Witcher 3 Ambient music Part 3: Skellige

This is Part 3 of the Witcher 3 Ambient Music collection.

I apologize for the frequent frame rate fluctuations. It seems certain parts of the day are more graphically demanding than other parts. The audio is recorded raw straight from the Witcher World and this video offers the relaxing melodies of Skellige without any interruptions regardless of frame fluctuations. Enjoy!
  • DeVikingr

    Please put a contract on the heads of the people that disliked this so i can hunt them down.

  • Peter Avastrat

    Playing this game without fast travel led to a hugely memorable experience with many moments of piece and travel without immediacy of action. A pleasant way to play. Unfortunately it did eventually become tiresome but thankfully not long before the game ended so that I can preserve the many experiences without a hint of tire. It was after exploring the many paths and routes multiple times and aiming to complete every quest and side quest without help... a lot of back tracking. Eventually it was only the quest on that hidden island with the griffin, the one about the books that was left un-turned. Admittedly after such a long experience I began to get so comfortable that when the ending came I was taken aback for it all happened so suddenly... I was not prepared for that to have been the ending after so many false endings. It was good on reflection but during the time, after so much gentle wandering through Novigrad, Velen and Skellige, it was so fast and eventful!

  • Peter Dreyfuss

    The only thing thing I hate about this game is that I can no longer play any other games because it is just too good

  • thebills_1995

    When I first arrived to Skellige on my first play-through and heard this soundtrack I just stopped and looked around amazed at the beauty of the scenery and music. Such an amazing and unforgettable game!

  • mistervanderveer

    From time to time, even after finishing the game, I start the game to roam around the countryside, basking in the memories that, much like a fine Toussaint wine, age gracefully ever after.

  • Kieran

    Nothing will ever come remotely close to this games excellence.

  • enkhe-amgalano b

    Four drowners disliked this, yeah. Cast Igni on them.

  • XaeeD

    Who also spend hours trying to climb every mountain on Skellige?

  • Mack Funzy

    first song is straight from heaven... i cant explain it, but the emotions it brings out in me, sad and happy, at the same time. and something else i cant explain.. i never feel much, but when i listen to music like this, i feel a lot.

  • Jim Canterak

    There are so many things I loved about the game, and nearly nothing I didn't like. I spent a lot of hours in Novigrad and Velen, since I am one of those guys who explores as much as possible whenever I can. I had already fallen for the game, and I already thought it was a masterpiece. Then it was time to go to Skellige.I honestly never thought I could already see something better in this game. Or listen for that matter. I was dead wrong. I cannot even describe the beauty I felt when I saw Skellige's scenery and listened to its ambient music.Easily the best game of its decade by far.

  • MrTotallySad

    I was enjoying TW3, but only "enjoying" it... I was playing it because I really dig the universe, but so far was on the fence (even after spending a considerable amount of time in Velen/Novigrad). However, once I came to Skellige I was utterly floored by it; it was akin to PR saying "Here, this is what you've been waiting for". This place is just amazing. The music, the scenery, all of it. I've been playing games since I was 8, I'm 25 now, and I thought that I could never have that sense of wonder again, but this is definitely doing it for me :).Addendum: So I managed to learn the guitar melody that usually overlaps this and played along with the ambience, my god. Such epicness.

  • donaldthescottishtwin (DTST)

    This game restored my faith in humanity.

  • jalal636

    When you reach skellige and see the atmosphere and hear the music you just don't want to leave spent hours there slowly riding and enjoying the bueaty and the hard work that was put in this game really can't remember when the last time I lost time and space and be at the moment of something wonderful.

  • Z- Type

    i'v finished this game more than 7 times, with the every dlc.. and i'm going to do it again..this is the game of the life..

  • timewasteland

    There are two dislikes. There should be no dislikes.

  • TheDragonSmasher

    All this awesomeness in ONE GAME. Gives some perspective when the likes of Fallout 4 and MGSV aren't even close to this level.

  • DarkKnightOfOmega

    Geralt: "Winds howling."

  • GunslingerRob23

    16:53 beautiful guitar comes in

  • Hatt Hanz

    where the hell can I find one of the ambient songs that plays exclusively on one of the islands( i think its An Skellig), I cant find it anywhere!!!

  • timewasteland

    I love the first track.

  • عبدالباري العمري

    This game is the game of generation.True Masterpiece .Im gonna keep playing this game for years to come.Sadly these kind of masterpieces are very very rare

  • Ghost3221

    It's beautiful and calm, thanks dude.

  • Gypsy Queen

    This is perfect music for meditation!

  • STAB Studios

    Exactly one year ago today, this classic was released to the world, a masterpiece

  • Ratman

    I think I've played 600 hours of this game lol

  • Mister 47

    I am a massive fan of both Skyrim and The Witcher 3 games, I've also been a huge fan of heavy metal music, but when i got to the Skellige isles in this great game and heard this woman singing and on this video at 28.16 she simply blew me away, I've never in all my 40+ years of heavy metal have i heard anything so beautiful. When i eventually pass away from this world, i want this music played at my Funeral, Simply beautiful....brings a tear to my eye....

  • Tjar

    You don't even know how happy I am with this video. I always make sure I listen to it once a week.

  • Deanna Wemitt

    the music that starts near the end, around 29 min in is the music I love most in Skellige. Just record that last bit and loop it lol.

  • Hupuable

    12 Skyrim fanboys downvoted lol

  • K. Abdelhamid

    +Brandon Carpenter Please make a "Part 4: Toussaint"

  • Reda Drissi

    Please can anyone tell me what's the name of the music around 17:53

  • Funkmeister

    I’ve had this game since release and have yet to finish it. I chalked it up to me not having enough time to play it... in reality I couldn’t bring myself to accept that the Witcher saga was coming to an end and if I had not finished it then this end did not exist... I think it’s time to face reality and dive back into this breathtaking game and see my boy Geralt.

  • guimarães

    Does anyone know the name of the first track?

  • Samir Esselmouni

    That 21 ghouls must be terminated by Igni what a masterpiece game and soundtrack like Hans Zimmer movies soundtracks. This is THE game of decade.

  • Grey silvers

    wow............i love this sound long live to the witcher forever

  • elias mårtensson

    Pam pa ram pam pam pa raam

  • Mike Asterios

    Atmospheres of open world games especially fantasy are perhaps some of the most emotional art pieces I have ever experienced. Such beauty ascends games into instant classic

  • Allen Mathew

    i miss just free roaming through the roads of ard skellige on roach , taking the roads (because i prefer to not use fast travel or the minimap) and just enjoying listening to the fake people and the fake wildlife and the fake trees swaying in the beautiful skellige wind...I am 27 and I was like "I've seen every game , same story same old shit... " But this game literally took me by surprise, played 1000+ hours and I honestly feel depressed that I lived through a masterpiece and it's over now... Also I feel sad that a lot of people that I know whom I recommend experiencing this game to are of the attitude "Aah there he goes again" his uninteresting bullshit... And honestly , I am hoping cd project red will make witcher 4 that combines all three witchers and also the next witcher in a world preferably almost the real size of the Scandinavian countries... So that I could be lost in it for hours... This game came out when I was going through a tough time including a breakup of sorts and getting away from the real world and into this fantasy was the best thing that ever happened to me during that time... I even tried paying this game on weed, beer... But the game is so perfect, its better without...

  • Sal

    This is the best game ever created with the best video game OST I've ever heard. Words can't describe how special it is.

  • C Hobbs

    3000 words in for thee days from now. Place your bets! can i do it?

  • bigbarrettbob P

    Listening to this I can just smell a wood fire burning in a small pub while enjoying a nice redanien red. Do I smell apple pie? Who's up for a round of Gwent?

  • STAB Studios

    To me, this is the greatest rpg game ever made, favorite game on ps4 and my 3rd game in my top 5 of all time

  • Drunken Pirate

    didnt finish the game, only sidequests mostly. ill wait until im finished with school and until the 980 ti 's cheaper, the game is way to beautiful to play on medium or with lags

  • Mate Buzov

    At 35:10 , when a woman sings, what's the name of the song? I feel like I've heard it before in a movie or another game.

  • Nineteen1900Hundred

    I bet this was inspired by the DUNE Prophecy Theme by Brian Eno. So soothing, so otherworldly. It puts me in a trance, and rocks me to sleep. I don't know what kind of music this is called. Does anyone know? I've looked for so long to find tracks like this but there's no clear genre.

  • Vilgefortz

    if I had to begin my gaming experience once again, I would not surely do this with Witcher 3...nothing then would feel so deep and entertaining as this masterpiece is...

  • God of Lore

    This track is so powerful. Great music to listen to while just thinking, always makes me feel grateful for everything I have for some reason.

  • Harsh Dhanawade

    "I Put Up A Contract In Skellige About 25 Bandits Raiding Good Content:"

  • Vorkandor

    Should of been played during the concert

  • Salman Ali

    Wish this game had photo mode

  • Noor Karim

    I love this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Markus Silm

    This game is just breathtaking. I think i have never experienced a game that is as beautiful as this. The whole Witcher series is perfect honestly. Also, this track is perfect for meditation. :)

  • Kyon

    When I hear this music I just want to spend time in a little house after an hard day at work with a snow storm outside just drinking some mead next to the fireplace..

  • Marco Ak

    I wonder if is possible to find the music that plays during "pre-ending epilogues". The mini scenes for the mini story of Bloody Baron, Sarah the Godling, etc...

  • Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    Skyrim atmosphere vape

  • zipoites

    lol, just noticed that the tune around 29:25 is a rip off from medieval total war european summer ambient

  • DarkChamber

    time with Yen...wow..could you just..let the music and her take you away...yea I could.

  • Dalebor

    when I listen, I associate album of Burzum - Hlidskjalf

  • Collin Gilbert

    skellige has the best music in this game by far.

  • Road House

    Damn this has got me feeling a certain way.. I'm delving deep into a meditative state and reflecting on where I am in life... It's rather beautiful

  • AWK 1997

    21 wraiths from the wild hunt disliked this.

  • Chris Junior

    i sleep , relaxing my body and my souls, with music.

  • FengShuiTV

    21 people have no taste in music or gaming

  • lynx

    The entire soundtrack is simply an overwhelming piece of art

  • Alessadro Liberto

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFULL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niki Lauda

    Thank you, I've been searching for :)

  • Razeen Ghazi

    Is this first part in the OST? Does it have a name?

  • Chocolate Nutellix

    I'd totally live there...

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