Top 20 NEW Upcoming PS4 Games of 2018 (Paris Games Week 2017)

Top 20 NEW Upcoming PS4 Games At PGW 2017 - PlayStation 4 Games in 2018 | Paris Games Week 2017

00:00 The Last of Us: Part II

03:49 God of War (PS4)

05:15 Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

08:29 Shadow of the Colossus(PlayStation 4)

10:41 Detroit: Become Human (PS4)

13:34 Far Cry 5 (PS4/XB1/PC)

14:40 Monster Hunter: World (PS4/XB1/PC)

15:51 Blood & Truth (PS VR)

17:18 ONRUSH (PS4/XB1)

18:11 Tennis World Tour (PS4/XB1/Switch/PC)

18:47 Star Child (PS4)

19:46 Concrete Genie (PS4)

22:25 Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds [DLC] PS4

23:03 The Hong Kong Massacre (PS4/PC)

24:00 Final Fantasy XV - Episode Ignis [DLC] (PS4/Xbox One)

25:45 Spelunky 2 (PS4/PC)

26:51 Erica (PS4)

28:04 Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero & End of Zoe [DLC] (PS4/XB1/PC)

28:53 Megalith (PS VR)

29:57 Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • XNinjazX Music

    Am I the only one that’s exited for kingdom hearts 3

  • Vigilante606

    Ghosts of Tsushima, God of War, Last of Us II, Days Gone, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter World, can't wait.....

  • Arnaud Deniger

    Since when does kratos opens doors this fast?!?!

  • MarkieTheHero

    Detroit: Become Human looks pretty interesting

  • BB Love

    Last of Us 2, Day's Gone, God of War & Red Dead Redemption 2 is all I need I can't wait😆😆🤞🏽🤞🏽

  • Gaming Panda

    Wtf was Aloy doing in Monster Hunter o.O

  • Armg Han

    GOW alone is enough reason for me to buy a PS4....

  • Grim SorrowxX


  • Mike Matthews

    If anyone was wondering what the thumbnail was, it was a piece of concept art from the original The Last of Us. The idea was that an elephant would be infected and chase Joel and Ellie

  • Henrik

    So glad i just got a PS4, been a PC gamer forever but man there are some amazing games on Playstation

  • Nathan Hernandez

    Ps 4 is the King exclusive 😎

  • Techn0taku

    "Detroit: Become Human = Mother Simulator 2017"

  • Hicks

    Word of warning, any UBIsoft games you see trailer wise, expect like a fraction of that in actual game.

  • h.t.thluachuah Lian

    I like all but the last of us is my favorite game

  • Kendo121

    A game is never as good as its trailer

  • Bizzy Raxxx

    Do video games really look like this now? Wtf

  • FabioIstFabulous

    Am I the only one wondering what game the thumbnail is? I came here for that and didn't see it anywhere.

  • Akiraspin


  • gildrop

    Last of us 2 is all i need

  • BigWolfii

    The Last of Us the best one obviously.

  • Texas Made

    Aloy looks right at home on Monster Hunter Worlds its a genius colab.

  • Schindlabua

    Lol that blood and truth trailer is so cheesy. Nintendo Powerglove level!

  • Goddamn bitch

    Becoming human looks absolutely amazing and so does the last of us 2! The graphics are impeccable.

  • Ahkeel Reid

    its been years yet no gta vi

  • Volkov Evgeniy

    And I'm waiting for the game Genesis Alpha One))

  • Sherif Hassen

    I just had a dream about the last of us part 2 and it was You start of as Ellie walking in a dark forest and getting attacked by infected wolves and the demons group like the hunters part2 then you find joel in the distance injured and bleeding and then you have to carry him to in doors and you get attacked by clickers then when you go inside Ellie finds out that you chose her over the world and then I woke up 😭😭😟

  • whatfreedom7

    Might be time to sell my X box S.

  • Christopher Townsel

    The thumbnail for this video looks the most interesting.

  • Civil Protection c17:i8


  • Braekkful

    Over all: AnthemLast of usGod of WarSpider-ManPeriod.

  • Ivy Mitsuno [Ivychandessu]

    huh, never thought kratos had a soft spot for kidsOMG YES SHADOW OF COLOSSUS!! i was actually thinking about it while washing the dishes ♥♥♥Let«s go Agro

  • William Macdonald-Akbari

    They ruined God of War. Its just the Last of Us with a different plot.

  • Annah Smith

    God of war has a cute son omg!!!!

  • X Burst

    Couple of minutes footage and i already want to kill that little GOW kid.

  • MarshmallowMadnesss

    I see more movie than game here.

  • TesterLite

    Detroit become human looks like a game to cop, so sereal

  • Manuel Roja

    what is the game in the miniature?

  • Dtyoungvillian Colony52

    So I’m the only one hype for spelunkers 2 ok that’s fine

  • Yun Guang Jin


  • Alturia D.

    5:42 "While you were sharpening your sword, I was practicing the blade!"

  • CryptedSky

    Holy Shit Shadow of the Colossus look great HYPE

  • hecatomb

    can already see last of us 2 getting game of the year. And can't wait for Kingdom hearts 3

  • RyverLoire

    Looking in the comments I saw someone who's just trying to troll women and female gamers and... Part of me want to give him what he's asking for: attention. Or I can just be the bigger person and say... GIMME KINGDOME HEARTS 3 ITS BEEN 83 YEARS!!!!I mean they almost all got my attention but... Jfc I was still a teen waiting for KH3.... I'm a couple years shy of 30 now... I just need KH3 before my great-great-grandchildren are born

  • Junior Gonzalez

    Preordered god of war cant wait for it to be realesed !

  • someone usefull

    The last of us fan must buy this MUST !!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¿

  • Bruban Gangopadhyay

    Detroit trailer ruined the suspense and stuff :/ good job!

  • Panzer

    I only need far cry 5, the last of us 2, and the new walking dead game.

  • metalaras999

    Game : Erica Minimum system requierments : NASA's PC

  • Kingslayer

    They all look good but the music for Blood and Truth is awful.

  • Billy Chua

    lol trailer on monster hunter world = horizon


    Kratos' son is navi

  • griebel11

    That feel when none of these games will compare to cyberpunk 2077

  • Pablo Esco


  • Ellie

    i like deroit;become a human

  • Pax Torumin

    And android who can be overpowered by a human? Stupid.

  • Mr. Shumaker

    game at 14:31 is that farcry? need help -

  • hereticzen

    @Play4Games, you labeled monster hunter wrong. It was actually Horizon: Frozen wilds content. May want to correct that misuse of material :)

  • kagetsuki23

    Detroit: Become Human. Bad white man.

  • Jarrod A

    God of war looking good

  • Hashimoto Giichi

    Why KH 3 isn't on the list?????

  • Berrlett-At-Gameplay

    No need for X power I want these exclusives.

  • Joshua Gerlach

    This is so discouraging! Nearly every game is a disgrace to humanity! How do you guys find so much pleasure in barbarically killing other people? It is just wrong that there's more games on anti-bullying then there are anti-mass shooting! And the language! You all know that cursing is a major sign of lack of self-control right? you start using it like its suppose to be cool or something. Disgraceful!

  • daisx beohfox

    When i saw a bunch of women, i made up my mind like i did the last of us that i wont play it. These feminist games are crap and will always be crap. Take god of war for example he went from black to white. More reason why 2018 is a year of crappy games.

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