The Witcher Gameplay 1 - White Wolf

This video series is going to be randomly uploaded (don't ask me when's the next vid), no face cam for simplification, full of cuts that I deem necessary, lazily commented to and for all intents and purposes is not really designed with your entertainment in mind.

It's just me indulging myself in the lore and characters in The Witcher 1. I don't know squat about the game but will soon so I can better understand later, The Witcher 2. Once done with that, I should prepared surely for one of the most exciting looking games on the horizon, The Witcher 3!!!

If you have never played The Witcher games, this might be interesting to you and we can journey together down the road toward Witcher 3. If you have already played The Witcher games, don't get on my case about not playing the game the way you think I should. This is not to impress you and I don't care if you think I suck! :D

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  • KineticGTR

    Skip to 11:39 to skip and get the start of the game.

  • Feels

    2:02 how to die in Witcher 3 101

  • Chicken Mike

    My god, how far this franchise has come.

  • TheFlyingSebas

    I don't know, but it bothers me the way he is holding his sword..

  • Max White

    Might give this one a shot since my PC cant handle two and three :D .D

  • ELITERgamersUK

    Wow, the cinematic intro perfectly illustrates what went down when Geralt fought the Striga in the witcher book, The Last Wish.

  • Roberto Giammattei

    LOL if you jump like that jump in the beginning in Witcher 3 you die, falling damage :3


    WTF.. Geralt was like a noob.

  • Terence Pace

    installed the first Witcher recently... weird attack mechanics 

  • DunklerJägerZach

    Gerald is old now(in Witcher 3),But I think he's cooler now

  • #proderis

    18:39 , i thought he was going to say HA, GAYYYYYY

  • Bruno Naletto

    They should totally remake this game, I feel like I've missed a big chunk of storyline 'cause I couldn't surpass the crappy gameplay and akward animations...

  • Clay Scarry

    "Thats what the last guy said......i put my sword in his nuts."LMFAO

  • MemoryDestiny

    The problem with this game isn't the actual age, but the fact that it is a budget game, unfortunatly.

  • Jel

    oh yeah, totally love those boob physics. looks just like real life 10/10

  • Feels

    Crazy how this became the game it is today, and the best game of all time Witcher 3

  • Shahriar Ahsan

    I didn't play this cause the way he holds the sword

  • rocharox

    this was really good back in 2007

  • Bittertruthofall

    Dude, just play the game... Cut the comentary short

  • G45P4R

    this game only really shines from the end of the first chapter. highly recommend this if you're into story driven games

  • Elijah Jonathon Caithness

    Yhippeee :D got the witcher 1 and 2 for under $5!!! THANK YOU STEAM!!!

  • Gamer Madden07

    Why is the game play so weird when fighting with swords?

  • GHS

    This game has a super terrible combat system.

  • Moe

    Look at the main characters face... 31:30 does he not look like John lock from Lost.

  • Blaszkens

    Ciekawe,że angole nadal lubią wiedźmina

  • Damon Driver

    Man, titty physics have really came a long way!

  • NightsGamingHD01

    just subscribed to the channel and this game is the shit so far keep up the good work and rock this stuff like a boss

  • RicoLen1

    Well I'm sold. I will be getting this game ASAP.

  • Zombean

    Hey Goku called he wanted his kamehamiha back! ( not sure how to spell it )

  • ActrumMusic

    Was really excited to test this game, decided to start by the first of the serie, really good cinematic and background, but as soon as I started battling... what the f*ck... this is akward as hell. I'm clearly not feeling as badass as previously when Gerald kicked the ass of that weird thing in the intro cinematic.

  • Mr. Indebtable

    Dandelion sounds like-The fitnessgram pacer test is multi step...

  • Udrakan Morturim

    The Witcher combat is so amazing later. You have many power attacks and silver sword with different branch of style moves. Also things like more damage in fast style when enemy is blinded, more damage when you are bleeding and such. And I didnt even mention Signs that you can cast. Amazing.

  • Brian Romer

    Ah, I remember when Geralt was that young.

  • JohnyTheGoat

    It's a good idea to replay the 1 & 2 before 3 comes out. The 2 has a save import system, so I suspect the 3 will also has that too. My advice is to keep the save files and use them when 3 comes out. It's gonna be epic, like the Mass Effect (minus the ending, or so I hope...).

  • Elipido Espinoza

    were to get the dl game?

  • RENMEi

    Ohhh, game from my country Poland, very nostalgic. You should tray to play with polish voice, i tell you. Great game and also great gameplay :-).

  • Ragnellz Percival

    i think if your going to play casual, you shouldnt skip that much as wouldnt it cause more work for you?

  • GrsnDark

    I like this old school graphics tbh :) To me theyre more colorful than most modern games.

  • Lem0nSlice

    Oh thats awesome! Looking forward to watch you play the whole series!

  • Maxim Reality

    Yeah, I guess the west slavic languages are best fit for the story, since they sound pretty similar and we share a lot of mythos presented in the books and the game. English dus aint bad by any means - it's just the radical change that strips the setting of it's charm a little bit, and the main voice actor sounds competent, but a bit too generic.

  • Vokoca

    The Czech dub in this game was surprisingly good as well - one of the very few ones that is actually good. Well, the fact that Czech and Polish are very similar helps a lot--plus all those mythos it is based on exist in Czech as well, so the names worked perfectly. Though the english dub isn’t that bad. I’ve heard way worse.

  • Maxim Reality

    Hahah, he's not doing a bad job or anything, but he just sounds very generic - moreso than other characters, and he's supposed to be the main character ;) P.S. You definitely should read the books - they are something different. Closer to The Game of Thrones than the generic dark fantasy we see/read all the time. As for the graphics, REDs did a great job, considering this is the Neverwinter Nights 1 engine.

  • Maxim Reality

    Man, that english voice actor really doesn't do Geralt's character justice. That and it's wery weird hearing them speak anything other that Polish. You should try the original voices with subs if you can do it in your edition of the game. Polish is - after all - the original language of the series. That is why I played all STALKER games with russian dialogs and subs - it keeps the proper atmosphere that is otherwise butchered by english dubs :] You'll love the game after you learn it's quirks :]

  • Maxim Reality

    Nope, not really ;] Theere will be time for everything in perfect equilibrium ;]

  • Aldra

    I'm just afraid you wont like Witcher 1 much and then not play Witcher 2 :P

  • KineticGTR

    I'd love to read the books. Been too long since I read a good book and I miss reading dark fantasy novels :D

  • Shaolan

    one of my favourite RPG ! u will enjoy it

  • KineticGTR

    Yeah, this is gonna be a lot of talking. Kinda like Persona 4 lol

  • KineticGTR

    I read your idea on Facebook but you also know there was a lot more votes for "All 3 games". Plus my feelings are I would really like to play the first to get a better appreciation of the characters and evolution of the series technically and story wise :)

  • KineticGTR

    We will get to that not long from now :)

  • KineticGTR

    Short Answer: Maybe. Long Answer: Right now I'm kinda 50/50 about it. I'd like to but I don't know if we'll have time because there are so many games coming out before the end of the year. That's why with this Witcher gameplay, it's going to be done whenever there's time but other content takes priority.

  • Vokoca

    I would really recommend playing this game in the mouse mode, Kinetic. It handles much better that way, in my opinion - especially considering how the combat works. Enjoy the top down perspective in the Witcher 1, and wait for a proper and awesome keyboard+mouse combat in Witcher 2. ^^

  • Gerbert

    Definitely an oldschool game. The engine is an improved version of the one used in Bioware's Neverwinter Nights (the first one) this is probably why the space to pause seems so familiar if you've played bioware RPGs before. I still play this game every now and then and am still enjoying it. though combat is somewhat more of a "clickfest" as you were calling it the story in it self and the world and lore are why one should play it. do check the lore section at some point it has a lot of backstory

  • Sebastian Schulz

    You can loot enemies, they leave a satchel after despawning.

  • Potatoes

    Yeah sorry my english isnt so good i suspected something like that i was about to search for the meaning but i just didnt have much time and so i wrote that ignorant comment :P

  • SaviorX129

    Great choice Kinetic, I have always wanted to play this game but my PC wasn't up to spec to play it. I am currently playing The Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360. I wish you would put up all of the game so that those of us who couldn't play it, could watch your entire playthrough so that we could live vicariously through your videos.

  • Slade951

    Im too lazy to go back and play the previous games to learn the lore. This is a good idea. Let's do this lol.

  • ZhafBUFF

    WitCHER, not WITCH. those 2 are quite different. If you're saying he doesnt use magic, he actually does use like fireball(Igni) and a wind push (Aard)

  • Potatoes

    Why is he called the witcher while his main weapons are swords and shit? shouldn't he use magic!

  • Luxorek

    The Witcher was made on old, Aurora engine [from Bioware], which was used in Neverwinter Nights. I guess that, plus some of the mechanics can make you feel rather nostalgic. It's a miracle that CD Projekt got this game to look as pretty as it is considering it's an engine from early 2000s. You're gonna love the graphical jump when you play The Witcher 2, since they built their own custom engine for it.

  • lullaby963

    24 minutes into the game and still no fighting!

  • Luxorek

    Finished watching. Great video ! Really enjoyed it. Loved your commentary as well, I like that it was so natural and not forced. Few tips - remember to use TAB button, it will show you all available loot. And don't forget to talk to people, you missed some conversations early in the game : ) There is a really funny one in the beginning [37:00], when Vesemir explains to you how the Witcher potions work. I recommend reading "The Last Wish" - you can easily find an ebook on Amazon.

  • Aldra

    Personally i think you should have skipped Witcher 1 and started with 2, a very different and much better game imo. You dont even have to have played Witcher 1 to understand it either. This is almost a point and click game where as Witcher 2 is completly different and plays more like Demon's/Dark Souls.

  • A Dark Souls's Fan

    IMO, you should have played Witcher 2.

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