The Witcher Gameplay 1 - White Wolf

This video series is going to be randomly uploaded (don't ask me when's the next vid), no face cam for simplification, full of cuts that I deem necessary, lazily commented to and for all intents and purposes is not really designed with your entertainment in mind.

It's just me indulging myself in the lore and characters in The Witcher 1. I don't know squat about the game but will soon so I can better understand later, The Witcher 2. Once done with that, I should prepared surely for one of the most exciting looking games on the horizon, The Witcher 3!!!

If you have never played The Witcher games, this might be interesting to you and we can journey together down the road toward Witcher 3. If you have already played The Witcher games, don't get on my case about not playing the game the way you think I should. This is not to impress you and I don't care if you think I suck! :D

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  • KineticGTR

    Skip to 11:39 to skip and get the start of the game.

  • TheFlyingSebas

    I don't know, but it bothers me the way he is holding his sword..

  • Turi Caederynmab

    Watching the first 2 games to get to grips with the lore in preparation for the Witcher 3. I'll probably be getting a paper job to save up the money to buy Witcher 3 and Destiny. Pretty excited.

  • Bruno Naletto

    They should totally remake this game, I feel like I've missed a big chunk of storyline 'cause I couldn't surpass the crappy gameplay and akward animations...


    WTF.. Geralt was like a noob.

  • ERIS

    18:39 , i thought he was going to say HA, GAYYYYYY

  • Jel

    oh yeah, totally love those boob physics. looks just like real life 10/10

  • DunklerJägerZach

    Gerald is old now(in Witcher 3),But I think he's cooler now

  • Max White

    Might give this one a shot since my PC cant handle two and three :D .D

  • RicoLen1

    Well I'm sold. I will be getting this game ASAP.

  • rocharox

    this was really good back in 2007

  • Roberto Giammattei

    LOL if you jump like that jump in the beginning in Witcher 3 you die, falling damage :3

  • Clay Scarry

    "Thats what the last guy said......i put my sword in his nuts."LMFAO

  • Terence Pace

    installed the first Witcher recently... weird attack mechanics 

  • Feels

    2:02 how to die in Witcher 3 101

  • MemoryDestiny

    The problem with this game isn't the actual age, but the fact that it is a budget game, unfortunatly.

  • 502 574 views

    Can i play with intel celeron 2.16ghz 4gb RAM intel hd graphics

  • Altaïr Ibn La Ahad

    Damn Geralt looks ugly asf haha

  • uNcl55

    shame witcher 2 was such a console crap :(

  • Moe

    Look at the main characters face... 31:30 does he not look like John lock from Lost.

  • Son of a Diddly

    17:55 Hahahahaha that 2007 boob jiggle

  • AussieAJ16

    What kind of goofy stance.. I can't get over that..

  • G45P4R

    this game only really shines from the end of the first chapter. highly recommend this if you're into story driven games

  • Bittertruthofall

    Dude, just play the game... Cut the comentary short

  • ELITERgamersUK

    Wow, the cinematic intro perfectly illustrates what went down when Geralt fought the Striga in the witcher book, The Last Wish.

  • NightsGamingHD01

    just subscribed to the channel and this game is the shit so far keep up the good work and rock this stuff like a boss

  • Feels

    Crazy how this became the game it is today, and the best game of all time Witcher 3

  • GHS

    This game has a super terrible combat system.

  • Astral Chimaera

    Geralts wolf battle stance has me cracking up so much, swinging his sword above his head look so silly

  • Real Gamer

    Dude talked too long while he was doing the introduction haha

  • Tewthpaste

    That combat mode... Lmao

  • Ryan Harrell

    I. Think the witcher 3 is coming out in 2015 havent seen anything about it in 2014 it was at e3 2013 and they said it would be coming out some time in 2015 im confused i know i checked last years e3 and they said it would be out this year

  • Michał Chrzanicki

    To get to know the world of the witcher and all characters- read books...

  • Berserker Bill

    can someone help me i installed witcher 1 but its all gwent cards and shit did i miss something?

  • Udrakan Morturim

    The Witcher combat is so amazing later. You have many power attacks and silver sword with different branch of style moves. Also things like more damage in fast style when enemy is blinded, more damage when you are bleeding and such. And I didnt even mention Signs that you can cast. Amazing.

  • karimkopra

    haw many hour i need to win the full story in this ?like 40 or something ?

  • karimkopra

    the combat looking so god damn baaaaaaaaad i`m assassin creed guy why u do this to me wicher i want to love u why u no love me :D

  • Blaszkens

    Ciekawe,że angole nadal lubią wiedźmina

  • Thingonometry -

    Anyone else read the last wish?

  • Doubler Z.

    I still can't understand why did they decide to not show Yennefer until The Witcher 3 and just make Triss the main love interest... Was it like planned from the very beginning that she'll make an epic comeback in the last part? I just don't get it.

  • Carlos Paez

    el movimiento al blandir la espada es muy ridiculo

  • Mister Skinner

    Geralt looks like Limahl in the first game

  • Jon Manilenio

    how old is Geralt here, and how old was he in the Witcher 3? feels like he aged a lot in between games.

  • ActrumMusic

    Was really excited to test this game, decided to start by the first of the serie, really good cinematic and background, but as soon as I started battling... what the f*ck... this is akward as hell. I'm clearly not feeling as badass as previously when Gerald kicked the ass of that weird thing in the intro cinematic.

  • Dries Van Gelder

    played the witcher 3 ... then bought the first and second to play them all in a row, such a wonderful story!

  • WinterFreSh00

    movements are so cheesy compared to witcher 3 lol

  • Ally Bear

    I will fight you! *lifts sword above my head and starts swinging * Well made game even though there are those quirks in it but hey back then we didn't have as good of technology as we do now. So.. BRAVO FOR THE GAME CREATORS

  • Ally Bear

    Hey Goku called he wanted his kamehamiha back! ( not sure how to spell it )

  • krematorak

    +ThexXxXxOLOxXxXx Well The Witcher is just an rough translation of the polish wiedzmin which itself is a neologism so it is complicated to translate, but the root of the word wiedzmin come from wiedzma which roughly translates to the witch, however, it was more like a knowledgable woman shaman who specialized in herbalism, healing and things like that she was not a caster of spells. When you think about it witcher are male antithesis to this, they are experts at hunting monsters which may harm people even though they do it for money.

  • Aggelos M

    18:04 O_0 what the .... why are they jiggling like that ...

  • H00dRich2825

    did u guys read the description or w/e it is of this video. jesus u really make someone not wanna watch.

  • Grimmjow

    I haven't played..... The Witcher series. Should I get the first, second and third of Witcher series to follow up in the story or shhould I head straight to Witcher 3?..... is it recommended that I start from the beginning?

  • Katelynn finney

    Omg I love this game, the whole series. I'll play it all over again once I finish it. And yes I'm a girl.

  • Elijah Jonathon Caithness

    Yhippeee :D got the witcher 1 and 2 for under $5!!! THANK YOU STEAM!!!

  • Mon The Artist

    Why is the game play so weird when fighting with swords?

  • Scott Tryanowski

    Just got it on steam for less than 2 bucks...  Actually watching this while downloading it.  

  • Luis Marrero

    49:00 - 51:00 2 minutes of just wacking a guy with a sword over and over as a boss fight...I don't think this game is for me. 55:11 Wow, I didn't care about that character at all. 56:07 WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING ONLY ONE DIALOGUE OPTION?!

  • M. Strain Jr.

    Yeah, I heard that Witcher 3 was a really good game, but I hadn't played the first two. I downloaded this one and tried playing, but I found myself frustrated and bored within the first 20 minutes. Ended up uninstalling it. Good thing I didn't pay for it...

  • Chicken Mike

    My god, how far this franchise has come.

  • Tha Mask Rapper

    looks awesome god of war brother lol

  • KineticGTR

    I read your idea on Facebook but you also know there was a lot more votes for "All 3 games". Plus my feelings are I would really like to play the first to get a better appreciation of the characters and evolution of the series technically and story wise :)

  • KineticGTR

    Yeah, this is gonna be a lot of talking. Kinda like Persona 4 lol

  • KineticGTR

    Requested on YouTube, voted on Facebook! Welcome to The Witcher! Be sure to read the description for details about this series. And as always, feel free to leave your comments, questions and criticisms in the comments. Enjoy! ;)

  • KineticGTR

    We will get to that not long from now :)

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