Best Cinematic Trailers of E3 2016


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00:00 - Injustice 2 - Announce Trailer
02:00 - Battlefield 1 FULL Cinematic and Gameplay Trailer
03:43 - Quake Champions Cinematic Reveal Trailer
05:22 - The Elder Scrolls Legends Trailer
07:04 - Prey Reveal Trailer
09:02 - Forza Horizon 3 Reveal Trailer
10:32 - Tekken 7 Trailer (Cinematic/Gameplay)
13:04 - Dead Rising 4 Announcement Trailer
14:39 - Halo Wars 2 Cinematic Trailer
16:48 - Ghost Recon: Wildlands Cinematic Trailer
19:14 - South Park The Fractured But Whole Cinematic Trailer
21:16 - For Honor Cinematic Trailer
24:46 - Watch Dogs 2 Cinematic Trailer
26:22 - Detroit: Become Human Cinematic Trailer
30:19 - Death Stranding Trailer
33:09 - SPIDER MAN Gameplay Trailer
34:28 - Sea of Thieves Official E3 Trailer
36:00 - Titanfall 2 Official Single Player Gameplay Trailer

E3 is a magical time in gaming when we get to experience the best that the industry has to offer. Every year we get to hope and imagine for the far off worlds being crafted by brilliant game designers. This is a compilation of our favorite cinematic trailers at this year's conference. We decided to exclude gameplay demos since it would make the video excessively long. Some of these trailers have a little bit of gameplay but for the most part these are all cinematic trailers. We hope you enjoy the compilations!

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  • Shawn Tannehill

    Batman can hit the Flash but Superman can't? lol

  • RJinthematrix

    well now i don't have to play detroit become human, i've seen all the possibilities

  • Jon mosin

    Who else thought the trailer for pray looked like half life 3 until it showed the name

  • The Iceman PTxE

    Can't wait to play Detroit become human

  • OvenHut

    I think Halo Wars 2 was definitely the best one

  • Turhaturpa

    For Honor and Halo: Wars 2 are my favorites.


    Feels good to know that Dead Rising 4 has finally caught up with The Walking Dead.

  • Phabio Host

    My favorite was Halo Wars 2. It was simple and not annoying like a couple... And it had great music/visuals

  • Stan Smith

    southpark had the best trailer haha

  • Agbahizzal

    Can you time the ads inbetween the trailers instead of in the middle of them?

  • Mega Wattz

    the detroit game looks very interesting

  • Kenneth Vigda

    actually that spider-man trailer wasn't even cinematic, it was all in-game

  • Niko Bellic

    Im getting watch dogs 2 nba2k17 and fifa17

  • martinigt

    watch dogs 2 already downgraded great

  • İlker Cengiz

    my father talkin about injustice 2.look son they are everywhere IRON MANS EVERYWHERE

  • FoxerHR/JustAPerson4

    It seems Batman is no longer so far away from Iron Man. Just give him 2 more movies and he will become Iron Man.


    Why is Daryl from the Walking Dead in Norman Reedus :D

  • Shmalfie


  • Chicosaurus23

    Aye cod IW isn't in the list.

  • Rampage Raccoon

    Awesome compilation. Thanks guys ^^

  • Yacine Dz


  • Kirill A familiu obyazatelno pisat ? Hi there.

    WHERE GOD OF WAR ??????????????

  • OniGuy

    Next gen graphics is so beautiful.

  • j Barnes

    Uhh where is God of war and zelda?

  • Jacob Austin

    Daryl Dixon in Death Stranding??????????

  • CannabilisticDino98

    There are some good looking games coming out this year, here's hoping that they don't disappoint

  • John Rambo

    5:27 Worst trailer of E3

  • Guilty Bystander

    Tekken 7 looks incredible.

  • Mephistin

    "I am a feminist, I bring war". LMAO

  • MysteryMrR

    You guys been working hard this past weekend. Haven't even replied to comments you guys are so busy.

  • Rey

    Detroit, Watch Dogs 2, and For Honor

  • Jonathan Cooney

    Am excited to empty my wallet this year lol

  • Self-loathing Narcissist

    Titanfall 2 looks amazing

  • Al DiPaola

    Zelda really look awesome.

  • Landon Ashcraft

    I thought the death stranding game was the walking dead because the guy looked like Darrel

  • Schnaken Wurst

    if there's no deathstroke in injustice2 i won't buy it.

  • Omar Garcia

    The human andriod game and spiderman game can take my money 👍

  • F0RG1V3N

    E3 isnt that good this year but For Honor is the best.

  • taimoor mubashir

    just here for tekken 7

  • Masry Gamer - مصري جيمر

    Super Man stronger than Super Girl

  • Masry Gamer - مصري جيمر

    Super Girl daughter Super Man this is real

  • Masry Gamer - مصري جيمر


  • Ekram Elja

    Titanfall 2 the best game so far better than BF1 and call of duty !

  • Jimmy Spill Pinch Productions

    I made a unique soldier 76 montage if anybody plays overwatch

  • Quake ChampionsPRO

    lol superman vs flash, hahahaha, superman could kill him with 1 finger and then batman wins everyone cos he is BATMAN haha.

  • James Ramirez

    Is it me or in the Halo Wars 2 trailer, does it say Cutter on the man's uniform?

  • Joshmox 8

    Did someone say TRANSFORMERS

  • Adhitya Risyad

    Injustice 2 : The Iron Men.

  • PJ RO

    "Good morning Gordon!" -- oh wait it's Morgan. T.T

  • Original Name

    Hope that the trailers aren't as misleading as some games we've had in the past.


    31:10 is it the walking dead man ?


    All the halo fans just got a boner

  • Mega Guy43

    I'm the only one here who is actually excited for HW 2.:(

  • Kire667

    13:00 Wait isn't Akuma from Street Fighter? Not Tekken?

  • WTFAnyNameWorks

    it seems i'm the only one here who's cite for Spiderman ? man that trailer bring back so many memories from the Ps1 Spiderman... good times.

  • Truth

    Wow, Titanfall 2 doesn't actually look like a waste of 60$.

  • touchin mahself

    that For Honor trailer was amazing

  • Karine Nellins

    This is my train of thought-Oh that looks pretty...-I MUST HAVE IT!!!

  • nightmuffin937

    Do you guys ever want a Mars Attacks Video Game?

  • Sumona Florence

    .. Tekken 7 is ruined.

  • Anup Khadka

    just here for spiderman

  • Jay Campo

    Hopefully some alt costumes for Spidey... I hate the white

  • ◄ziadTheJinnai►

    Still waiting for Cyberpunk_2077 .....and in other news Norman Reedus from The walking dead looks to be the main character of Death Stranding

  • Psych0t1c An0m4ly

    who else came to see the new spiderman trailer?

  • SenHusky

    Quake champions for some reason reminds me of unreal tournament lol that was an OG game

  • LeBronDwayneKobe


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