Top 20 NEW Upcoming PS4 Games of 2018 (Paris Games Week 2017)

Top 20 NEW Upcoming PS4 Games At PGW 2017 - PlayStation 4 Games in 2018 | Paris Games Week 2017

00:00 The Last of Us: Part II

03:49 God of War (PS4)

05:15 Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

08:29 Shadow of the Colossus(PlayStation 4)

10:41 Detroit: Become Human (PS4)

13:34 Far Cry 5 (PS4/XB1/PC)

14:40 Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

15:51 Blood & Truth (PS VR)

17:18 ONRUSH (PS4/XB1)

18:11 Tennis World Tour (PS4/XB1/Switch/PC)

18:47 Star Child (PS4)

19:46 Concrete Genie (PS4)

22:25 Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds [DLC] PS4

23:03 The Hong Kong Massacre (PS4/PC)

24:00 Final Fantasy XV - Episode Ignis [DLC] (PS4/Xbox One)

25:45 Spelunky 2 (PS4/PC)

26:51 Erica (PS4)

28:04 Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero & End of Zoe [DLC] (PS4/XB1/PC)

28:53 Megalith (PS VR)

29:57 Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • Arnaud Deniger

    Since when does kratos opens doors this fast?!?!

  • Luxury Fox Gaming

    Last of Us 2, Day's Gone, God of War & Red Dead Redemption 2 is all I need I can't wait😆😆🤞🏽🤞🏽

  • gildrop

    Last of us 2 is all i need

  • XNinjazX Music

    Am I the only one that’s exited for kingdom hearts 3

  • Gaming Panda

    Wtf was Aloy doing in Monster Hunter o.O

  • MarkieTheHero

    Detroit: Become Human looks pretty interesting

  • Akiraspin


  • Bizzy Raxxx

    Do video games really look like this now? Wtf

  • Henrik

    So glad i just got a PS4, been a PC gamer forever but man there are some amazing games on Playstation

  • Vigilante606

    Ghosts of Tsushima, God of War, Last of Us II, Days Gone, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter World, can't wait.....

  • h.t.thluachuah Lian

    I like all but the last of us is my favorite game

  • Mike Matthews

    If anyone was wondering what the thumbnail was, it was a piece of concept art from the original The Last of Us. The idea was that an elephant would be infected and chase Joel and Ellie

  • Grim SorrowxX


  • Armg Han

    GOW alone is enough reason for me to buy a PS4....

  • punchthatlaptop gaming


  • WalkiOne

    And I'm waiting for the game Genesis Alpha One))

  • Texas Made

    Aloy looks right at home on Monster Hunter Worlds its a genius colab.

  • Braekkful

    Over all: AnthemLast of usGod of WarSpider-ManPeriod.

  • Techn0taku

    "Detroit: Become Human = Mother Simulator 2017"

  • CryptedSky

    Holy Shit Shadow of the Colossus look great HYPE

  • FabioIstFabulous

    Am I the only one wondering what game the thumbnail is? I came here for that and didn't see it anywhere.

  • Alturia D.

    5:42 "While you were sharpening your sword, I was practicing the blade!"

  • Dtyoungvillian Colony52

    So I’m the only one hype for spelunkers 2 ok that’s fine

  • whatfreedom7

    Might be time to sell my X box S.

  • Jenpai

    Word of warning, any UBIsoft games you see trailer wise, expect like a fraction of that in actual game.

  • Schindlabua

    Lol that blood and truth trailer is so cheesy. Nintendo Powerglove level!

  • Ivy Mitsuno [Ivychandessu]

    huh, never thought kratos had a soft spot for kidsOMG YES SHADOW OF COLOSSUS!! i was actually thinking about it while washing the dishes ♥♥♥Let«s go Agro

  • hecatomb

    can already see last of us 2 getting game of the year. And can't wait for Kingdom hearts 3

  • Junior Gonzalez

    Preordered god of war cant wait for it to be realesed !

  • Christopher Townsel

    The thumbnail for this video looks the most interesting.

  • Nathan Hernandez

    Ps 4 is the King exclusive 😎

  • TesterLite

    Detroit become human looks like a game to cop, so sereal

  • Manuel Roja

    what is the game in the miniature?

  • Ahkeel Reid

    its been years yet no gta vi

  • metalaras999

    Game : Erica Minimum system requierments : NASA's PC

  • allan farias

    The Detroit trailer gives me chills everywhere :0 it's so cool

  • Amoks G

    but...where is days gone and anthem ? :D

  • Thien Pham Thanh

    And Iam still here waiting Kingdom Heart 3

  • Caelan King

    Monster hunter world best game played the beta is amazing

  • justice4germans

    if only they spent more of the budget on gameplay than cinematic crap

  • O Player

    The Last of Us Part 2? Never men. Only in 2019

  • Lobo sombrio00

    16:00 are u telling me that the stormtroppers of star wars after the death star were destroyed went to work as bodyguards in a casinodamn his aim is worst i believe


    24:18 "Broootheeerrrr!!! It's not Over Yeet !" - Liquid

  • Explosive Cobalt18

    On Rush looks like a mix with Motorstorm: Arctic Edge and Motorstorm: Apocalpyse! So pumped for this game!

  • Snails40

    Well they're milking RE7 even harder.The facial animation on Lucas looked horrible..

  • Hetro Sp3ktro

    Shadow of the Colossus and Detroit looks pretty good.Can't find games like those on Xbox....

  • Martin surya agung

    that final fantasy always make me say ... ooooooohhh !!!

  • nickiusick

    I had no idea of Concrete Genie and is one of the most heartwarming things I've seen in quite a while <3

  • Richard Romero

    Holy SHIT Detroit become human looks amazing!!

  • Herní maniačka

    Concrete Genie looks very beautiful!

  • Borko Borko

    Red Dead 2 missing here...And imo, Hell | Agony

  • Yanziel Hernandez

    Detroit is a beautiful game I'm definitely going to buy it.

  • CJ Russ

    The first five games ❤️❤️

  • Jesus Douglas

    Becoming Human looks Awesome 👏

  • RyverLoire

    Looking in the comments I saw someone who's just trying to troll women and female gamers and... Part of me want to give him what he's asking for: attention. Or I can just be the bigger person and say... GIMME KINGDOME HEARTS 3 ITS BEEN 83 YEARS!!!!I mean they almost all got my attention but... Jfc I was still a teen waiting for KH3.... I'm a couple years shy of 30 now... I just need KH3 before my great-great-grandchildren are born

  • TruthMaster2013

    no "call of cthulhu" what? it will be the best game of 2018 imo

  • Pablo Esco


  • Shatadhi Dutta

    that lady has an op neck, let me tell you

  • Sm1ley

    Where is Metro Redux? this game is awesome!!


    Uber driver hella fine

  • Hater Wapeton v;

    detroit become human 👏

  • Yun Guang Jin


  • fxp

    Very excited for :Tennis World Tour

  • Alfredo Narvaez

    So many games, I think this year I am getting into innovative games. I like the intrigue of Becoming Human and also Erica. Concrete genius looks very novel too.

  • nobody cares

    lmao i've never seen so much slo mo for a tennis game that was 30 seconds long hahaha

  • Zwei

    Kratos son is shockly helpful

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