The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt : Tor Lara Relic Steel Sword location and gameplay

In this video I show you where to find the Tor lara Steel sword. It is a relic sword that has 3 available runestone slots and 3% Chance for Instant Kill amazing against Humans. Thanks for watching
  • Lukáš Moravec

    I am level 82 ( NG+) and I obtained TOR LARA on level 78 (console )

  • Boogiemonstah83

    there's like 10 lvl 31 ghost in there... how the hell do I get in there to get the chest

  • Gold Gil

    Hi MadMonkey,Great video, could you do the same for Tor Zireael, the silver version ?

  • 16dante16

    Gill Guy what do you mean Wild Hunt Armour? Do you have any proof of it''s existenc?

  • Gold Gil

    Hi MadMonkey, I have a question about the Morana runestone glitch. If you apply this glitch on Tor Lara, does it burn every time or does it instant kill every time ?

  • Stephanie Brown

    I am level 45 and that sword does nothing for me

  • Fauzan Adam

    u will get tor lara at the same location if ur level range between 15-25. but if u are level 30+ u wont get tor lara instead armor of shit in the same location, trust me i tried hard

  • Vaibhav Addala

    Does tor Lara really scale? Is it a few levels lower?

  • Howchen

    Didn't get it when I was there

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