The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST (Unreleased Tracks) - Tretogor Gate (Midnight)

Decided to upload some tracks from the game that are not on the official OST.

This theme plays near the Tretogor Gate of Novigrad during midnight.

This is not the official name of the track. If anyone has a request i'd be glad to help.
  • BananaGaming

    My favorite song of the game, it cuts a little bit deeper than the rest and wakes up some emotions in me.

  • Tartan Kiwi

    Reminds me of assassin's creed 2's rooftops of Venice track in a very good way.

  • Axell Wind

    Actually this one plays even at day or afternoon

  • Wolfxer

    When I hear this song, i see elihal :D

  • YouNolf


  • Lachlan Hurburgh

    One of the best songs in the game. I sometimes would just stand near the gate after fast travelling even if I needed to do something

  • ShineEnlight

    Getting mad vibes from the ac2 soundtrack

  • bulavo

    i used to hang aroung in that area for that music, and the cool thing is - if you do- quests pop out

  • DUriah

    Man I wish they would have included this with the OST. It's a gem.

  • Peryite7

    looked all through the OST for this, thanks

  • Basilisk

    Pairing this with rainy mood is amazing.

  • Wolfgang Jahn

    When I heard this ingame I was just wandering around there to hear it longer! Awesome...

  • Kyle Grave

    One of the most beuatiful tracks ingame, such nice flow and the voice enchants me right away :)  I will try to keep doing the extended version you keep it up with the short versions. Everyone needs to hear all the great music thats not in the OST, there is so much of it.

  • bulavo

    YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! i found it! i had a sundtrack cd with my witcher game, and i was WTF?? where is it!!! thank you man!

  • Belfor09

    Finally found this song! Just like others in here it reminds me Assassins Creed 2 song very much. Both perfectly show the atmosphere, both in night. Amazing

  • NaggingShrimp

    Hearing this song while exploring Novigrad...amazing

  • Martin Winter

    Thanks for this song. This reminds me the missions with Triss, Dijkstra and others in Novigrad, 2 week ago :( :(   The best part of the game. I miss you Triss :(

  • Timur Golubev

    Больше всех нравиться эта тема в третьем ведьмаке!

  • Javi Djent

    My favorite theme along with ard skellige

  • philipp plein

    I always see the elves and elihal before me when i hear this

  • Za19x

    Fk's sake, thank god someone found it. Thanks a lot man! i've been looking everywhere for this. Where did you find it??

  • Sassy the Sasquatch

    Finally found this hidden gem !

  • S. Kalashnikov

    Where can I download this??

  • 1ShepardCZ

    It's soooooooo beautiful!sniffDammit, dust in my eyes...

  • Aude ze

    Most beautiful song. Pure magic✬✬✬

  • Reiko573

    Reminds me of the AC Brotherhood soundtrack

  • Almanthe1st

    thank you sooo very much, you made my weekend!

  • deep. hans52

    Does anyone know similiar music to this beatiful track?

  • Frank

    wow people don't know how to download stuff from youtube in!

  • Zava iDoc

    Wow, searched so much for this, I even made my own version and uploaded it. Yours is a better quality. Thanks a lot!! hope they will release it soon in the next set of 50 tracks they plan to release.

  • Sophia

    Parts of this song makes me think of when Haldir dies in Lord of the Rings. Gives me the similar feeling in a way ;___;

  • Sinan Deniz

    This is so skyrimlike.

  • Pizzifrizzo

    This really reminds me of an "Overlord II" track, I just can't remember which one... anyway, it has some strong Overlord-ish vibe, and I love it.

  • Will Van Rooy

    THE absolute best track in the game (besides An Skellig Theme which might be my favorite) -- When the sun went down I'd run to this area of the game and work on my stats/equipment while listening to this :)

  • Akhmad Zulfikar Martha

    FFS! who disliked this video?!

  • yaboypetey17

    One of my personal favorites in the game... I'm not quite sure what it is but the mood of this song has such a "witcher universe" feel to it

  • Joseph Gold

    Sounds like elves singing to me - - filthy knife ears. =3

  • Aaron Bryant

    Weird that one of the best tracks from the game plays only in this small unremarkable area

  • HiddenWen

    They did an amazing job capturing Novigrad's atmosphere with all the songs related to the area. I absolutely loved walking around the city while doing my missions there.

  • Ka Di

    I have been searching for this track! Thank you for uploading! Also plays near the Gate of the Hierarch

  • Jörmungandr

    Sounds like something from AC2

  • Nymreol

    Hey man. Thanks for uploading it, dunno if you followed my request or just decided to upload it on your own. In any case, thanks ! :)

  • Juble

    The haunting wailing reminds me of the main tune to Ori and the blind forest.

  • Kain Highwind

    Hey can I download all of these unreleased soundtracks from somewhere?

  • Robyn Langguth

    Been looking for this one all throughout the OST. Glad to finally find it.

  • danitiwa

    Gwent deck builder tune B)

  • Optima Thule

    hm, strange, I heared this track in game, near south Novigrad midnight

  • Sean Dos Santos

    Is there a download link anywhere?

  • Robyn Langguth

    I don't know who you are or how you got this on YouTube, but you're my hero.

  • Manuel Sayago

    Dude, this song is one of the best. It takes me to another place, I can think differently while I listen to this master piece. Also, I remember Elihal hahaha. This song gives me goose bumbs!I LOVE THE WITCHER SONGS!0 dislikes until now. Awesome! If someone clicks there, has no idea about what is outstanding and what is not.

  • Charles

    Assassin's Creed 2

  • Andrew

    This song is so beautiful, I can't believe they didn't release it! Makes me feel so relaxed and happy.

  • Jordi Fresneda

    somebody knows a similar song pls??

  • Robyn Langguth

    I want this played at my funeral.

  • Imran Riyaz

    thanks for uploading!!!

  • Microtransaction

    One of my favorite things about this song is how the quiet crackle of fire from the burning bodies outside the gates really sets the atmosphere when you're in game. Every other camera pan in the Witcher looks like a wallpaper.

  • Lyrium Wolf

    I searched like crazy for this song, thank you for uploading it :)

  • SomeName

    I'd love a 1 hour version of this!

  • L N Johnson

    Random but cool fact about this tune:It was used in a scene on Doctor Who, the eaters of light episode.Sent shivers down my spine hearing it.

  • Jonathan Sclafani

    Who is the one jackass in 92k views that disliked this..

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