after a while

  • Rosencrantz

    Kratos is Captain america, Thor and Hulk COMBINED.....shield, flying axe and rage! LOL.....day 1 purchase fo sho.

  • Scr3am Slic3r

    Waiting for the Moment When they know who Killed Zues

  • Der45lol

    Old god of war is better

  • c baxwar

    Kratos axe is quite similar to Thors hammer! I need a Ps4, Xbox is slacking!!

  • Brady Davis

    Perfect time for a tolerance break. 😏

  • alter3go

    the combat is not what I would expect coming from a GoW game, but it looks good enough to give it a chance.

  • Ross Bleckdregen

    This game looks bad. The gameplay looks like a downgrade from the previous GOW games. Why even bother calling it GOW when it just wants to be hellblade knockoff.

  • Toto CH

    Can we change the camera setup? It is too close for me (I easily suffer of motion sickness). I really like the angle of the camera in the previous episodes.

  • Bach H.

    I have played God of War when it first came out and continued all the way up to GoW3. The reason why this game is so popular is due to its combat system, couple with a diversity of weapons and magic. Plus, its fast paced and unique camera style kept players engage. They give players endless combinations on how to mow down Kratos' enemies. As well as the story line, one man starts out worshipping the gods, and ends up killing them. This new game however is making me doubt the new direction that God of War is heading. These people keep saying that the combat system is more strategy base now, in a sense this is not the definition of a strategy base combat system. It's still hack and slash but more tone down. Which is a let down compare to the previous versions. Now this is purely my opinion, but what makes Kratos a mofo are his chain blades. With his blades he can fight from close to medium distances, and perform flashy/devastating combos on ground and in air. Next come the additions of magic and weapons. By far Gow2 set the bar for the combat system for the franchise, and GoW3 refined it. Now Idk if Gow4 will introduce new magic and weapons or not, so I'll keep an open mind for now.The camera on this new game mimics most of Sony's hit games, such as uncharted and the last of us. Which are fantastic games by the way. However, those game combat systems are different from the GoW series. They are gear toward exploring and surviving , and since when did GoW turn into a babysitting service? The old camera style gave player a wide view of the field of which they are gonna induce combat. This style is more linear, not my cup of tea. I miss Kratos' nimbleness on the battlefield in the past games. This version is different, he lost his fluid movements and ludicrous combo/finisher in exchange to be viking like. Which makes sense since he's wiser, and show no wasted movements. But that's what makes controlling Kratos fun! Do a roll, jab once or twice and then roll away. The story is somewhat interesting, but I really hope they continue where GoW 2 left off, and not sweeping it under the rug. Overall, I hope that all this hype and bandwagon will be true. That GoW4 will be a great game even with the new direction Kratos is heading. No more will he be the one man army, no more senseless gore, no more sex mini games/partial nudity, and no more fighting Titan size bosses. Hopefully Norse's mythology will be such as rich as the Greek's. All in all, I am ready for GoW4 to come out.


    Most satisfying fighting mechanic this generation

  • Yellow Drake

    Finally a companion who isn't useless

  • Kaemin

    Can we get a open world Wonder Woman game with these / Arkham Knight mechanics lol

  • Shizle 007

    Whoever Kratos angry management counselor is, he/she probably left for a different job.

  • The_Drop Bear

    I swear that all these commenter are just whining kids who are used to getting what they want."This doesn't play exactly the same as the last 6 GOWs its shit""Kratos isn't just angry it's shit"Ect

  • D K

    The axe throwing never gets old

  • MrAlh840001

    looks good but in my opinion god of war 3 was a lot better in terms of gameplay mechanics and combat..

  • LadyCeag840

    I have never been a honest GOW fan (Don't smite me! My parents thought I was too young to play...), but I am legitimately psyched for this game!!!

  • Legend Ronk

    Just hope it doesn't have frame issues.. would definitely ruin it for me

  • big toe

    I dont like the fight style

  • João Nunes

    the Last of Us: Medieval version

  • Jefferson Free

    English (O my god) português (O meu Deus) likes

  • mangal pandey

    I see in this game for the first time Kratos is doing something for othersThat's why he speaks of responsibility and burdenOld age definitely got to his mind and heart... But not his muscles and brawn

  • Jaewon Lee

    i know why they made this game with one long take version and close up camera.... !! that way they can develop VR games !! they already think about future plans!

  • furyberserk

    The son of war got moves! Tackles and enemy climbing. Can't wait for him to get old enough for the button prompts.P.S. Somehow, I think the lore of the berserker was actually Kratos in a spartan rage and that somehow is part of why they don't go to Valhalla, cause Kratos is going there to kill.

  • Incoming Airstrike

    The battle feel slower but feels much more heavy and “ Punchy “And the graphics OMG OMG OMG !!!

  • Barcode731

    Man this looks like it’s gonna get repetitive.

  • Novak Mihailović

    In chains of olympian kratos had a daughter not a son and where are the swords this axe is dumb

  • Timeless soulja

    Beautiful on 4k hunny:-))😚

  • xslayergaming

    This is kinda off topic but when resident evil 7 changed their game and made it first person people were saying "This is nothing like resident evil" or "what the fuck did you guys do to the game" then the game finally came out and after people played it they thought the game was amazing, felt just like a classic resident evil game. Instead of complaining you guys should give the new God of war a chance, it's still kratos, it's still has all the blood and gore just like the other games, they still have the puzzels, and it's still the same old hack and slash game only difference is the camera angle.

  • Webster Kollie

    This game already have my vote for the best game of 2018!

  • Darren Ho

    The kid's voice/accent sounds really out of place compared to everyone else in the game.


    16:49If anyone finds a link to that shirt I will paypal you exactly 1 dollar lol

  • BOTFrosty

    Even if i am a Xbox guy, gotta say, this new GoW is looking really good. Especially the combat, it is just 👌💯

  • Ricardo Santa

    Reason why I ordered the ps4 god of war special edition console. Looking forward to playing it.


    I'm guessing Zelda have a dab of dark souls since he got a shild🤔🤔🤔

  • Prizzy

    23fps in resolution mod by fake 4k. Linear singelplayer game. 34fps in performance mod.No thx sony

  • Danilo Estevam

    I dunno... this game looks more like The Last Of Us...ok, it's brutal, and that's good... but I can't see this game as God Of War...

  • MrSeven0007

    Better than that only if the creators have implanted the stealth mode!! The gameplay is aweesome!! Beautiful layout and amazing new battle movement!! Speechless! Game of the year, for sure!!PS.: only if the last of us part ll doesn't come this year!! PS.: even if it does come, I don't know which one's gonna be more beautiful!Omg, somebody help me!!

  • Raw'N'Proud69

    Honestly i would prefer the camera wasn`t that close to Kratos but everything else looks fine.I hope hard difficulty is unlocked from the start.

  • Asura

    I'm kinda not feeling the camera angle 😣.I've bought all of them and idk....idk...

  • Jay Savage

    I needed to stop watching this. It's ruining all my "HOLY SHIT!" moments when I play it. Looks so amazing.

  • Mr Memelord

    When to preorder the game when it was open for preorder they were out of stock of the collectors and PS4 pro edition in about 20 mins 😂

  • superfien _

    Now just whats the best 4k TV for a ps4 pro? Budget in mind 😂

  • Blacklight 142


  • Arham Idris

    I believe this Kratos may also have the strength to kick a titan's ass.(indeed he is still strong enough dammit).


    It says gameplay walkthrough yet I couldn’t hear anything in the game over their goddamn commentary

  • xRaptorScreamx

    "you have a shield, a dab at Dark Souls" YES !!!, because only Dark Souls has shields in it, they invented the shield :|

  • Ricky Ricardo

    Sea of thieves is a way better exclusive for Xbox1 And yes I’m being sarcastic

  • Tiyan Newman

    I caved!!! I want gonna watch any gameplay but I just couldn't wait till Friday to see it for myself

  • Ultimate Gogeta

    i want this game NOW!!! the EPICNESS IS REAL😮😱😳

  • ViP3R

    They have improved soooo much😮😮

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