Forging a Warlock sword, the complete movie.

The making of Warlock sword from the beginning to the end.
  • -_Jin_-

    No Music! No Bla Bla! Just one Man, a Camera and a lot of Skills! You Sir deserves a Medal!

  • WoodArtBerlin

    ok FINALLY i have to admit GREAT WORK!!!!! you impressed me and that is hard to do. on point with this build my friend. plz share more of your future builds with us. greatings from germany

  • D.L.T. Oliveira

    An artist and his hard work! Amazing.

  • Joshua Sim

    Instant subscriber here..! May our souls be forged like your swords.

  • pukalo [CDN]

    I think I'm a sword nerd now

  • John Smith

    You make Forged in Fire look like Kiddie School. Outstanding, Amazing, Incredible!!!

  • ezekiel francis tagala

    Sub! Done. Keep it up. And looking forward to your coming vids.

  • JOHNSMITH11, The Guy of Thunder

    Beautiful sword! I especially liked the detail in the raven claws on the guard

  • Ron Jetko

    says "A bit short on dialogue, but what an artist and craftsman!"

  • Surveillance

    so good job man, but I'd like to see the same jobs sword but without automatic machines as in the middle Ages.

  • Alexandre Lobo

    Ótimo trabalho, eu achava que teria uma base de apoio para cintura kkk. Parabéns ficou incrível👍👍👍

  • Gerry Bruce-Ahrens

    Wonderful crows. This is one of my favourites..the different skills (and tools) required was Amazing. Thanks.

  • peng lichard


  • Ben Ji

    Amazing work, it's strange, there is something very mysterious about forging videos. They're both incredibly impressive and relaxing to watch.You sir, have earned a sub! I shall be working my way through the rest of your content and look forward to what is to come. Thanks.

  • Tim Weyman

    Wow!, that was a stunning build. I loved the no frills quality look. Fantastic work, thanks for posting.

  • Landon Calrissian

    Keep up the excellent work, strangely spelled Frank


    Dude that's amazing loved this video amazing wow I am in awe watching you turn pieces of metal steel and at the end a Beautiful sword awesome 😄

  • Jon Jon

    Great work. Congratulations friend!

  • Joshua Sim

    Instant subscriber here..! May our souls be forged like your swords.

  • Oliver R.

    Imagine how many passion this SIR ! Put in to this Master peas! MASTER OF HANDCRAFT !BIG RESPECT, AMAZING VIDEO

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    Freerk Wieringa; once again, I am totally SPEECHLESS! I can't believe what I just watched. 👀👍😱

  • fulltimber

    I think ya gloves are stuffed mate

  • Pedro Morales

    Beautiful sword I need one to kill some guys BROMMA

  • John Smith

    Can you imagine what this Gentleman will produce when he's 40?

  • Joseph A. Correia III

    Your combinations of manual artistry and technological know-how is a wonder to behold my friend.

  • Icaro Oliveira

    man, you are awesome and your work incredible!do you have any tips to who are starting?

  • SE FullmetalJake

    Awesome! It's nice to see it all pieced together. I watch your videos at night and sometimes fall asleep as it's..strangely relaxing watching the process

  • J.Brynjolfs

    The patience this project requires is so great, I bow before you. Excellent work!

  • Matt Chappel

    I watch Michaelcthulu, Man at Arms, and Pretty Hate Machining. You are now a part of the list. Awesome sword sir. Keep the videos coming. :)

  • Ancestral Craft

    You should have made the locking nut into A CROW'S CROWN!!

  • Roger Beard

    What a nice piece, you are a true craftsman keep up the good work.

  • John Price

    Awesome work by a true artist.

  • Kenyson Souza

    Sensacional! Parabéns amigo. Você esta em grau de excelência impressionante. Tem maestria para manusear tudo e muita criatividade. Que Deus abençoe seu dom.

  • Meme Man Wizard Master

    A sword that would make Geralt of Rivia proud

  • Tommy GunnZ

    Thanks man for sharing your work. Really cool handle. Plan on checking out other videos

  • Kirk McKelvey

    Stunning! How many hours on a project like this?

  • Hansi

    great work ..... a shame other youtubers have so much views but there skill cant touch this craftsman. greatings from germany

  • Joshua Chen

    Great and incredible work! and I'm so curious, how long it takes to forging a sword?

  • Lan Olesa

    Fantastic work, one of the most brutally beautiful looking badass swords i've ever seen.

  • Bradley Fortner

    Very impressive. The symmetry in the talons, the details in the skull...You are very skilled. I enjoyed watching this. Thanks for posting.

  • Mohammed Al Rayes

    You are the best i ever see in you tube , keep going !!

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    Selam, koca adam sen hiç küçük bir alet yapmazmısın ? 🇹🇷👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍

  • Michael Byrne

    I adore this sword but... is the pommel wearing a fez?

  • Roger casablanca

    work of art ...You are the man!!

  • Pinoy Blacksmith

    Love your work man! Keep it up

  • Admin Admin

    Great work I enjoy watching your skill set. Bla to all those idiots that don't appreciate art. Well done man. nice to watch. You don't have to anything to say.

  • Kalev225

    ☼«☼Warlock Sword☼»☼This is a warlock sword. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encircled with bands of Leather. It is made from spring steel. On the item are images of raven claws and raven skulls in steel.

  • Vikram Desai

    great craftsmanship, I love and admire the way he works , he works as if the tools are extensions of his heart ,soul and body . that's the way to go ,for a great master craftsman . congrats man.

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    Beautiful work. Subbed!

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    Hi my friend, that's the Best vídeo about this on web. Congratulations!

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    After watching this video I now dream that I may someday snatch the pebble from your hand Freerk!

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    absolutely masterful! I truly enjoyed watching you create this stunning masterpiece!

  • Forbidden Truth

    By far one of the best DIYs I have seen yet you do great work my man

  • Dark Mortuus

    I like how you used technology to your advantage to craft an amazing weapon. Keep the trade moving forward! GOOD JOB!

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    Thank You so much for uploading this film!

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    been binge watching your content and subbed. this one was probably my favorite so far but i just found your channel so looking forward to more :D also i need to find someone near me who will let me start an apprenticeship.

  • Andreas Holzer

    Holy cow - respect man, You`ve done a great job!

  • michael harris

    Great build! Superb craftsmanship! I have shop envy!

  • Alpakut mokan

    The swords are for sale, and if I do a sword, the price will be what you do.

  • Kelduhar Uugthar

    i know the powerhammer helps speed up the process but i am glad to see that you used the anvil as much as you did .. overall great job and looks absolutely beautiful piece of work

  • Joshua Mizuno

    dude, you're a badass.

  • Steven Shiner

    You outdo yourself every time. The level of skill displayed is unmatched. Beautiful work.

  • Viriusadles

    Damn nice work. this thing is my hobby. But im not patient as you are, and tbh dont have such cool tools. Just fire place,a piece of railroad and a hammer, and few home tools. I want to make my own Smithy in the future jus tto make swords/knifes for hobby, keep on good work :)

  • Roger's Rabbit Hole

    Awesome job, if they are customer swords, they are getting their money Worth !!!!!! I enjoy every Video I watch!!!!!! I enjoy all of your creations as they are coming together nothing short of a heirloom. Thank you for sharing your skill & artistic work.

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    Beautiful work!!!! got a sub from me👍

  • Joker Says

    Loved it! I hope one day I can do what you do.

  • András Csonkás

    okey so i watched every single minute of this video and im at a loss for words...dude i cant describe how impressed i am. i am at the state of shock by your amazing, incredible, breathtaking work. This sword is as beautiful as it gets. but it is not just hella badass looking but it is also an outrageously high quality piece of heavenly perfection. thank you for this 1:06.29 hour long swordgasm. sub.

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